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What She Wants

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What She Wants

Emma blew out a breath, staring into her hot chocolate as the din of Granny’s lunch rush faded into a buzz at the back of her mind. She barely registered the smell of food all around her. She had drifted through the day, not even sure how she ended up at the lunch counter at Granny’s. This was not good.

“Hey, Emma.” Ruby bounced up to her. Her eyes sparkled, ready for fun with her friend. Emma was not in the mood, though. Ruby’s brow wrinkled. “Are you okay?”

Emma gave a short shrug. “Hey, Rubes. Yeah, I’m okay. Why do you ask?”

Ruby pursed her lips. “You just look like I made your hot chocolate wrong.”

Emma shook her head. “Oh, no. I just have a lot on my mind.” A lot of trying to figure out how not to screw things up. Too bad she was an expert at screwing things up. No, you can do this.

“Is this because you still can’t close that hole to Narnia?”

Emma groaned and covered her face with both hands. “I swear if they shove one more faun through that hole…” She rubbed her eyes and then dropped her hands from her face. “Anyway, no. It’s not that.” This was way more pressing than the small hole into Narnia that just refused to go away. She would have to get on that eventually, or they would have to start charging Narnia dumping fees.

“Wanna talk about it?” Ruby leaned an elbow on the counter.

Emma did, just not with Ruby. “That’s all right. I need to figure this out on my own.”

Ruby blinked and pulled back slightly. “Oh, you sure?”

“Yeah, I have to figure this out myself.” Like hell she would. She needed serious inside information and advice. Ruby would not be able to provide her with those things.

Ruby nodded. “Relationship trouble, huh? You know if you give Regina that puppy-dog pout all is forgiven.”

Emma laughed. It was true. “Yeah, but that won’t work this time.” She was not in trouble for once. They had not even had an argument, more an agreement. She wanted to live up to their agreement. She wanted them to move forward, so she needed to do this right.

“Wow. This must be serious.”


“You sure you don’t want my help? You know I’m always here for you.”

Emma nodded. “This one, I gotta do on my own.”

“Heavy is the head that wears the crown.”

Emma chuckled and Ruby thankfully walked away. Ruby might be able to help with this problem in general terms, but Emma needed specifics. For those specifics, She would need to bite the bullet and visit Maleficent. Fuck, Regina is lucky I want to do right by her. Okay, really, she was lucky that Regina wanted to be with her and that was why she was willing to do whatever possible to keep Regina in her life.

Sitting here isn’t doing anything. She downed her now room temperature hot chocolate and slapped some money on the counter. Now was the time to put up or shut up. So, she zipped up her coat, braved the chill of the winter day, and drove to Maleficent’s condo. It was located in a new neighborhood, housing newcomers from the Second Curse and others who just wander into Storybrooke from other realms and decide to stay. Please don’t let Lily answer the door. She knocked on the door.

“Coming!” Maleficent’s voice called.

Emma breathed a sigh of relief. At least one thing is working in my favor. The door opened, revealing Maleficent, who blinked.

“Emma… um… Lily’s not here,” Maleficent said.

“Thank god for small favors.” Emma had no desire to see Lily ever. Yeah, they talked things out and she forgave Lily, but she did not like Lily much. “I’m actually here to see you,” Emma replied.

Maleficent’s eyes went wide. “Here to see me? Is it about Regina? Is she all right?” The concern in her voice, the panic in her face was touching. She still cared about Regina despite everything Regina put her through. Of course, this also rubbed Emma the wrong way since it seemed like Maleficent still had romantic inclinations toward Regina if she could forgive Regina for all of this.

Calm down. Regina is with you and that’s what matters. Emma held up her hand. “Regina’s fine, but yeah, this is about Regina. Regina’s rut.”

Maleficent’s brow furrowed. “Her rut?” She waved Emma in. “Doesn’t seem like a conversation to be had in the doorway.”

