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Vanilla Frosting

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“happy birthday, johnny!”

the latter entered through the dorm’s door, seeing a group of his members gathered near the entrance with large smiles. loud cheers and claps complimented the random pops of streamers and blowers.

johnny let a huge grin curve on his lips as he let out a delighted chuckle, closing the door behind him, “what’s all this for?” the tallest asked as he took off his shoes, putting them to the side with his socked foot.

“obviously for your birthday,” haechan said with a roll of his eyes.

“we wanted to celebrate a bit earlier than usual,” jaehyun said as his hand raised up and intertwined their fingers into the youngest’s brown locks, giving it a teasing pull which caused a sharp yelp coming from haechan.

“at like 12:30 in the morning?” johnny laughed as he stepped up to the platformed floor, walking a bit to his left to place down his plastic bag filled with a spicy ramen cup, two cans of beer, and a bag of onion chips on the kitchen’s counter.

“you went out so we took the time to gather up and prepare our gifts and your cake!” mark said with chuckle, a dimpled smile present.

“gifts and a cake?” johnny raised an eyebrow, “you guys didn’t have to.”

“and if we wanted to?” doyoung asked with a curious lithe of his words.

“than thank you,” johnny said with a small shake of his head, a thankful one, “really. thanks guys.”

“aw, he’s thankful,” haechan cooed in an obnoxious tone, making jaehyun’s hand lower from his head and down to his ass with a sharp smack on his left cheek, “hyuckie, you better be nice,” jaehyun sing-songed in a low voice, gritting through his teeth, “it’s johnny hyung’s birthday.”

haechan yelped at the smack and shot a annoyed glare to the visual behind him - who was just smirking at him.

johnny couldn’t help but laugh at the two’s bickering as he scanned the room, “oh? where’s taeyong?”

johnny didn’t notice yuta and doyoung fuckong their heads slightly with a smirk as taeil cleared his throat and spoke for the eight, “he’s getting something set up in your room. it’s apart of your present.”

jungwoo nodded behind the oldest with a smile as mark did the same thing. yuta couldn’t help but let out a stifled snicker as it caught johnny’s attention with confused look.

“is there something i don’t know?” he asked lightly with a chuckle and the members silently nodded, yuta being the first to speak, “nah, johnny. sorry. taeyong told me your present and it’s a bit,” his eyes darted to doyoung who was looking back at him, “different than he usually gets you.”

the two looked back at the giant who just tilted his head slightly at the vagueness of the two words - or more like one of their words and the others unreadable look.

“anyways!” doyoung said with a clap of his hands together, “let’s get you blindfolded and you can see your surprise!”

“blindfold?” johnny asked as he saw jungwoo come between taeil and mark with a random black tie he had, “yup! taeyong hyung said his surprise required you to put on a blindfold!” he explained as he walked around johnny to get behind him, and placed the black material over his eyes.

the giant nodded and let jungwoo wrap the tie over his eyes, feeling the small knot at the back of his head as two hands grasped on top of his shoulders, “okay, done! you ready to walk, hyung?” jungwoo asked with a small pat of his hands.

“yeah, just guide me,” he nodded.

johnny let himself walk forward, letting jungwoo guide pass the living room and kitchen to the hallway that led into half of 127’s dorm rooms. the giant trident realize how fast he was going before he felt a light tug onto his shoulders by jungwoo, telling him to stop.

“you made it, hyung,” he chuckled as he leaned forward, his front pressing against his back as johnny heard his bedroom door open, “you can go in now.”

“arent you guys coming in too?” johnny asked while turning his head - as if he can see the members.

“not yet. leader said he wants to talk to you first while he shows you his surprise,” jungwoo explained as he slightly pushed johnny, “now hurry up before he gets upset.”

johnny chuckled as he let his head face forward, putting up his hand to feel his door and slightly pushing it open and letting himself slip through as jungwoo’s hands left his shoulders, “see you two later!” he said before johnny closed the door with a small nod.

“taeyong?” johnny called out.


“yong?” johnny called out against before he raised his hands up and let his thumbs hook underneath the tie and slid it up, letting it come off his head as his eyes adjusted to the moody lighting in his room.

