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The Act of Becoming Human

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-and right into Kara’s arms.


There was an awkward fumble as the Regent dropped the bundle of their armors and her boots with a noisy clank and steadied her. Lena clung tight to the jug in her arms and let Kara catch her, mumbling a soft curse as she got her feet under her again.


“I’m sorry, I thought I was out of the way-” She apologized, stepping back with care to make sure she didn’t crowd her.


“I’m fine. That first step is always rocky.” Lena reassured her, and set the jug down against the the wall to the left of the door. She would find a better spot for it later.


Lena breathed in the warm sweet earth of her patio and paused, a small happy smile spreading across her face when she could finally hear nature in it again. Crickets churred and she could hear birdsong nearby, beckoning in the dusk as the sun sank low behind the trees in a hazy dream of orangey pink and rose. Even her dwelling’s connection to her home and been restored. It almost felt like she was still there, and in a sense, she was.


“I don’t want to go in yet.” She sighed, looking around the enclosure at all of the new growth that had crowned from the rich black soil while they were away. She could smell the sweetness of gardenia and picked out new blooms on an old apple tree she thought had withered away.


“Would you like to sit?” Kara asked.


“No, I… “


Lena found Kara’s blue eyes and studied her for a moment. Even the Regent felt different now. Sharper, more defined. She wondered for a moment if Kara had been able to feel her like this from the very beginning. It made her greedy.


“I want to feel everything. I want to feel what it’s like to be my full self again. Will you let me be that for a moment?”


Kara nodded and took another step back and Lena quickly leaned her weapons against the wall next to her wellspring water. Kara murmured a comment about setting their armor down on the patio table and strode away through the ferns, scooping up their belongings on the way. Lena briefly appreciated her thoughtfulness to give her some space, but her eagerness to experience her full power overpowered that.


Lena closed her eyes, wriggled her bare feet down into the lush springy moss, and sank easily into her power with a pleased sigh, immersing herself fully and slipping under the surface. It welcomed her with a steady surge and thrummed through her in a wonderfully all-consuming chorus. Beneath her feet the ley line resonated with her, this time a reactionary element as opposed to something she had relied upon for so long. Her power eddied into a stronger swirl, bleeding into a current that was happy enough to just circle in upon itself wide and yawning instead of vying for a release. It was as if it knew that it never had to worry for such a want again. Lena let the reigns go and her power roared in her ears. It gonged deeply in her chest and she just let herself feel .


She had forgotten what freedom tasted like.


It was wide and deep, crisply cold like a northern wind and rich copper and earth under her tongue. It was the expanse of the sky she could fit in her lungs and cool river water washing over her skin.


Then rosemary.


Honey and the tangy fresh smell of earth and grass after a new rainfall.


Lena coaxed her power back under control and brought herself back to the enclosure, her curiosity piqued at the pleasant foreign intrusion. When she opened her eyes Kara was back, standing amidst the ferns a few yards away with her heavy red cloak draped over her broad shoulders. The Regent was wholly enraptured with her, and Lena could feel the restless longing even from there. Her breath hitched in her chest when she felt an even stronger note of desire and she found her own body warming in response to the attraction. For one confusing moment she floundered on what to do. She opted for care instead of listening to the sudden shift of heat in her belly.


“Did I harm you?”




Kara’s voice was low and rough and Lena knew exactly what was going to happen.


She wanted it to happen.


She let Kara feel that she wanted her with a bleed of her power and a smiled wildly when Kara crashed through the ferns to her with wide dark eyes and a flush to her cheeks. They met in a tangle of limbs and hungry kisses, pulling each other close and letting everything settle around them. Kara smelled of fresh herbs and clean wood smoke and her hands left waves of tingly warmth as she greedily touched her over her robe. It wasn’t frantic, they took their time and meandered away from the door. She pushed the heavy red cloak off of Kara’s shoulders and tossed it out flat with a delicate flick of her finger, the edges curling against the base of the edge of the ferns.


