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A wedding night in red silk: drunk in love

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A/N - It is not necessary to read the entire fic, Cultivating Immortality, to read this story. If you want to know how these two eventually got together and ended up living in the Unclean Realm instead of Cloud Recesses or Lotus Pier, you can check that fic out here. But this also can just be read for a fluffy, smutty wedding night as a Valentine’s Day bit of romance.

Thank you for ZazGeek for betaing this, even after a very long and hectic week!

Wei Wuxian woke when the sun was just beginning to creep over the horizon. For the fourteenth morning in a row, he turned his head to find the space next to him cold and empty. The person responsible for his habit of waking so early was not beside him to make the unpleasant hour worthwhile.

It was strange how fast his body had gotten used to Lan Wangji’s schedule. Maybe it was because Wei Wuxian had never had much of a schedule, so it didn’t have any rigid patterns to re-adjust to those of his husband. The way water, flowing into a jar, easily conforms to the shape.

More likely, it was because Lan Wangji put Wei Wuxian to bed and woke him up each day with his large, beautiful hands, and his hot, velvet mouth.

Wei Wuxian closed his eyes, allowing himself to drift back to sleep. No one would be expecting him for a few hours, at least, despite the busy day that was finally upon him. His thoughts were restless, though, and he found himself unable to fully escape back into slumber.

The idea that - somewhere - Lan Wangji was waking up and preparing to come back finally to the Unclean Realm kept his body buzzing in anticipation. Even their communication had been restricted, since - for some reason - no one trusted a man notorious for creating new talismans on the fly to meet any given need when it came to keeping in touch long distance with his husband.

The fact that Wei Wuxian had a teleportation talisman at the ready was neither here nor there. But Lan Wangji had agreed to the terms, and so here they were. 


But finally, tonight , he would be allowed to be with his husband again, and tomorrow, he would wake at dawn with Lan Zhan beside him. Where he was supposed to be. And they would make a new rule that Lan Zhan was never allowed to sleep away from Wei Ying again, no matter what.

One would have thought that eight months of marriage would make the idea of an actual wedding reception less exciting. He and Lan Wangji had already bound themselves together, even if the only witnesses had been the heavens and the earth. The handfasting ceremony had been more than enough for Wei Wuxian. Being the chosen spouse of Hanguang-Jun was something Wei Wuxian had never even conceived of as a possibility. The reality of it, night hunting by Lan Wangji’s side, raising A-Yuan together, sharing his bed every night… Wei Wuxian had never felt more grounded and sure of his place in the world.

So the fact that they were finally getting to wear red and stand together as husbands in front of the rest of the cultivation world really should have not mattered.

But it had been two full weeks . Fourteen days (and six hours and three minutes, if one was counting), since he last saw Lan Wangji. His husband. And Wei Wuxian was very sure that he could not go another full day without him.

Fortunately, the Lan delegation arrived early that morning. Wei Wuxian only knew this because A-Yuan came and told him all about it, and how happy he was to see his diedie , and with news that his friend, Jingyi, was amongst the Lan who were attending and could he pleasepleaseplease spend the day with his friend and show him his room in the children’s dormitories.

Unfortunately for Wei Wuxian, it was still early in the morning, and the wedding ceremony and reception was not until evening. Which meant Wei Wuxian had to wait hours more before finally getting to see his husband.

Evidently, Lan Wangji and his family will be spending the majority of the day setting up the marital home that the Nie had given Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji as their residence in the Unclean Realm. Wei Wuxian was perfectly satisfied with just keeping the rooms that he and Wen Yuan already had. Lan Wangji had been perfectly happy to move in with them when they’d gotten married.

But, in part of the complex negotiations between the Nie, Lan, and somehow also the Jiang sects, the rooms were now going to become an entire house. Wei Wuxian had been living basically as a nomad since he’d left Lotus Pier, with all of his belongings able to fit into a Qiankun bag. And while Wen Yuan had certainly acquired a fair number of toys (and random small rocks, shells, and other miscellaneous treasures he found while playing outside), he certainly did not have enough things to necessitate an entire house.

Lan Wangji definitely had more belongings, but those were kept in Cloud Recesses, in the residence that he had there. 

Yet, somehow, someone who was not Lan Wangji nor Wei Wuxian had determined they needed an even larger house in the Unclean Realm. Evidently Jiang Cheng, Nie Huaisang, and Lan Xichen had been involved in both the selection and the furnishing of the home. Wen Qing had gone once to see what was going on, and had firmly stated that she was not crazy enough to get in the middle of that mess.

Wei Wuxian had not seen it yet (had, in fact, been forbidden from seeing it), but he had been assured that the marriage bed was being assembled there, and - after not seeing his husband for two weeks - that was currently the only part of the house he was concerned about.

The wedding ceremony itself was - in Wei Wuxian’s opinion - way more than it needed to be. He and Lan Wangji were already married , had made their bows, and had gotten the blessing from their immediate families. Why would they need to have a huge ceremony, which must have cost a small fortune, for people from other sects to recognize their union? 

Their wedding was going to be the first major inter-sect event after the war that didn’t have anything to do with rebuilding or reparations. EVERYONE wanted to come, despite a significant majority of them being perfectly fine with the idea of executing one of the grooms not long ago.

Wei Wuxian had been annoyed by it, but was willing to do whatever was necessary as Lan Wangji’s spouse. Hanguang-Jun was an important figure in the cultivation world. Wei Wuxian knew there were certain accommodations that he would need to make as Lan Wangji’s husband. 

Lan Wangji, however, did not want Wei Wuxian to have to make any such accommodations. He had been coldly furious at the mere idea that Wei Wuxian would have to be subjected to sitting through an event with people who had been so outspoken against him. Lan Wangji had been in a lot more of the post-war discussions that Wei Wuxian had (what with the whole ‘many-people-wanted-to-kill-Wei- Wuxian-after-he-saved-their- asses-in-the-war’ thing), and evidently Lan Wangji was a much pettier man than Wei Wuxian could ever have known. 

“Aiya, Lan Zhan! It’s fine. With me married to such an upstanding husband like you, I’m sure no one is going to actually try to kill me at our wedding banquet!” Wei Wuxian had joked.

Lan Wangji had pressed his lips together and glared, not willing to budge on the point. But it was a serious issue. The banquet idea had been cooked up by Nie Huaisang and Meng Yao to try to smooth the ruffled feathers that the wedding announcement had made. The last thing most people had seen of Wei Wuxian was him marching with an army of undead soldiers, killing all who were before him. He was powerful, untamed, and unpredictable. 

Many believed that the marriage announcement was a sham, a trick to make it seem as though Wei Wuxian had the blessings of the morally rigid Lan sect so the Nie could claim Wei Wuxian as a weapon of their own sect without consequences.

“If we show them that Wei Wuxian is just a man, like anyone else, with a son and married and in love with his spouse, it will help,” Nie Huaisang had explained. “They need to see him as a person.”

“There are rumors that he has bewitched Hanguang-Jun somehow. If they see you together in person, it will help,” Meng Yao had added.

“What? Are you saying my Lan Zhan is not in love with me?!” Wei Wuxian had mocked, though there had been an almost indiscernible note of uncertainty in his voice that had Lan Wangji’s arm immediately going around his waist.

“Ridiculous,” Lan Wangji had said his glare at Meng Yao hardening into something almost threatening.

“No, not at all,” Meng Yao had rushed to explain. “It is just that Wei-gongzi is much more expressive and demonstrative in his affections. Lan Wangji is clearly in control of his faculties. People need only to see you two together to understand the… dynamics of your relationship.”

Wei Wuxian had burst out laughing at the implication, but Lan Wangji did not look particularly mollified.

“Lan Zhan. It’s fine. I’ll get to see you in red for once. We’ll get to have a second wedding night! And since the banquet is happening in the Unclean Realm instead of Cloud Recesses, there will be alcohol. I’ll just drink enough to make the other people there bearable.”

Lan Wangji’s eyes had darkened at the mention of a second wedding night. “But if Wei Ying drinks that much, he will sleep through his second wedding night.”

Wei Wuxian had turned to fully face his husband, sliding his hands up over his shoulders and into his hair. Neither men paid attention to the exasperated look exchanged between Meng Yao and Nie Huaisang before the two rapidly left the room and closed the door behind them. 