Emma nodded and stepped inside. Maleficent closed the door behind her. This was not Emma’s first time in the condo by a long shot. She was there when Regina helped Maleficent and Lily pick the place out. It did not smell like oranges back then, but definitely had a lovely citrus scent now. It was grand and luxurious, something Regina and Maleficent were probably used to, but Emma and Lily were left in awe at the time. Emma had lived in apartments that could fit in the living room with space to spare.

“Have a seat.” Maleficent pointed to her cream leather couch. The sectional curved around a mint green carpet that matched the walls.

“Thanks.” Emma sat in the middle, facing the glass coffee table and massive wall-mounted television Maleficent had no clue how to work.

“Can I get you anything?” Maleficent’s voice was soft and inviting. She was dressed like Regina did at home, business casual, wide legged brown pants and a cream-colored short-sleeve shirt. Like Regina, she also made it seem comfortable somehow. Maybe it was because they did not wear shoes inside.

Emma shook her head. “No, I’m good.”

Maleficent sat across from her. “So, what can I do for you? What does Regina have to do with it?”

Emma took a deep breath. “I need to know about Regina’s rut.”

Maleficent’s mouth dropped open. “Excuse me?”

“Her rut. She’s gonna go into rut soon and I’ve never been with an alpha in rut before. She’s been using suppressants and magic through them since the start of our relationship, but we just had a talk about stepping up our game, which means being there for each other through her rut and my heat.” It was the next step before they either exchanged marks or one of them decided it was time to propose. She had looked forward to it until it started to loom and she realized she needed to please Regina to make her rut a good time. Why would Regina want to stay with her if she could not have a good rut with Emma?

Maleficent gawked at her for a long moment, like she was a complete idiot. “Shouldn’t you be having this conversation with her?”

Emma rubbed the back of her neck and glanced away. “I kinda have, but I don’t want to disappoint her or make her rut suck, so I was hoping you could tell me what to expect. You’re the only person I know she’s been with before becoming the Evil Queen, and she assures me that what happened as the Evil Queen isn’t going to happen with me.”

Maleficent bristled, shoulders shuddering like an angry bird. “I should hope not. Her ruts while she was the Evil Queen were pure torture for her partners, if they could even be called that. She intended it to be a terror. I’m not sure what you want to know. Treat her rut like she treated your heat.”

Emma frowned. “I haven’t had my heat yet. She’s first. I just want this to go well for her.”

“I doubt she’ll be unhappy with anything you do. She loves you and all that.” Maleficent waved the matter away.

“Yeah, but still.” Emma leaned forward. “This is her first rut in a long time that she can just enjoy, you know? I want her to be able to do that.” She wanted Regina to have an experience where she did not have to worry about her actions as the Evil Queen, where she did not risk a flashback, and where she could just embrace pleasure and have a good time.

Maleficent frowned, a wrinkle appearing between her eyebrows. “So, you want Regina sex tips from me?”

Emma let loose a frustrated groan, almost a roar, as she covered her face with both hands. “That’s not what I’m asking. I just want to know what I could do to make her rut good since I’ve never been with an alpha in rut and she probably hasn’t had a normal rut experience since you, but since you’d rather dick around, I guess this was a waste of time.” Emma stood up. This was such a stupid idea! Why the hell did I think this would work?

“Emma, wait.”

“What the hell for?” She started for the door. No reason to stick around if Maleficent was going to make this difficult, which she expected anyway. I knew this would be a waste of fucking time! She had to try, though. Regina deserved something nice.

Maleficent hopped up. Not one to be denied, Maleficent grabbed Emma by the wrist, holding tight, so Emma could not move without starting a fight. “I’ll tell you what you want, but I’m not sure it’ll be much help. Please, sit.”

Emma glared at her. “Why do you suddenly want to help?”

Maleficent smiled a little and her eyes glimmered. “Because you’re right. Regina deserves a good rut. She’s never had one.”

Emma went stiff. “What do you mean never? She spent ruts with you, right?”

“Once. And then the King hinted he knew and never again.”

Emma scowled. “How did he know?”

Maleficent shook her head. “Her scent changed. And he tracked her rut.”

