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If I went and hurt my body, baby would you love me the same?

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It was the first time New Orleans had seen snow since 1826. The weather called for a full on blizzard, and the town was in a panic.

The students of Miss Robichaux's Academy were busy securing the school from danger, using every spell and incantation they could think of. At the center of all of the hubbub was your girlfriend, the Supreme. Cordelia instructed each of the witches on their jobs in order to be the most efficient.
You walked in the front door, arms full of grocery bags.
"We're home!" You called. "The grocery store didn't have any water or anything like that, but we got what we could!"

Wilhemina walked in the door, shaking her head and. "Those Bitches nearly bought the store out! The shelves were empty!" your other girlfriend exclaimed.

Cordelia rolled her eyes, kissing the two of you hello. "It's okay, dear. We'll make do with what we have. Girls, come help Y/N and Ms. Venable unload the groceries!"

The girls bundled on their winter gear and ran outside. You chuckled and looked at the Supreme, who eyed you
"Were the shelves really empty?"
You hummed and nodded your head in affirmation. "I've never seen anything quite like it."
That night, you crawled into bed with your lovers. The snow had been falling for hours, and the wind gusted over the academy.
Mina shivered in her sleep. You knew that the cold aggravated her back, worsening the pain. She would deny it to the ends of the earth, but her change in demeanor told you otherwise. You wished at that moment that you could just take her pain away so she would never suffer again. A sigh escaped your lips.

"Penny for your thoughts, My love?" Cordelia whispered, careful not to wake Wilhemina.

"Nothing," you said and chuckled. "It's just, I moved here to escape the snow, and here we are," gesturing toward the outside.
"I thought you came here for us," the blonde fake-pouted.
"Of course sweetheart, leaving the snow behind was just an added bonus."
Mina rolled over, flailing an arm. "Would you two keep it down? I'm trying to sleep!"
"Sorry, Mina," you whispered, planting a kiss on her forehead. You extended a finger and the lights turned off.
The next morning you awoke and stretched luxuriously. Both of your partners had risen earlier to perform their administrative duties. You slipped downstairs to grab a cup of coffee. As you went to fill your mug, you heard a thud and a pained groan come from the outside. You dropped the coffee pot and ran to the source, letting it shatter on the floor.

There lay your beloved Mina on the ground. Her body splayed out on the sidewalk and her cane lay in the snow nearby.
"Mina, are you okay? Are you hurt?" You called, dropping to your knees to assist.
"I'm fine, Y/N" she responded coolly. She went to get up , but a wave of pain shot through her spine, causing her to tumble back down.
"CORDELIA!" You screamed in sheer panic.
The blonde witch heard your call and dashed outside. She knelt next to the two of you "What happened?"
"I was trying to get the newspaper, and I must have slipped on some black ice." Mina responded, groaning.
You grabbed Mina's cane and pressed it into her hand. Wordlessly, you helped her get to her feet. Your eyes wandered to her arm, which was badly disfigured. "Mina how's your arm?"
"It's fine, I'm fine. It doesn't even hurt that bad" Cordelia went to touch her arm, but you gently pushed it back. You knew that Mina never liked it when others used their magic on her, since she was the only non-magical person in the house. It often left her feeling insecure and overpowerd. Your eyes met the blonde's, worried. "Why don't we go to the walk in clinic? I'm sure you're fine, but let's get a professional opinion." You added when Mina's eyes widened.

Wilhemina Venable seemed like a person that would be fearless, but that was not the case. Ever since she was a child, she had feared doctors. They only brought bad news and pain, it seemed.

