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Throes of Passion

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Throes of Passion
Naruto Uzumaki’s Harem

~A/N~ This is my Naruto Harem Story I hope you enjoy the first chapter. Few notes first for Naruto to have a Harem I greatly changed his mood he still goofs off but the war heavily changed him. He now comes off more serious and rather cocky knowing how strong he is.

Chapter One: The Alluring Anko

Naruto walked peacefully through the streets of Konoha heading towards his favorite training ground. He couldn't take more than ten steppes without someone asking for an autograph or some girl to ask him out on a date. He ran his hand through his shaggy blonde hair as he turned down another request for a woman who before the war wouldn't have given him the time of day.
“I need to get a haircut,” Naruto said as he noticed how shaggy his hair had become. Yet again another woman asked him out and another child asked for an autograph. He happily signed the autograph and again turned the woman down. He shrugged his shoulders and took off out of the village wanting to practice his summons and Rasengan variations.
He reached his favorite training area; it was a peaceful stream near a waterfall. The sound of the water always calmed him after a long day.
“Naruto,” Kurama gained his attention. Naruto closed his eyes and fell into his metal realm to speak with the nine tailed fox.
“What’s up Kurama?” Naruto asked facing the massive chakra monster.
“When are you going to grow up and get a girl?” Kurama asked.
“What the hell brought this on?” Naruto asked looking confused at the Nine-tails
“I've grown attached to you Naruto I desire to see you happy now,” Kurama explained lowering his head to look at Naruto closer.
“Well I don’t know most girls just want to date the hero not Naruto Uzumaki,” Naruto replied. Kurama rolled his massive eyes and chuckled lightly
“What about that girl with the eyes?” he asked pointed a clawed finger toward his eyes.
“Who Hinata?” Naruto asked trying to think of a girl with ‘those eyes’ that he meant.
“Yes she openly said she loved you,” Kurama replied
“I don’t know how I feel about her is all,” Naruto replied seeing Kurama lift his head.
“Someone is coming,” Kurama said sniffing.
“Yeah I can feel her too,” Naruto replied taking notice to a presence moving towards them; he quickly figured out who it was thanks to the less than benign chakra.
“Her you know who it is?” Kurama asked
“Yeah it’s Anko,” Naruto said.
“Why is she looking for you?” Kurama asked.
“Not sure if she is but time to go see,” Naruto said leaving his mind.