“Lan Zhan! I’ll be able to stay awake long enough for anything my handsome husband has in mind.” 

In the months they had been married, Wei Wuxian had gotten better at reading his stoic husband’s expressions. He had realized there were many times in the past where he had thought Lan Wangji was angry with him, when - in fact - the man had been desperately trying to refrain from fucking Wei Wuxian into the nearest mattress. One such memory flickered across Wei Wuxian’s mind, of Lan Wangji finding Wei Wuxian drunk in a tavern in the Unclean Realm, before they’d managed to work things out. His restraint had been nearly at its end as he’d watched the alcohol spill sloppily down Wei Wuxian’s throat.

“Mmm. Maybe Lan-er gege would enjoy having permission to have his way with his drunken husband. Punish me for over-indulging. I’d be so loose and pliant for you, Lan Zhan. The room spinning, everything hazy. All I’d be able to feel would be my husband, pounding into me. Even if I fell asleep, Lan Zhan could just keep fucking his poor husband. I’d wake up and find all your spend leaking out, load after load. You could do anything you wanted to your poor Wei Ying.”

Several hours later, Lan Wangji had informed a very unsurprised Meng Yao and Nie Huaisang that he would agree to the wedding banquet.

Still, Lan Wangji did not let go of grudges, and he had presented Nie Mingjue and Lan Xichen with an annotated list of people who - under no circumstances - were welcome to attend. 

Both sect leaders had tried to convince Lan Wangji to be more flexible, and Lan Wangji had simply stated that they could invite whomever they wanted, but if they expected him and Wei Wuxian to be at the event then the people on the list could not be there. 

And then he had calmly walked out of the room.

Wei Wuxian had never had anyone be as implacable and unyielding in defending him before. He had blown Lan Wangji in an empty room halfway back to their bedrooms.

So Wei Wuxian did not have to worry about having Madam Yu or Sect Leader Yao or numerous other people showing up to his wedding. The fallout had not been as bad as he had expected. Jiang Cheng hadn’t even blinked when he heard that neither Madam Yu nor her two maids were allowed to attend. 

Word had slowly spread about how she had been the one to refuse Wei Wuxian’s help before the war, and many both inside and outside the Jiang sect blamed her for the large loss of life, including Sect Leader Fengmian. The respect and political power she had once wielded had all but vanished. Having her removed from the guest list for the wedding banquet would likely set the precedent for her being barred from many other cultivation conferences in the future, now that Lan Wangji had made it clear that he would not attend gatherings that included her.

Wei Wuxian was more surprised to learn about the number of Lan elders and senior cultivators who had similarly been banned from attending the banquet. Lan Xichen had tried to talk his younger brother down from his stance, since Lan Wangji was still the sect heir. Lan Wangji had only been willing to budge on a few names, and only if they sent a formal apology to Wei Wuxian explaining how their initial position had been incorrect. 

The three elders who had been part of WeI Wuxian’s ‘trial’ were not amongst those allowed to apologize.

Wei Wuxian was happy to learn that Lan Qiren had recovered enough that he would be making the journey to attend. It had been weighing on him that the older man was so unwell. As much as Wei Wuxian had butted heads with him, he would not wish the nightmares of the Burial Mounds on anyone.

A tap on the door brought him out of his reverie, and Wen Qing entered, followed by her brother and A-Yuan.

“A-Yuan!” Wei Wuxian grinned as the younger boy launched himself into Wei Wuxian’s arms. “Wen Qing. Wen Ning! I’m glad to have someone to visit me, since I’ve been banished to my rooms!”

“Only because no one trusts you to stay away from your husband, now that he’s back in the Unclean Realm,” Wen Qing said with an exasperated but fond smile.

The siblings had been in endless meetings after the war, between the difficult reparations discussions to dealing with rebuilding their own, smaller sect. Wei Wuxian had helped with the latter, particularly in working with Lan Wangji to cleanse some of the worst areas from resentful energy to make it safe for the farmers and traders to return to their homes.

But he hadn’t seen them as much as he would have liked to.

Wen Ning had given him a somewhat shy smile, despite being a sect leader now. Wei Wuxian had given up trying to get the younger man to call him something less formal.

Wen Qing took his wrist to check his meridians automatically, even though it had been months since he’d really needed constant monitoring.

He remembered the first time she’d checked his core and spiritual pathways after he had been married. 

She had been gone for a month, working with her brother in some of the larger Wen villages to help with medical issues that Wen Ruohan had neglected. When she had returned, the first thing she’d done had been to check on Wei Wuxian to make sure he hadn’t had issues with resentful energy after the Empathy session with Lan Qiren. 

She had blinked, then given an exasperated sigh. “Have you spent the last month doing nothing but dual cultivation with that husband of yours?”

Wei Wuxian had laughed in embarrassed surprise. “Wen Qing!”

“Every book I’ve read has said that dual cultivation, even between matched pairs, takes years to build a noticeable difference in the meridians and golden core. You’ve only been married a month, and I can already see a significant widening and smoothing of your pathways, and noticeable growth in your golden core.”

Wei Wuxian had grinned at her, cheekily. “Have you seen my husband, Wen Qing? How am I supposed to resist him! These other couples weren’t married to my Lan Zhan. Why would I want to do anything else but dual cultivate with my husband?”

“Ridiculous,” she’d scolded, but she’d had a soft smile on her lips. “I’m glad you’re happy. If he ever stops treating you well, you let me know.”

He had assured her that Lan Wangji always treated him much better than he should. Wen Qing had hummed skeptically, but seemed content with his response.

“Nothing much has changed since the last time you’ve checked. I haven’t seen Lan Zhan in two weeks !” Wei Wuxian complained dramatically.

Wen Qing rolled her eyes and Wen Ning laughed quietly.

“I saw Hanguang-Jun on our way here,” Wen Ning said. “You will get to see him tonight.”

“Yes! Diedie said I’ll get to attend part of the banquet. But it will be boring, so I don’t have to stay too long. JingYi and I are going to play!”

“Lucky!” Wei Wuxian had laughed, picking up A-Yuan and tossing him into the air, much to the boy’s delight. He was getting almost too big to do that with, and Wei Wuxan had to use a bit of his spiritual power in his arms to actually pull it off. But the delighted shrieks made it worthwhile.

He set Wen Yuan down as the boy immediately launched into a description of all the games he and his friend had played, and what their plans were for the coming day.

 “So what’s the plan for breakfast?”

“Nie Huaisang has arranged for breakfast to be sent to your rooms, to ensure there are no ‘accidental’ meetings between you and Hanguang-Jun,” Wen Qing said.

Wei Wuxian raised his eyebrows, because the implication was that Lan Wangji was being equally doubted if he might try to come in for breakfast in the dining hall so much later than he usually woke. The thought that Lan Wangji was equally impatient made Wei Wuxian grin even wider.

They had breakfast together, then Wen Yuan went to find his friend and play a bit before he had to get dressed in his formal clothes for the banquet.

Wei Wuxian watched him go with a sigh, wishing he could do the same instead of being cooped up in his rooms.

“I can’t believe Lan Xichen and Jiang Cheng insisted we spend time apart before the marriage ceremony. They know we’re already married. Very married! Very, very married!”

Wen Qing shot him a scathing look. “Yes, everyone knows about your ‘every day’. Especially anyone who is unfortunate enough to walk past your rooms in the late evening or early morning.”

“Lies!” Wei Wuxian exclained. “I'll have you know that I have developed an excellent silencing talisman. It doesn’t even require walls , so we can use it on night hunts. I just need to define the boundaries.”

Wen Ning’s face was red, but he smiled. “It’s good that they want to have the formal ceremony. Wei gongzi should have a wedding recognized by the cultivation world.”

“I only care if my marriage is recognized by Lan Zhan. It’s no one else’s business. But I know we need to go through with this. It’s just annoying.”

“Inviting the other sects to pay their respects and honor your marriage publicly makes it harder for them to turn against you later, without losing face. Given how many of them were calling for your head less than a year ago, you need all the help you can get. This will help your Hanguang-Jun by not having to glare down every cultivator he crosses paths with to defend your honor,” Wen Qing said bluntly.

