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if the love is pure

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Shen Jiu does not expect kindness.

Shen Jiu knows better than anyone else that he’s volatile, combative, manipulative and every nasty, degrading word under the sun. He’s a menace, a monster, a disturbance to society, a flesh-eating raven among a flock of white doves.

Shen Jiu does not expect affection.

Every word Shen Jiu spits is filled with acid, simmering with intent and an aim to kill. His actions are deliberately harmful. He’s filled to the brim with jealousy and rage and unbridled fury. When his vision goes red, no one is safe. He’s a venomous viper with blood stained fangs, slithering for his next meal.

Shen Jiu does not expect love.

Someone like Shen Jiu doesn’t have friends. Shen Jiu speaks his mind, he doesn't sugarcoat for anybody. He’s opinionated, quick to degrade and demean. They say his eyes are cold and lifeless, devoid of personality and warmth. His skin is as fair and pale as his alabaster heart. A striking image to the unsuspecting victim. He’s a predator prowling the ecosystem.

Shen Jiu does not expect Luo Bingge.

If there’s one person that received the brunt of Shen Jiu’s acid the worst, it was the half-demon himself.

From his arrival, Shen Jiu felt a distaste for the boy. An innocent face with naturally unwitting charm, bright and intelligent. Athletic and quick to make friends, he was seemingly perfect. A prodigy, they called him. All attention had shifted to the young student and Shen Jiu hated it.

Just wait, he thought. Just wait until the real world rains down on him, kicks him, knocks Luo Bingge the same way it knocked down Shen Jiu. Just wait until the golden boy turns a rusty copper, a useless medium.

Despite his initial reaction to the young student, Shen Jiu remained surprisingly civil at first. No outwardly discrimination, but no praise by any means. It was a neutral ignorance, which was much more generous than anyone had seen him to be.

After all, Shen Jiu thought he had enough patience to wait. To wait for the moment where Luo Bingge’s glass house gets shattered into a million pieces by fate’s meteors. The moment when that million dollar smile permanently falls and his dreams are crushed into ashes. He would savor the downfall as if it were his last meal. He was willing to be patient

But of course, that never happened and his patience thinned out.

Instead of being crushed by the weight of the world, Luo Bingge thrived. He became an unstoppable man, a force to be reckoned with. Not only did Luo bingge conquer the battlefield, obliterating every opponent who dared get in his way, but he conquered the hearts of those around him as well. Men and women would flock from every realm, demon, human or whatever else– in hopes of winning the favor of the hero.

Because when someone gets in favor with Luo Bingge, they get to reap the benefits. Becoming a member of the harem meant living in his palace, having notoriety and of course, getting fucked within an inch of their life. Luo Bingge’s sexual prowess proceeds him and he knows it.

At this point, Shen Jiu understands his fate. After all, he’s volatile, combative, manipulative and every nasty, degrading word under the sun. He’s Shen Jiu.

Shen Jiu treated Luo bingge like the scum of the earth, treating him like the shit beneath his feet. He was rude, hurtful, he humiliated the boy until he was too afraid to leave the cold shed Shen Jiu forced him into. In Luo Bingge’s story, Shen Jiu is the villain.

He knows that something’s coming to him. Karma waits outside his door when he eats, hides under his bed when he sleeps. Luo Bingge does not leave his matters unfinished. Shen Jiu wonders what might happen to him. Will the half-demon kill the peak lord when he least expects it? Will the death be quick, or will he drag out the torture the way Shen Jiu dragged Luo Bingge.

Maybe Shen Jiu is overestimating how much of an impact he had on the boy. Maybe his death will be just a side order, a lowly peasant ordered to kill the man. The killing blow not important enough for Luo Bingge to do it himself. But maybe, maybe it’s the opposite. Maybe a rage-induced Luo bingge will capture him alive, and tear him apart limb from limb. Maybe his tongue will be ripped out of his mouth and his limbless body will be stuffed into a pickle jar, a circus attraction of karma taking a swipe.