“h-happy birthday, johnny.”

johnny blinked a few seconds as he looked down at his leader - who was laying down on his bed with his slender body naked as his tits and thighs were covered in whipped cream and strawberry chunks, “i hope you like your birthday cake.”

the giant couldn’t believe his eyes.

taeyong was laying on his elbows, letting him perch his upper body up a little as his long, slender legs outstretched themselves on the edge of the bed. his thighs stay straight as it held the pools of whipped cream and macerated strawberries that just dropped off the sides of his thighs, landing on the towel taeyong was sitting on.

“wow, yong,” johnny finally spoke up, breathless.

his eyes trailed up to taeyong’s, “this is all for me?”

taeyong bit down onto his bottom lip. his eyes peered up to the giant’s - they were darkened with lust as he took small steps forward, “mhm, just for you, handsome.”

johnny couldn’t help but make the corners of his lips curl into a smirk, “how sweet,” he cooed as he got close to taeyong, seeing the latter reds his thighs closer together.

“ah, ah, ah,” johnny tutted his tongue as his hand lightly tapped taeyong’s right knee, “spread them.”

taeyong whimpered below his breath as he opened his legs, revealing his pretty, pink pussy to the birthday boy.

it was wet. poor thing was sopping with slick as it covered the upper part of his inner thighs with his juices.

“fuck, yong, you’re making a mess, princess,” johnny purred, letting his eyes roam the latter’s body, “such a pretty sight to see.”

“j-johnny,” taeyong whined softly as he saw the giant lowering himself onto his knees, tongue darting across lips as he stared at the strawberry syrup that was dripping down his thighs, “i’ll try out my cake,” johnny stated, eyes looking up at taeyong, “and tell you if i like it.”

taeyong mewled when he felt johnny’s tongue lay flat against his inner thigh, licking a flat stripe up, letting his tongue slurp up the syrup.

“o-oh,” the latter moaned when he felt johnny lips attach onto his thighs, sucking up the running whipped cream and eating up the sugary strawberries, “fuck, that really does taste good.”

johnny groaned as licked the remaining cream off his lips, “it taste better off of you, yong.”

taeyong swore he heard a low growl before johnny went back down and sucked up more cream and berries.

the latter couldn’t help but have his thighs shake from the overstimulation. after almost no time together - taeyong being busy with photoshoots, songwriting, and discussions with other producers - the leader couldn’t catch a break for almost three months. and in those three months; he was away from johnny. hardly any kisses, any hugs, or even phone calls due to his hectic schedule.

the poor leader was lacking intimacy with his favorite member.

he craved for johnny. needed johnny.

taeyong muffled out a cry as his hand raised up and slapped over his mouth. johnny licks the pile of whipped cream off of taeyong’s nipple - already sensitive as it is and became even more sensitive due to the cold cream.

johnny hummed with delight as he chewed down on the strawberry, “so yummy,” he showed a small smile to the blushing latter, “i could just eat you right up.”

taeyong was going to speak until he felt johnny’s lips attach around the pink nub, sucking the remaining white liquid clean off taeyong’s right pec, “j-johnny, please,” the latter whimpered as johnny looked up, teeth grazing right over the nub as it caused a shock to run up his spine, “mm? need something, yongie?”

“can you, um,” the leader suddenly became bashful. the back of his hand covering his mouth as he knew his face was blooming pink, “e-eat me out, please?”

“hmm? sorry i can’t hear you,” johnny teased as he moved onto taeyong’s other nipple, eating up the strawberry with a soft hum before devouring down on the running pool of whipped cream, sucking down on the nub as taeyong let a pitcher squeal come from his lips, “j-johnny!” he moaned out.

“mm,” the giant hummed out as he pulled away to swallow the sweet mixture in his mouth, licking his lips as nipped against the pale skin.

taeyong moved his hands to the back of johnny’s head, curling his fingers into the blond locks and gripping them with a slightly tug which caused the older to groan, “fuck, yong,” he hissed as he looked up at the latter’s eyes.

“eat me,” taeyong spoke clearly.

johnny noticed taeyong’s bottom lip tremble. his eyes glanced up to his eyes to see it dewy, small tears forming at the corner as it blurred the lust in his eyes, “d-devour me whole, johnny,” the latter pleaded, “i-i want you to have the best part of your cake.”

the latter tugged his bottom lip into his teeth, nibbling on it as he looked at johnny, “y-you always said you like cream on the inside of cakes.”

johnny’s eyes widened as he pulled away from taeyong.

taeyong let his fingers let go of johnny’s hair so the giant can move back a bit on his knees. taeyong whimpered as he pulled his legs up, both of his arms curling around the back of his knees and letting it curl up to his body as he presented his wet cunt up at johnny, “do you want to cream in me?” taeyong’s voice barely past a whisper, “s-since i’m your cake this year.”

johnny swore he felt his head short-circuit as he looked down at taeyong’s position.

the pretty leader’s face was all red, turning to the side as his eyes peered away from johnny’s. legs curled up and held together as taeyong’s pussy was covered in slick, glistening as the pretty purple light was lighting the room.