Her hands were hot through the heavy fabric on her waist, a comforting weight that only stoked the freeing scorch of heat swirling in the cradle of her hips. It was a heat that she hadn’t felt in a painfully long time. Kara sighed against her lips and tugged her closer, her body a solid pillar of warmth and blinding affection as she shook her from the distracting coil of loss trying to worm into her chest. Lena let her fingers wander to the hem of the short tunic she had worn and slid her hands up, greedily spreading them flat against the warm expanse of smooth skin she had yet to explore. The planes of her stomach hitched against her palms in a subtle ripple of muscle under soft skin. Kara lifted her arms and let her undress her, her hair and dark eyes wild as Lena tossed the garment to the earth. She was greeted by the odd contrast of one of the more modern sports bras she had purchased for her. Lena curled her hands around her ribs and relished the heat that warmed her palms as she toyed with the elastic band of the garment.


“Take this off?” A pleased smile curled around the corners of her lips as the flush on Kara’s cheeks warmed further.


The delicate muscles in Kara’s neck bobbed as she swallowed and Lena watched her peel the garment off, appreciating the way her strong frame flexed and stretched with the action. Kara tossed it away and stood there, her chest rising and falling in steady breaths as Lena just looked at her. She was beautiful, of course, but she was Kara and of all her years on earth Lena couldn’t think of a way to put into words how she saw her in her own eyes. Her attention landed on the thin silvery scar on her chest and her heart lurched. There were no words that would suffice, no metaphors to capture the way emotion welled in her chest and caught thick in her throat. Not one single syllable to describe the deep aching pull of that tricky emotion called love she had so desperately avoided-now surging through her and appearing in the form of the burn of tears in the base of her throat.


She kissed the scar on her chest, and then she tilted her chin up and kissed her mouth. Softly, with intention to show her what she was feeling as her words failed her. Kara understood easily and let Lena guide her hands to the tie of her robe. Long fingers pulled the knot at her hip free and her nerves sent her heart fluttering high in her chest. For a long moment Kara held her robe closed as she placed gentle soothing kisses across her face. It was a moment of pause for Lena to catch her breath and the thoughtfulness of the action made her want being close to Kara all the more. She nodded as warm lips ghosted over the crest of her cheek, still struggling to find her words. Kara leaned back with one more kiss to her forehead, mirroring the acceptance Lena had given her months ago. Her lips were pink and a little swollen, thoroughly kissed. The regent opened her mouth and took a moment to find her words as dark eyes skated across her face.


“I feel that anything I say right now will be obnoxiously flowery and feel empty of worth.”


It was a blunt comment delivered meekly, as if she were embarrassed to say what was on her mind. It brought a true smile to Lena’s face and she reached up to cradle her jaw between her hands.


“Now you know the reason for my silence.” She murmured, smoothing her thumbs across her cheeks in a caress that pulled tension from the Regent’s broad shoulders.


Kara blinked widely and then grinned in that scrunchy sunny smile that sent her heart reeling, an expression so full of joy and affection it turned her gentle giant to a ray of light. “Then I’ll save my bouquet for later.”


Lena accepted the compromise by leaning in for another kiss, her own smile pressing against Kara’s lips as she felt her pull her heavy robe open. It was almost methodical after that, the removal of leggings and undergarments punctuated with more kisses and gentle touches, and soon Kara was pulling her down onto the red cape with wide trusting eyes. Lena settled into her lap, shivering as Kara’s hands slid over the bare skin of her hips and thighs as she straddled her. Kara continue to touch her waist and ribs as she settled closer, the heat of her arousal thick in her veins. Lena could feel that she was in need of some extra coaxing even with her pulse heavy between her legs and flushed hotter. It was dizzying, to feel this layered on top of the aching emotion for the woman underneath her.


Kara gasped against her mouth as Lena took one of her hands from her waist and tugged it low between them. She was almost embarrassed about the soft whine that escaped her as she guided Kara’s warm hand to cup her. No other touch compared to how good the pressure of Kara’s fingers on her felt. The regent murmured something in kryptonian, something that sounded like a prayer, and she started caressing her with a sigh of her name. The calluses on the pads of her fingers were deliciously rough as she traced through her, gently rubbing across slickness and up to the small bundle of nerves that wasn’t quite ready yet. Kara kept her touches light as she continued to tease, circling around and adding pressure until Lena was thoroughly distracted by the easy pleasure.