Wei Wuxian grumbled, but he knew she was right. He’d accepted the necessity of it, but that didn’t mean he didn’t hate being separated from his husband. That part of it seemed completely unnecessary and punitive. Wei Wuxian had a sneaking suspicion it was in retaliation for Lan Wangji barring so many of the Lan Elders from attending.

“The Lan elders made Lan Zhan spend a whole two weeks in Cloud Recesses,” Wei Wuxian sighed. “I think they wrote an entire new set of wedding preparation rituals just to be assholes about it, since they couldn’t get him to break off the engagement.”

“Two weeks is nothing when you have your whole lives together after this,” Wen Ning said diplomatically.

He was right, and Wei Wuxian knew it. But it didn’t make him miss his husband any less.

“They are probably pissed that he wouldn’t let them do a full ceremony,” Wei Wuxian said, a smile forming on his lips.

“I thought that was what today was going to be?” Wen Ning asked, frowning.

“Sort of. We’re going to wear red, and re-do our bows. But Lan Zhan put his foot down on the tea ceremony. He didn’t want me to have to serve tea to all the elders who had been trash talking me for years.”

Wei Wuxian would have happily poured tea for the entire Lan sect if it had meant he could be married to Lan Wangji, but his husband had refused. Wei Wuxian was not joining the Lan sect, and he had already poured tea for Lan Xichen.  Since Lan Qiren was Lan Wangji’s only other close blood relative, and he was too ill to participate in a ceremony like that at the time, it fulfilled the requirement. 

So the ceremony now was mostly a diplomatic one. Guests from other sects would get to see them take their bows (again), and give the couple their blessings and gifts to show their support. The fact that the invitations had not been blanket, and had been somewhat exclusive, had only made them more coveted. Wei Wuxian was sure that Nie Huaisang and Meng Yao had been responsible for the impossible task of somehow making people covet receiving an invitation to the wedding of a couple who had already been married many months, and one of the grooms was a recent pariah of the cultivation world.

He was very lucky to have them on his side, and didn’t really want to think about what would happen if it hadn’t worked out that way.

“Jiang guniang told me to let you know she is supervising the food preparation today, and Sect Leader Jiang is working with Nie gongzi to make sure everything is ready in your new house,” Wen Ning said. “So Jiejie and I will keep you company for the morning.”

What he really meant was that Jiang Yanli didn’t trust Wei Wuxian to sneak out to try to find Lan Wangji before the wedding, now that they were finally back in the same city. Wei Wuxian couldn’t even be mad about it, because Jiang Yanli was exactly right. Wen Qing was watching him with an amused look that said she was fully aware of her role for the morning and was not about to let him disappear under her watch.

Wei Wuxian grinned, finding he didn’t really mind spending the morning with two of his favorite people.

Given that Wei Wuxian’s one job that day was to not be seen by (nor go seek out) his husband, he was basically confined to his rooms. He had spent the morning visiting with the Wen siblings, but they had left when his bath was brought in for him to begin preparations for the wedding ceremony that would begin in the early evening. There were scented oils for his hair and skin, and Nie Huaisang said his wedding robes would be delivered once his bath was finished.

He had just finished bathing and combing out his hair to help it dry (wearing simple linen robes to absorb the water from his hair) when there was a knock on his door. He was surprised when Lan Xichen was the one to enter.

“Xichen-ge! I would have thought you were with Lan Zhan helping him get ready.”

Lan Xichen smiled. “I was. Wangji is also bathing. I went to check on Uncle.”

Wei Wuxian’s smile faded. “Is he ok? If his qi has destabilized again, Wen Qing could go see him.”

Lan Xichen shook his head. “No. Uncle is resting to be ready for the evening, but he is stable. He has asked to speak with you.”

Wei Wuxian blinked at the unexpected request. “I would have thought one of the few benefits of being unwell would be not having to interact with people he doesn’t like.”

Lan Xichen’s face kept the same smooth smile that revealed exactly none of his thoughts. 

“Mm. I believe Uncle has come to understand certain things about your actions. I am aware that the timing is not convenient, but Uncle will need to be returning to seclusion tomorrow and the evening will be tied up with the ceremony. If you are amenable, I could take you to him.”

Wei Wuxian looked down at his casual robes, his hair still damp and loose around his shoulders.

“You may tie your hair up, if you wish. There is no need for further formalities between family members,” Lan Xichen said.

Wei Wuxian could remember all of the not-so-subtle glares he’d received from Lan Qiren for having even a small crease in his guest disciple robes back when he was a visiting disciple at Cloud Recesses. He knew lying was forbidden but he was… skeptical of Lan Xichen’s opinion on the matter. Lan Xichen waited in the hallway while Wei Wuxian tied his hair up loosely and pulled on a slightly more formal outer robe.

Lan Qiren was in a different wing in the main keep, so it took a few minutes to get there. Wei Wuxian found his anxiousness inching higher and higher. Was Lan Qiren going to do something to put the ceremony and reception off, after everything they’d gone through to get to this point?

He wished that Lan Wangji were with him. “Does Lan Zhan know we’re doing this?”

Lan Xichen’s silence was his answer, and Wei Wuxian sighed. He wondered if he’d ever be anything but a source of divisiveness for his husband with his family.

When they arrived at the room where Lan Qiren was resting, Lan Xichen bowed. “I will wait for you here.”

Wei Wuxian’s eyebrows rose in surprise. Given everything, he hadn’t expected to be left unattended with the Lan elder.

“Uncle said he wished to speak with you privately,” Lan Xichen explained, though it really didn’t explain anything at all.

Wei Wuxian could not really imagine a scenario where Lan Qiren wanted to speak with him, but he opened the door and went inside. It would be better to find out what was happening before the ceremony.

Lan Qiren was meditating in the center of the room, his eyes closed and posture rigidly correct. Wei Wuxian hesitated, not sure what to do. 

“Sit,” the elder Lan said after several moments. 

He opened his eyes as Wei Wuxian bowed and seated himself opposite Lan Qiren on the floor.

“Lan Laoshi,” Wei Wuxian said. “This one is glad to see you well.”

“Mm,” Lan Qiren acknowledged. He looked over to a low table, where a delicate teapot and two cups were laid out. He turned back to Wei Wuxian, seeming to wait for something.

It took a moment, but Wei Wuxian then bowed, then went to carefully pour one cup of tea. He knelt down again and offered the cup to Lan Qiren.

“It is late, but please accept my tea.”

Lan Qiren gave Wei Wuxian a stern look, then took the teacup from him and drank from it. Lan Wangji had never said that he regretted that his uncle had not been well enough to attend the tea ceremony with Lan Xichen and the Jiang siblings. But Wei Wuxian knew that - whatever their disagreements had been about Lan Wangji marrying Wei Wuxian - Lan Wangji loved and respected his uncle.

The silence stretched as Lan Qiren drank the tea. Wei Wuxian was not sure if this was the only reason the man had summoned him to his room before the ceremony, or if there was something else he wished to say.

“I am curious, Wei Wuxian. When we performed Empathy, I was in full health with a balanced core, in a safe location, and prepared, to a certain degree, for what I was about to experience. Yet it took me nearly nine months to rebalance my qi to be able to even make a short journey to attend my nephew’s wedding.”

His tone was not accusing, but Wei Wuxian grimaced nonetheless. “This one apologizes for putting you at risk.”

Lan Qiren scoffed. “ Do not seek credit for actions that were not your own. The decision was not yours.”

Wei Wuxian’s eyes widened, surprised at how easily Lan Qiren dismissed any accountability from Wei Wuxian. 

“You were severely injured, as well as nearly qi drained. You experienced the events directly, over months. Yet you were able to no only escape the Burial Mounds, but immediately begin attacking the Wen.”

“It might have actually helped that I was qi drained. I couldn’t go into qi deviation and damage my meridians with an empty core. And as for the rest…,” Wei Wuxian shrugged. “It wasn’t like there was much of a choice.”

He realized that his words could be taken as combative. The Lan elders had refused to believe that Wei Wuxian had no choice in learning demonic cultivation, and because of their doubt, Lan Qiren had spent the last 9 months on the edge of qi deviation.

But the elder only nodded. “Perhaps it was not a choice. Yet most would have failed. Even if they had the insight to conceive of the things you tried, they would not have had the mental faculties, nor the physical stamina to survive it.”

