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You just call out my name

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"Kara, please, you know this doesn't have to be a big deal. You know I'll be happy to just spend my birthday on your couch watching some ridiculous show you're into right now"


"The couch?? Lena, please! I have this whole thing planned. Do not take this from me, from us!"

Lena knows whatever romantic comedy Kara is watching right now won’t be as ridiculous as this argument.

But she knows Kara has a point. As far as birthdays goes, this one is pretty special. And not just because it's her 30's. 

Last year was filled with the cold politeness of a boardroom. Impersonal flower basket from her brother and a lone text message from Kara that went unanswered. She's lucky enough that Kara even wants anything to do with her.

"Besides-" Kara continues, red in the face from the half an hour of arguing about getting her into a karaoke bar - "You won't have to sing this time, I promise!" 

Doe eyes and a pout. Time to bring in the big guns. Changing tactics, Kara takes Lena's hands in a soft grip.

"Please, Lena. I promise it'll be fun, and everyone is already coming, you know how hard it's been to schedule everyone together after the wedding, everyone’s off doing their own thing after Mizxy and Lex".

Some battles are not meant to be won. Already knowing Kara won't give up on what she called the "extravagant 30's rock". A good player knows when it is time to forfeit the fight.

"Fineee" Lena lets out, and slumps back into the couch, while Kara whoops and does a happy dance. She watches as her friend does some noodle-like dance moves with a fond look, and just knows that this goof is going to pull some stunts next week.


"Alright, alright, enough. Don't make me take it back. Now, I'm fully expecting some potstickers as reward for my good behavior"

The morning of her birthday, she wakes up in her best friend's bed. The night before was filled with conversations on the couch about nothing. How weird, she has never experienced the euphoria of mundane conversations like she does with Kara. Not that they don't talk deep, but something about just talking about tv assassins just felt different.

(Not to mention the goodnight forehead kiss, followed by a quiet Happy Birthday, she won, when the clock struck midnight)

"Good morning!" Kara says brightly, carrying a tray with a stack of pancakes, two cups of coffee, and a flower in a little jar.

Lena just takes a minute to watch her best friend, from the soft gray sweater to the flowing blonde hair. But her favorite is the clear blue that she just feels so lucky to be able to look freely like she can right now.


When the crinkle starts to appear, Lena knows she has to take in the tray in front of her, too.

"Good morning darling, you didn't have to do all of this, you know"

"Oh Lena, baby, get ready. This is just the start of what I have planned for you today"

(Maybe a heart attack so early in her 30's would be bad taste)

After being spoiled with breakfast in bed, Kara wasn't lying, there was lunch in her favorite place (Kara was very disgusted by that one. Kale salads, really, Lena, don't you know joy??). The part she enjoyed the most through, was that Kara never left her side, only to get more food and flowers (all the hugs she got today was also a bonus)

It's only much later in the night, that Kara parts with her to get ready, insisting that she needs to get dressed and she'll meet Lena back at the karaoke bar, leaving Nia and Brainy in charge of picking her up.

They were supposed to do that anyway. But now they sit on the edge of her bed, arms crossed. Brainy with his characteristic pensive pose. Nia more examining the pile of clothes that Lena decided was a lost cause, than helping get dressed.


"Lena, babe, this costs more than my entire apartment you can't just throw it away"

"I wasn't going to, I'll donate them all. Do you want them?"

"Really? Wait no. Not the point, you're going to look amazing no matter what you wear. Please just pick something"


"Perhaps a compromise, these flowery blouses really need to go. But that black dress is perfect for the evening"


Lena takes the particular dress and smiles at the genius. 


"Good idea Brainy"


"GOod iDeA bRaiNy. Not like I been saying that for the past hour but go ahead"


Nia is mumbling something, but Lena is already in the bathroom, taking in big breaths. Is just karaoke with her normal group of friends. What is happening to me, get a grip Lena. 


But anxiety has been climbing since the moment Kara left her alone, something about today that feels special.


Confidence is stored in a bright red lipstick, not that is helping any with the nerves. Lena thinks, as she takes her get up in the mirror. Been a while since she put the patent board meeting look.


In the back of her mind, she knows that it is not normal to want to text her friend a photo of her dress so bravely fighting to keep her modesty. The girls are definitely out tonight. 