When the roll of her hips began to seek more, Kara broke the kiss and pressed two fingers against her. For a long moment Lena just stared at her. She was a wreck, kiss-swollen and glowing as green green moss spiraled out underneath them. It was soft under her knees, under her fingers where it skittered across her broad shoulders in messy patches. She was hers , and Lena wanted to give everything that she was, not just her body, to this woman that had helped her become whole again.


Lena sank down onto Kara’s fingers with a breathy inhale, her hands clutching at her shoulders as she stretched around her. It was wonderful heady heat, so warm that she felt as if she were going to boil up. Lena had to pause as their magicks meshed, swirling together languidly without the caution she had so fastidiously cultivated. It brought a surging swell of pleasure rippling through her veins, her muscles, down to her bones and the very source of her power. Kara’s touch was molten gold and Lena breathed a moan into her lips.


The steadying hand on her hip encouraged her to find her pleasure and she did eagerly, seeking her out over and over in a steady rhythm etched into her since the beginning of time. Her pace was languid and unhurried as she focused on feeling Kara’s fingers curl inside her, stroking confidently and tilting the heel of her hand up to press into her clit. Each touch had the coil of heat in her hips curl tighter, staticky pleasure jittering through her with each stroke.


Lena curled her hands around the back or Kara’s neck, relishing the old deliciously familiar burn of exertion in her thighs and abdominals. The Regent’s free hand was splayed flat over her lower back, her long fingers slowly sliding down onto her rear. Wild blonde hair tickled her as she leaned forward and started pressing kisses to her chest. Powerful broad shoulders hunched and a hot wet tongue rolled over her nipple. A soft whine caught in the base of Lena’s throat as lips closed around her and gently sucked. She couldn’t help but arch her chest into her mouth, heat lurching in her hips in response to the new stimulation.


It was almost funny to her. Almost. In the old days when the world was newer, bathed in blood and the terror of new things, there were odd forms of supplication. In her home millenniums ago, if one were to suck the King’s nipple it was a form of submission. And here Kara was, enraptured, expressing her affection and faithfulness with her mouth on her chest… yet Lena was the one giving herself over. She would return the favor when she was able, but at that moment Lena’s hips stayed steady as the pressure and pleasure built until she was burning up and clinging to her in a release that made her mind fall blank.


The wellspring in her chest burbled forth and spilled over her skin in cool cleansing ripples as she squeezed rhythmically around Kara’s warm fingers. She could feel her mouth on her neck and her arm secure around her waist, holding her close as she murmured affectionate things into her skin between kisses. The grind of the heel of her hand into her clit robbed her breathless, comfortably drawing out the first orgasm in centuries that she had truly wanted. One that had been given to her with the expectation of nothing in return. Kara’s kindness in her selflessness made her heart ache.


Lena curled her arms around Kara’s shoulders and shuddered as pleasure abated, returning her faculties-though slowly. She sank down onto Kara’s hand and slumped into her chest, panting as her heart raced. Kara continued to murmur affections into her neck until Lena turned her head and kissed her soundly. The arm that had been holding her tight loosened and hugged her lowly around her hips. Kara stroked her thumb over her hip and stayed snug inside her still as Lena licked into her mouth. The hand on her hip slid to the small of her back and stroked along the dip of her spine.


A part of her was greedy for another release after having been self-deprived for far too long. She wanted to fall into the spring, into that base carnal pleasure over and over until she needed to rest. But she also wanted to touch Kara and give her the same gift. She wanted to set her soaring through her own expressions of affection. Years without had left her feeling cold and an empty husk. Now she felt as if she were bursting at the seems with life.