Naruto jumped up just as Anko walked into the area. She stopped seeing Naruto. “Oh I didn’t think anyone would be out here,” Anko said looking at Naruto.
“Neither did I,” Naruto said looking at Anko.
“Why are you out here?” Anko asked.
“Training you?” Naruto asked.
“Same, but there isn't enough space for you…. How about we spar for who gets the spot,” Anko said with a mischievous grin.
“Not a good idea,” Naruto said shaking his head.
“What am I not good enough?” Anko asked.
“No you’re not I would pulverize you,” Naruto said cockily.
“You are an annoying little piss ant,” Anko growled.
“I might be but I know how strong you are compared to me,” Naruto shrugged.
“Oh that’s it we are fighting and I am shutting the mouth of yours,” Anko growled losing her temper.
“If it means that much to you the area is all yours,” Naruto said starting to leave.
“Oh hell no I want to fight you now,” Anko retorted.
“I have nothing to gain,” Naruto replied.
“Fine how about we make a wager then,” Anko said hardly thinking she was seething with how he looked down on her.
“Ugh… Fine what do you wager and what should I wager?” Naruto asked turning around.
“Ourselves if I beat you your my slave and vice versa,” Anko said.
“What?!?” Naruto asked taken completely off balance. He could hear Kurama busting a gut in his mind.
“You heard me,” Anko replied her mind clearing to comprehend what she had said. “Yeah winner takes the other as a submissive for whatever they chose,”
“You’re fucking kidding me right?” Naruto asked. Anko reacted by biting her thumb and summoning something. Naruto watched as a small pitch black snake with green eyes and a writing quill for a tail appeared before them.
“I haven’t been summoned in such a long time,” the snake said looking to Anko.
“Get a contract summon out,” Anko growled still mad.
“I didn't agree to this,” Naruto replied.
“Do it or I am going to attack and keep attacking until I kill you,” Anko said with a grin. Naruto rolled his eyes and bit his thumb and closed his eyes having to concentrate to summon something he had never summoned before.
The smoke cleared and a small yellow frog sat a scroll in one webbed hand and a quill in the other. “Naruto Uzumaki? Why did you summon me?” the frog asked.
“Ask her she demanded I summon you,” Naruto replied. The frog turned to see the snake and cracked up laughing the moment she made contact with the snake.
“Oh my long time no see, Mirdara,” the frog said.
“Yesss it has been Gamateshi,” Mirdara replied his voice was deep and cold.
“So this is obviously a contract of servitude with you being here,” Gamateshi said.
“Yesss that is the only contacts I do,” Mirdara replied revealing a scroll from his stomach.
“So who is the dominate one and who is the submissive?” the summons both asked.
“Hasn't been decided,” Anko replied.
“Well a contract can’t be written until we know ssso get to it,” Mirdara replied clearly annoyed.
“The garden snake is right,” Gamateshi replied Mirdara hissed at Gamateshi.
“Fine then let’s do this Naruto,” Anko growled.
“Last chance back out or I will beat you down,” Naruto said on his last straw.
“Bring it on,” Anko retorted pulling out a kunai. Naruto gave a sigh and drew a kunai readying himself for Anko’s angered assault. Anko moved first throwing her Kunai; Naruto caught the Kunai and returned it with one of his own. Anko flipped backwards narrowly dodging the speeding kunais.
“If you give up now I won’t make you my sub,” Naruto said not wanting a submissive in the first place.
“Like hell I’m going to make you my little bitch,” Anko said raising her hands sending several snakes at him. Naruto rolled his eyes and was gone an instant later having lost interest in his battle with her.
“I’m a lot faster since I fused my chakra with Kurama’s,” Naruto said from behind Anko. She quickly whirled around a kunai in hand. Naruto side stepped her wild slash and grabbed her arm wrenching the kunai from her grasp; just as he moved to grab her other arm he saw a snake spring out of her sleeve. He barely dodged it the snakes fangs sunk into his arm rather than his face.
“I told you I’d ge-” Anko started to see before the snake burst into flames and the venom was pushed out of the bite mark.
“Another handy feature that Kurama gave me,” Naruto grinned his arm turned yellow as Kurama’s chakra cleansed his system.
“Just beat her already Kit,” Kurama’s voice echoed in his mind.
“Kit?” Really what the hell?” Naruto asked still holding Anko at bay.
“Just end it and give her a good fucking,” Kurama growled lustfully.
“Why the hell do you want me to fuck her?” Naruto asked confused.
“Release for you is release for me,” Kurama said rather disgustingly.
“That’s gross,” Naruto replied chuckling lightly.
“What can I say I am a male fox and you have a rather foxy woman stuck in your grasp,” Kurama laughed.
“Ugh really that was a bad pun,” Naruto said.
“You need yourself a girl or two so start claiming them,” Kurama laughed.
“You seriously think I want some submissive snake loving bat shit crazy chick under me in anyway?” Naruto asked.
“Just take a look at her for a moment. She may seem mad but she loves this,” Kurama replied causing Naruto to pause and turn his attention to Anko whom he still rather easily held at bay. And no shit Kurama was right she was enjoying this.
“Just a moment Anko… what happens if you lose have you put any thought into that?” Naruto asked releasing her and jumping back.
“Yes I’m your slave for whatever you want. A slut to fuck, a bitch to cook, a whore to clean whatever I have to do I will do but… I won’t lose so,” Anko grinned not letting her guard down for even an instant.
“You already have,” Naruto said starting to like the idea of Anko cooking and cleaning for him the free sex would just be a bonus.
“So what do you think Kurama? And don’t let your weird desire for ‘release’ affect your judgment,” Naruto asked.
“Fine in truth I think she has some subconscious need for a ‘master’ figure and she wants to be a slave. She just has that look the need to be dominated wholly and completely,” Kurama explained.
“Sadly I think you’re right… fine I’ll end it,” Naruto said returning to the ‘fight’ as hand. Anko rushed him kunai’s in both hands. Naruto was gone before her eyes and appeared behind her taking both of her arms into his hands. He gave a swift kick to the back of her knees dropping her down. Another Naruto stood a few feet away holding a Rasengan and charged in.
“Submit,” Naruto commanded as the other Naruto closed in. Anko’s voice acted before she thought.
“I submit!” She cried out as the Rasengan wielding Naruto was inches from her. The other Naruto vanished along with the Rasengan.
“We have our ‘dominate’ and our ‘submissive’,” Gamateshi said rolling out a scroll alongside Mirdara.
“Yesss now how far should his command control her?” Mirdara asked looking at Gamateshi.
“Completely if he gives her a command, as long as it isn't life threatening, she will have to obey and follow his orders,” Gamateshi replied
“Sssounds good,” the two summons wrote for several minutes.
“What about her dutiesss? Cleaning, cooking, sssexual advances, ninja missionsss, cleanlinesss,” Mirdara asked his constant strain on his ‘s’ was starting to annoy Naruto
“Cleaning and Cooking are obvious. As for Ninja Mission the Dominate must review the mission and deem it a nonlife threatening mission. And Sexual she must comply with all command excluding sharing her with other men… unless she agrees to it,” Gamateshi replied as the work continued until they had a full and binding contract.
“Not bad… everything looks ssset… now for the signaturesss,” Mirdara slithered over to Naruto.
“Sign these spotsss,” Mirdara commanded pointing to several spots before he handed him his quilled tail. Naruto nodded and scribed down his name in all the spots.
“Now for some blood on thisss bottom line,” Mirdara commanded. Naruto nodded and bit his thumb pressing it to the seal. Gamateshi had just finished with Anko when Naruto finished with Mirdara. The two summons switched and the process started over.
“These contracts demand a witnesss,” Mirdara said looking to Gamateshi.
“The Hokage would be best. That way she can send mission to Anko that wouldn’t be life threatening,” Gamateshi replied.
“I’m not sure that’s a good idea she might frown on this,” Naruto replied.
“She can frown all she wants, if she tried to destroy these contracts she will die,” Gamateshi replied seeming almost evil.
“You’d kill her for that?” Anko asked shocked.
“No the full force of the contract would repulse onto her,” Mirdara spoke before Gamateshi could.
“She would either die or she would take your place,” Gamateshi replied pointing at Anko. “Now then let’s go inform the Hokage of this,” the frog landed on Naruto’s head while the snake slid up his back and onto his shoulders.
“Anko go get your arms checked for any damage,” Naruto commanded.
“Yes sir,” Anko answered as he left. ‘Sir? Why did I say sir? Oh it must have been something in the contract,’ Anko moved after Naruto her aim the konoha hospital.