Wei Wuxian had never in his wildest dreams imagined Lan Qiren basically complimenting him on his ability to invent demonic cultivation. 

“You are still too undisciplined, reckless, and untamed,” Lan Qiren said, severely, bringing some sense of reality back into Wei Wuxian’s world. “However. I have seen the regard in which you hold my nephew.”

Wei Wuxian was extremely grateful that they had performed Empathy before he had married Lan Wangji. Lan Qiren would have had even more reason to qi deviate if he could see the depths to which Wei Wuxian defiled Lan Wangji with his mouth and hands on a daily basis. 

“I believe that Wangji’s discipline will keep you from doing serious harm. If for no other reason that I believe you wish to keep him safe from harm.”

Wei Wuxian nodded, feeling the dark flash of protectiveness flicker through him at the mere thought of anything harming Lan Wangji. 

“I will not let anything hurt Lan Zhan. Not even me.”

Lan Qiren looked at him for a moment, then gave a short nod. “I will hold you to that, Wei Wuxian.”

He re-settled himself into his meditative pose, closing his eyes and dismissing Wei Wuxian.

Wei Wuxian rose, then bowed to take his leave.

Nie Huaisang and Jiang Yanli arrived two hours before the ceremony to give Wei Wuxian a light meal and help him change into his wedding robes. The robes themselves were brought in by several servants and laid out carefully across the bed to avoid any wrinkles. Wei Wuxian looked at the dark red silk robes spread carefully before him, afraid to even touch them, much less wear them. Nie Huaisang must have spent the entire nine months between when Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian had married in their simple hand-fasting ceremony having these robes prepared.

They were exquisite.

The outer robe was a heavy, richly embroidered silk brocade, with intricate patterns of lotus blossoms, small stylized clouds, and tiny, subtle double-happiness symbols worked into the very fabric. It must have cost a small fortune, and Wei Wuxian was terrified at the concept of wearing it through a meal where food could spill on it.

The other robes though… Wei Wuxian’s breath caught at them. There were five red silk inner robes, all equally sheer and diaphanous. They were beautiful, delicate, and refined. Three words that Wei Wuxian had never associated with himself in any way. They belonged to someone like Lan Wangji, not the son of a servant.

What was he doing?

It was one thing when he had married Lan Wangji, both of them wearing nothing but their skin and Lan Wangji’s forehead ribbon tying their wrists together. It had felt… right. They had felt equal.

The robes Nie Huaisang had brought him for the formal ceremony brought him just how unequal they really were. Lan Wangji was the heir to one of the oldest and most well-respected sects in the entire cultivation world. He was revered by civilians and cultivators alike for not just his power, but his beauty, grace, and unassailable honor.

Wei Wuxian had no money, only recently joined a sect he didn’t really belong with, and had been condemned for heresy by more than half the cultivation world less than a year ago.

“Oh, A-Xian,” Jiang Yanli breathed, fingering the exquisite silk of one of the inner robes. “You will look so beautiful in these. Your Lan Zhan will be so happy.”

His Shijie’s voice cut through the downward spiral his thoughts were taking.

“They are… so… expensive-looking,” Wei Wuxian whispered guiltily. He wondered if the under-robes were as soft and supple as they looked. The fabric moved like liquid when his sister brushed the robe.

“Of course they are! It’s my XianXian’s wedding day. You deserve the best,” Jiang Yanli said firmly. “Jiang Cheng argued with Sect Leader Nie over who would get to buy the robes for you. They decided to each contribute.”

Nie Huaisang smiled, fanning himself delicately, clearly pleased with the awed expression on Wei Wuxian’s face. Jiang Cheng and Nie Mingjue might have paid for them, but it was clear that Nie Huaisang had designed them.

“The outer robe is very heavy,” Nie Huaisang said, lifting the long, full sleeve of the outer robe to show the weight of it. “You will be glad to have it off you as soon as the formal ceremony and banquet are over. The inner robes will be much more comfortable,” Nie Huaisang slanted him a smug look. “For ‘activities’.”

Jiang Yanli covered her laugh behind her sleeve. Wei Wuxian couldn’t stop the slightly hysterical laugh that bubbled out, and felt his face heat at the clear innuendo. His skin likely matched the wedding robes. It was enough to break his hesitancy, and he reached a hand out to brush against the gossamer-thin silk.

It was supple and fluid beneath his finger tips. He thought about how it would feel against his bare skin. How it would move under Lan Wangji’s hands against his body.

Wei Wuxian was far from the naive virgin he had been when he and Lan Wangji had first consummated their marriage. Wei Wuxian had definite… thoughts about how he would look in these robes beneath Lan Wangji’s heated gaze. The way the fabric would slide over his body, accentuating the curve of his ass and arch of his spine that never failed to snap Lan Wangji’s vaunted self-control.

It had been two weeks .

Wei Wuxian smirked, looking up to find Nie Huaisang’s amused and knowing eyes on him.

“This one thanks Second Young Master Nie for his insight and forethought,” Wei Wuxian said. He had never really been one to give his clothing much thought, beyond the fact that black robes hid blood and dirt better than other colors.

He was now thinking very hard about exactly what he would like to look like later that evening, when his husband finally (two fuckng weeks! ) undressed him in their marital home, on their marital bed.

Jiang Yanli giggled. “We have the entire day to get you ready for your Lan Zhan.” She pulled out a set of beautiful jade and gold hair ornaments that Lan Wangji had sent for him to use, and slowly began combing through his hair, using scented oils to make it smooth and fragrant. 

As she worked, Nie Huaisang reached into his sleeve and pulled out a silken pouch. 

“In terms of ‘getting ready’, I have something that might be useful.”

He pulled out a smooth rounded shape made of jade, far too thick to be a hair ornament. Then he began to explain what it was for.

He wasn’t sure which was worse: Nie Huaisang’s detailed explanation or Jiang Yanli’s delighted laughter.

Still.  It had been weeks since he’d seen his husband. The gift would definitely be useful.

Wei Wuxian’s focus had been solely on the fact that he was going to finally get to see his husband as Nie Huaisang and Jiang Yanli led him down the corridor that led to the largest meeting room in the keep. But when Nie Huaisang opened the door to reveal hundreds of robed cultivators, all of whom turned to look at the Yiling Patriarch, reality crashed into him.

The last time he’d been in a room with so many cultivators, they’d been calling for his execution as a heretic.

He’d spent months laying low and avoiding most of the people now assembled in this room. Even before the war, as a rogue cultivator tossed out by the Jiang sect, he hadn’t been welcomed into any of the discussion conferences that the cultivation world had put on. He did not belong in this room, with these people.

He felt his body tense, the fight or flight instincts kicking in as all eyes turned towards him. They weren’t hostile, but they were also not warm.

A flash of red drew his attention, and Wei Wuxian looked through the rows of seated cultivators to where Lan Wangji stood, waiting for him, at the far end of the room, dressed in red.

All other thoughts evaporated from Wei Wuxian’s mind as he took in the vision of the Second Jade of Lan standing perfectly straight, draped in rich red silk. Lan Wangji’s hair, always sleek and perfectly swept up in his silver guan, was even more elaborately done.

He was breathtaking.

He was Wei Ying’s.

Wei Wuxian would never get tired of looking at his husband. He was steadfast and calm and strong and perfect. He was watching Wei Wuxian with an intent, hooded gaze that made it clear he had missed Wei Wuxian as much as Wei Wuxian had missed him.

With his husband looking at him like that, none of the other people around them  mattered. Even if every single cultivator in the room drew their sword against Wei Wuxian, they would not be able to stand between him and his husband.

The tightness in his lungs released, and he began slowly walking forward, ignoring the murmurings around him. Lan Wangji’s gaze did not waver from Wei Wuxian as he approached, sliding over Wei Wuxian’s robes in a way that gave Wei Wuxian a new reason to wish everyone in the hall would disappear.

“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian breathed out, when he was finally standing in front of his husband.

He couldn’t even be embarrassed by how reverential his voice sounded. Lan Wangji was amazing, and there was no shame in acknowledging it.

Lan Wangji’s ears flushed pink and his lips curved into the tiniest smile.

“Wei Ying.”

Meng Yao stepped forward, speaking to the assembled cultivators, but Wei Wuxian couldn’t focus on anything other than his husband. Since they were already married, and had made no secret about it, there was no tea ceremony or other formalities.

