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Huff, Puff & Purr

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Stiles laid on the porch swing just swaying, and he purred. Yes, purred because well…he was a cat. How? Well, that’s a good question. Stiles allowed his eyes to close, and his tail flicked back and forth. He didn’t know how it had happened and yes, he may have fumbled his first attempts at walking but then he felt like a master in the art of cat. He was so pleased with himself because as a cat he had no clumsiness save the first several face plants. Everyone would always tell him he was spastic and clumsy, but they wouldn’t be able to say that now. Stiles let out a pleased purr at that thought and he felt sophisticated. He wasn’t in too big of a hurry to figure out the who, what, when, where, why and how of the whole feline situation. He just loved it too much to really investigate although he knew he inevitably wouldn’t be able to help himself. In the moment though, he thought to himself, “I kind of really love this. Maybe I could stay like this? At least some of the time.” Stiles was just settling into that idea when his eyes snapped open as he heard a low growl nearby and there at the edge of the porch was a red eyed wolf. Well then that’s…and oh shit said wolf was looking at him like he was food. Tree! Stiles leapt from the swing to the railing and then down into the grass before scurrying towards the giant oak tree and scrambling up to the second lowest branch. See? He could so totally cat.

The wolf ran after him and leapt up, but he couldn't get as high as Stiles was. So, he braced his front paws against the tree and growled a bit of drool running down his fangs. Stiles hissed and thought to himself, “That’s so gross. Come on big bad wolf. Show me what you got.” Stiles was shocked when the wolf growled a response, “Oh believe me little witch I intend to deal with you. Come a little closer.” Stiles smirked and tilted his head, “Are you saying witch as a way of saying bitch? Come on dude just say bitch like a man.” The wolf growled even lower, “Don’t call me dude. Now come down here.” Stiles simply laid down on the branch and let his paw hang down slightly, “Here doggie doggie. I'm not afraid. You look cuddly. Awww. Is that what you need, you big bad wolf? Do you need cuddles?” The wolf leapt up narrowly missing Stiles’s paw and he glared, “You wouldn't be so tough if you were down here with me. Probably just as much of a smartass though.” Stiles’s ears went back, “Yeah well you’re a dick. So just go away and if you’re looking for an actual witch then you’re…” Stiles tried not to laugh, “...barking up the wrong tree!

The wolf lunged again but still couldn’t reach and that’s when he heard a door open as a man stepped out onto the porch, “Hey kid?” Stiles hissed at the wolf again before looking at the man and meowed. The man looked over and sighed, “Of course you’d be up in a tree.” The man then saw the wolf and his expression hardened, “Hey! Uh uh. None of that. Go!” The wolf tilted his head at the man and looked back up at Stiles. Stiles fixed him with a Cheshire cat grin and lifted a paw in a wave gesture, “Bye bye Grumpywolf.” The wolf’s eyes flashed darker red as he growled, swiping his paw at Stiles once more. The man stomped towards them, his voice low and angry, “Hey! I’m warning you. Leave my son alone!” The wolf backed down although very reluctantly and fixed the man with a confused expression before taking off with a final huff at them both. Stiles scurried down the tree and leapt into his dad’s waiting arms before going pliant and loudly purring. Stiles’s dad rolled his eyes but smiled as they went back inside, “You’re too comfortable like this. It’s eerie you know. Also why did that wolf act like that?” Stiles knew he wasn’t expected to answer considering all he had was meow in different tones, but he thought to himself, “I’m irresistible as always and even cuter if that was possible.

Stiles curled up on the arm of his dad’s recliner as they watched a late-night program before heading to bed. He still slept in his own bed but after all the lights were out Stiles just sat in the middle of his bed, his ears drooping, “What if the wolf had hurt my dad? It would’ve been my fault. I really love being like this but maybe it’s time to figure out why and when I do, maybe I can ask to keep this form.” Stiles smiled as his eyes drifted closed but right as he curled up to go to sleep, he could’ve sworn he saw a pair of red eyes flash outside his window followed by a low growl that sounded more like a purr.