Tsunade sat behind her desk deep in thought as she read over the requests for the Chunin exams that were to be held in a few months. She looked up to see Shizune placing some tea in front of her. “You’re almost done with your paperwork that’s amazing Tsunade-sama,” Shizune smiled. Both of their attentions were instantly grabbed by the orange clad blonde haired ninja walked in with a yellow frog on his head and a pitch black snake on his shoulders.
“Naruto are those contract summons?” Tsunade asked in shock not having seen one in many… many years.
“Yes they will explain,” Naruto said sitting down in a chair as the two summons moved to the desk. Gamateshi gave a bow to Tsunade as did Mirdara; Mirdara gave a nod to Gamateshi whom pulled the contract scroll out of her stomach just as Mirdara did.
“Naruto Uzumaki and Anko Mitarashi have entered a contractually binding master and slave, dominate and submissive relationship in where Anko is Naruto’s slave for his desires,” Gamateshi replied. Shizune’s face paled and she nearly fainted when she heard the frog explain their reason or being there. Tsunade on the other hand was furious.
“WHAT!?!” Tsunade jumped up shouting at Naruto. “What the FUCK do you think you’re doing Naruto!”
“It was not Master Uzumaki that demanded thisss. Little Anko pushed it to usss,” Mirdara hissed his quill on another seal.
“I can’t accept this you will undo this contract this instant,” Tsunade commanded.
“I knew you would say that,” Gamateshi replied giving a nod to Mirdara.
“Thisss contract can’t be broke and if you try to break it, it may kill you,” Mirdara said gaining Tsunade’s full attention.
“Like hell. Naruto end this now,” Tsunade replied.
“He can’t,” Gamateshi replied.
“What why not?” Tsunade asked.
“Come know have you never dealt with contract summonsss before?” Mirdara replied starting to get annoyed.
“Only to gain the ability to summon slugs,” Tsunade replied trying to calm herself.
“Well how difficult would it be for you to break your contract with them?” Gamateshi asked.
“It can’t be once you’ve chosen a summon that what you get no changes,” Tsunade said starting to understand.
“Thisss contract works the same for all intentsss and purposesss Anko belongsss to Naruto now,” Mirdara said rolling out the end of his contract just a Gamateshi did.
“Now we need a witness so if you would,” Gamateshi said.
Tsunade took the scroll and started to read it over. Her face paled as she read she couldn’t believe how extensive this contract was. It covered everything from eating and sleeping to training and mission to sex and children. “I guess I have no choice,” Tsunade shook her head and scribed her name on the witness line on both contracts then added her blood print on them.
“Anko Mitarashi is now sealed into the servitude of Naruto Uzumaki,” the summons said in unison. “THE SEALS ARE SET!” the both vanished in plumes of smoke.
“What the fuck Naruto,” Tsunade asked. Shizune was still too shocked to speak.
“Hey I didn’t want to do it in the first place but she pushed and pushed… didn’t you Anko,” Naruto said looking to Anko whom walked into the room.
“Yes Naruto-sama,” Anko spoke mentally chastising herself for calling him sama.
“I’ll let you explain exactly what you did,” Naruto pointed to the floor indicating her to stand there and explain everything to Tsunade. And explain she did; she spent almost an hour explain and explaining until Tsunade finally gave in and begrudgingly accepted the fact that she couldn't do anything but give in and ask Naruto to be good to his new ‘slave’ because she still had missions to do.