Lena slowed her kisses until she was sharing just light pecks. She loosened her arms and rubbed her palms over the tops of Kara’s shoulders. The moss growing and shifting was soft and springy and just Kara under her touch, weaving into her own web and sending another shiver down her spine-straight to her clit. Kara moaned softly as she felt Lena’s reaction through their mesh. Oh , Lena was so tempted. She was so greedy. But gods help her, she wanted to drink in Kara. She wanted to consume her and tuck her away into the small spaces around her heart.


“Lie back, darling.”


Kara pressed her nose into her cheek and gently withdrew her fingers partway in a curl-and Lena’s eyes nearly crossed as she filled her to the knuckle again. A gasped fuck escaped and Lena felt the Regent’s crooked grin against the corner of her mouth.


“Are you sure?”


Her teasing question riled her competitive streak up and resulted in Lena kissing her so deeply she was rewarded with a needy whine very unlike the powerful fae. She took her opening and used her position to plant her hands on the tops of Kara’s shoulders-and slowly pushed her back down onto her deep red cape. Kara didn’t fight her but she did teasingly stroke her fingers into her again. Lena’s eyes fluttered at the tingly slick friction, but she stayed straddled above her on her hands and knees, trying very hard not to roll her hips onto her hand.


Please ?”


Kara captured her question with a new kiss and carefully withdrew her fingers. It was Lena’s turn to breathe a gasp at the last stroke of pleasure, her pulse aching heavily in her clit and she already missed having Kara inside her. But now it was her turn to touch and taste, starting with her neck. Her hands smoothed down the planes of her chest and traced around pert nipples with the tips of her fingers. Kara whined again when Lena gave each one a slow firm squeeze between her thumbs and forefingers. A quick tease for her cheeky behavior before she replaced her hands with her mouth. Kara’s moans muffled and Lena glanced up to see her head tilted back as she sucked on the fingers she had pressed into her, her pink tongue cleaning away the slick arousal.


Again, Lena was compelled to mimic her. In one smooth motion she slid down and tossed her hair over her shoulder. Her hands splayed flat on the inside of powerful thighs and she wasted no time making room for herself. Above her Kara garbled something in kryptonian as if she realized what she was doing-and cried out softly as Lena licked messily into her. She was warm, earthy, that familiar clean woodsmoke and soil after fresh rain. Rosemary and musk-Lena withdrew her tongue and licked heavily up to the little engorged bundle of nerves and gave it a heavy sucking kiss. Kara’s hips jogged against her chin and long fingers pulled at her to come back up.


“Too much?” She murmured, kissing her way back up to her, the taste of her arousal thick on her tongue.


“No-“ Kara breathed, “-be close to me first?”


Lena kissed her soundly in response to her shy request, happy to indulge her. She replaced the stroke of her tongue with her fingers, tracing through the velvet softness she had barely gotten to taste. Kara’s thigh pressed tightly between her legs as she squirmed underneath her, an expanse of tanned freckled skin and toned muscle. Lena admired the softness of her hips and chest, perfectly blended with the strength of her frame-and the way the tendons in her neck strained as she pressed two fingers into tight slick heat.


Kara eagerly accepted her affections, holding her close and carefully meeting her hand with her hips. Lena nipped at her chin and sank a third finger into her after they found their pace, grinning wickedly as Kara moaned and went slack for a moment against her. She came back to life as Lena continued to stroke into her, this time adding her thumb to rub over her clit in tandem. Kara’s hands pressed into her back and rear, her fingers flexing and digging in with each touch. She was so warm around her fingers, so soft and slick. Lena couldn’t help but be excited about how she would feel around her tongue.


It only took a few more moments for Kara to tense and whine her name just before she sucked in a breath and arched her chest up into Lena’s, her body powerful but yielding underneath her. Lena pressed her fingers into her up to her knuckles and kept her thumb rubbing over her clit, humbled as Kara squeezed in strong contractions around her. Had she been fortunate to have her tongue on her she could have also felt the twitch of her clit-but there would be plenty more opportunities.