But that’s a little far-fetched isn’t it?

Because in reality, Luo Bingge is smarter than that. Luo Bingge knows that death is too easy of a punishment. Death means that Shen Jiu gets to leave the earth, not suffering the humiliation he deserves. Death wouldn’t satisfy the half demon. Shen Jiu knew that whatever karma he would receive would be a tantalizing kind of torture, a torment filled with enough suffering that Shen Jiu would wish death upon himself.

And Luo Bingge never fails to deliver.

The half demon, in a cruel turn of events, instead of killing the former Shizun, instead chased him down, pampered him, dressed him in Luo Bingge’s robes and married him into the harem as first husband. It was the talk among the peak lords and disciples.  

While on the surface, the punishment hardly seemed cruel at all– it was the most effective against the prideful man. Stripped of his titles reduced to one spouse out of 600, Shen Jiu was utterly humiliated. Luo Bingge had enough influence that he couldn’t even fight back if he tried.

But perhaps even worse, was the fact that Luo Bingge never paid him a second thought. The half-demon would never stop by Shen Jiu’s chambers, not even to bully him. Shen Jiu was just an afterthought. Stripped of all his glory and thrown to the side, a piece of trash.

Or so he thought.

Luo Bingge is used to the smell of pleasure.

Often partaking in sexual activity, the heavy musk of sex is one that isn’t foreign to him. It’s all around the palace, wafting in certain chambers. With over six hundred members of his harem, it’s bound to be that some of them will submit to their sexual urges with so many people around. And so, hearing wanton moans or discarded garments here and there doesn’t surprise the half-demon in the slightest.

But this time, it’s different.

Walking down the corridor just as the sun is setting, Luo Bingge gets a whiff of smoky chamomile wafting through the air, mixed with the musk of pleasure and him. It’s addictive and he wants to bury his face in the scent. He follows the scent to a shut door– one that he knows very well.

He doesn’t bother knocking– he knows exactly who is behind those doors, and he doesn’t think he’ll appreciate a knock. Just what is that sweet little body doing behind closed doors?

When Luo Bingge enters the chambers, he’s met with a tantalizing sight.Pale hands fisted tightly into the sheets and a pillow shoved in between his legs, red-faced and panting, Shen Jiu paints a naughty picture draped in Luo Bingge’s inner robes. Every slight movement of his hips, every spark of friction elicits breathy, embarrassed gasps and whimpers from the delectable mouth.

Knuckles white with desperation, Shen Jiu’s rutting grows faster, more urgent, losing all rhythm. The bed shakes in tandem with the lithe body, mattress creaking and headboard thumping into the wall, the man so debauched, so lost in pleasure that he doesn’t even notice that he has an audience. He sees Shen Jiu lift a pale hand to his mouth, muffling his embarrassed noises.

Shen Jiu is an alluring image against the blood-red decor. From the silken sheets the color of a bleeding heart to the crimson drapery of the muslin canopy, his pale skin and white robes stand out with stark contrast. A pure, virgin angel swimming through the red sea.

From where he’s standing at the doorway, Luo Bingge is regrettably unable to see his shizun’s lascivious face, clouded with stimulation. But what he can see is Shen Jiu’s arched back, robes falling delicately off of his shoulders, framing his body. His knees are pressed together, tantalizingly pushing the perky ass out, cheeks bouncing ever-so-slightly with every slow grind of his hips.

It’s invigorating to Luo Bingge, seeing his cruel, former shizun so lost in his own pleasure, so debauched– unaware of the pair of hungry eyes laying, waiting to pounce.

Hearing the same voice that cursed him out, humiliated him in front of crowds, the once intimidating tone now a high, whiny sound wrapped in desperation. The hand that poured scalding tea over his head now inching slowly towards a small, leaking and oversensitive cock, just barely covered by fabric.