There had been an altar set up with the memorial tablets of Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji’s parents, which was set on a small raised dais which also held the table Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji were supposed to sit at during the banquet. They repeated their bows, and A-Yuan came to stand beside them, looking serious and excited all at the same time as they were formally introduced to the cultivation world as a family.

A-Yuan had the good fortune of being able to leave immediately after to go join the other children in a different room in the children’s dormitories, where a much less formal party was taking place to celebrate the marriage.

Wei Wuxian felt Lan Wangji’s hand brush along his lower back as they made their way to sit on the cushions at the low table on the dias. The heavy silk of his outer robe prevented any of the heat from his hand from reaching Wei Ying’s skin, but even the weight of the touch had Wei Wuxian’s nerves settling as he turned to face an interminable evening surrounded by people he mostly did not like. At least the Wen siblings and Jiang Cheng and Jiang Yanli were there. But they were seated at another table, with Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian alone on the dias.

Wei Wuxian guessed that this was so they would not have to also be seated with the Lan delegation. While he would not mind sitting with Lan Xichen and Lan Qiren, he had no illusions about how many of the other Lan felt about him, and would rather not have to deal with them throughout the long meal.

As he sat, the jade plug that Nie Huaisang had given him shifted, pressing harder against his walls as the flared end pushed in slightly.  Wei Wuxian sucked in a slight breath at the sensation, the sharpness of it reminding Wei Wuxian that - eventually - they would be done with the formalities and he would finally be alone with his husband..

“Wei Ying?” Lan Wangji asked, looking over at him, his brows furrowed the slightest bit in concern.

“It’s fine, Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian grinned as he turned to Lan Wangji, and poured him tea. 

Lan Wangji looked at Wei Wuxian for a moment, then gave a slight nod and poured wine into Wei Wuxian’s cup. It reminded Wei Wuxian of the conversation they’d had earlier about the banquet, which turned Wei Wuxian’s grin into a smirk as he locked eyes with Lan Wangji and downed his first drink of the evening.

“Lan-er gege will take good care of this poor husband?”

The heated look Lan Wangji gave him made him wish their cushions weren’t placed so far apart. It also gave him renewed strength to make it through the political bullshit that was going to take up the next several hours.

The speeches began as the first course of the meal was brought out. The speeches would be followed by individuals having the opportunity to come and wish the newlyweds happiness and give a gift, which - for the vast majority - would not be sincere, but politically necessary posturing.

Neither Lan Wangji nor Wei Wuxian had any tolerance for it, but hopefully this would be the last time they had to do it on this scale.

It was going to be a very tedious evening. Wei Wuxian looked over to where his husband sat, resplendent in his red silk robes and perfect posture. 

It would be worth it.

Wei Wuxian drained his glass as yet another leader from a minor cultivation sect came and offered stilted congratulations and insincere well wishes on his and Lan Wangji’s marriage. The man’s eyes and words were directed solely towards Lan Wangji, his gaze skittering around the edges of Wei Wuxian’s person as though it was dangerous to even look directly at him. His words were full of compliments and hints at future alliances, just like all the others before him had been.  It was equally clear that - like all the others - the only favor he truly wished to court was that of Lan Wangji, not Wei Wuxian.

It was still much better than what Wei Wuxian had expected. No one had drawn their sword or called for his execution.

He found himself waiting for the other shoe to drop, and possibly was overcompensating with the strong wine that Nie Huaisang had provided for the celebration to help keep him in his seat as the evening stretched on. Even with his high alcohol tolerance, he was edging past tipsy.

He found himself turning to look at Lan Wangji, sitting perfectly correct beside him, with increasing frequency to remind himself of the reason he was doing this. Every time he turned to his husband, Lan Wangji’s eyes were on him, hooded dark gold, holding him steady.

Lan Wangji poured more wine into Wei Wuxian’s cup as yet another cultivator approached with a gilded box likely containing a book or incense, as most of the gifts had been so far. Wei Wuxian had not been paying attention. Meng Yao was seated at the table directly below them, diligently writing down which sects offered which gifts so the appropriate appreciation could be given later.

Lan Wangji was a stabilizing presence by his side, giving a graceful inclination of his head in acknowledgement to each person who approached them. Of the two of them, Wei Wuxian had always been more of a people person. On night hunts, it was always Wei Wuxian who chatted up the locals and got them to share more details that often ended up being the critical clues to solving the hunt. But here, amongst the cultivation elite, Lan Wangji was the more tolerant. Or - at least - the one more practiced at hiding his intolerance.

Wei Wuxian was used to thinking of himself as an exile, the son of a servant that no one wanted, the heretical cultivator that many feared and the rest despised. Being surrounded by the upper echelon of the cultivation world, even if it was only those hand-selected by Nie Huaisang, was so far outside Wei Wuxian’s comfort zone he couldn’t even see it on the horizon. 

Lan Wangji seemed to be aware of this, calmly pouring Wei Wuxian more wine or adding occasional pieces of food to Wei Wuxian’s bowl, brushing his hand lightly over Wei Wuxian’s sleeve or against his hip. He looked regal and completely at ease as he elegantly drank the tea Wei Wuxian poured for him and ate the food Wei Wuxian placed in his bowl. Wei Wuxian felt himself slowly relaxing under the combined effect of the strong alcohol and his husband’s steady, constant presence.

Another cultivator approached with a fixed smile on his face, and Wei Wuxian downed another drink. He’d lost count of how many he’d had. His head was spinning slightly, the room around him growing hazy and all he wanted to do was be alone with his husband. He had long given up trying to sit with correct posture, lounging back in the low chair. Lan Wangji had noticed it, sliding his eyes along the carelessly sprawled line of Wei Wuxian’s body, but had not scolded him for it.

He was far from the only one overindulging, judging by the increasingly boisterous laughter and rosy cheeks of the cultivators drinking away at their tables as the rich food from the banquet was finally finished and the evening was turning late. The Lan elders had stayed until the last dish was cleared, then stood, en masse , and bade the other guests good night. Any earlier and their departure would have been deemed rude, but - as it was - it was not remarked upon. Lan Xichen was the only one who stayed and was currently chatting with the Wen siblings and Jiang Cheng. Jiang Yanli and Jin Zixuan were seated with the (relatively small) Jin contingent, but he could see his sister looked tired and would likely be retiring soon.

Wei Wuxian wished he could leave as well, feeling exhausted from the constant scrutiny, but the acceptance of the well-wishes and gifts had been carefully orchestrated to ease the way for Wei Wuxian to be reintegrated into the cultivation world at large. Left to his own devices, Wei Wuxian would honestly not have cared one way or the other, but as the spouse of Hanguang-Jun, he would do what he could to smooth the feathers that his power (and general existence) had ruffled. 

Which left him in his current state, downing drink after drink to ensure no one was offended that he didn’t acknowledge their toast as much as to keep his nerves settled. The evening stretched as he and his husband accepted the greetings and meaningless gifts from yet another cultivator whose name and face Wei Wuxian would forget three seconds after they walked away.

The line seemed to finally have ended, or at least paused, and Wei Wuxian was dreading whatever would come next in this interminable celebration, when Nie Huaisang stumbled up, holding a jar of wine. 

“Wei-xiong! Wangji-xiong!” he said in the overly loud and slightly slurred voice of a man who has had several cups of wine too many. “Congratulations again!”

He stumbled forward as he moved to clap Wei Wuxian on the back in congratulations. Normally, it would have been fine but Wei Wuxian was feeling loose-limbed and more than a little dizzy from all the wine he’d consumed, and found himself tipping over, his head and shoulders landing in his husband’s lap. He had been doing his best to not stare at his husband all through the gift-giving, knowing he had to at least try to give the cultivation world some face for the sake of his husband. But with the room spinning dizzily around him as his husband gazed down at him, all thoughts of politics were erased from his mind. Wei Wuxian simply lay there, unable to look away from the perfect visage of his husband in the soft lantern lights of the room. 

Lan Wangji’s beautifully carved cheekbones and jawline seemed almost gilded in the reflection of the lustrous sheen of his rich silk robes. His hair was still perfectly in place despite how many hours they had been sitting there, all of its heavy ornamentation only accentuating the exquisite beauty of the man.