“He tracked her rut?” Emma sat back down. She probably did not want to know this or at least should have Regina tell her, but she was here now and Maleficent brought it up. “Why? Was it to satisfy her rut?” We both know that’s not the case. Her stomach dropped.

Maleficent scoffed. “Do you want to have faith in the King or just hope that Regina actually had at least one good sexual experience that didn’t involve us?”

“I really wish she had more.”

“Yeah.” Maleficent’s face went sour. “It doesn’t help that the King didn’t know she was an alpha when he married her. He did his best to conceal it. All the servants who cared for her were blind or mute, so they either could not see or could not speak on her body.”

Emma made a fist. “Bastard.”

“Yes, he was. She usually couldn’t leave the castle during her rut. She just happened to go into rut while visiting me once.”

“How was it?”

Maleficent sighed. “Sad.”

“Sad?” Emma pursed her lips. She had never considered Regina never had a good rut. She thought at least being with Maleficent had to be a decent mating cycle. This sucks so much.

“She had never…” Maleficent took a deep breath and pressed her hands together. “She had never been inside anyone.”

Emma’s eyebrows curled up. “What do you mean? She had never been with anyone?”

“No, she had been with Leopold, but he was an alpha.”

Emma was not sure she was following. “So, during her rut he would…?” She did not want to think what would happen, but she knew what happened.

“Leave her be in her rooms alone or penetrate her if he was in the mood.”

Emma’s stomach twisted. “If he was in the mood?”

“The King was only interested in satisfying his own knot. He didn’t care about hers, or really her, so if he didn’t want sex at the time, she would just have to suffer through it.”

Emma growled and wished she could punch the King in his damn face. “Then what did he marry her for?”

“She was a pretty princess. What’s not to marry?” Maleficent countered with a shrug. “And this is why no matter what you do, it’ll be good. Regina will appreciate it, revel in it. Regina’s rut has never been a good experience.”

“That is sad.” But, so much of Regina’s life was sad. It would have been nice if there was just one moment where it was not.

“It is, but I respect you coming here to try for Regina.” Maleficent leaned over, taking her hand and holding it. “You’re enough, Emma. You’ll be more than enough because Regina wants to be with you.”

“What did she like with you?” Emma asked.

“The simple penetration was enough. She thought it was all the world. Just give her your attention and that’ll be enough.”

Emma nodded. “Thank you for being there for her.”

“She saved me, Emma. I only wish I could’ve saved her.” Her voice was quiet and sincere. Her eyes simmered once more. “I’m glad you were able to do it. I’m glad she has you.”

 The words sent a dose of pride through Emma and she felt like she had a better understanding of why Maleficent behaved how she did toward Regina. Maleficent, like Snow White, knew a different Regina, one before the Evil Queen, and always believed she was still in there when Regina was the Evil Queen. They believed in Regina, even if Regina did not know it.

Emma left Maleficent’s condo with no more of a plan than she had before, but more insight than ever. Now, she would need to trust the internet to guide her. I’m so screwed.


Regina clicked off the bedroom lights and Emma dropped her phone, putting it on the nightstand. Regina climbed into bed, ready to snuggle into Emma’s warm body. Regina cuddled into Emma and Emma put her arm around Regina. Regina rested her hand on Emma’s shoulder as she put her arm across Emma’s abdomen, rubbing Emma’s stomach through her t-shirt.

“Are you all right?” Regina asked, putting her leg over both of Emma’s legs. She was so clingy when it came to sleeping. Emma did not mind. It was like Regina wanted to keep her in place, so it made her feel wanted. Regina liked that Emma wanted to stay.

Emma nodded. “Why do you ask?”

Regina yawned and struggled to stay awake. Emma’s body is so warm. It always lulled her into peace when she rested in Emma’s arms. “You’ve been on your phone all night. You only do that when you’re researching. What are you looking up? We haven’t faced a villain that’s left you utterly mystified in months and we both know the internet won’t tell you how to close that hole to Narnia.”

Emma sighed. “I’m just trying to get ready for your rut.”

Regina looked up at her, furrowing her brow. “Looking things up for my rut?”