Naruto stood in the street pondering on what to do with Anko. He could just tell her to live as if he never defeated her or he could be a full blown master. Anko stood a few feet away unable think of anything other than serving Naruto to her fullest. ‘What is wrong with me…? I can’t focus on anything when I’m near him,’ Anko closed her eyes trying to clear her mind.
“Anko follow me,” Naruto said making Anko’s eyes snap open and quickly move to follow Naruto. The two moved through the village heading towards his home.
“So what are you going to do Kit?” Kurama’s voice echoed.
“Two things, one stop calling me Kit. And two I have no idea,” Naruto replied.
“How about you fuck the hell out of her then have her make you a sandwich,” Kurama grinned.
“You know that sounds rather sexist,” Naruto replied.
“Bullshit you own her,” Kurama replied starting to laugh. Naruto shook his head trying to forget his comment and laugh.
“Is everything OK Naruto-sama?” Anko asked making a few civilians stop hearing that statement.
“Yeah I’m fine just thinking,” Naruto replied. ‘Did she just call me sama?’ Naruto asked himself.
“Oh she did and she’s been doing it for a while,” Kurama said. Naruto saw his apartment and pushed Kurama back into his mind letting himself focus.

“Hey Sakura did you hear the news?” Ino asked running up to the pinkette.
“What news?” Sakura asked confused.
“Naruto and Anko,” Ino replied.
“Together?” Sakura asked stunned.
“She called him Naruto-sama,” Ino said.
“What the fuck,” Sakura said completely confused.
“She’s been following him all day too,” Ino added.
“That’s just weird,” Sakura added.
“I know it’s like she’s his slave or something,” Ino said as Shizune walked up effectively silencing both of them.
“Shizune how are you today?” Sakura asked.
“I have to ask you to not spread that rumor too much,” Shizune said leaning into them.
“Why not?” Ino asked.
“Because it’s not what you think so please don’t spread it too much,” Shizune said with a soft smile.
“OK we won’t,” the two girls said but both wanted to know more and they both knew how they were going to get their information; directly from the source.