“fuck, yong, did anyone tell you how fucking perfect you are, baby?” johnny asked as he got up onto his feet, letting himself loom over the latter, “you’re so good to me, holy fuck.”

taeyong could see the glint in johnny’s eyes. it was filled with lust as his eyes looked down at his pussy, “but you said i can eat you, right?”

the latter’s eyes widened as a smirk was forming at johnny’s lips, “i-i did but i meant you fuck-!”

taeyong let a loud whine leave his lips when he felt johnny’s tongue lay flat against his cunt, licking up his folds as johnny moaned at the musky flavor taeyong’s slick tasted, “f-fucking me!” he finished out his sentence with a shake of his thighs.

“i am fucking you though,” johnny bluntly said with a low chuckle, “fucking you with my tongue, princess.”

the latter gasped at johnny’s lips attaching itself around his clit. his tongue swirled around the sensitive nub, flicking it from inside his mouth as he felt taeyong’s legs open up and a pair of hands weaving into his hair. johnny groaned when he felt fingers tightening around his locks and pulling it, “m-more, johnny,” the latter whimpered out as johnny’s eyes glanced up at the disheveled angel below him.

taeyong was a panting mess. soft whined and cute meals kept leaving past his pink lips as johnny kept playing with his clit, “so sweet,” johnny pulled away with direct eye contact with taeyong, “i can’t get enough of you, baby.”

“have your fill,” the latter fret, eyelashes blinking away the small tears in his eyes, “it’s all for you, johnny.”

“yeah?” johnny groaned as he swiped his tongue up taeyong’s folds, feeling his lips and chin get all covered in taeyong’s slick, “can’t believe i got the best present in the world,” the giant said with a smile.

taeyong couldn’t help but giggle at johnny. the giant sent a flirty wink to him before he pressed kiss against his clit, making him let a soft moan escape pass his lips, “i’ll enjoy the treat you prepared for me to the fullest.”

the latter nodded before he threw his head back against the bed. his back arching off the mattress as a strong curl in his stomach swirled when he felt johnny’s lips kiss against his folds. the giant’s tongue growing greedy as his tongue would curl and try to get every ounce of slick that taeyong was practically gushing on his tongue and down his throat. the constant lapping of his tongue, the harsh kisses, and the toe-curling slurps was making taeyong’s head grow hazy.

“j-johnny!” he squealed out, pants leaving his mouth as his hand raised up from johnny’s hair and up to his mouth, “s-so fast!” taeyong’s head shook as his teeth caught hold of the growing fingernail on his middle finger, biting down on the nail as he felt johnny’s lips find his clit again.

“can’t help it,” johnny mumbled against the sensitive nub, taking it into his mouth in a gentle suck, “wanna see you squirt from my tongue,” he groaned out as his tongue flicked against the nub, stimulating it as it made taeyong’s body begin to thrash.

“i-i’m cumming!” taeyong moaned out. he couldn’t take it anymore.

the curl in his stomach was become tighter, making his whole body almost convulse at the feeling of intense pleasure building up at the pit of his abdominal.

“fucking cum, princess,” johnny moaned against taeyong’s pussy, “give me your sweet slick.”

taeyong sobbed when he felt the curl in his stomach just dissipate. his legs shook as his body was sent a pleasurable shiver up his spine.

johnny drooled when he licked up all of the gushing slick coming out of taeyong’s cunt - covering it in the prettiest slick he has ever seen.

“oh fuck,” he grunted out as he darted his tongue across his lips, “god, yongie, that’s was so fucking good.”

the giant looked down at the pretty leader who was blissed out.

taeyong’s dark chocolate eyes growing shiny and dewy as his entire chest and neck were a blistering pink as his face was a burning red. loud pants leaving his lips as he looked back up at johnny, nodding slightly, “felt so good, johnny,” he breathed, chest rising and lowering with each pant.

“can you do more, baby?” johnny asked as his hand raised up and rubbed the hipbone of the latter, “we can stop here.”