Wrapped in Luo Bingge’s oversized white robes, the excess material frames his body in a lewd way, exposing his pointed shoulder blades on milky skin. It’s ironic, how Shen Jiu looks like an angel when for years, Luo Bingge saw the man as anything but.

He can only watch in aroused fascination as Shen Jiu topples over in his obscene humping into the sheets, face buried in the sheets. Sweet sounds now muffled by the silk fabric,  his hips keep rutting in a crazed pace.

Luo Bingge thinks that this is a good look for Shen Jiu– rutting and desperate, spent cock leaking and oversensitive, letting out punched, abused noises. It’s much more beautiful than the cold man who lashed out his anger on the boy. To even imagine that the harsh, combative, cold Shen Jiu was even capable of omitting such obscene noises makes Luo Bingge, wholly and inexplicably turned on.

His fingers are beginning to twitch with want. He glances down to see the obvious tent in his robes. It’s about time he finally makes himself known.

Luo Bingge clears his throat, letting the syllable bounce off the chamber’s walls. He waits expectantly for this Shizun to hear the noise, maybe jump up or scold him– but that doesn’t happen. Deaf to the world, Shen Jiu continues to rut impossible faster, arching his back and letting out a breathy, guttural moan. Perhaps he really didn’t hear the heavenly demon enter. So lost in his lucid state.

What a little whore.

Luo Bingge can’t help but wonder what Shen Jiu must be imagining in his lustful haze. Just who managed to dig their way into his Shizun’s fantasies. Shen Jiu hates Luo Bingge with the fire of a thousand suns, surely it can’t be him. So, who?

Was it the pitiful Yue Qingyuan? The Qiong Ding Peak Lord has always been enamored with Shen Jiu from the beginning, trailing after the colder man like a useless puppy. Or was it the stubborn Bai Zhan Peak Lord, Liu Qingge? The sturdy rival has always found a way into Shen Jiu’s tunnel vision, and it’s always driven Luo Bingge absolutely wild.

He eyed Shen Jiu’s lewd body again. The lithe man no longer smothered by the sheets, but sitting up, grinding slowly into the soaked pillow, his head is thrown back in pleasure. “Yes,” he breathes out between the airy, satisfied moans that continue to escape the small mouth.

Luo Bingge clicks his tongue. This simply won’t do.

How dare these men come in and take a space in his Shizun’s brain that should be solely reserved for him. Luo Bingge has never liked to share and he surely won’t be starting now.

“Who knew the former Qing Jing Peak Lord was so pitiful, ” Luo Bingge his voice booms through, taking a purposeful step into the crimson chambers. His own looming shadow prognosticates the night to come. “How long have you been like this, A-Jiu? You poor thing.”  

A pause. The realization.

The pale body has halted all movement. Shen Jiu is completely still. Frozen in place. Back still facing him, not a single strand of hair has moved. Luo Bingge is ecstatic. Still just a few steps into the large chambers, he hears a small, shy noise cut through the silence. The man’s voice is so small, so different from the wanton moans that had just echoed from the chambers.

“What was that?” Luo Bingge calls out with a malicious grin, because he knows exactly what the Peak Lord said— he just wants to hear it again. “I couldn’t hear you.”

“I said,” Shen Jiu spits out, venom lacing his words, “get out.”

A deep rumble erupts from Luo Bingge’s chest. “Are you sure about that, baby? You seemed to be thoroughly enjoying yourself there.” Luo Bingge can practically hear the grit of Shen Jiu’s teeth, the fists clenched into the sheets– not of desperation but of frustration. But Luo Bingge is here to rectify that. Who would he be to leave his own husband, unsatisfied? Unacceptable.

Shen Jiu grabs the silk sheets and brings them up to his chest as he turns around to glare at Luo Bingge. And Bingge is blown away by his Shizun’s cutthroat beauty every single time.