“Lan Zhan. My husband is too beautiful,” Wei Wuxian breathed out, his words the slightest bit slurred. 

He was unaware of the eyes that had turned towards them when Nie Huaisang had knocked into him, the sudden tension that had gripped the room in fear of the Yiling Laozu lashing out.

“Mn,” Lan Wangji replied, affectionate amusement in his face as he looked down at his husband sprawled in his lap. “Wei Ying is also too beautiful.”

“Lan Zhaaan,” Wei Wuxian shifting to get slightly to reach up and brush his fingertips reverently along his husband’s cheek. “Missed you.”

Wei Wuxian’s shoulder brushed against something hard beneath the red silk of Lan Wangji’s robes. Two weeks of yearning for his husband coalesced into something much more desperate at the feel of the heavy silk brocade draped over his husband’s rock-hard erection.

Wei Wuxian’s lips parted in a soft gasp as he felt Lan Wangji’s large hand move to cup the back of his head, fingers pushing through his hair.

Had Lan Wangji been hard this entire time? 

Had he been sitting there, with his perfect posture and stoic face, thinking about fucking Wei Wuxian?

“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian moaned, twisting  his torso to rub against the hard ridge of Lan Wangji’s dick. “Let’s go home.”

He could feel the hard ridge jump against his shoulder at his words, despite the composed facade of Lan Wangji’s face. 

Wei Wuxian loved the fact that he was the only one who knew that his husband had been sitting there, looking calm and poised for hours, while he had actually been thinking about sex. Wei Wuxian felt an answering flare of heat curl in his lower belly, wondering just how long his husband had been hard. 

Was Lan Wangji already leaking? How many layers of robes was he wearing? Were any of them sheer like the ones Wei Wuxian was wearing?

The thought of his own robes made him suddenly aware of how the thin silk was slithering over his skin as he twisted again in Lan Wangji’s lap. The jade plug pressed into him at the movement, reminding him that it was keeping him stretched open for his husband. Wei Wuxian could see the thick column of Lan Wangji’s dick tenting up the heavy silk of his wedding robes. The outer robe was so heavy that it had concealed it until Wei Wuxian had landed in his lap, pinning some of the fabric down.

“Wei Ying,” Lan Wangji said, warningly, as Wei Wuxian’s hand moved up to brush against the supple fabric that separated him from the current object of his fixation.

If Wei Wuxian slid down just a little, his mouth would be level with his husband’s dick. It had been way too long since he had tasted his husband.

Before he was able to do anything about it, Lan Wangji’s free hand was sliding beneath Wei Wuxian’s legs at the knee, the other releasing his hair to slip under his shoulders.

“It is time for us to leave,” Lan Wangji said as he stood gracefully, lifting Wei Wuxian as he stood as though he weighed nothing

Murmurs broke out around them, as did an indignant squawk from Jiang Cheng, but Wei Wuxian’s entire focus was on the feel of his husband's large hands and strong arms wrapping tightly around him.

He tipped his head back and laughed at the dark impatience he saw in Lan Wangji’s gaze. Of the two of them, he would have thought he would be the one to act scandalously, not the esteemed Second Jade of Lan.

“Did he just… bridal carry the Yiling Laozu?!”

“Did you see how the Yiling Laozu looked at him?”

“I thought the marriage was fake!”

“I heard they’re completely shameless.”

Lan Wangji nodded to someone. Possibly to Nie Huaisang, possibly the assembly at large, but Wei Wuxian honestly didn’t give a fuck. He wrapped his arms around Lan Wangji’s neck, the room spinning around him. The buzzing of frantic gossip faded as his husband strode purposefully down the hall towards the exit to the street.

It was quite late, but the lanterns had been lit and the moon hung full overhead, making it easy to find their way through the streets. Wei Wuxian had always appreciated his husband’s arm strength but perhaps never quite as much as this particular moment. Lan Wangji kept one arm firmly beneath Wei Wuxian’s shoulders, while the one beneath his knees shifted to allow his large hand to slide up and squeeze Wei Wuxian’s ass. The movement pressed the plug deeper inside him, and Wei Wuxian turned his face into the base of Lan Wangji’s neck as he shuddered at the feel of it.

“Fuck, Lan Zhan. You had better be fucking me the instant we get home,” Wei Wuxian said, nipping at the straining cord at the base of Lan Wangji’s neck. “I can’t believe they made us stay apart for two weeks.”

“Mn,” Lan Wangji replied, massaging Wei Wuxian’s ass and causing another sharp jolt of pleasure to ripple through Wei Wuxian’s body as the plug moved again. Wei Wuxian arched into the touch. If Lan Wangji hadn’t already been gripping him tight enough to bruise, he might have lost his grip.

Lan Wangji paused at the response, having become very familiar with the way his husband usually reacts to his touches.

“Wei Ying?” Lan Wangji asked, moving his hand again to span over the full curve of Wei Wuxian’s backside through the layers of silk.

“Mn, Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian’s lips curled into a dark smile as he looked up at Lan Wangji with glassy eyes. “I’m making use of one of our wedding gifts early. Lan-er gege won’t have to wait when we get home to fuck his Wei Ying.”

Lan Wangji’s body went rigid; even his breathing stopped. Then he slowly pressed a finger down the seam of Wei Wuxian’s ass. Even though the thick layers of silk, the feel of the hard jade plug was unmistakable.

“Do you like it, Lan Zhan?” Wei Wuxian asked, reveling in the way Lan Wangji’s throat was working to swallow as a shudder rippled through the heavily muscled shoulders that were supporting him.

Lan Wangji fucking growled as he threw Wei Wuxian over his shoulder, freeing both hands to slide up over the round curve of Wei Wuxian’s ass, kneading it brutally. His long fingers curled to confirm Lan Wangji’s suspicion and tracing around and then pressing against the top of the plug, causing Wei Wuxian to lose his ability to breathe momentarily.

Wei Wuxian was well on his way to being fully hard, his dick pressed against Lan Wangji’s shoulder. Lan Wangji gripped Wei Wuxian’s hips, lifting him up enough to bite down on the globe of one of his cheeks, the layers of silk muting it slightly, but still hard enough to bruise.

“Lan Zhan!” Wei Wuxian gasped dizzily, suddenly finding himself being set down in a narrow alleyway, still some distance from their house. “What’re you…?” 

He swayed, the alcohol sloshing through his veins making it hard to find his balance so quickly. Lan Wangji’s hand was around his waist pulling him close so his back was to Lan Wangji’s front. He could feel the urgent press of Lan Wangji’s dick against his backside, and shot a lopsided grin over his shoulder.

“Is my husband too impatient to make it back to our wedding bed?”

Lan Wangji answered his question with actions rather than words, flipping the skirts of Wei Wuxian’s robes up onto his back as he pushed Wei Wuxian forward.

Wei Wuxian revelled in the punched-out sound that Lan Wangji made as he saw the thin, filmy fabric of the trousers Wei Wuxian wore, which were thin enough to show the outline of his skin and the jade plug in the glow of the full moon that shone down above them.

“Wei Ying ,” Lan Wangji ground out, gripping Wei Wuxian’s hips as he traced his thumb over the outline of the plug through the thin silk.

Wei Wuxian closed his eyes, loving the feel of Lan Wangji’s hands gripping him tight and the uncharacteristic sound of desperation in his husband’s voice. Before he could think of a clever response through his alcohol-fogged mind, Lan Wangji’s fingers were on the string of his pants, untying them and shoving them down around his thighs.

Lan Wangji’s hands briefly left him, and Wei Wuxian swayed forward to brace himself against the stone wall of the alley. He looked over his shoulder and saw Lan Wangji rolling up the skirts of his own robest to get them out of the way without dealing with the elaborate ties of each one. Wei Wuxian’s mouth went dry as he saw the way his husband’s heavy cock strained against the silk of his pants. The large wet spot indicated his husband had likely been hard and leaking for hours

The sight made Wei Wuxian arch his back, spreading his legs wider as he braced his feet against the ground. Lan Wangji’s hands fumbled with the knot of his own pants as his eyes locked onto Wei Wuxian’s ass.

Lan Zhan . So hard for me already? How long have you been thinking about fucking your Wei Ying?”

Lan Wangji’s eyes narrowed at him as he tore the string of his pants off rather than taking the time to untie them. 