Emma kissed her forehead. Regina hated how much she liked that. It should seem so demeaning and infantile, but it only made her feel loved. Thus was the power Emma had over her.

“Yeah. I want it to be nice for you and I told you I’ve never been with an alpha in rut. So, I’m trying to find out what to expect and what alphas like.”

“Well, you could ask me.”

Emma smiled. “I know, but I wanted it to be a surprise. I even went to talk to Maleficent.”

With a gasp, Regina sat up. “Seriously?” Emma was not one to mix with Maleficent unless forced. Regina was not sure if it was because of her past relationship with Maleficent or Emma being a little embarrassed for “killing” her, but Emma was not a fan.

Emma snorted. “Yeah. I want this rut to be nice for you, but I don’t know how to do that, so I thought she’d have some ideas. I didn’t know you only spent one rut with her and it didn’t end well.”

Regina rolled her eyes. “The story of my life.”

Emma gave her a small smile and rubbed her shoulder. “Hence me wanting this rut to be nice. Maleficent said the King would actually fuck you during your rut rather than the other way around.”

Regina did not want to talk about that, but this was Emma, the only person beside Doctor Hopper who truly knew what she went through with Leopold. “Yes, just another act of control and dominance. Alphas penetrate and are never to be penetrated. So, my punishment for daring to be an alpha was to be penetrated during my neediest time to penetrate and that was if my husband was in a giving mood.”

Emma groaned. “See, he sounds like the alphas counselors would warn us stray omegas away from.”

“I was one, too.” She learned from the best.

With a sigh, Emma shifted to caress Regina’s cheek. “I know, but that’s beside the point. I want your rut, our first one together, to be amazing. So, I need to know what to do and what to expect. I want to be prepared.”

Regina pressed her body closer and caressed Emma’s side. “You don’t have to prepare. You don’t have to study. You don’t have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. If I ask you to do something that you don’t want to do, tell me no like you would any other time. Don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable. I promise you, I will not enjoy my rut if you do anything you don’t want to do.” Regina kissed her cheek. “Being with you makes this rut special. That’s why I want to do this rut. I’m with you. You mean so much to me. You mean enough to me that I started suppressants to keep my rut down, which isn’t something I’ve ever done. I never want to hurt you in any way and I’m always happy to be with you.”

Emma took a deep breath and looked away for a second, but then locked eyes with Regina. “I get that and I’m flattered, but I still want to do something to make this good.”

Regina shook her head. “You’re not listening to me. This will be good because you’re here with me. That’s all I need.” Just the fact that Emma was trying to figure out ways to make her rut good was more than enough. No one ever tried to do such a thing and Emma knew that.

Emma frowned. “You deserve more.”

Regina snuggled up again and sighed. “I have more than I deserve and all I could ever want.” She meant those words with all of her heart. “When my rut hits, as long as you’re here with me, it’s fine. Please, don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable. Don’t let me do anything that makes you uncomfortable. Just because I’m in rut doesn’t mean I can’t control myself.” She did not want this to turn into something like her ruts back when she was queen. Emma was not some prisoner or some person she hated. Emma was important, special, and deserved all the care in the world.

“No?” Emma sounded surprised. “People always make it seem like alphas lose all sense during rut.”

“No more than omegas during heat. I don’t imagine you turning into a wanton mess when your heat hits.”

Emma nodded. “Okay, I get what you mean. So… should I treat you in rut like I would treat me in heat.”

“Sounds like a good place to start. Now, can we go to sleep? I’m exhausted.” Running Storybrooke was so much more tiring than when she was queen.

“Yes, terrorizing the masses from your iron throne has to wear you out.” Emma chuckled.

Regina sniffed. “Babysitting these peons and saving them from themselves is utterly exhausting. Today, I had a group lobbying to have everyone’s magical forms returned. Yes, because Asterion, he’s the Minotaur, really needs or wants his bull head back.” Sometimes, she swore these people were messing with her considering the things they demanded.

“Poor you.” Emma kissed the top of her head.

