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every dog has his day

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“Hey, man,” Aleksis’s hands are suddenly on Egor’s shoulders, squeezing briefly at the tight muscles there before moving into Egor’s line of sight. “You seem pretty tense, are you good?”

No, he’s not good, obviously. Aleksis is definitely here to make fun of him! He probably already talked to Wenjie and is now here to tell him how stupid he was for even—

Aleksis raises a hand and snaps in his face. “Hello-o. Hey! I’m talking to you, stupid.” 

Egor shakes his head, startled. “Sorry. I’m, uh,” he sighs. Why lie about this? “I’m getting fucked up. I tried to talk to Wenjie, and she basically told me to get lost.”

Aleksis cocks his head to the side. “And you just… let her talk to you like that?”

“I mean, I’m a gentleman, you know? Chivalry matters to me. I don’t want to make her uncomfortable or force her into anything!”

Aleksis laughs. “You know what your problem is, Egor?”

Egor just looks at him, waiting to be criticized. 

“You want normal shit, like what everyone wants, right? My dick—”

Egor furrows his brow. Aleksis doesn’t notice, and continues, “—to have a good time, Wenjie’s attention?” Aleksis shrugs. “You could have all that if you just… took it. But you never take this shit head-on. You flinch, man. You’re too much of a pussy to go in for the kill.” He shakes his head, gesturing sharply with his little hands. “That’s beta behavior.”

Egor frowns. “Are you saying I should have attacked Wenjie on the roof just now?”

“No, dude.” Aleksis shakes his head, “Not attacked. You just have to take what you want. Make them respect you.” 

Of course Aleksis would say it like that, like it’s easy, like Egor hasn’t already thought of that! He thinks he can just barge in and say “Make them respect you,” with zero actual advice or explanation of how, the fuck, to achieve that result?

Fuck him. Egor scowls and downs the rest of his drink, then looks around for another. He’s tired of this shit. He’s getting fucked up tonight, and no one can stop him. 

Aleksis cocks his head to the side when he sees Egor go for another drink. “I’m just trying to help you out, man. You don’t have to be such a bitch about it.” 

“It’s fine. I get it. You think I’m hopeless. You can’t give me any actual, practical advice, and you just want to gloat. Fuck you, Aleksis. Just leave me alone so I can black out in peace and forget this loop ever happened.” 

“Fuck it,” Aleksis says, then grabs Egor’s hand and pulls him towards the stairs. “Come on, I’ll just show you.”

Egor has no idea what the fuck Aleksis is doing, but it doesn’t seem like he’s being given a choice in the matter. 

Well, Egor sulks, it’s not like I had anything better to do tonight, anyway. 

Once they’re in Aleksis’s room with the door closed, Egor is immediately backed against the wall. He assumes Aleksis is going to take something from him (like, sexually) as an illustration of his point. Which is why it’s so surprising when Aleksis instead sinks to his knees, opens his mask, and reaches for Egor’s waistband.

“Wait! Stop. Uh, fuck. What the fuck are you doing?” Egor tries to move back, but he’s trapped against the wall. 

Aleksis fiddles briefly with the button fly of Egor’s boxers, then gives up and yanks it off with his teeth. “I’m sucking your dick! What’s your problem?”

Egor feels himself blush bright red. His answer is high-pitched and squeaky. “You’re—ah!—you’re what?”

Aleksis springs up and leans in close, planting one hand against the wall on either side of Egor’s shoulders. “You need this, okay? I can tell. And I can make you feel so good. I can help you with that tension.” 

Egor wills himself not to get hard. He clears his throat nervously.  “Is it—hot in here? Maybe I should just go.”

“Shh, no, Egor, come on.” Aleksis grabs Egor’s jacket and pulls it off his shoulders. “Here. Just relax, okay?” 

Aleksis presses their bodies together, grinding his hard cock against Egor’s leg. The movement presses Egor’s half-hard cock into Aleksis’s hip. Fuck. 

Aleksis tosses the jacket on the floor and brings his hands to Egor’s hips, running his thumbs under the hem of his sweater, lingering at his hip bones. 

“You really are hot, you know. Wish I could fuckin…” he grinds against Egor’s leg again. And Aleksis really is hard, wow. For Egor, apparently. “Wanna have you like this all the time.”

Egor whimpers. What is he… what? Why would Aleksis say that? What does that even mean? 

Aleksis grins up at him. “Ugh, I love it! You’re just so pretty. Wanna hear you moan for me, baby.” Then his hands are moving, shoving Egor’s sweater up around his waist. When Aleksis trails a hand down his now-bare stomach, Egor shivers.

