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My Funny Valentine

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It was like any normal Valentine’s Day. I woke Hawkeye up with a meal in the shape of a heart, some heart shaped cookies, and a “good morning” kiss before he heads off to work. He always loved Valentine’s Day, even though I try to show that I love him as much as I can every day of the year. I just don’t know why he was extremely happy today.

“Hey BJ?”

“Yeah, Hawk?”

“Any plans after I get home from work?”

“Not that I know of. Why?”

“Wear that suit that I love so dearly. I have a surprise for you.”

“What would that be?”

“If I tell you, it won’t be a surprise.”

“Give me a hint.”



“Okay, okay. Comedy.”

“That doesn’t help, Hawk.”

“I didn’t say it would.”

“True, but could you give me a hint that could help?”

“Alright. Dinner and a show.”

“That’s really sweet, Hawk.”

“Yeah, I know. Now, thank you for breakfast, and I must be off to work.”

“I hate to let you leave, but I love to watch you go.”

“Easy soldier. I’m cheap but I’m not easy.”

I smiled, and kissed BJ on the cheek after handing him his lunch. Hawkeye then turned to kiss me on the lips before walking out the door, and off to his office. I decided to go out shopping for a nice pair of leather shoes for Hawkeye, rather than the boots that he’s had for years. I did some more errands such as grocery shopping, so that way I wouldn’t have to do them after Hawkeye gets back.
Before I knew it, I had an hour until Hawkeye got back. I decided to shower and change so that I would be prepared for whatever Hawkeye had planned.

Once Hawkeye arrived home,I was already dressed and headed out the door.

“You smell wonderful, Beej.”
“You’re cute.”
“I mean that, my dear.”
“Every word, I promise. Now, let me get your door.”
“Go ahead, sailor.”

Hawkeye let out a soft chuckle and then opened my door.
“For you, my darling.”
“Thank you, my love.’
I saw Hawkeye blush a deep pink, and I kissed his cheek.

“So, what’s the destination?”
“A movie theater.”
“Ah, so that’s what you meant by ‘dinner and a show.’”
“Indeed I did. There’s another surprise to it, but that’s for after dinner.”
Hawkeye winked, and I could feel my ears go red.

We arrived at the theater, and took our seats. We were early enough to watch all of the ads. I personally liked them, which shows you what people might be interested in. Hawkeye, on the other, wasn’t such a fan. He groaned through most of them, and then put our food orders in. I watched as he sat in his chair like a grumpy old man.

“I don’t understand why people would want to buy this junk.”
“Maybe people need a new toaster.”
“Then go to a store and browse. Don’t listen to some guy with a deep voice, pretty blue eyes, and a good body sell you on something that you may or may not need. It’s ridiculous.”
I let out a soft laugh.
“Just try to overlook that, my darling.”
“Just because you told me to, I will.”
“Thank you.”
“Of course.”

As our movie began, the staff brought out our food. Hawkeye seemed very pleased with the ribs that he got, and I was very happy with my pizza.

After the movie was over, we went back to our car. I still didn’t know what the surprise was, so I grew anxious.
“So, what’s your surprise?”
“Wait until we get to the bookstore.”
“Hey, I promise you it’s nothing bad.”
“I know. It’s just, I’m not used to this.”
“I know, sweetheart. Give me your hand.”
I did as he told me to, and he kissed my hand.

We arrived at Charles’ bookstore and thus, we entered. Everyone we knew was there. Charles, Klinger, Margaret, Colonel Potter, Sidney, Father Mulcahy, and Radar.I thought that was the surprise until I turned around to see Hawkeye on one knee.

“I told you that I had a very special surprise.”
“I wasn’t expecting this.”
“I know. Now, Captain BJ Hunnicutt. Will you do me the honors of becoming my loving husband?”
“Are you serious?”
“BJ, I can’t picture a life without you. I know that you’re the only person that I want to spend the rest of my life with, and to grow old with. When I look into your eyes, I see the reflection of a long married life, a life that I hope we’ll share. I know damn well that without you, my life is incomplete. Will you marry me?”
“Oh Hawkeye, when I first met you, I knew I met my perfect match. It was only a matter of time, and effort, for us to be together. When I think about you, you’re the only one who’s able to hold my heart. Of course I’ll marry you. I can’t imagine you not being in my life.”

Hawkeye slipped the silver band onto my finger, and kissed me deeply. I wasn’t always a fan of Valentine’s Day, but now I am.