Naruto sat on his bed Anko in a chair a few feet from him. He rubbed his chin while he tried to think of what to do. “Naruto-sama… would you like me to make you something to eat?” Anko asked looking at Naruto.
“That actually sounds good,” Naruto said giving her a nod.
“What would you like?” Anko asked she couldn’t figure out why she was acting so strange.
“Whatever you can make will be fine,” Naruto said still trying to figure out what he was going to do. Anko move to his kitchen and started to make something rather quickly.

“What should I do? And I want a real answer,” Naruto asked now standing in his inner realm the nine tailed fox a few feet from him.
“Honesty, I say take the win and keep her,” Kurama replied with surprising seriousness.
“Seriously though you think I should ‘keep’ her?” Naruto asked.
“Yes keep her and treat her right. Show her that she is in fact the lucky winner to have you,” Kurama said finally getting Naruto to accept his role and snapped him out of his confused funk.

Anko walked in to see Naruto sitting his eyes closed and his breathing low. ‘He must be talking to the Nine-Tailed Fox,’ Anko set down a plate of food the smell drifted into Naruto’s nose.
“I smell food,” Kurama said as their talking came to an end.
“You’re right she must have finished cooking,” Naruto said leaving his inner world. Naruto opened his eyes to see a plate of food before him. A bowl of rice, udon noodles, and several Dango sticks.
“I’m not sure how good of a cook I am,” Anko said as Naruto picked up the noodles.
“If they taste half as good as they smell they will be fine,” Naruto said looking to see Anko had no food.
“Help yourself… I won’t make it to the Dango so you can have it,” Naruto said. Anko nodded and took the plate of Dango and started to eat. Her eyes kept moving to Naruto as he ate hoping for a good reaction. When her eyes weren't on him they were on the pigsty of a place he called home.
“Naruto-sama?” Anko gained his attention.
“Yes?” he asked.
“You could live with me… I have a much nicer place,” Anko said somewhat nervously. Naruto stopped and nodded.
“That’s a good idea, more space easier for two,” Naruto said finishing his noodles and moving to the rice.
“We can start moving as soon as you want then,” Anko said blushing knowing all the weird stuff she was doing blushing, acting nervously, calling him sama and sir, wanting to service him had to be in the contact effecting her ability to think for herself. And sadly she was starting to like it.
“Sounds good… So this contract means I can do just about anything?” Naruto asked making Anko’s heart race; what was he going to ask her to do?
“Y… yes,” Anko replied nervously.
“So here’s my question. If I asked you to have sex with me before this contract would you?” Naruto asked.
“I would have been annoyed with your approach but… yes I think I would have,” Anko answered blushing.
“You mean it?” Naruto asked.
“Yes… I've always liked how you looked so I wouldn't have argued for long,” Anko replied.
“So what are you willing to do sexually?” Naruto asked.
“Anything Naruto-sama wants to do,” Anko replied.
“Well first off we are changing how you dress,” Naruto said leaving the topic in a blur.
“OK… how do you want me to dress?” Anko asked.
“No more mesh I don’t want you showing anything off to anyone but me. So at least shorts and a tank top,” Naruto said.
“Yes Naruto-sama,” Anko replied knowing she would have a lot of shopping to do. Anko’s eyes trailed down Naruto’s body as he sat thinking… or talking to the Nine-Tails. Her eyes reached his crotch and stopped; she could see a large bulge. She gulped slightly wanting it; she didn't care that she was a slave now the contract probably helped with that.
“You’re staring,” Naruto said snapping Anko’s gaze away from his concealed manhood.
“Sorry I was just… um… OK I was staring,” Anko replied trying to cover her tracks; but she failed rather epicly.
“I don’t want you to feel contractually obligated to pleasure me,” Naruto said.
“I don’t… but I want to…” Anko started before she felt too embarrassed to speak.
“If you really want it… prove it,” Naruto said with a sly grin. Anko stood and started to strip; slowly and seductively. Her hips swayed as she started to dance for her new master. Naruto watched as she danced his eyes widened. He didn’t tell her to dance but hell he was going to enjoy the show. She pulled out her hair tie letting it fall around her shoulders. She spun and twisted around starting to get into her dance.
‘This is fun… why is it so fun?’ Anko thought as she continued to dance slowly removing clothing a she did. Naruto felt his mouth go dry as her coat fell off her shoulders. He could hear Kurama cackling in the back of his mind. Anko’s hands started to slowly trace down her body stopping at her hips and the hem of her mesh shirt.