It feels so good to be touched, fuck, and it gets even better when Aleksis’s hand reaches the bulge in his slacks. Egor’s fully hard now, and Aleksis’s eyes go wide. “Ho-ly fuck. Wait. Hang on.” 

Aleksis drops back to his knees eagerly and presses his hand gently against Egor’s cock. “You weren’t fully torqued before? How big is your fucking dick, motherfucker? I just wanna—” He squeezes Egor’s cock through his boxers and fuck, it really has been a while, because Egor moans, and his hips jerk into Aleksis’s touch. 

“Fuck, Aleksis, please,” Egor’s voice is a breathy whine. 

Aleksis leans forward and noses along the line of Egor’s cock. “You want this, right?” When Egor whimpers and nods, Aleksis grins up at him. “Then fucking take it.” 

Egor’s hands are flexing wildly at his sides. He’s overwhelmed—he still doesn’t really understand how or why this is happening? Is Aleksis like, taking pity on him? Or does he actually want him? 

Aleksis, exasperated by Egor’s hesitation, reaches up and guides his hands to the back of his head. “I’m not one of your little science toys, you’re not gonna break me. Get a grip! How are you planning to fuck my throat if you’re busy doing hand-pilates?” Then he reaches up to Egor’s fly and pulls the fabric apart, giving him a brief peek inside. 

“Oh, fuck, Egor, my god, dude…” Aleksis groans and reaches up to stroke Egor through his boxers. They’re not really doing much to, uh, contain him at this point, so from this angle, Egor can only see wolf ears over the top of the tent he’s pitching. 

Then Aleksis licks him through the fabric, which makes Egor gasp and his cock twitch against Aleksis’s tongue. “Please,” Egor manages, gripping the cowl of the wolf mask, “I need—”

Aleksis knows what he needs. His hands go to Egor’s waistband and pull, savoring the reveal. 

When Egor’s cock finally springs free, Aleksis groans at the heft of it. “Need that big dick in my mouth right now, ugh—”

This is a different reaction than the one he usually gets, which is encouraging. Usually when people—uh, partners—comment on his body, it makes him feel like a freak. And some have been less kind about his situation than others. 

Once, at the Undermoor Festival, a cute stranger in body paint dragged him to the Harmony Huts for some “universal love and acceptance”. Not traditionally Egor’s scene, but they were very insistent. And handsy. And profoundly naked. After some kissing and teasing that left Egor slick with green body paint, he slipped off his trousers, and when the stranger saw his dick, they laughed at him and said, out loud, “Nope! Nope, absolutely not!”

(After a similar encounter the following year, Egor stopped trying to meet people at festivals.)

Egor adjusts his grip on the back of Aleksis’s hood, stroking the soft fabric. The way Aleksis dragged him upstairs reminded him of that unfortunate incident. But Aleksis isn’t laughing at him or abandoning him in a musky sex yurt. 

Instead, he’s leaning forward and moaning happily as he flicks his tongue across the tip of Egor’s cock. It feels really good, but part of Egor is still worried that Aleksis will ultimately reject him due to some fundamental anatomical incompatibility.

So he’s holding back, which Aleksis immediately notices. He furrows his brow. “Come on,” he says, wrapping a hand around the base of Egor’s cock, “Use me, motherfucker. I can take it! Fuck my mouth like your name’s on the door.” He opens wide and rests the head of Egor’s cock on his tongue. 

Fuck, okay. Maybe he can do this. Heart racing, Egor takes his cock in one hand and tilts Aleksis’s head back with the other. When he pulls on the hood, Aleksis groans with pleasure. That noise is quickly stifled as Egor feeds his cock into his mouth, then pushes into his throat, inch by inch. 

Aleksis’s eyes flutter closed, and he holds on tight to Egor’s thighs, wanting more, wanting it rougher. It’s really good to see Aleksis like this, honestly. Wanting him this badly. 

He’s not even choking or struggling! Egor was still kind of worried that Aleksis was doing all this out of pity, but his half-muffled moans are a clear indication that, no, Aleksis is genuinely very excited to have Egor’s dick in his mouth. 

And then, fucking hell, Aleksis manages to take all of him. Egor is buried to the hilt in his perfect, slutty little throat. It’s unbelievable. Egor’s cock twitches, and he can’t help it—he fully doubles over, leaning forward and pulling Aleksis close. His eyes are closed, but he feels when his stomach collides with the wolf mask’s ears, knocking it slightly out of place. 