(She wants to see Kara’s reaction in person anyway)

Taking her phone in her hand, just because she can't send a photo doesn't mean she can't text

Lena: All dolled up for the evening, tonight 

better be good.

After seconds she gets a reply, like Kara was on standby.

Kara: Can't wait to see you 😍


Kara: Don't worry, I'll make it worth your while

(She was joking about a heart attack before, but this evening might really take a turn for the disaster)

"LENA! Let's go, Kara has been texting like crazy to know why we're not there yet!"

Afterwards, Nia and Brainy drive her to the bar. Lena gets greeted with big hugs from all of her friends, even Andrea is there tonight, seated next to Kelly and Alex.


"Where is Kara?" She asks Alex


"She's preparing your birthday gift"- Alex snorts into her drink, a secretive smile on her face.


Lena opens her mouth to reply, but all the lights go dark, a lone spotlight centers the stage. 


Oh god is she...


Of course she was. Lena should've known why the instance of this place was all about. Kara is definitely going to take me out tonight, and not in a date way.

Kara is on the stage, hair in waves, free on her shoulders, a blue button-up shirt and 

black jeans, comfortable but sexy, a look that Kara pulls so well.

"Good evening everybody, I apologize in advance, because tonight I'm singing for just one person. This one's for you, Lena"

All of her attention is on the blonde on stage. That Lena doesn't see all the looks her friends share

The song starts and she remembers sharing with her best friend about her mother's love of cooking while listening to tapestry, one of the only happy memories she has left of her mother.



Before Kara starts to sing, tears are already gathering up in her eyes.

When you're down and troubled

And you need some lovin' care

And nothin', nothin' is goin' right


Close your eyes and think of me

And soon I will be there

To brighten up even your darkest night

You just call out my name

And you know, wherever I am

I'll come runnin'

To see you again

Winter, spring, summer or fall

All you have to do is call

And I'll be there

You've got a friend

Lena shares a laugh with Kara as their eyes meet across the room. Happy tears already on their way down her face.

If the sky above you

Grows dark and full of clouds

And that old north wind begins to blow

Keep your head together


And call my name out loud

Soon you'll hear me knockin' at your door


You just call out my name

And you know, wherever I am

I'll come runnin', runnin', yeah, yeah

To see you again

Winter, spring, summer or fall

All you have to do is call

And I'll be there, yes, I will


Now, ain't it good to know that you've got a friend

When people can be so cold?

They'll hurt you, yes, and desert you

And take your soul if you let them

Oh, but don't you let them


You just call out my name

And you know, wherever I am

I'll come runnin', runnin', yeah, yeah

To see you again


W inter, spring, summer or fall

All you have to do is call

And I'll be there, yes, I will

You've got a friend

You've got a friend


Ain't it good to know you've got a friend

Ain't it good to know, ain't it good to know

Ain't it good to know

You've got a friend

Oh, yeah, now, you've got a friend

Yeah baby, you've got a friend

Oh, yeah, you've got a friend

The song ends and she knows Kara meant every word sung. Escaping the room, she gets up suddenly and goes to the bathroom as applause fills the room. Only a few people in her table notice, everybody got caught up in the emotion filled performance


But she knows got all of the attention of the most important person in the room.


Lena is resting her hands on the marble sink in front of her as her breath comes out in big puffs, when the door opens, Kara comes in and takes her hands.

"Hey, hey, slow down, breathe with me, ok?"

One of the hands, going up to her face to gently pull her to look at the blue eyes in front of her.

"Hi, are you ok? Was that too much?"

"No, It was perfect, you are perfect"

Finally bringing the taller woman into a firm hug. Face tucked in her best friend's neck-" Thank you, Kara"- she whispers, giving into the urge to  kiss the neck in front of her, just a softly pressing of her lips.

It's enough to make the taller woman shiver, in her arms, before pulling away awkwardly.


"Right!! All good now? Ready to get the party started??"

The night is filled with singing, dancing, not to mention drinking, if somebody notices a lipstick mark on Kara's neck, nobody says anything.

That night she's back at Kara's place, not totally knowing how. Ears rumbling from the loud sounds she endured all evening, none as beautiful as Kara's singing.

"So did you have a good birthday?" Asks Kara as she pours two cups of coffee. 