“n-no!” taeyong shook his head, immediately protesting as he looked at the giant, “i want your cock, sir,” taeyong whimpered out as he saw johnny slowly stand up, “want your cock stuffed in my pussy and make a mess of it.”

taeyong gasped when he felt johnny put his legs down and toss him onto his side. he looked up at the giant to see his rid his hoodie and sweatpants. johnny hooked his boxers as well as he shuck material down his legs and kicked them off to the side.

he was standing there at the edge of the bed - in his naked glory.

the latter whimpered when he felt the bed dip behind him. two large hands coming up onto his body, one under him and wrapping around his waist while the other was on his thigh as he felt himself move.

johnny let the latter lay against his pillows, making him more comfortable, “wanna fuck you like this, baby.”

taeyong felt johnny’s hand wrap around his ankle as he lifted his leg up into the air. he raised an eyebrow as johnny let go of his ankle and scooted up to him. johnny straddled the left thigh of taeyong’s, locking the latter’s leg underneath him as his cock was perfectly pressed against taeyong’s pussy. he felt the stickiness of the whipped cream connect with him but it somehow made johnny more feral. he let the leader’s leg lay against his shoulder as he looked down at taeyong’s whose eyes were opened with shock at the position.

“you can run from this position, baby.”

taeyong saw the smug smirk grow at the corner of johnny’s lip, “basically put you in a spreader bar position,” he purred as he caught hold of the base of his cock and let it smack against taeyong’s clit.

the latter jumped at the feeling. his clit still sensitive after johnny’s eating session.

“gonna give you my cock and split your pussy wide open,” johnny hissed out as his cockhead went up and down taeyong’s folds, soaking itself with the slick that was still producing from the sopping cunt.

taeyong wept, “p-please, cream my pussy, s-sir.”

johnny’s eyes went exceptionally dark as taeyong stared up at them, “m-make it yours.”

“it is mine, taeyongie.”

the sudden possessive confession made taeyong wail. his head throw back against the pillow as he felt johnny’s cockhead insert itself into his pussy, pushing in his thick length right into his cunt - doing the job johnny wanted. it was splitting him open.

“fucking hell,” johnny growled, “you’re so fucking tight.”

“j-johnny!” taeyong cried out as he felt the gisnt’s hands grab hold of his hips, holding his body still as he slowly filled up taeyong’s cunt with his cock.

“fuck, you’re taking me so well,” johnny praised the latter as he continued to inch himself in until he finally bottomed out into the leader’s pussy, “so fucking good, baby,” johnny turned his head and kissed taeyong’s inner ankle, “so fucking wet for me.”

taeyong nodded - as if he was answering johnny’s comment like a question as he felt johnny’s cock just bury in him, “j-just for you.”

“damn fucking right,” the giant groaned as one hand removed itself from taeyong’s hip and onto the outer and the top of taeyong’s thigh, “gonna fuck you, baby.”

“yes, yes, yes,” taeyong’s lips muttered out as if it was a chant when he felt johnny’s hips remove from his own, slowly inching himself out.

“fuck,” johnny let a drawn out moan left his lips as he felt taeyong’s walls already grow snug around his cock - refusing him to leave his pussy, “you are a fucking dream, yong,” he huffed out behind he slammed his hips back into taeyong’s

the latter hiccuped a moan as he felt his eyes roll to the back of his head at the strong thrust.

johnny immediately caught hold of his rhythm, letting his hips swerve in and out of taeyong’s heat, bucking itself back in with a harsh and hungry pace.

taeyong could only moan, whimper, and sob as he felt johnny’s cock just pierce through his pussy.

the giant was not taking mercy. his thrusts were frenzied - growing faster and harder with each snap of his hips.

taeyong felt himself going crazy at the roughness. his whole mind was swirling and getting drunk off of johnny’s pure, unadulterated lust he was pouring into his thrusts. the way they jolted into taeyong - making johnny massage his velvet walls with his hard cock was just intoxicating.

a loud yelp came out of his throat when johnny’s hand raised from his hip and was not on his chest. the giant’s thumb was flicking against his nipple - the surrounding skin was blushed with purple and red as johnny’s love bites were settling in his porcelain skin.

“god, i’m fucking losing it,” johnny croaked out, loud pants leaving his lips as he stared down at taeyong’s face - which was just swallowing with pleasure and lust.

the pretty leader was drenched in sweat. the pink hair was complimented him so well was sticking to the temples and forehead area. his lips were all plump due to the biting he kept doing to try and hold back his noises - but ultimately not working as johnny just knew what to do to him. eyes were glossed over with pleasure - needing more with each thrust johnny was fucking into him.

