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bathroom stalls & late night calls

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“Hey babe,” Clarke answered her phone, smiling up at the ceiling as she took a break from her work and stretched, glad that she had called her. “What’s up?”

“Not much, just wanted to hear your voice.” Clarke could hear the smile in her voice, even with her phone’s speaker acting up as much as it was and making the voice that little bit crackly, and she made a small adoring sound much like she did every time she saw a particularly adorable dog (that is, every dog). “How are you? How’s your study going?”

“Not bad, not bad.” She looked down at her book, flipped through the pages she had managed to read and looked at the far more impressive number of pages she had yet to read. She shrugged, though they couldn’t see her, and smiled again. “Better now that you’re talking to me.”

“You are so disgustingly sweet, Clarke,” she said, making the blonde laugh softly, very much aware that she was in the library and not wanting to disturb anyone. “Is it okay if I pop by for a few minutes? There is something that I wanted to talk to you about.”

“Yeah of course!” Clarke checked her watch. “How far away are you? I can meet you for coffee, maybe.”

“Oh no, it’s okay, stay where you are. I know you have an exam coming up and I have class in twenty minutes anyway.” 

“Okay. See you soon?”

“See you soon,” she confirmed warmly. “I love you.”

“Love you too, O.”

Clarke laid her phone gently, happily, down on top of her small stack of books in the Yet To Read pile and hummed to herself happily. She read for a few moments more before her study companion cleared her throat. Lexa was watching her curiously and Clarke cocked her head slightly. 


Lexa shook her head. “Nothing.”

“Do I have something in my teeth?” Clarke grabbed her phone to check but Lexa shook her head. 

“That’s not why - oh, yes you do. A sprinkle.” She drew back her own lips, pointed to the left of her front teeth and nodded when Clarke showed her again, having sucked the sprinkle away. “You’re good now.”

“Thanks. I love donuts,” she said, “but honestly I could walk around with sprinkles in my teeth all day and no one would tell me.” Clarke sighed. Lost herself in a daydream of donuts. “Anyway, you said that’s not why…?” she trailed off, raised her eyebrows for Lexa to fill in the blank. 

“Oh. It’s just,” she tapped the end of her pen on her page, “you and Octavia are very close.”

“What do you mean?”

“You sound like you are dating.”

“No we don’t,” Clarke laughed. Lexa just pursed her lips, fighting a smile, because she thought that Clarke honestly might not hear how she spoke to Octavia. “Do we?”

“A little.” Lexa shrugged. 

“She’d make a good girlfriend,” Clarke said thoughtfully, returning to her book, and Lexa found herself floundering again because the hints so far had all added up to the fact that Clarke would date a girl, but she didn’t know for sure. 

And Lexa very much liked to be certain about things. 

She let the topic fade away, immersed herself in her own book, and only came out again once when Clarke asked her if she could borrow her highlighter and once when Octavia dropped loudly into the seat next to Clarke and threw her arms around her neck. 

“Hey babe,” she said. “So-”

Shhh,” came the angry voices scattered around the room, dozens of pairs of eyes locked on the noisy intruder. And in her running shoes and grass-stained, mud-stained gear, Octavia certainly looked like an intruder in the clean library. 

“Octavia,” Clarke hissed quietly, “what the hell do you think you’re doing? Have you been training? Your arm is broken.”

“Yeah but my legs are fine,” she returned quickly. “Anyway, that’s not what I wanted to talk to you about-”

“You’d better believe that we’ll be talking about it when I get home tonight-”

Clarke,” she said sternly, tone firm enough that the blonde simply shot her a disappointed look but ended her tirade before it could really begin. “I came to invite you two to my birthday party. As you know, well, as you know Clarke, it is coming up. Lexa,” she turned with a smile to face the girl, “my birthday is coming up next week.”

“Congratulations,” she said quietly. 

“I have a question.” Clarke raised her hand. Octavia inclined her head regally, giving Clarke permission to speak. “Why are you inviting me to your party? I’m the one that organises them for you.”

“And you do such a wonderful job of it, my queen.”

“Ugh.” Clarke rolled her eyes. “Gross. Lincoln has been reading you poetry again, hasn’t he?”

“Yes he has and I will thank you to keep your unromantic nose out of my business,” Octavia sniffed. She burst into a smile again and clutched at Clarke’s arm. “So? Is that okay?”

“Is what okay?”

“For Lexa to join in on the festivities? Duh. This was my formal way of telling you to invite her.”

“You could have told me on the phone.”

“Yeah, but I wanted to see you,” Octavia said, eyes wide and adoring. She jumped up when she caught sight of the large clock on the wall, grabbed the strap of her bag and slung it over her shoulder only narrowly missing hitting a neighbours stack of books. “But anyway, I have to go to class. You two be good, no funny business in the bookshelves okay?” She kissed Clarke quickly on the cheek and waved at Lexa as she ran.

Her exit was punctuated by the relieved sighs of library goers. 

Clarke just smiled and returned to her books. Lexa took more time to recover from the whirlwind experience that was Octavia. 

“She is inviting me to her party?” Lexa asked Clarke after some time. “We only just met.”

“Yeah but she’s happy that I’m happy so she kind of loves it when you’re around. Plus, you’re smart and she thinks you’re cool.”

Lexa tapped her pen on her page for a moment. “You are happy when I’m around, Clarke?” she asked, smirking, because that was more or less what Clarke had managed to tell her and her smirk only grew when Clarke kicked her in the shin and pointed her back to her study. 

“Shut up,” Clarke muttered, her cheeks dusted with red.