Shen Jiu glances over his shoulder, the first thing Luo Bingge notices isn’t the beautifully slanted pale green eyes shining with crystallized tears, or his sculpted face. It’s not the perfect nose or the flawlessly mussed hair.

But it’s the crimson blush that adorns china skin. A fucking beauty.

The blush beautifully up his neck and assumes residence on the apple of his cheeks. He looks like a beautiful little china doll, created just for the heavenly demon. It’s like he was manufactured just for Luo Bingge. He can count on one hand the amount of times he’s seen his Shizun with a flushed expression. It’s something he rarely sees, and to see it now that he’s seeing it, he feels rewarded.

But he wants more.

Luo Bingge wants to yank the red silk down, exposing the fragile chest. He wants to lick every inch of and bruise the man with ownership. He wants to erase the memory of any other man. He wants nothing else to exist in Shen Jiu’s pretty little head other than Luo Bingge’s pleasure and displeasure.

“Get out, beast.” Shen Jiu hisses, “Stop coming closer.” 

Luo Bingge was so enamored with the lewd sight that he didn’t even realize his feet had moved on their accord, and he was steadily approaching the king-sized bed with a slow, predatory prowl, relishing in the way Shen Jiu coils back.

He doesn’t miss the slight shift in his hips and the hiss that leaves with it.

“You’ve always liked calling me a beast, Shizun. Ever since I was a disciple, ” He starts, tone dripping with blood. “I always thought it was because you hated me, that I was lower than a human to you– a beast, at most. But now it’s all starting to make sense.”

He walks right up to the edge of the bed, leaning forward, until they’re face to face. Luo Bingge is so close, he can practically feel Shen Jiu’s shallow pants on his face. “I think you call me a beast because you’re just a beast yourself— isn’t that right? Why else would you be doing this? Rutting into the sheets like a desperate animal, like a bitch in heat.”

Shen Jiu’s nostrils flare and his eyes open in offense.His eyes are wide, mouth agape, struggling for a retort. Seeing so many delicious expressions flash through his former Shizun’s face solidifies the resolve that was beginning to form.

He takes advantage of Shen Jiu’s shocked state and moves. Like a predator, Luo Bingge prowls forward onto the bed on all fours in search of his prey. Shen Jiu is leaning back on his elbows, eyes wide as the demon gets closer and closer.

“What– What are you doing? Stop that– Stop–” The man’s voice is wavering in uncertainty.

The bed dips as Luo Bingge rises to his knees, looming above Shen Jiu’s figure, forcing the pale man to stare at him from below.  

Yes, this is the view that he wants.

Looking down at his former Shizun from above gives Luo Bingge a satisfaction he didn’t even know he was craving. He loves it. Flushed cheeks, pale green eyes staring at him wide with barely concealed anticipation. The small yet plump pink mouth opens just the slightest, giving a window to white teeth– he probably doesn’t even realize he’s doing it.

Shen Jiu is an ethereal beauty and a fucking tease.

As if Shen Jiu suddenly became aware of his expression, his lips pursed and he tries his best to move his face but Luo bingge can see it coming from a mile away and grabs a hold of the man’s chin, holding it in place before Shen Jiu can tuck it away.

“You know you want this,” Luo Bingge murmurs, tone soft and addictive.

“I don’t.” Shen Jiu responds firmly. The tone is so concise, so sharp– Shen Jiu is notoriously good with his words and they always hit their target, but his body betrays him. If it weren’t for the way he was preening into his touch, blushing high on the face, Luo Bingge might have considered actually taking his words seriously.

“But you do and I’m going to help you accept that.”

The delicate jaw between his thumb and middle finger, Luo Bingge lets his pointer finger travel up the pale chin until it lands on a pair of soft lips. Shen Jiu’s mouth stays zipped shut, at first. But with a little coaxing, his soft mouth parts open. Slowly, he begins to protrude the soft mouth, letting his finger through.