Lena kept up the firm caress of her thumb as Kara hung suspended in her release, mouthing kisses over her jaw and chin and neck until her thighs started to shake and the pressure around her fingers relented. She slowed her thumb and hummed a pleased sigh into Kara’s mouth as she tilted her face up to kiss her. The energy of these first couple moments of sweet release simmered into something that felt more voracious, though still not frantic. They were never so impatient with each other. Kisses grew more hungry and touches bolder as the initial shyness of being vulnerable together eased.


Power rippled through Kara’s frame a moment before she used the leverage of the thigh Lena was slowly grinding against to roll them over. Lena was quick to use her own strength to keep her hand between Kara’s legs and the pads of her fingers drawing tight circles on her clit. Kara breathed a hot moan into her lips and slid her hand heavily down her front. Her broad shoulder dipped and long fingers curled into her a second time. Kara clumsily wriggled her other hand up towards their shoulders, her elbow pushed out and her fingers splayed on Lena’s shoulder. She took the hint and laced their fingers together, letting the regent press her hand back into the cape.


Fighting against the greedy urge to let Kara simply take care of her, Lena worked her fingers ruthlessly over her clit and listened to the pitch of her moans grow higher as she tugged on her lip with her teeth. Kara came quickly again with a sharp whine and her hips bore down into her hand, another gasped moan of her name graced her ears as the sweet decay of leaf litter after rain permeated the enclosure. The fingers inside her stuttered to a stop as she ground her orgasm out and clung to her hand, panting sharp gasped moans of a kryptonian curse. There was a deep crinkle between her brow and her eyes were shut, lips parted as a pretty blush warmed her cheeks. She was breathtaking and Lena couldn’t believe Kara chose to trust her .


Lena tilted her face up and kissed her face until she settled again, slowing her fingers into less-precise strokes just to touch her. Underneath them the deep red cape began to smolder, the smokey papery scent of embers on fabric.


“Kara, your cape.” She warned half-heartedly, her worry tempered as the Regent curled her fingers into her again.


Kara hmphed her acknowledgement but kissed Lena in such a way that she decided to forget about the cape. She would be able to repair it later, but right now she was more interested in the way Kara started kissing down her body. Her fingers were still curling into her, still twisting with careful strokes as her sticky arousal between her legs created sounds that brought a blush to her chest. Each moment of heady friction and each warm open mouthed kiss to her skin drew the coil tighter in her hips. Her heart leapt into her throat as Kara’s mouth went from her breasts to her stomach, to her hips as she eased a thigh up onto her broad shoulder. The springy cushioned moss was soft and ticklish, but Lena didn’t have much attention to give it a thought as Kara’s warm tongue laved over her clit.


Lena relaxed back into the cape as Kara started working her over with curious licks and bolder sucking kisses, her fingers curling steadily into her. She reached down and raked her fingers through her hair, carding it out of the way. Lena hadn’t expected Kara to actually growl against her as she did so, her hips starting against the hum of her lips as she breathed another fuck . Now thoroughly intrigued, she tightened her grip into a gentle pull and Kara gasped against her. Lena grinned, pleased with this new discovery, but realized that as soon as Kara peered up her body at her with dark hungry eyes that she was about to be brought to her knees.


The two hot fingers thrusting languidly into her changed to three in a delicious stretch. With another broad lick Kara started to slowly increase the speed of her rhythm, her eyes rolling a little as Lena tugged on her hair again. She moaned another curse as Kara fit her mouth over her and started stroking over her clit with her tongue to match her fingers. Her lips were soft and plush against delicate skin, each touch coaxing more and more pleasure from her body. Lena cursed roughly and clutched at the slowly smoldering cape as Kara released her clit with a strong suck and switched her fingers with her tongue. She tasted her for a moment, and then switched back, her tongue quick and precise as she filled her with firm thrusts.