Madison drove the three of you to the clinic faster than a lightning bolt. Normally her driving wasn't as reckless, but she sensed the urgency in your voices. Something was wrong with Mina, and her girlfriends wanted to do everything they could to help fix it.
At the clinic, it was nearly empty. It appeared that the storm had driven everyone into their homes. You checked in to the front desk and went to sit in the waiting room. Luckily, a doctor came to examine Wilhemina in almost no time at all.
"Hi, I'm Doctor Grey, what seems to be the problem today?"
Seeing her shrink at the doctor's words, you placed a hand on the small of her back for grounding.
"I took a spill this morning getting the newspaper. I'm sure I'm fine, but my girlfriends wanted to make sure I was okay."
"Of course," she nodded. "Let's look at that arm. Can you make a fist?"
Your girlfriend tried but failed. A deep blush rose on her cheeks and she ducked her head. "I'm sorry," she whispered.
"No, you're okay. I'm going to use a portable X-ray, because it looks like we have a broken bone. Is that okay?" Mina nodded.
The doctor pulled a screen from the ceiling. She placed it over the arm and hummed. "Well, Ms. Venable, it looks like you have an oblique non displaced fracture in both your radius and ulna. Luckily, the break is minor so you won't be needing surgery. "
Despite this good news, Mina seemed to push further and further away. You could see the fear and shame in her eyes.


When you arrived back at the house, Mina hurriedly went to her room. It wasn't uncommon for Mina to sleep in her own room instead of the shared room when her back was hurting.

By night, you started to worry. Mina hadn't come down for dinner or even left her room. You knew that sometimes she needed time alone, but too much was dangerous. You slipped up to her room and knocked on the door. Nothing. You knocked again and slowly opened the door.
"Mina, can we-"
she shrieked. Something heavy flew toward your head but missed. You quickly closed the door and ran away, your eyes growing misty. You dashed into the shared room and wept into a pillow. Hearing the ruckus, Cordelia ran toward the room and sat on the bed.

"Honey, it's not your fault. You're okay."

You sighed and rolled over facing her.

"I know, but I just wanted to help! It hurts me to watch her suffer."
Cordelia smiled and wiped a tear off your cheek.
"You did the best you could. Sometimes Mina just needs a bit of space. We all do at times. Let's go to bed and see what we can do in the morning."
You nodded allowing her to help you change into a pajama set. "I love you, Cordelia," you whispered. She placed a chaste kiss on your lips and lie next to you. "I love you too, darling."
That night, despite Cordelia's comforting words, you barely slept. Your head kept racing and replaying that awful scene.
Sleeping never felt the same without Wilhemina's hand in yours or an arm around your waist.
The next morning, went downstairs to make your morning cup of coffee. Mina was still nowhere to be seen. You decided to make a mug just for her as a peace offering of sorts.
You opened Mina's door slowly. Mina lie atop a heating pad on her bed. Upon seeing you in the doorway, she rolled over, facing away from you.
Even though she didn't want to talk to you, crawled into bed with her. You sat in silence for a few moments, gathering your thoughts.
"Are you okay, Mina?" you asked. " I mean, are you in pain or anything"

"I'm fine Y/N" she snapped. You cringed at the use of your real name instead of your nickname.

"I'm sorry that I hurt you, little one. It's just that I'm a burden to you and Cordelia. I was before yesterday, and You two are both so wonderful and I'm- I'm just me. I mean I am not a nice person to be around. I am rude and snippy and a cripple... and now I can even move my arm to do anything, and-"

You placed a finger atop her lips, shushing her.
"You're perfect just the way you are, and you're not a burden."
The doubt in her eyes told you that she didn't quite agree with your words. You took her face in her hands and pressed her forehead against yours.
"You are loved. You are so, so, so loved. By me and Cordelia. And I know that right now you might not believe me, but I earnestly hope that you'll grow to know that I'm right."
Mina had begun to cry. You dabbed at her tears and smiled.
"Thank you, little one. I really needed to hear that right now."

You flopped down on the bed, exhausted by all of the emotions.
"Hey, mina? If purple wasn't a option for your cast, what other color would you get?"

"If purple wasn't an option? I would just walk out and not let them put a cast on me!"
You chuckled and kissed her passionately. Maybe today wasn't so bad after all.