Regina managed to cuddle even closer, closing her eyes. This was not a very “alpha” way to sleep and until recently she bought into all the big stereotypes about alphas like Emma did. She had never cuddled into someone. She had held Maleficent, but nothing beyond that. Even in the beginning with Emma, she had insisted on being “the big spoon,” but at some point, Emma ended up holding her and it was earth shattering. She liked being held, like feeling safe, and she would not let anyone take that from her.

Regina could be soft with Emma and that was okay. Emma usually understood that, but seemed a little overwhelmed with being Regina’s rut partner. It should not be a big deal, but Regina was somewhat nervous as well.

Despite Regina’s words about ruts not changing them, all of her recent ruts before going on suppressants were awful things for her “partners.” She rutted people the way Leopold had done her during her ruts. They got no attention beyond her raw power. She never wanted to do that to Emma.

“You are so precious to me, darling.” Regina kissed Emma’s chin. Emma made a noise, but did not wake up.

One of the reasons Regina had agreed to wait to go through a rut and heat together was because she did not want to damage Emma in any way. She needed to make sure she had herself under control. She was not totally sure how she would react under her rut, but she trusted herself a little more now than when she and Emma first started dating. While she could never completely trust herself to not ruin a good thing, she would do her best with Emma. She never wanted to cause Emma pain again.

Then, you have to be mindful of her, even if you’re half out of your mind in rut. She was worried, but not as much as she would have been if she had not had at least one “normal” rut with Maleficent. It had been her only rut where she felt peace and calm rather than manic, frenzied, and antagonized. She knew it was possible to be in rut and not have to fully dominate someone for it to be pleasurable for her.

While she and Emma had not been together during their mating cycles, they had plenty of sex. It was good, exciting, fulfilling, and probably the most wholesome coupling in her life. Beyond that, they had an intimacy Regina had not thought possible. She had not hurt Emma, to her knowledge, unless Emma gave her very specific instructions to do so, and that was physically. She never did anything to scar Emma emotionally in their sex life. She trusted that would hold true during her rut because she would not be trying to prove anything to Emma. This was just another level of intimacy and she looked forward to it.

“It will be fine,” Regina said aloud, as if that would make it so.

Regina put the worry out of her mind and made herself comfortable. Why should anything go wrong? Because it’s you and Emma. Well, damn it. She ignored the tiny tremble in her belly.


Emma could smell it coming. She had not expected to notice before it hit, but Regina was not even in rut yet and all Emma wanted to do was follow Regina around with her nose buried in Regina’s neck. No alpha had ever smelled so good to her. It was like spicy lavender. Her mouth watered, along with some other places. She was not sure how she even got to work, but Regina probably walked her there and then vanished before she realized it.

“You okay?” Mulan asked as she went by Emma to get to her desk.

Emma shook her head. “I’m fine. Just a little distracted.” The scent lingered and she looked at the entrance doors. I could just walk to Town Hall. She resisted the urge to lick her lips.

“Ready for your days off?”

Emma glanced around to see if her father was around. He did not like hearing about her time off, as it was essentially a rut leave. David had little desire to acknowledge she was sleeping with Regina. He had no problem with the relationship, but the sexual component he liked to pretend did not exist. He was not around.

“I am so not ready,” Emma replied. She had no clue how she could make this rut good for Regina beyond the sex anyway.

“Why do you say that?”

Emma blew out a breath. “It’s just a huge step in our relationship.” They needed this to go well or it might mess up their entire relationship.

Mulan’s face scrunched up. “You’ve been dating for a year. It’s surprising you’re both not marked already, especially considering your odd public displays, as you call them. It’s also surprising you’re not engaged. How am I engaged before you and I am just as cautious romantically as you are?”

“Well, obviously you’re also more confident than I am.”

“But, that’s my point.” Mulan motioned to her with both hands. “You should be more confident. You and Regina had been together steadily for a year. You told me you’ve both loved each other for at least two years, maybe more, and not counting the year she was in the Enchanted Forest and you were in New York. You both know you were made for each other. It’ll be fine. Just believe in yourself. You’re both what each other wants.”