After already having been given a moment of ecstasy Lena was still sensitive from it didn’t take much longer for the heavy coil in her belly to tighten. Her heartbeat throbbed in her clit even with each touch of zinging pleasure from Kara’s tongue, so slick that her three fingers had no drag of uncomfortable friction. Kara’s shoulders were hot against the backs of her thighs, the hand curled around the curve of her hip to hold her still scorching. Lena gave in to the crush and let herself be engulfed. For a second time that evening her mind wiped blank and the wellspring showed its hungry approval, meshing messily with the golden weave fanning out from the Regent. It was freeing, consuming, and fuck it just felt good . She felt herself squeezing strongly around Kara’s still pulsing fingers, her hips jerking into her mouth as she kept sucking on her clit. Her moans were high and feminine, short on each exhale as Kara tried to draw her orgasm out for her.


Eventually all wonderful things must wane for another time, and Lena sucked in a breath as her senses came back to her in a rush. Kara was still languidly curling her fingers into her, gently tonguing around her clit with soft kisses. The quick energy that had bitten at Lena’s heels abated and settled into her bones in a deep ache to just be close . She untangled her fingers from the Regent’s heavy red cape and reached for her, still catching her breath. Kara gave her one more sucking kiss to her engorged clit and returned to her embrace. She replaced her fingers with a press of her thigh, sighing Lena’s name as they slotted together and started an easy grind.


Lena was hungry . Hungrier than she had even been and Kara easily matched her every step of the way with love and fervor.


She could hear the earth blossoming around them, growing in reaction to their coupling as they lost all sense of time and space. When they finally slowed to just breathe Kara’s red cloak was a smoldering mess underneath them. The act of becoming human with Kara had Lena feeling the most alive in centuries. As Kara breathed her in with slow lazy passes of her hands on her back Lena touched the cloak with her finger tips to recreate and repair the material as an afterthought. Kara pressed another warm kiss to her lips and sighed as her magick meshed with the easy bleed of Lena’s power. Lena indulged in their closeness, pressing close physically and ethereally, wishing that they could stay there for a long long time.


“So you did have the desire to seduce me.” Kara finally murmured into the underside of her jaw, her lips brushing lazy kisses into her skin.


Lena grinned as Kara tossed her own words back to her from the night she had walked the ocean floor for Ehl’shom . “You did all the work for me, darling.”


Kara snuggled and rolled onto her back, pulling Lena with her. She was silent for a long moment and Lena wriggled down to press her ear to the center of her sternum. The Regent’s heartbeat was steady and true in her chest. She could hear the cogs turning in her head and waited for her to speak, curious to hear her thoughts.


“There is healing in death. You may herald the end of others, but I take their bodies and create life anew. There is growth in death, just as there is growth from fire, and all are fated to die. I cannot begin if you do not end, just like you cannot begin if i do not create.” Kara mumbled lazily into the top of her hair and punctuated her words with a kiss, her fingers tracing the length of Lena’s spine.


She sighed and craned her head up to press a steady kiss to the crook of Kara’s neck, curious about what set off her train of thought. “What a terrible ouroboros we make.”


“It’s only terrible if you look at just the bad.” Kara grumbled teasingly, losing the somber note.


But Lena knew what she meant. They were each other’s foil.


“So eloquent.”


“You rob me of speech.” Kara held her tighter, a shy note creeping into her voice.


Lena propped herself up onto her elbow and draped her body over Kara’s again, pressing a heavy kiss to her lips with a grin and voracious intent as she let her hand wander.


“Please allow me to do so again…”


The moon was high above them when they finally dressed each other, stealing kisses in between articles of clothing that were quickly threatening the integrity of their decision to go inside. Somehow they managed to follow through, gathering up their things and entering back in through the kitchen door with linked hands. They deposited the weapons and armor in her inner sanctum and crept through her silent dark home. Kara hesitated near the stairwell, but Lena tugged on her hand to catch her attention. When she had it she took a step towards the hall, tightening her hold on her fingers.


“Would you like to come to bed?”


Her words were barely a whisper but Kara was eagerly following her without protest and with dark eyes that promised many more moments of pleasure. She led her down the hall and closed the door tightly behind them. A wave of her hand wove a quick barrier to shield the rest of the house from their mesh of magick and the sounds that may result from such acts.


Then they slowly, ardently, turned her bedroom to an explosion of lush green.