Naruto could feel his erection painful pushing against his fly as he watched Anko’s strip tease. He watched every sway of her hips and every curve of her body. He licked his lips wanting to take her more and more.
“Ok stop,” Naruto said stopping Anko just as she hooked her fingers through the last garment she was wearing, her panties. She looked at Naruto and waited for a command.
Naruto took a breath and pointed down at his restrained manhood. Anko took the hint and walked as seductively as she could towards him. She knelt down in front of him her hands moved up his legs. Naruto sat back slightly letting her get a good look at him; she bit her lip lightly before she lightly pulled down his fly and freed his cock. She gave a gulp seeing his size; he wasn't just endowed he was downright hung like a horse. Anko leaned in slightly wrapping both her hands around his shaft and gave him a slow lick to gage his reaction. Naruto gave a light smile and simply watched her. Anko’s desire surfaced and she quickly wrapped her lips around his thickness and took him in.
“Damn your mouth is tight,” Naruto groaned as she took more of him into her mouth. She quickly felt him hit the back of her throat. Anko looked up at Naruto to see him with his eyes close simply enjoying the feeling of her mouth and throat.
She stroked the length that she wouldn't be able to take down and worked her lips and tongue over the portion in her mouth. She could feel his cock throbbing in her mouth. One of Naruto’s hands ran through her hair as she sucked; His breathing was becoming more ragged as her mouth pushed him towards his limit.
“I’m gunna come Anko,” Naruto grunted as he tried to slow her sucking. Anko sucked away ignoring his warning. Naruto grabbed Anko’s head and erupted into her mouth; Anko drank down his seed. Wave after wave of seed sprayed down her throat.
“So much,” Anko pulled off his cock gulping down the last mouthful.
“I still got more too,” Naruto said with a smile. Anko looked to see he was still rock hard. She couldn’t hide a smile or the fact that she wanted more.
“What do you want this time Naruto-sama?” Anko asked.
“The main course,” Naruto hinted to her wetness. Anko stood a smile coming to her face.
“How would you like me first?” Anko asked.
“On top… I want to watch you ride me,” Naruto said as he patted his lap. Anko mounted him, his member against her thigh.
“I’m not sure I can take it all,” Anko said taking his steely cock in her hand starting to rub it over her femininity.
“Well take all you can then,” Naruto said as his head penetrated her. Anko placed her hands on his shoulder steadying herself as she lowered onto the large cock of her master. She had to stop over and over as she adjusted to his girth.
“God you’re so thick, it hurts,” Anko groaned lowering still. Naruto took her hips helping her lower onto his cock. It took several minutes but she finally managed to take the majority of his manhood.
Anko started to move as she felt herself adjusted to his size. She quickly started to bounce as fast as she could falling in to her lust. Naruto started to help her bounce picking up her speed.
“Ah Naruto… it’s so good,” She moaned out; Naruto said nothing and started to thrust upwards as she came down. Anko wrapped her arms around Naruto’s neck as she now rode with everything she had. Naruto tightened his grip slightly feeling he desire to dominate his woman starting to take its hold.
Anko felt herself hit the mattress, Naruto now laid over her, she moved her hands from his neck to the bed sheets allowing him to have a full view of her body as he pumped into her. Naruto started thrusting into Anko with everything he had, his eyes trailed over her body as he did. Anko moaned out each time he buried himself inside her.
“More, more, more,” Anko moaned again and again desperate for more of her master. Naruto didn’t need her to beg he wasn’t even remotely done with her. He leaned in starting to kiss her neck and shoulders while one hand grasped and caressed her breasts.
“I told you she is a natural born submissive,” a voice echoed in Naruto’s head
“Not now busy,” Naruto replied inwardly throwing Kurama’s voice away focusing on his sub. Anko still laid under him still begged for more and moaning his name each time he planted himself inside her. Her hands gipped the sheets threatening to rip them from her ecstasy overload.
“I can’t last Naruto-sama,” Anko moaned climaxing onto Naruto’s cock. Naruto gave an audible grunt feeling her walls tightly coil around him as she came.
“Shit here it comes,” Naruto said bursting into Anko’s pussy, thick waves of seed filled her as he pumped through his release. Anko nearly screamed in pleasure as he filled her, she felt so full, something she had never felt before. She had had sex before but it had never felt this good or left her wanted more.
Anko started to moved but fell the moment her exhaustion hit her. She passed out from the pleasure overload. Naruto rolled off her and covered her before he moved to his bathroom.