Emma nodded and the conversation came to a close as David walked in, whistling of all things. If only Emma could be so carefree. But, maybe Mulan had a point. Maybe she and Regina were being too cautious and it was time to go with the flow. She laughed internally. You’re not going to do that. No, she was not. First rut was not the time to take a chill pill. She needed to approach this seriously and then figure out how to approach the ruts after this one with a calmer head.

Since it was a slow work day, Emma spent time doing research on her phone. Her google searches included: what do alphas like during ruts, what should an omega do for an alpha’s rut, what do alphas like. It was not much help. A lot of porn came up, but even as she bypassed it in favor of health articles, she still had no clue what to do. She shifted her research to her own brain with one question in mind: what does Regina like? She made a list.

Her list was long. She knew what Regina liked and she knew things Regina wanted. She knew Regina. Now, she felt confident. As long as you can do this on time.

Regina believed her rut would arrive in two days, and if that was the case, Emma could do her list. But, Regina smelled ripe to her, ready. She might go into rut early, which did Emma no good. She did not need a lot of time, but she needed some.


Emma was tempted to stay home on the day Regina’s rut was set to start. When she woke up, Regina just smelled so damn good it was a crime to be apart, so she buried her nose in Regina’s hair and just breathed in. She eased her hand into Regina’s nightie, but Regina pushed her away. She whimpered.

“We have work. We’ll get to that soon enough,” Regina said.

Emma groaned, not interested in that. She tried to touch Regina again, but Regina pulled away and once again tried to get her up. Regina urging her to work did not work, with her doing a lot of begging and bargaining. After a little while of this, Regina used magic on her, teleporting her to the station.

“Nice to see you in. You have a note pinned to your shirt,” Mulan said from her desk. She sipped a cup of tea.

Emma glanced down to see it was true. She sighed. “She acts like I’m a damn kindergartener.” She plucked the post-it from her chest and read it. I’ll call you as soon as I need you.

“Any reason you had to get poofed here? You’re later than usual,” her father said from his desk with a chuckle.

Emma shrugged. “Just trying to bone my girlfriend.” She smirked.

Her father grimaced. “Gross! No!”

Emma snickered. “Don’t try to make fun of me then.”

David rolled his eyes. Despite his reaction, he had a clue about what was happening today. He and Snow had agreed to watch Henry for two days to help.

Emma resisted the urge to duck out early and just go home to wait for Regina. Instead, she busied herself checking and double-checking everything for her two day break. Emma spent about an hour at work before Regina texted her. Please come. Emma swallowed. It was time to do or die.

“Guys, see you in a couple of days,” Emma said and then teleported from the station to Game of Thorns. There were half a dozen red roses waiting for her to pick up. Then, she was on her way.

She appeared in the house and almost collapsed to her knees as the smell of Regina’s rut hit her nose. She breathed in pure Regina, sweet, lingering, like a spicy, honeysuckle flavored frost. It made what she smelled this morning seem like nothing at all. Emma opened her mouth, wanting to take it in, have it nourish her, and sustain her for the rest of her days.

“Is she even going to care about flowers right now?” Emma shrugged. She was getting them whether she wanted them to or not. She also made sure to stock up on Regina’s favorite tea, which would be good during the rut if Regina had any physical pains or for after just to keep Regina relaxed.

Emma checked her outfit to make sure she looked how she wanted to. Tight jeans, high boots, and her red leather jacket over a button-down flannel shirt. Regina’s preference, even though she loved to act like she hated when Emma was dressed that way. She climbed the stairs and went to the bedroom door. It was cracked and Regina’s scent wafted from the room. Emma’s insides turned to jelly as she inhaled and she soaked her underwear. Hopefully I won’t be wearing them for long. She nudged the door open and her mouth dropped open.

There Regina was, posed at the head of the bed like the queen she was. Her skin was flushed, glowing with a thin sheen of sweat, and covered in barely-there red lingerie. Her hand was wrapped around her erect dick, thick head already dribbling her essence, and she pumped almost lazily. For a moment, Emma was hypnotized by the sight. No, she had not seen many dicks in her life, but Regina’s was gorgeous.

