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green, green dress, twenty buttons and a strap... on

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The whole coven were going to a garden wedding and she wanted to dress up, as she hasn’t done it in a lot of time. Not that her outfits weren’t extra, as she was the Supreme and had to have a good image. This time she wanted to dress up for her own enjoyment. She went into her walk-in closet and saw the perfect dress – she bought it a long time ago and didn’t know if it was going to fit - it was a green flowy dress with a flower on the waist and a slit on the left side, the top being two pieces that hugged her breasts individually. The Supreme’s mind wandered as she usually liked to be packing at these events but didn’t know if she should do it. She thought about it for a second and decided that yes, she should. She secured the straps on her abdomen and hips and tucked the dildo in her panties.

Misty was definitely not anxious about this, the theme of the wedding was green, and with her style, she was ready to pull this off. But, of course, she needed to go shopping and this was the worst way to do it. She went with Madison of all people. And it was a nightmare. She loved the girl, but sometimes her nerves didn’t pull through. Right now, she was looking at a green flowy dress, which looked good enough for her, but Madison had other thoughts.

“Are you sure about that?”

“Um… yeah?” Misty answered genuinely and eyed Madison in a strange way

“Oh, dear, no. Now look at this one” said the younger witch and shoved what looked like a tight-fit, dark green dress “go put it on”

Misty, always the people pleaser, did it. She was right, it was tight-fitted and surprisingly enough, she liked the way it looked. Cordelia will like it, she thought.

When the day of the wedding came, she put it on and asked Zoe to do her makeup.

Misty looked flawless, and she hoped everyone thought the same, but the group of younger witches assured her “Seriously, Misty, why are you doubting yourself, it’s not that difficult to see your beauty” Coco commented and everyone voiced their approval.

“Well, alright, if you say so…” the swamp witch answered, but still doubted herself, all her life she has always been the burden and this support is new to her.

Maybe Mallory saw it in her eyes because she hugged her and whispered in her neck “I get it, and we love you, Misty,” it was so quiet that only she heard it, but that was the kind of thing she needed to hear.

“Now, let’s go,” Madison commented, but without the usual bite to her voice, she was becoming softer and softer, Misty knew it.

The avenue was really beautiful and being almost in nature, Misty was thrilled. On the other side, Cordelia was screaming internally. The swamp witch was looking ethereal and she couldn’t stop the tingling in her stomach that was getting lower and lower until she would feel how horny she was getting.

A simple “Hi, Cordelia,” and a smile was enough for her to be swept off her feet and fall in love with Misty all over again.

Sadly, the seating was alphabetical because the wedding organizers wanted for people to ‘make new friends and socialize the right way’ so only she and Coco were on a table together and Zoe was alone with other people. On another side of things, Misty, Madison and Mallory were together too. Ah, how she wished she, Zoe and Coco were there too and actually have fun with the whole coven of older witches.

And so, the ceremony came and went, it was really beautiful. The Supreme couldn’t say anything more, because she wanted to marry, too, and she cried. Cried from happiness for the couple and from sadness for her. The first time she wanted to marry, it was for Hank and we all know how that went. But this time, she wanted to do it with Misty, but that wasn’t possible because the Swamp witch didn’t love her back.

“Hello, sexy” some man from another table said after approaching her. She was standing around just drinking her champagne, having a good time, now this.

“Um, hello..?”

“My name is Xander, what about you?”

Misty was watching him before Cordelia even saw him. He was watching the Supreme the whole wedding, not even stopping for a second and, of course, it was creepy. When he actually went to talk to Cordelia, she had to do something, the poor woman was sitting there in panic, you could see it in her eyes.

Okay here we go, she thought and went. As Cordelia was opening her mouth to say something, she interjected.

“Can you please back off my girlfriend?”

The man tilted his head and glanced at her, obviously annoyed “Your girlfriend? What do you mean?” he looked at Cordelia for a moment and as he did, so did Misty. She was smiling ear to ear and looking at the swamp witch. Wow, Cordelia thought, if only it were true…

“Yeah, she is my girlfriend” the Supreme confirmed not even for a second looking at him.