“w-wanna stuff your pussy with my cum,” johnny muttered out as he felt his hips jerk in a stutter.

a warmness was forming into johnny’s abdominal that made his movements falter. he knew he was growing close.

“d-do it!” taeyong whined out a moan, “t-that’s all i want, johnny!”

johnny groaned when he felt taeyong’s walls grow more snug around his cock, almost not letting johnny even exit more than two inches out of his pussy.

“want me to fuck up your pussy, baby?” johnny huffed out, letting his hips grow frantic as the speed, just focusing on going harder, “want me to ruin cock for you?”

“yes!” taeyong yelled out, “w-want to only have y-you fuck me right!” the latter sobbed when he felt johnny’s hand leave his chest, fingers running down his abdominal - which was holding the similar coil feeling from inside - and landing right on top of his clit. johnny’s thumb toying with the sensitive nub as it immediately gained a reaction from the latter.

taeyong’s body arched off the mattress, almost thrashing as he felt himself get overstimulated. the coil in his stomach was pretty much growing non-existent as it was about to pop at any moment.

“j-johnny! i-i’m!” taeyong stuttered through his squeal, “o-oh my god! i-i’m g-gonna cum!” he fussed out as shallow, shrilled pants left his lips.

taeyong’s eyes tightened as the strong coil in his stomach was just bundling up, so fucking close to releasing.

“cum,” johnny commanded, a low growl hissing through his teeth, “cum on my fucking cock.”

taeyong just felt his entire body crumble at the order.

the coil in his stomach bursted, making a strong wave of overstimulating pleasure just run all the way through him. taeyong let out a wail. he felt johnny’s thrusts become tremor as his cunt snugged around his cock as he orgasmed. his pussy gushing slick all over his cock as johnny let out a loud moan.

“fuck!” he groaned out as he thrusts into taeyong, hips snapping as he tries to keep a steady rhythm but it was all falling apart.

johnny felt the warmth in his stomach quickly grow as taeyong came around him. his pussy completely spent with his own slick as it was waiting to devour his cum.

“gonna fucking cum,” johnny rasped out, sweat just dripping down him as he looked down at taeyong who was just mewling and moaning from johnny’s cock still fucking him, “p-please give me your cum, s-sir,” the word slurred out of taeyong’s mouth as heavy eyelids tried to pry open so he can see johnny’s expressions.

eyebrows were furrowing as his bottom lip caught hold of his teeth. concentration, pleasure, and lust was written all over johnny’s face as he tried to jerk his hips into his in a quivering pace.

“oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” johnny yelled out, feeling the warmth in his stomach rush throughout his body.

the giant let his hips retract back once more before slamming it back into taeyong in one last thrust.

johnny loomed over taeyong as both hands planted on the sides of his shoulder as he let out a low moan. his cock spurted out ribbons of cum into taeyong’s spent pussy, covering his walls with his seed.

taeyong whimpered at the feeling of his cunt getting filled. thighs shaking at the aftershocks of johnny orgasm as the giant slowly took his cock out of the latter’s pussy. he took himself off of the latter’s thigh and let his leg lower down against the bed as johnny groaned and let his backside lay against the mattress.

“fucking hell, yong,” johnny sighed as he looked over at the latter who was looking at him already, eyes all pretty and doey as a lazy smile curled on his lips, “happy birthday, johnny. i love you.”

johnny felt his eyes widened at the sudden confession but his lips grew into a bigger smile as he tried to lift himself up with his elbows.

one arm went across his chest to cup the leader’s chest, caressing it with his thumb, “i love you more, yong. thank you for the amazing surprise. i loved it a lot.”

taeyong giggled before he shifted himself onto his side, feeling johnny’s fun slowly spill out of his spent cunt as he cuddled up to the giant’s side. he laid his head on his chest and an arm across the taut abdominal, “glad to hear it.”

johnny smiled and he laid back down onto his bed. his arm wrapping up the middle of taeyong back as he held the latter close to him.

meanwhile in the kitchen.

“do you think they know we just heard them fucking for like thirty minutes?”

the rest of the members stared at haechan who was just eating the slice of actual birthday cake they got for johnny.

“no, but let’s not say anything,” doyoung said with a sigh as he picked up his glass of wine.

“agreed,” they all said in unison.