The flared mushroom head never failed to hit all the spots inside of Emma and she shuddered just remembering so many moments of delight on the receiving end of it. A couple of veins ran along the side and it had a slight curve to it. The first time Emma realized that curve was a thing of magic itself, she had seen stars and forgotten her name. It was all topped off with Regina being the perfect size to utterly destroy her whenever she wanted it. It was not surprising how often she wanted it.

Somehow, Emma tore her eyes away from Regina’s epic cock and looked Regina in the face. Their eyes met in nothing but sweltering heat. Regina smirked. Emma’s mouth went dry and her brain short-circuited.

“Welcome home, Sheriff,” Regina said with a purr, which did nothing for Emma’s poor brain or underwear.

Drool gathered in Emma’s throat and she swallowed it with a gulp. It helped wet her throat. Words still failed her, though. She held up the roses like a robot.

“What a lovely gift, but I’d rather admire something else. Come.” Regina crooked her finger.

Emma almost did. Her legs moved on their own, going to the side of the bed. She leaned down and Regina was on her, kissing her with such hunger that Regina might consume her. She did not know how she did not burst into flames and fall apart and blow away in a breeze. Regina’s lips and tongue had no business feeling so good, igniting every single nerve in her body. Emma pulled away for air.

“Get naked,” Regina ordered.

Emma nodded and handed Regina the roses. To Regina’s credit, she smelled the flowers while Emma shrugged out of her jacket. Her brain finally turned back on. Wait, I’m supposed to be taking care of her! Making this nice for her, not just jumping right into the fucking.

Emma paused in stripping and moved over just enough, so that she could bend down and slide Regina’s cock into her mouth. Regina moaned, tossing her head back, and her hand went right to Emma’s hair. Emma took her deep immediately, even though, even now with months of practice, it was hard to swallow all of Regina. She managed not to gag as Regina hit the back of her throat.

“Oh, Emma!” Regina cooed.

Now, we’re getting somewhere. Emma bobbed up and down at a slow pace Regina was actually fond of as she unbuttoned her shirt. Regina stroked her head and arched into her mouth. Emma choked for a moment before adjusting and throwing her shirt down. She had on a white wife-beater underneath with no bra. It would stay on until Regina needed her naked.

“Feels so good,” Regina said through a moan.

Emma was about to disappoint Regina, needing to peel her jeans off. Regina groaned as she eased away. Regina’s forehead vein was on full display, so she was already deeply invested and they had barely gotten started. The power of her rut. I’ll definitely make this worth it for her.

“Just gotta…” Emma started to pull her pants down. Damn, why the hell did I put on my tightest pair?

Regina managed a smirk, even though her eyes had glazed over. “Take your time, dearest. I’ll enjoy the show.”

Emma chuckled. “Don’t try to act all composed. You think I couldn’t feel you trembling in my throat? Ready to explode in my mouth?”

“No. Saving that for your lovely, tight…” Regina paused for dramatic effect. “Cunt.”

Emma shivered. Regina said dirty words with such precision. It never failed to turn Emma on. She wiggled and grunted, trying to step out of her jeans. Gotta get these damn pants off! She resisted the urge to tear out of her pants. Regina liked to watch her undress, even when there was no sex involved.

“Well, get on with it.” It probably came out harsher than Regina intended, shades of the Evil Queen’s impatience creeping out.

Emma looked her dead in the eye, a challenge. It would hopefully bring her Regina back. “Or what?”

Regina’s face twitched and her eyes flashed as she sat up. Emma almost jumped back. This seemed really close to the Regina she first met, especially the way her nostrils flared. Calm down. This is your Regina and she loves you and would never hurt you.

“Or I will torment you until the end of my rut by denying you any and all orgasms,” Regina replied.

Emma scoffed. “Your alpha pride wouldn’t let you do that.”

Regina inclined her chin. “If you’d just strip, I’ll show you the full extent of my alpha pride.”

“I’m quite familiar with it.” Emma pushed her jeans down her hips.

“Not with the shot of stamina my rut grants me. I could go for hours.”