“Good, so good, Aleksis…” Egor can’t remember the last time he was with someone who could do this. It’s unreal. He takes a deep breath and stands up straight again, looking down at Aleksis. 

Aleksis seems, shockingly, to really be enjoying this. When Egor stands, he takes a moment to move his mask back into place, but keeps his (human) nose pressed tightly into Egor’s pelvis. His lips are wrapped around the base of Egor’s cock, and he’s gripping Egor’s thighs tightly. It looks like he’s having a hard time sitting still, like he wants to touch himself, but he also doesn’t want to let go of Egor. 

Not letting go suits Egor just fine. He holds Aleksis in place, both hands cradling the back of his skull. His cock is fully engulfed by tight, wet heat. He doesn’t even need to thrust. It’s perfect. 

Aleksis said Egor could use him. That Egor should take what he wants. And this is what Egor wants right now—to take it slow and enjoy himself. 

But Aleksis is getting impatient. He starts licking around Egor’s shaft and looking up at him with big fuck-me eyes. He rolls his hips against the air and whines like somehow, despite having his throat totally filled, he needs more. 

Well. He’ll have to take what Egor gives him. Aleksis can writhe all he wants, beg for rough treatment, hard and fast face-fucking—Egor has other plans. 

But he can throw his dog a bone. 

“Aleksis,” Egor says sweetly, stroking his bulging neck, “Do you need something?”

From between his knees, throat still full of cock, Aleksis manages to whine and nod. 

Egor considers his options. He could allow Aleksis to touch himself, but he’d have to touch Egor less as a result. He might get distracted and focus on his own pleasure. 

And Egor is allowing himself to be selfish right now. This is for him, after all! His big lesson! Fuck, he has a better idea, too—he adjusts his stance, extending one leg forward.

Aleksis looks up at him, wide-eyed and eager. Good. Okay. It seems he’s read the situation correctly. 

“Go on, puppy,” Egor says with a tentative smirk, pressing his shin against the bulge in Aleksis’s pants, “This is what you need, right?” 

Aleksis whines at the nickname—good, that’s a relief—then nods frantically and grinds down, moaning at the new friction. He is briefly distracted by the new sensation, closing his eyes and tilting his head back. 

Egor has a wild impulse to punish (or reward? Who knows with Aleksis) this distraction, and goes with it. He reaches under Aleksis’s hood, gripping his hair, and pulls him further onto his cock. 

Aleksis actually gags at this, which feels amazing around his cock. Without really meaning to, Egor whispers, “Good boy,” and strokes the back of Aleksis’s neck.  

Aleksis shows his gratitude by running his tongue up the underside of Egor’s cock, nice and slow. He’s looking up at Egor with what might be… pride? 

Then he gently reaches up and rests his hands on Egor’s. The touch is surprisingly intimate, and Egor allows his hands to be repositioned. With the added freedom of movement, Aleksis can move his head up and down Egor’s cock. He’s sucking and licking along Egor’s length, swirling his tongue around the head.

Egor feels so sensitive. It’s almost too much, but it’s perfect. He whimpers and lets his head fall back against the wall. This is so overwhelming, and he’s shaking under Aleksis’s hands. “Fuck, Aleksis, feels so good, aah—”

Aleksis groans and rolls his hips against Egor’s shin, flexing his thighs to pick up the pace. He’s clearly enjoying himself, and Egor’s reactions. It’s so satisfying to see him desperate like this. Aleksis likes this. Really likes this. He wants to be here. 

Egor notices that when he scritches behind the mask’s ears, Aleksis whimpers and leans into the touch. He smiles. “Feels good, doesn’t it, puppy?”  

Aleksis moans around him, running his tongue up and down the sensitive underside of Egor’s cock. He squeezes Egor’s thigh, then brings his hand over to stroke and cup his balls. That’s a surprise, a good one, and Egor’s hips jerk involuntarily in response. 

It feels incredible, and Egor would be happy to stay like this until EOL, but Aleksis is apparently dead-set on sucking his soul out through his dick. There’s only so much he can do to resist the onslaught. 

Egor takes a deep breath to steady himself and presses his shin more firmly into Aleksis’s cock. Feigning boldness, he puffs out his chest and leans into the performance. “Did you really think I’d let you off that easily?”

He grins eagerly at Aleksis. “You’re so pretty for me. Maybe I should just, I don’t know, keep you like this. You look so good. You belong here, on your knees, with my cock down your throat.” 

Aleksis shivers and squeezes Egor’s calf between his thighs. He leans forward, taking Egor’s cock into his throat and holding it there. He looks up at Egor with pleading eyes. 