His warm tongue hesitantly touches the appendage, and then recoils immediately, as if he was burned. Shen Jiu tries to pull away again but once again, Luo Bingge stops him by tightening the grip on his jaw. Shen Jiu whimpers softly, a noise Bingge definitely wants to tuck away for later. "All this talk, and you can’t even handle a finger. How pitiful you are.”

He tries again, pushing the finger forward, and this time, fueled by the teasing, Shen Jiu takes the whole finger in his mouth, tongue swirling around it. Taking it as a challenge, he sucks hard, cheeks hollowing around the appendage, Luo Bingge hisses. “Good. Good boy.”

It’s messy and gorgeous. Luo Bingge switches the placement of his fingers so that now his ring finger and thumb are gripping the jaw, letting the middle finger protrude the mouth as well.  Even just on a few fingers, Shen Jiu is a sight for sore eyes. A single hand clutches tightly at Bingge’s arm for control and his back is arched, pushing out his pink nipples.

With his free hand, Luo Bingge reaches out and pinches one. The reaction is instantaneous. Shen Jiu moans so loudly, so lewdly, the fingers almost slip out of the mouth.

“Fuck you,” Shen Jiu spits when Luo Bingge releases his face. He wipes the drool off with a dainty hand, but it doesn’t help improve his completely debauched state.

Luo Bingge’s hand snakes from his mouth to his hair. He strokes through the silken locks. Smooth and well maintained, he wouldn’t expect anything less.

He gathers it into one hand yanks. “Well, you asked for it.”

A yelp comes from Shen Jiu as Luo Bingge manhandles him into looking up.

“Stay just like this,” is the last thing he orders before diving in for the kill.

The kiss is not hesitant. Luo Bingge takes what he wants and this is no exception. It’s filthy, a clash of teeth and tongue. Shen Jiu is sloppy but makes it up with an eager desperation. Licking into the wet mouth, Shen Jiu’s tongue is as silky as it felt. He takes it into his own mouth and sucks. Shen Jiu gasps an embarrassed little noise, and Luo Bingge takes it as a sign to keep going.

He brings his other hand up to Shen Jiu’s throat and tightens, deliciously restricting his air supply. He continues to taste the small mouth as Shen Jiu’s body grasps desperately at Bingge’s hand. Sharp nails claw at his skin and the body arches so high, Shen Jiu’s bare chest just barely grazes his own.

Shen Jiu is gasping for oxygen, but Luo Bingge only kisses him harder, sucking on his tongue and biting his lips. The lithe man pulls back from the kiss, looking at Luo Bingge pleadingly, eyes filled with desperation, resignation, and lust.

When Luo Bingge finally decides to loosen his grip, the elbow keeping Shen Jiu upright collapses and the man falls straight down into sheets, breathing heavily. His head is turned slightly, exposing a perfectly smooth nape below the sharp jawline.

“So pretty,” Luo Bingge marvels beneath his breath. He knows where he wants to go next. “C’mon, on your stomach, A-Jiu.”

Shen Jiu responds with an icy glare. “Don’t give me orders.” But to Bingge’s surprise, he flips around anyway, face buried into the sheets.  “And don’t call me A-Jiu,” he says, muffled by the sheets– almost like a pouting child.

To have the infamously cold Shen Jiu obedient under his orders fills Luo Bingge with a different kind of lust. Animalistic, with a need to take.

From this view, Luo Bingge can see his pale, unblemished skin. Long hair cascading down his back in haphazard motion, the beautiful indent of his spine, the curved hourglass of his waist— the heavenly half-demon is truly feasting tonight. He shifts the hair to the side, exposing the pure nape. The sight alone almost makes Luo Bingge combust on the spot. If Luo Bingge was an artist, Shen Jiu would be the brand new canvas, created to be used, to be painted with whatever Luo Bingge wished. And paint he will.  