Two. Weeks ,” Lan Wangji bit out, causing Wei Wuxian to laugh delightedly as the world continued to spin dizzily around him.

His laughter was cut short as Lan Wangji’s strong fingers gripped ruthlessly at the base of the jade plug, pushing it in slightly and twisting it. The oil Nie Huaisang had given him to use with it made the motion smooth and slick, but the pressure was still intense. Wei Wuxian choked out a harsh sound as he canted his hips up even further.

Lan Wangji made a low sound in his chest as he roughly pulled the plug out and tossed it aside. Before Wei Wuxian could even protest the rough treatment of the plug, Lan Wangji was lining up his dick with one hand while gripping Wei Wuxian’s hip with the other as he drove into him. The oil reduced some of the friction but the plug had definitely not been big enough to match the size of his husband, and they both groaned at the hot, tight feel of their joined bodies.

Before Wei Wuxian had fully adjusted to the thick girth of Lan Wangji’s dick, his husband had pulled out and slammed back in with a force that had Wei Wuixan’s hands scrabbling to brace against the rough stone wall in front of him.

“Fuck, Lan Zhan! Be gentle with this poor husband!” Wei Wuxian called out breathlessly, knowing full well that Lan Wangji knew better than to do what he asked for.

“No,” Lan Wangji replied hoarsely, thrusting forcefully back into him again, causing Wei WuXian to nearly white out with pleasure.

Wei Wuxian laughed as he stumbled, slightly uncoordinated in his current inebriated state, loving the feel of Lan Wangji driving hot and hard into him, relentlessly. How had he survived two weeks without this?

Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji had spent a considerable amount of time since they had been hand-fasted, learning each other’s bodies. They had dual cultivated, made love, and just straight-up fucked, depending on the mood and situation. 

This was definitely straight-up fucking. Lan Wangji’s hips were pistoning back and forth, hammering into Wei Wuxian without even a hint of qi being shared. This had only happened twice before, and both times when Lan Wangji had been so desperate that he’d been afraid of losing control of his qi and damaging Wei Wuxian with the ferocity of his desperation to be inside him.

“P-poor Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuixan grinned over his shoulder, his arms shaking with the strength needed to keep from being driven face-first into the wall with the force of Lan Wangji’s fucking. “Having to - ahn - sit so still - ah, fuck, Lan Zhan! - through all the - ah - talking! When all… he wanted… was to… fuck his husband.”

Lan Wangji’s eyes were heavy lidded and blazing as he pounded into Wei Wuxian. Wei Wuxian had to use his forearms to brace against the wall, the rough stones scraping against his skin with each thrust, and he loved it. Lan Wangji was not good at expressing himself in words, but he never lied with his body. Wei Wuxian could feel every hard inch of Lan Wangji inside him, could hear the desperate grunts as he thrust into him, and knew without a doubt that his husband loved him.

“Love you so much, Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian slurred, not sure if he was more drunk on the alcohol he’d consumed or on the intensity of Lan Wangji’s fucking.

Lan Wangji let out a strangled sound, his entire body locking up as he came deep inside Wei Wuxian shuddering as he crushed Wei Wuxian’s body against his own.

“Love Wei Ying,” Lan Wangji murmured, when the last shudder had passed. “Only Wei Ying.”

Wei Wuxian let his body relax, even though he was still achingly hard, enjoying the feel of his husband holding him close, still inside him. He could feel the wetness of Lan Wangji’s seed in him, and he hummed contentedly. If Lan Wangji had been hard throughout the entire banquet, it was only fair that he got to cum first. Wei Wuxian did not worry about his husband taking care of him properly when they got home.

“So shameless, Lan Zhan! When you pull out, I’ll get your spend all over my wedding robes!” Wei Wuxian didn’t really care too much, but it was fun to tease his fastidious husband.

Lan Wangji’s ears flushed red in the moonlight. “Mn. Then I will not pull out until the robes are off.”

The streets were empty, with most people either already in bed or still celebrating in the main hall. But that didn’t mean there was no chance of discovery.

Wei Wuxian wondered if Lan Wangji had gotten second-hand drunk from the alcohol in Wei Wuxian’s breath as he scooped Wei Wuxian up, tilting him back and turning him until Wei Wuxian’s legs could wrap around his waist, still buried to the hilt inside him. Despite how big Lan Wangji was inside him, pressed tight against his walls, the cum inside him made him slide easily as Lan Wangji turned him. 

Wei Wuxian was already feeling dizzy and loose, and he loved the feel of his husband manhandling him and putting his body exactly how he wanted it. He let his head loll back, gazing up at his husband as Lan Wangji carried him down the deserted night street. Based on the burning gaze and harsh breathing, Lan Wangji was extremely into having Wei Wuxian pliant in his hands and on his dick. 

If Wei Wuxian had thought the jade plug had been distracting as Lan Wangji had carried him before, it was nothing compared to having the Second Jade of Lan actually inside him as he walked. Every step caused Lan Wangji’s cock to shift slightly inside him, and his own erection to rub against the bunched up robes between their stomachs. Lan Wangji’s erection showed no signs of going down, still deep inside him.

Wei Wuxian realized that his husband was using his cultivation to keep his dick hard, and the thought of it nearly had him cumming.

“Do not,” Lan Wangji said sharply, pinching the side of Wei Wuxian’s hip in a way that was actually not at all helpful for keeping him from losing it. It was lucky that they were so close to their new house. And equally lucky that no one happened to be walking along the same path at the time. Though - to be fair - Wei Wuxian was not sure if he would have noticed them. He had eyes only for his husband.

Lan Wangji pushed the door closed behind them and toed off his shoes. Wei Wuxian’s legs were locked behind Lan Wangji’s back, and he managed to get his shoes off as well, though his legs had started to shake from the need to feel Lan Wangji moving inside him again. 

“Welcome home, husband,” Wei Wuxian said cheekily. 

Lan Wangji responded by slamming him up against the nearest wall and kissing him breathless before finally shifting back and continuing to carry Wei Wuxian further into the room, still buried deep inside him. Neither of them spared a moment to look around their new home that their brothers had spent so much time setting up, except to locate the bedroom.

Wei Wuxian had only the vaguest sense of richly paneled walls and a large, carved wardrobe for clothing, but his whole focus was on the point where his body was still joined with Lan Wangji’s, and the torturously insufficient friction that the slight shifts from walking had created.

“Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian chanted as Lan Wangji sat down on their red marital bed with Wei Wuxian straddling him. “Oh, fuck yes,” Wei Wuxian groaned, arching up as his weight pressed Lan Wangji just enough deeper into him to make him see stars.

“Mn,” Lan Wangji said, kneading Wei Wuxian’s hips now that he no longer needed to hold him up. He leaned back on the bed, watching Wei Wuxian through heavy-lidded eyes.

It was ridiculous how perfect Lan Wangji still looked despite having fucked Wei Wuxian on the way home, his dick relentlessly hard and still inside him.

Wei Wuxian loved him so much.

Sometimes he couldn’t even breathe with how much he loved Lan Zhan.

Someone had taken the time to light the lanterns and some sandalwood incense in their home, Wei WuXian realized, grateful to whomever the person was that had enabled him to see his husband dressed in red silk, laying back on their marriage bed. 

Wei Wuxian leaned forward, rocking his hips as he fumbled for the ties of Lan Wangji’s robes. The thick silk of his outer robe was beautiful, gracefully accentuating the strong lines of his husband’s broad shoulders and chest. But Wei Wuxian would rather feel the warm skin beneath it.

Lan Wangji watched him silently, shifting only enough to allow Wei Wuxian to push the heavy silk outer robe off him. He groaned in despair as he saw the multiple layers of thinner silk robes beneath it.

“Lan Zhan, there’s too many of them! How do you expect your poor, drunk husband to be able to undo all these ties.”

Lan Wangji somehow managed to smirk at him without moving his lips.

“Wei Ying is also wearing many layers,” Lan Wangji said, letting his hands run down the front of Wei Wuxian’s wedding robes, circling his thumbs over his nipples. Wei Wuxian huffed out a frustrated sound at how muted the touch was beneath the thick silk.

