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The Switzerland Debacle

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Perhaps it had all started some years and a couple months ago when all of a sudden, a lot of pros spontaneously burst into rainbow flames. After a bunch of freaking out in the numerous group chats, the players had come to the conclusion that no, they wouldn’t be telling anyone about the fire because what if they were taken somewhere? They had championships to win, players to beat, Glory to play, they couldn’t just disappear into thin air they had important things to do!


(Such a statement was made and kept, despite the whole issue of God Ye himself disappearing into thin air for a little while, but at least he came back!)


After a couple of get-togethers, they had stumbled their way into figuring out exactly what the flames could do, only to immediately spit blood when they found out the four Master Tacticians had already figured out what the flames did about three days into them manifesting. They later complained in the main group chat that sometimes, smart people should help those less fortunate in the thinking department, only to be met with silence from Zhang Xinjie and Yu Wenzhou, taunting from Ye Xiu, and a modicum of remorse from Xiao Shiqin. The matter was then left alone, and their lives continued, albeit with a few new elements included in their daily lives.


The mysterious flames also did something to their account cards, but since there were no noticeable effects while they trained, none of the pros really cared. The only reason why they even remembered that something happened to the cards was that a light sheen the same color of their flames covered the card, though Ye Xiu noted that One Autumn Leaf’s card never regained a sheen after he was forced to give it up.


Staring at the assorted figures standing in front of a rapidly disappearing portal in their training room, Ye Xiu took a moment to understand and comprehend that this event might be karma for all the shenanigans he pulled ever since he ran away from the Ye family manor in City B. He frowned slightly, he knew something would happen in Switzerland, something always happened while he was in foreign countries. It was like his luck only applied when he was in China, very much the opposite of his younger twin Ye Qiu.


Quite frankly, he had almost forgotten the whole issue and, by extension, the existence of flames since the ones he had in no way influenced his ability to play Glory, except for the fact that when he was solo after the Excellent Era incident, people were likely to either team up with him or hunt him down after the whole “helping out the guilds” thing was over. The orange one helped him out in leading Team Happy but only in person, and the purple one didn’t really do much all things considered.


While everyone else stood around and stared at each other, he slowly walked over to the large table in the room and took out his phone, a gift from Su Mucheng that he could not give back. He noticed out of the corner of his eye, a man in red quietly leave the room. Well, he shrugged to himself, it wasn’t really his problem where the guy went, it was securities'. Opening up WeChat, he opened a chat with his brother and tried to find a way to open the topic of the people who randomly appeared in the room, when his brother already sent a message.


A’Qiu: Stupid gege, what did you do this time?? Why are you sending me strangers to my office?? I didn’t know you even knew anyone outside your gamer friends, not counting that boyfriend of your friend!


Ye Xiu narrowed his eyes. He hadn’t sent anyone to Ye Qiu, let alone strangers. He slowly turned his head back to the strangers still in the training room. Perhaps he should use his twin to try and dig out a little information. He also needed to go defend his choice in friends, though he conceded that at least his brother was right, Kim Dokja was certainly an outlier in every sense of the word. He would die before ever agreeing with his twin on that though.


A’Xiu: silly didi, i haven’t sent any strangers to you! how could you think i would do such a thing! Inconceivable! Also, coach lin yan and jing yuanzhou are very nice people, why do you have such a vendetta against them?


A’Qiu: Are you still upset about me saying my language skills are better? Just because I’m right doesn’t mean you can send over any random foreigners to test me! Also, Coach??? Since when do you show respect to anyone?? Again, why do I need to keep telling you to fix your texting you’re a grown adult!


A’Xiu: my texting is fine you’re just jealous. either way, i’m more fluent in languages with scripts, you’re better with those romance languages. will you still not tell me why you decided on those? did you happen to find love silly didi? though, where did i go wrong in raising you? how could you think i wouldn’t show respect to my friends? 


A’Qiu: GEGE!


Ye Xiu smiled, he won this round. He kept texting, even while he began to hear some noise coming from the rest of the room. He was more interested in the conversation with his brother than with the strangers in the room. He also put aside the talk of his taste in friends for another time.


A’Xiu: do you have any idea what language they’re speaking? i can make out some words that sound like japanese but there is something else mixed in, any idea?


A’Qiu: Wait, they’re at your place too? Aren’t you with your Glory team in Switzerland??


A’Xiu: haha yeah


A’Qiu: ??? I am not going to respond to that. I could make out some Italian, but it’s some odd mix of the two if you say there’s Japanese too.


Ye Xiu frowned and moved his attention away to where the rest of the National Team was. There were only a couple of people still in the training room, the others having left a bit earlier to finish some of their own tasks and to get some individual training and planning in. As such, it was Ye Xiu, Yu Wenzhou, Huang Shaotian, Fang Rui, Zhou Zekai, Zhang Xinjie, and Wang Jiexi still in the training room, though Zhang Xinjie seemed to be inching closer to the door. Catching his eye, he motioned towards the watch on his wrist and Ye Xiu nodded, understanding. It really wasn’t his fault Zhang Xinjie adhered strictly to his schedule. Ye Xiu would fill him in after it was all over. Hopefully.


Fang Rui and Huang Shaotian attempted to talk to the strangers who just responded in their weird mix of Italian and Japanese, while the rest of them just seemed to engage in a staring contest with some of the strangers. He put his phone down and let out a single sigh of distress before standing back up and catching the eye of Yu Wenzhou.


“Alright! Seems like you all are having fun with our guests. Would anyone like to actually try and find out what’s going on, or would you like to do what Huang Shaotian is doing currently and try to annoy them so much they snap?” Ye Xiu drawled, raising an eyebrow when Huang Shaotian immediately turned his attention on him and started speaking.


“Old Ye!!! What do you mean annoying them?? I’m having such a fulfilling discussion with this blond guy, we’re best friends!! We’re also both blond!! Shouldn’t you praise me I’m such a good diplomat! I’m clearly doing the most here out of everyone!!” Huang Shaotian punctuated this speech by grabbing the arm of the blond man standing right next to him and shaking it, the man showing an expression of a mix between annoyance and resignation.


“Unless all of sudden you can understand Japanese and Italian, I don’t think you did much talking.” Ye Xiu replied, giving a pointed glance at the arm Huang Shaotian kept shaking.


“Old Ye, you don’t know!!! What if I actually am-” Huang Shaotian was cut off by a look from Yu Wenzhou and let go of the stranger’s arm.


“Sorry sorry sorry Captain, please don’t put okra on the menu again!!” Huang Shaotian begged, letting out a sigh of relief once Yu Wenzhou turned his gaze away.


“Senior?” Zhou Zekai asked, blinking in confusion.


“Luck for all of you, I happen to be fluent in Japanese. So if all of you guys could keep quiet for a little bit, maybe we can resolve this and get back to training sooner.” Ye Xiu walked over to the man in the fedora standing next to a short teenager.


“Hello,” he started to say politely, ignoring the choking of some of the players in the room, “who might you be?”


The man stared at him, but Ye Xiu had stared down Yoo Joonghyeok when he first met his friend, so it wasn’t as if he was intimidated by the man. It was polite to keep eye contact when talking with someone, and if a couple of people mentioned how intimidating his eyes glowing gold was when he did so then so be it.


A few seconds into their standoff, the man finally spoke after being glanced at frantically multiple times by the teen beside him. It was only a single word, however.