“A-Jiu,” Luo Bingge says again, just because he can. The man just retorts with an offended noise. Luo bingge lets his body fall on top of Shen Jiu’s, his hard lines moulding into the man’s soft curves. And like a starving man setting eyes upon his first meal in weeks, he attacks the pale nape– the unblemished skin  practically begging to be marked.

The touches are soft at first, his lips grazing at the sensitive skin. Shen Jiu’s whimpers softly at the gentle gestures, a harsh contrast to Bingge’s previous actions. The half-demon nips softly, taking his time with the pale man. Meanwhile, his hands roam the contours of Shen Jiu’s body. His hands brush the soft skin, the indent of his waist.

He marvels at the feeling. Luo Bingge has been with many women, has seen every curve and bend of a woman’s body, he knows the feel of fat beneath his fingertips. His hands have swept the most velvet of skin,  plush to the touch. But of all those countless sexual experiences, none of them have felt quite like the way his Shizun feels underneath him. In his teen years, he always perceived Shen Jiu a certain way. Angular and sharp to the bone. Tall and slim, skin so pale that sometimes it even seemed like it had a blue hue to it. All angles and no curves, an anomaly to Luo Bingge.

But now, he gets to feel the subtle curves the man has. Pressing down, he can feel the slightest bit of fat. His hand snakes down Shen Jiu’s spine until it reaches the cleft of his ass, right where the excess fabric of the white robes is bunched up. As much as he loves the tantalizing look of Shen Jiu in his robes and nothing else, Luo Bingge’s patience is running thin.

He wants the man bare.

He bites down harshly on his neck– not enough to draw blood, but enough for it to hurt. Shen Jiu cries out wantonly and shudders. Luo Bingge relishes the tremors that erupt beneath him. The sign that his body is as lewd as he imagined. That Shen Jiu wants Luo Bingge as much as Luo bingge wants Shen Jiu.

“You look so delectable in my inner robes, Shizun. So deadly. How naughty you are,” he whispers right into Shen Jiu’s ear, eliciting another shudder from the body as well as a muffled whimper. “But they would look even better off, wouldn’t they?”

“Do you always talk so much in bed, beast?” Shen Jiu gasps out.

“Are you always so combative in bed, Shizun?” The half-demon retorts, smirking. “But to answer your question: no. I usually prefer to let my body do the talking.”

A pause. “Well,” Shen Jiu speaks hesitantly, “What are you waiting for?”

Luo Bingge’s head shoots up from where it was, admiring his handiwork on the neck. His hand grips a narrow hip hard enough to bruise. “What,” he breathes out, eyes wide, “What did you just say?”

Shen Jiu’s cheeks burn. “You heard me,” he growls out, embarrassed. Luo bingge just received the confirmation he’s been searching for the whole time. He can’t wait to fuck the lithe man into the sheets and give him exactly what he wants.

On another day, Luo Bingge would peel the robes off of Shen Jiu’s body slowly, making him relish in the voyeurism of his own nudity. Make him cry before he was even touched.

But, today is not that day because right now, Luo Bingge is at his absolute limit.

Working fast before Shen Jiu can even scold him, the inner robes have been discarded away from the bed, leaving the peak lord completely bare and exposed. Luo Bingge takes the time to survey the sexy body and Shen Jiu squirms under the heated stare. The nude body before him is something straight out of his wildest fantasies.

Shen Jiu’s breathless heaves are enough to send Luo Bingge over the edge.

“You’re just perfect, aren’t you?”

It takes three oil-drenched fingers shoved up Shen Jiu’s tight ass for the man to stop talking back at him– all retorts swallowed by sobs and moans. The stimulation fogging the man’s brain, unable to form a coherent thought.

His face is pushed into the sheets, ass arched off of the bed and small, leaking cock swinging between his spread legs with every tremor of his body. Luo Bingge can’t look away as the tight asshole stretches to accommodate his big fingers. He shallowly finger fucks the man, savoring the fucked out little whimpers that slip through the small mouth.

