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I've Got A Crush On You

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It was a normal day working in the O.R with Trapper. I just couldn’t focus too well due to Margaret and Frank being an annoying couple as always. I hated this “holiday” for the sole reason that it gives couples an excuse to flaunt their relationship in other people’s faces just for the hell of it. I also couldn’t focus due to Trapper operating on the person next to me. I always loved how he looked when he was focusing on something. I can’t let this get in the way of work.


It was eight hours later, and I finished my shift just on time. I decided to ask Trapper if he needed help with anything, and he nodded.

“Yeah, how about you and I get a drink?”
“You know just what you want.”
“I sure do. A handsome blue eyed, black haired, six foot man with the sweetest smile to be my Valentine.”
“You’re really funny, Trap.”
“I’m being serious.”
“If you are being serious, play a waltz after my third drink.”
“Is that all it’ll take?”

I couldn’t take Trapper seriously. There’s no way he would actually do that.

We both walked to the swamp, and talked about whatever came to mind. Thankfully, Frank was spending the night with Margaret, and I wouldn’t have to hear him complain about what we do, or say.
Trapper had a few drinks, and looked me deep in the eyes.
“Can I confess something to you, Hawkeye?”
“Of course.” I feared the worst. What if he didn’t like me?
“This is going to sound kinda like a teenager, but I really like you, Hawkeye.”
“What are you trying to say, Trap?” I held my breath.
“I’ve got a crush on you, Hawkeye. I’ve had it since that fateful day that we met. You complete me.”
“You’re just drunk.”
“If I am, my drunken words are my sober thoughts. I meant every word that I told you, Hawkeye.”
“Every last word?”
“Every single one of them. Now, how about a dance, my soldier?”
“You’ve got it, Captain.”
“Since we’re confessing our feelings, there’s something that I’ve got to tell you.”
“What’s that?”
“I love you.”
“You do?”
“I do. Ever since we had that one drunken kiss.”
“That drunken kiss that happened the same day we met?”
“That’s the one.”
“Glad to know that you feel the same.”
“I love you, Trapper McIntyre.”
“I love you too, Hawkeye Pierce.”


Trapper put on a waltz and we danced the night away in each other's arms. We weren’t sure if it was the gin talking, or our emotions, or a mix of the two, but I’m just glad to be with the man I love. That night, we fell asleep in each other’s arms, as if we fit like a giant puzzle.That was the best sleep that I’ve ever had. Work was easier, and it felt like everyone knew we were a couple. Neither one of us were bothered by it, and honestly, we both found it funny. My only wish is for this to be the best romance we’ve ever had.