Lena watches with a fond look. How lucky am I to have Kara serving me all day , she takes a minute to notice that it's not unusua. Kara always makes sure she has a plate when she gets one for herself. Acts of service is definitely one of her love languages.


The thought fills her with so much emotion for the amazing woman in front of her.


"The best, seeing Andrea do a dance move that Brainy taught was definitely worth it"


" Oh ? Andrea was the best part hun? - teases Kara, a real jealous glint in her eyes- "Guess you don't want this gift your second best friend has for you?"

Kara shows a little box that was stored in her pocket all day, waiting for the best time.

"Wait, you got me something else? Kara, please, you are killing me today, you saw how hard it was to pull myself together after your stunt" 

"My stunt? That's what you're calling my amazing display of devotion to the most beautiful woman I know"

"You're just full of it today, aren't you. And for the record you know you're my best friend, the better friend, the person I know meant every word you sang today, I don't really need more gifts, Kara, It's not even my birthday anymore"

Kara takes her hand and puts the little box on it, smiling, she commands - "Take the gift anyway, Lena"

Just like that, Lena has no choice other than to comply with whatever the other girl wishes. Gently she opens the box, to find a golden bracelet, a sutil super symbol that lies as a hornet. She looks back at Kara - "It's beautiful".


"Can I?"- Kara motions to put the bracelet on her wrist.

Coming closer, Lena offers her left hand up to Kara

"I made it back at the fortress, if you press the symbol i'll hear it, and come flying"

"But the watch -"

"It was tacky anyway, this fits you much better"


Hands pressed together, they stay in the kitchen, taking a moment to look at each other, still dressed in the night's clothes.


"You looked amazing tonight, Lena, have I told you that?"

Feeling bashful, she breaks eye contact

"You do too" - Hands driving up to fix, an unexistence wrinkle in Kara's collar - "very handsome".


The tension dissipates as Kara takes a step back

"Well time to change now" Kara practically skipping to the bathroom.

A sudden sadness creeps up as she is left alone for the first time on this long day. A glint of light catches her eyes as she looks back at her new bracelet, and she's not as alone as she thought. That settles her a little bit, but her mind is still running wild.

Lena is already out of her dress, looking for clothes, where she knows Kara keeps the good sleeping attire, when there's a commotion behind her.

"Oh golly, I didn't mean to-"

"It's fine Kara, I'm still wearing underwear, the dress was just feeling uncomfortable"

"Right - right, guess I'll just stand here"


She looks back at Kara, unashamed by the nudity. It's not like it’s the first time Kara has seen her undisposed


Pink in the cheeks, and eyes firmly on the floor, now seems like it's a good time to tease her friend.

"What's wrong Kara?"


She comes in close, putting her cleavage in her friend's line of sight. Can I pull another ‘golly’ from her?

Taking the sight of Lena in matching white satin lingerie, and the bracelet - 

Maybe I should've stuck with the tacky watch

"Nothing" Kara lets out in a high pitch, sounding fake even to her own ears.

Frick, Frick, Frick

"Kara, can I give something back to you for tonight?"



To make sure she's not misunderstanding her friend, Kara looks in Lena's eyes and just sees blown pupils, the intent clear.


"Are - are you sure? You been drinking tonight, Lena"

Kara takes gulps in fear, the barely contented restraints loosening up, head fogged up with want - "I-i mean, you don't have to give me anything in return, I just wanted to make you happy"

"You did, and now I want to make us both very happy, this won't change anything Kara"

Fuck it

Tired of resisting the pull, Kara gives in with a hungry kiss, hands gripping her best friend's hair. The kiss is all heat and roughness, nowhere are the timid, intimy touches that have been present for a long time in their friendship.

Lena's hands pull up the sleep t-shirt  she's wearing out of her body. Taking a step back to admire the muscles that Kara keeps hidden.

The movement slows them both down. Kara takes the time to ask again - "are you sure?"- hand putting back the hair, she messed up, the intimacy back in her touch.

After 5 years of wanting to know what it's like to throw herself in her best friend's arms, she gives in. Deep down, she had always known Kara would catch her.

When she has the sheets clenched in her fists, and her friend's fingers deep in her, thrusts hitting just the right spot, she thinks that maybe she lied a little.

There's no way this won’t change her.