“Good boy,” Egor growls. “I know, baby. I know you, ah—” his cock twitches in Aleksis’s mouth, “I know you want your reward, but you’re going to be good for me and wait, aren’t you?” 

Aleksis drives his hips harder into Egor’s shin, seeking consistent pressure against his straining cock. He makes a noise of agreement that is mostly stifled by the cock in his mouth. But Egor knows he’ll behave. “Good,” he says. “Now take that pretty cock of yours out for me.”

Aleksis obeys, gasping with relief as he frees his cock from his slacks. Egor can see that he’s painfully hard, almost purple with arousal. 

“Fuck, Aleksis,” Egor groans, “So fucking hot. You’re beautiful. I want to watch—wanna watch you make yourself feel good, okay? Can you do that for me?” 

Egor expects Aleksis to start stroking himself, but instead he starts rubbing his now-bare cock against Egor’s shin. Aleksis is so hot against him, and obviously Egor is enjoying this a lot, but feeling his cock like this makes him wish they were closer together, that Aleksis was closer to him, like maybe underneath him with his legs spread, fuck—

“Fuck, Aleksis, I’m close, fuck—” It comes on suddenly, catching Egor by surprise. Right away, Aleksis turns his focus to finishing Egor off. He brings both hands up to Egor’s ass and squeezes, pulling him in over and over again, facefucking himself on Egor’s cock.

Egor shivers, and begins to unleash a steady stream of praise and affection on Aleksis. He’s feeling loose, generous, fond even, and he’s not really thinking about what he’s saying. “Good boy, so good for me, so perfect—good puppy, good boy, aah—”

Aleksis does something with his tongue that makes Egor’s hips jerk, and it feels so good that Egor thrusts wildly into his mouth. “Yes, perfect, Aleksis, baby, thank you, thank you, fuck, love you, I love, oh, I’m—”

Before Egor can feel self-conscious or get lost in anxiety, Aleksis moans encouragement and grips him tighter. It feels so fucking good to be held like this, to feel seen like this. Aleksis wants him, and that’s all he needs right now. 

Egor comes down Aleksis’s throat with a gasping sob. This is such a relief, fuck, he really needed this. Aleksis moans desperately as Egor spills into his mouth, and with Egor’s cock still pulsing in his throat, he comes too. 

He looks down to praise Aleksis, to tell him how good he is. Aleksis sits back on his heels and opens his mouth to show Egor. Seeing Aleksis with a mouthful of cum—of his cum—short-circuits Egor’s brain a little bit. 

But Aleksis just swallows it all with obvious pleasure, eyes fluttering shut. He looks so happy. Egor needs to have him closer, now. 

With his pants still down around his thighs, he grabs Aleksis under the arms and hauls him to his feet. Aleksis is obviously surprised, but goes with it, looking up at him with wide eyes when Egor spins him around and shoves him up against the wall. 

Egor leans down, pressing their lips together, and fuck, right away Aleksis is grabbing him, kissing him back, whining again. Egor wants to deepen the kiss, but Aleksis’s mask is in the way. After the snout knocks his glasses askew, Egor reaches up and slowly starts pulling at Aleksis’s hood. 

Aleksis, thankfully, allows this adjustment, and even tries to move Egor’s glasses back into place. His effort doesn’t really help, but the attempt is nice. 

After Egor sets the mask aside, he turns back and finally pulls Aleksis in to kiss him deeply. Aleksis melts under him, whimpering into Egor’s mouth. He’s so sweet like this, so needy. Egor needs this too, and he wants to make Aleksis feel good. 

Egor doesn't think his body is physically capable of getting hard again (not yet, at least), but that doesn’t stop him from pressing Aleksis firmly into the wall and rolling their hips together. When their cocks brush, it’s still a little too sensitive, but they groan and hold each other tightly anyway, savoring the rawness of their contact. 

Egor nibbles Aleksis’s lower lip, gently at first. When Aleksis whines into his mouth and fidgets impatiently, Egor bites down harder.

Aleksis moans, low and shaky, and sways on his feet. He grabs a fistful of Egor’s sweater and clings to him like he needs the support to stay upright. When Egor licks into his mouth, Aleksis whines happily. 

A few times, they pull apart to catch their breath, panting, but always pick up again, pulling hair, grabbing frantically at each other, and kissing like their eternal lives depend on it. The closeness of this, the way they need each other—it’s too good to cut short. Neither wants to be the first to break the spell. 

So they stay like that, holding each other close, as the party goes on without them.