“Then Lan Zhan should remove them.” Wei Wuxian thought about how the sheer silk of his inner robes had looked against his skin while he was dressing. He would definitely be able to feel Lan Wangji’s strong fingers through one layer. “But leave the inner layer on,” Wei Wuxian said huskily, swaying slightly as he looked down at his husband.

Lan Wangji’s gaze dropped to where their robes were bunched up between them. He fingered the thin silk of WeI Wuxian’s inner robes, noticing it’s sheer texture for the first time. The alley had been too dark, and their coupling too hasty for him to have seen it properly before.

“Mm,” Lan Wangji gave a deep hum, almost like a purr, releasing the fabric to begin undoing the ties of Wei Wuixan’s robes. Wei Wuxian was tired of waiting, and began rocking his hips again, letting his head fall back as Lan Wangji peeled him out of his wedding robes, layer by layer, tossing them aside. His golden eyes never left Wei Ying, his hips flexing up in a steady, dirty grind that was making Wei Wuxian slowly lose his mind. “Wei Ying looks good in red.”

Wei Wuxian fisted his hands into the front of the remaining red silk under-robes that covered Lan Wangji’s body, shoving the fabric aside so he could splay his hands out on the man’s smooth, bare chest.

“Can’t believe you’re still hard, Lan Zhan,” he gasped out as Lan Wangji’s dick rubbed directly against the spot inside him that made his body light up like fireworks. “Were you… ugh, fuck … were you practicing this?”

Lan Wangji didn’t reply, but his eyes flickered in a way that told Wei Wuxian all he needed to know. 

“Mmmm, my Lan Zhan is so good to his Wei Ying.”

Lan Wangji had managed to get Wei Wuxian out of all but one last robe, tossing them aside and gripping Wei Wuxian’s hips once more. Now that his hands were free, he was able to hold Wei Ying tight as he fucked up into him. 

“Mine,” Lan Wangji said fiercely. “My Wei Ying.”

The dark possessiveness in Lan Wangji’s voice made Wei Wuxian shudder with arousal. Wei Wuxian was always talkative in bed, but the alcohol made him not even pay attention to the words spilling out of his mouth, punctuated by gasps each time Lan Wangji slammed into him.

“Lan Zhan. Do you like seeing me in red for you? Knowing that the whole world knows this fearsome Yiling Laozu belong only to Hanguang-Jun?”

Lan Wangji’s lips pulled back, baring his teeth in a silent snarl that filled Wei Wuxian with dark glee.

“Yeah, you like that, don’t you? Everyone warched you pick me up and carry me out of the hall. They know you’re fucking me right now. Fucking the Yiling Laozu with your big dick, when they were all to scared to even look at me.”

Lan Wangji’s response was to send a surge of qi piercing directly into Wei Wuxian’s lower dantian. Wei Wuxian screamed, the pleasure of it so intense it bordered on agony. His body arched up off the bed as his own qi surging to meet his lover’s after too long apart, flooding through Lan Wangji’s body with the same possessive, overwhelming rush.

“Yours. Only Lan Zhan’s.” Wei Wuxian wasn’t even sure his mouth was forming words but it didn’t matter.

He was going to cum, his dick filled to bursting, when suddenly there was a hand fisting the base of his cock and the world spun wildly around him. Only this time, it wasn’t the alcohol. Wei Wuxian found himself flat on his back, with Lan Wangji looking down at him, still inside him.

“Lan Zhaan, ” Wei Wuxian groaned, his words slurring together. “Fuck, you gotta lemme cum, I need…”

Wei Wuxian’s words died in his throat when he saw the intense, almost reverential expression on Lan Wangji’s face as he looked down at Wei Wuxian’s body. The sheer silk robes pooled over his skin, showing his dark, pebbled nipples and flushed, hard cock. 

“Beautiful,” Lan Wangji said, trailing his fingers down from the dip of Wei Wuxian’s collarbone to circle around his dusky nipples. His qi poured into Wei Wuxian from his fingertips as well as from where he was buried deep inside him. “Mine.”

Wei Wuxian writhed under his touch, desperate to cum. 

His mouth was forming words but he wasn’t paying attention to what he said.  The alcohol had dulled his racing thoughts, leaving only space in his mind for Lan Wangji fucking him, and the feel of his qi moving through his body. The room continued to tilt and spin and the only place Wei Wuxian felt fully anchored was where Lan Wangji was touching him, pushing into him.

Lan Wangji licked the pad of his thumb, then rubbed it harshly over Wei Wuxian’s nipple. The friction made it hot, but the dampness cooled it to an even tighter point when he pulled his hand away. Every part of Wei Wuxian’s body buzzed with arousal, alcohol, and Lan Wangji’s qi.

Lan Wangji brushed the back of his fingers against the hard line of Wei Wuxian’s cock, where it was tangled in the sheer silk. Wei Wuxian’s body bowed off the bed, his head thrown back so far that his neck and spine formed a perfect arch, his shoulders not even touching the mattress.

“Wei Ying is so sensitive. So responsive for his husband.” Lan Wangji’s words were hot against his ear.  He seemed intent on tracing every inch of Wei Wuxian’s silk-encased skin with his fingertips, leaving Wei Wuxian nearly delirious with arousal.

“Only you. Only for Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian slurred, his vision starting to go dark.

Lan Wangji leaned forward, fisting a hand into the hair at the back of Wei Wuxian’s head and sucking harshly along the lithe column of his throat. 

“Did Wei Ying touch himself while I was gone?” Lan Wangji asked, his voice low and rough.

Wei Wuxian started to nod, then shrugged. “Tried. Not the same without Lan Zhan. It didn’t… I only want Lan Zhan.”

A tremor wracked Lan Wangji’s body at his words, and he pulled Wei Wuxian into a fierce kiss as he fucked him, the heavy frame of the low bed slamming into the wall in an unrelenting staccato rhythm. The world went blurry at the edges, and Wei Wuxian was making desperate sounds that he couldn’t even recognize as coming from his own throat as he finally, finally came.

He slowly came back to consciousness to a steady, rocking sensation, arousal simmering through his body from a dream he’d had of Lan Zhan. He was disoriented, unsure of where he was as he tried to separate dream from reality. The air in the bedroom was heavy with the scent of sex and sandalwood.

He was laying on his side, naked, with Lan Wangji spooning him from behind. His hair was loose around him, no longer bound up in the elaborate hairstyle he'd worn for the wedding banquet. The soreness in his body flared in time with his arousal as he felt Lan Wangji’s cock still buried deep inside him, moving in leisurely circles rather than thrusting in and out. Wei Wuxian’s lips curved into a dark smile.

He could feel the wetness of his husband’s cum inside him and on the back of his thighs, a lot more than there had been when he’d fallen asleep.

“Hmm,” he hummed, pressing back into the firm body, naked spooning behind him on the massive marriage bed. “My husband is so diligent in his marital duties.”

It was still dark outside, but there was the faintest blush of the pre-dawn twilight that indicated it had been several hours since Wei Wuxian had fallen asleep. Hours that Lan Wangji had continued to fuck him, cumming inside him at least once, maybe twice. Maybe more.

Wei Wuxian stretched, reveling in the feel of his husband’s devotion. 

His muscles ached at the movement. It was a good thing he had a golden core, or it would have been days before he could walk.

“Missed Wei Ying,” Lan Wangji said, not stopping the sensual, slow circular movement of his hips while his lips brushed against the base of Wei Wuixan’s neck.

Wei Wuxian breathed out a laugh that turned into a groan as Lan Wangji reached around to grip Wei Wuxian’s cock in his large hand, pumping it easily to full hardness.

“Fuck, Lan Zhan. You can’t just stay buried in me forever. Neither of us is going to be able to walk.”

“Nn,” Lan Wangji made a sound of disagreement. “Missed being buried in Wei Ying.”

Wei Wuxian couldn’t find fault with his husband’s logic as Lan Wangji began to push his qi into him once again.

Wei WuXian felt his meridians strain as he pushed back, their golden cores pulsing in time with each other.

He had never really given much thought to immortality, but if this was what the rest of his life would be like, then eternity didn’t seem so bad.

The end. 

(Yes. They fuck their way to immortality, much to the dismay of their neighbors throught the coming centuries.)

A/N - the only reason the ‘marathon fucking’ works is because they both have strong golden cores to replenish energy and heal abrasions. This would NOT be fun for non-cultivators LOL.