Naruto stood in his shower his mind mulling over having Anko as a literal slave. He closed his eyes, knowing he wouldn’t be much help, but he wanted the advice of the Nine-tailed beast.
“So what do you think?” Naruto asked looking up at Kurama whom laid in his open cage.
“What do you mean ‘what do I think’ I already told you. Keep her and be good to her,” Kurama replied rolling to his side.
“I know but it feels weird having someone under me like this,” Naruto retorted.
“Why because you had some thought of a happy family with Sakura or Hinata?” Kurama asked a grin coming to his face.
“Maybe a little,” Naruto replied.
“Well Hinata yes, but Sakura obviously sees you as a friend or maybe even worse… a brother,” Kurama explained.
“So what I should just have a sex slave?” Naruto asked.
“No… get a couple, have your own Harem,” Kurama joked still grinning.
“That would be something,” Naruto replied smiling. “Having any girl I want at any time,” Naruto joked back sitting down.
“Yeah just start taming all the girls, the blonde, Hinata, that one sand girl, Sakura, hell why not that black haired girl that follows the Hokage,” Kurama said.
“The blonde?” Naruto asked knowing the other two were Temari and Shizune.
“Yeah she has the really long hair and follows the smart dude and fat fuck around,” Kurama smiled.
“Hey Choji isn’t that fat… but Ino would be something… finally getting to such her mouth,” Naruto laughed.
“Oh by the way you haven’t been alone the last few minutes,” Kurama replied closing his eyes.
“How she freaking passed out,” Naruto said finally taking note to the woman what was currently rubbing soap on his back.
“Anko,” Naruto said as he returned to the shower.
“I thought you like help washing your back,” Anko answered his unasked question.
“Ah well keep going,” Naruto replied letting her clean him.
“I would like to do that again,” Anko said.
“Oh we will,” Naruto replied turning to face Anko. “But first we need to move my shit to your place,” Naruto added as Anko started to wash his chest.
“A few people owe me a favor, they can help you move,” Anko said as her hands trailed down his body washing his stomach and groin.
“That’ll work,” Naruto said grabbing Anko and pinning her to the wall. “But now I want that pussy again,” Naruto grinned.
“It’s all yours Naruto-sama,” Anko said spreading her legs for him. Naruto kissed her neck and slid two fingers into her. Anko gasped surprised by his fingers sudden penetration. Naruto continued to kiss her neck as his fingers started to move inside her.
Anko started to moan lightly as her master’s fingers moved inside her. “Naruto-sama… please don’t stop,” Anko grabbed onto him holding herself up as her knees became weak.
“I didn’t intend on stopping until you come on my hand,” Naruto replied starting to finger faster. Anko hunched over her body against Naruto’s as he moved his fingers faster. Anko could feel her climax already approaching she wouldn’t be able to hold put much longer.
“I can’t last… to sensitive,” Anko moaned barely able to hold herself up.
“Then let go,” Naruto said grinding his palm against her clit successfully throwing her over the edge.
“Naruto!” Anko cried out as she came onto his hand. Naruto held her up as the strength in her legs vanished. Naruto shut the water off and helped her out of the shower.
“I could get use to this,” Naruto said as he picked Anko up and carried her out of the bathroom.
“So could I,” Anko replied starting to nibble at his neck. Naruto chuckled lightly feeling the tickling from Anko’s lips on his neck.
“Get some sleep we can start packing once you wake,” Naruto said putting the wet Anko into his bed.
“Yes Naruto-sama,” Anko said rolling over and quickly falling asleep.

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