“Needy,” he comments, shoving the fingers even further and observing how with every thrust, the lithe body rocks back to meet him, letting the fingers reach an even deeper part of his hole.

Luo bingge curls his fingers inside the wet heat stroking the velvet walls. The stimulation is enough for Shen Jiu to topple over, to submit to the pleasure that Luo Bingge is giving him. Shen Jiu’s limbs are limp, that slow and slippery descent into complete incoherency completely taking over.

In a quick motion, he shoves the fingers up in all the way to the knuckle. Shen Jiu jolts, gasping loudly and squeezing his fingers. His noises are absolutely sinful and Luo Bingge is having hard time deciding if he wants to lock them away forever or if he wants to hear them for the rest of his life.

He starts thrusting his fingers out in rapid motions, filling the room obscenely with wet, sucking, squelches. “O-Oh.” he breathes.

“You must like it fast, A-Jiu,” Luo Bingge comments in awe. “You’re squeezing me so tight, sucking my fingers in so hard.” The only response he gets is a warbled cry from Shen Jiu’s lips. It fuels Luo Bingge even further, leaving him aching and chafing against his robes.

Shen Jiu’s hole is fluttering against his fingers, dripping with oil and spit. The man spasms beneath him with every slight movement. Luo Bingge’s head is spinning with lust.

“Do you think you can take four?” He asks into the thick air. When all he receives is a pornographic mewl, he nods as if he was given a proper answer. “Hm? No? Well, you’re going to have to, if you want to take my cock.”

The body shudders deliciously with just his words, he sees the hanging cock leak a steady stream of fluid, red on the tip and begging to come. Luo Bingge feels his own cock twitch at the obscene sight. He needs to take care of that soon– but first, he thinks he can still have a little more fun with the man still hazy with pleasure.

“What do you say, A-Jiu,” he prompts. “Hm?”

When Shen Jiu doesn’t respond, he lifts a hand and brings it down on the plush of Shen Jiu’s asscheek with a smack! The man lurches forward, wailing incoherently, sobbing at the reprimand. He lifts his hand again and delivers another punishing smack, this time landing on the other cheek– watching as the fat ripples. Shen Jiu squeezes around him.

His ass is a deep scarlet, burning just from two spanks.  Shen Jiu looks over his shoulder, red faced and panting, tear streaks drying up and a pleading, fucked-out look in his eyes. “I said,” Luo Bingge lands another spank on the sensitive skin, “What do you say?”

Shen Jiu collapses into the bed, legs giving out and forcing the fingers to leave their snug place in his hole. He whines at the emptiness, hole clenching around nothing.

Luo Bingge loves this. Right now, nothing matters but his pleasure. He admires his handiwork, letting the hole gape open. His ass is a deep scarlet, burning just from three spanks.  Shen Jiu looks over his shoulder, red faced and panting, tear streaks drying up and a fucked-out look in his eyes.

The half-demon can only watch in awe as the former Peak Lord struggles to get up on shaky limbs. He plants his knees on the bed and bends, spreading his loose hole to Luo Bingge in a lewd presentation.

“P-Please,” he whimpers, humiliation burning at his ears.

Luo Bingge’s head is cleared from all previous thoughts. All he knows now is Shen Jiu and the pleasure he gives him. The pleasure Shen Jiu gives Luo Bingge. This is what Shen Jiu needs and what Luo Bingge wants.

And who is Luo Bingge to deny his first husband?

Immediately jumping into action, Luo Bingge disrobes, letting his skin breathe. He pulls out his large, aching cock, giving it a few strokes from base to tip.

With a cruel grin, he grabs the base of the member and slaps his leaking dick against Shen Jiu’s empty, flexing hole. With that, Shen Jiu’s head gets thrown back, moaning loudly. He holds the cock between the two ass cheeks, pushing them together and thrusting forward.

Using Shen Jiu as his own personal toy, as a method to gain pleasure unlocks an animalistic trait within him that he never experienced before.