“I mean that’s hot, I bet you have the best sex ever. Can I watch sometime?” Xander said, obviously fetishizing.

Cordelia only scoffed at him and said to Misty “C’mon let’s get to our table.” Misty obliged and they went to the ‘M’ table.

Just as they arrived there, a slow song came and to prove their point to the man - not really, but that’s how she excused it – she invited Misty to dance with her.

“Thank you, I really needed that” the Supreme whispered in her ear and put her head on the crook of Misty’s neck.

“I mean, it’s nothing” she brushed it off as if it wasn’t such a big deal.

“Misty, what are we doing”


“Yeah, you are right” she drifted off, but the swamp witch noticed.

“I know there is something you are not telling me and I’m not doing to push you to say it, but if you want to – you can do it anytime.”

“I mean, I want it to be true, you know,” Cordelia whispered so quiet that Misty almost missed it, almost.

“What do you want to be true?”

“I want for us to be together” the Supreme replied in the same hushed voice.

“Okay.” Misty said

“Okay? What do you mean?”

“The thing that I mean is that I want you to be my girlfriend, too”

“Are you sure?” Cordelia finally straightened her head to look at the woman she loved. Your insecurities are showing, idiot, the voice of her mother sounded in her head, of course she doesn’t want that, she is just pretending.

“Hey, Cordelia?” Misty said, worried expression on her face. She had started to cry, idiot, said the voice again.

“I’m sorry, I just…” her train of thought went out the window because the swamp witch was suddenly kissing her.

“Now, let’s go fix your makeup because we wouldn’t want for other people to see that beautiful face of yours in tears” said Misty after she broke the kiss.

So they went to the bathroom and Misty started to fix her makeup after seeing that her hands were shaking. She really couldn’t believe this was happening. All of it, really.

“Okay, darling, I hope you are better now”

“Hmm, I would be if you gave me one more kiss” Cordelia replied and couldn’t hide the cocky grin.

And as soon as she said that, Misty went to wipe that grin off her face. The butterflies in her stomach soon turned into the arousal she was feeling.

Really nothing would top kissing Misty, actually she thought of something but… And that was it, she was officially horny. The swamp witch was kissing her neck, probably leaving hickeys, but she didn’t really care about that now.

She turned Misty’s front to the sink and rubbed herself on her lover’s backside. As Misty did, she started dotting her neck with kisses and oh, lord, when the swamp witch started moaning, it was a thing she wanted to hear all the time.

Sadly, someone interrupted with a knock on the door. “Misty? Cordelia? We know you are in there and we would leave you alone, but there is no one who can pay for the taxi except Cordy, so c’mon” Coco yelled.

“This isn’t finished, sweety” Cordelia whispered in Misty’s ear and moved to open the door. “Now let’s go.”

It was an awkward silence on the way home between them, or so it seem to the others. Secretly, their pinkies were interlined and it was not awkward at all.

When all of them were finally in the house, everyone went to their rooms, except Misty and Cordelia. “Come along, darling.” The Supreme motioned to her room.

The next morning Misty woke up to Cordelia looking at her with a small smile on her face, but as soon as they met their eyes, it became that grin of hers that made the swamp witch remember last night.

”Oh, Misty”

“Yeah?” the witch in question faked innocence.

"Please, harder”

“Well, since you asked so nicely”

“Good morning” Cordelia chirped.

“It is actually a good morning, cuz’ we woke up together”

“I still can’t believe last night happened, tho”

“Oh, I can assure you it did. Or was I actually dreaming…” Misty said, her soft smile becoming the same grin that Cordelia had

“Stop teasing!”

“Well, I didn’t hear you complain about that one last night, but I will keep it in mind” Misty said and Cordelia reached out her arms to keep her in place, but all she did was bring the swamp witch closer to her.

“I still don’t know how your sneaky little ass used the strap that was on my hips to fuck me” Cordelia whispered, again, as if the walls could hear her.

“Actually, you do, I took it off you and put it on me”


“And now I would like to give a toast to another couple, whose wedding started all this two years ago, you know who you are”