Without warning, he guides his cock into the hole, causing Shen Jiu to cry out. Even with four fingers to stretch him, Shen Jiu’s hole is still impossibly tight, squeezing Luo Bingge’s cock.

He pushes in slowly, fucking him shallowly at first, enjoying the orchestra of noises that erupts out of Shen Jiu. It’s the little whimpers, the mewls and knowing that they’re all because of his cock. He’s teasing the smaller man, making him work for it. Enjoying the view as the man rocks back against him.

Every time he thrusts in, he comes right out, making Shen Jiu cry out. Luo Bingge is so turned on, he can feel it in his bones. A rush like this hasn’t come in a long time. Who knew that of all people, the person who could really make him feel good was Shen Jiu, of all people.

Bingge,” Shen Jiu whines out, desperate, pressing back against the large cockhead. “Please.”

The vowels are drawn out in a lewd, promiscuous way that shoots right to Bingge’s cock.

It works because in the next motion, he pushes into the tight heat, pressing all the way to the hilt. Luo Bingge lets out a rough, satisfied groan while Shen Jiu whimpers at the stretch. He rolls his hips, causing Shen Jiu to tremble.  He begins to move, thrusting at a murderous pace. The tight walls are squeezing him deliciously as he pulls in and out. Shen Jiu’s mouth is wide open and his sounds are fucked out, disjointed yelps.

“You make me feel so good,” Luo Bingge says harshly, thrusting deeply between every word. His hands have a vice grip on Shen Jiu’s hips, manhandling the limp body to meet him along each thrust. “Do I make you feel good?”

He thrusts again, deep and riveting, letting his cock stay to the hilt– making Shen Jiu take it. He grinds his cock against the sensitive prostate and is filled with euphoria when he feels the body tremble harshly, untouched cock coming all over the sheets.

Yesss,” Shen Jiu whimpers. “I feel so good.”

Luo Bingge lets Shen Jiu push back lightly against the cock, riding out his orgasm.

He lifts the small man onto his knees, cock still buried in his ass, Luo Bingge’s broad chest against Shen Jiu’s small back. Snaking an arm around the lithe body, he pinches a nipple. A-jiu whines at the overstimulation.

He moves his hand up to grip his jaw, and he moves down, so they’re eye to eye. Lips within centimeters of each other. With a roll of his hips, he watches the blissed-out tears form beneath Shen Jiu’s pale eyes.

“That’s right,” he whispers harshly into the man’s ear, “Only I can make you feel like this. Your body was made for mine, and mine for yours, do you understand, Shizun?”

He mutters two words that change everything: “I understand.”

Luo Bingge cradles Shen Jiu’s face with a gentle palm and kisses him deeply.

Shen Jiu doesn’t deserve kindness.

Shen Jiu knows better than anyone else that he’s volatile, combative, manipulative and every nasty, degrading word under the sun. He’s a menace, a monster, a disturbance to society, a flesh-eating raven among a flock of white doves.

Shen Jiu doesn’t deserve affection.

Every word Shen Jiu spits is filled with acid, simmering with intent and an aim to kill. His actions are deliberately harmful. He’s filled to the brim with jealousy and rage and unbridled fury. When his vision goes red, no one is safe. He’s a venomous viper with blood stained fangs, slithering for his next meal.

Shen Jiu doesn’t deserve love.

Someone like Shen Jiu doesn’t have friends. Shen Jiu speaks his mind, he doesn't sugarcoat for anybody. He’s opinionated, quick to degrade and demean. They say his eyes are cold and lifeless, devoid of personality and warmth. His skin is as fair and pale as his alabaster heart. A striking image to the unsuspecting victim. He’s a predator prowling the ecosystem.

He’s the villain in the story– he doesn’t deserve a happy ending, he doesn’t deserve to be wanted.

Shen Jiu does not deserve Luo Bingge.

But it happens anyway– and maybe he’s ok with that.

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