Emma clinched at the idea of Regina fucking her for hours. There went her pants, along with her ruined underwear. It was not until she was trying to kick the damn pants off that she remembered she had boots on. Now, she had to get out of the stupid boots. Damn laces. She yanked until her laces finally loosened and she freed herself from both her boots, socks, and jeans.

Emma climbed on the bed and Regina met her with a kiss hot enough to make her melt. She dripped down her thighs as Regina pressed their bodies together. Regina inhaled, taking Emma in. She must have smelled how turned on Emma and eased her hand between Emma’s legs. Emma’s breath caught in her throat as Regina caressed her clit and palmed her breast. Just as she was getting used to the light, almost fluffy touches, Regina pinched her nipple. She hissed into Regina’s mouth as her arousal flowed down Regina’s fingers.

“You’re going to come on my fingers, aren’t you? Regina asked in a low, sexy hiss.

Emma groaned, feeling a vein pump at the side of her neck. “No.” If she confirmed, Regina would remove her fingers as payback for the earlier sass.

“Really?” Regina smirked. “What about now?” She pushed a finger inside of Emma and pressed her palm to Emma’s clit. She pinched Emma’s nipple again.

Emma whimpered as bolt after bolt of pleasure set her blood ablaze. Fuck, how did this go so out of control for me? I’m supposed to be making her feel good! Instead, Emma was on the brink of a climax while Regina hardly received any attention.

“Regina,” Emma managed through a deep moan.

“Yes, dearest?” Regina replied, finger moving in long strokes.

“This is supposed to be about you.”

“Isn’t it?” Regina removed her finger and Emma whined.

Regina smiled at her and eased her finger into her mouth, making a show of running her tongue along her finger. The sight made Emma’s heart thump and her body, already a burn mass of nerves, somehow was even hotter. She whimpered as she throbbed, wanting Regina back, wanting more of Regina.

“Bend over,” Regina said, moving her hand to her side.

Emma stared for a moment, confused by the lack of teasing happening, and then understood. Regina wanted to be in control of her rut. Emma could give her that, no problem.

Emma did as she was asked, down on all fours. Regina wasted no time throwing her face right into Emma’s passion. A jolt shot down Emma’s spine and moaned loudly, wanting Regina to know the effect she was having on Emma. Emma’s body trembled as Regina licked her like she was trying to get every last drop of Emma’s desire. Regina’s hand slid around Emma’s thigh and Regina’s fingers were back on Emma’s clit. That was more than enough for the fire in Emma’s blood to burn right through her. She exploded with a quivering whimper as she somehow managed to stay up.

Fuck! The climax was nice. It helped take the edge off. Emma’s brain was fuzzy from that little bit of attention. She might not survive this rut and not for the reasons she assumed.

“Beautiful,” Regina whispered before placing a wet kiss right on Emma’s ass.

“Oh, fuck me, please,” Emma said, pushing back a little bit.

“Well, you did ask so nicely.” Regina sat up, moving behind Emma. She pressed herself between Emma’s legs, making her moan. Regina was so hard and hot and Emma’s body buzzed with anticipation. Her nerves were overloaded already.

Emma pressed herself against Regina, trying to tempt the alpha. Regina grabbed Emma’s hips to get her to stop. Even that simple action made Emma shiver. One hand left her hip and Regina nudged her entrance before bumping her clit several times with her cock, as if they needed to be any wetter. And then, Regina finally slid inside. Emma cried out as pleasure rippled through every inch of her and she pushed back as her back bent. Regina filled her so well.

“You feel so good, dearest,” Regina practically hummed as she began to move at a leisurely pace. She caressed Emma’s thigh.

“You make me feel good,” Emma replied. It was not a lie. Every inch of Regina made her feel total bliss every single time.

Regina only growled and pumped her hips, still going quite slow, but with a good snap. It was nice, just how she liked it when they were just chilling out. This was not frantic or out of control like she expected. She thought Regina could be clawing at her, ramming into her, and yet none of that so far. She would not have minded, but she preferred this for right now. This was mellow, not something most people would associate with a mating cycle. It kept her relaxed.

Pleasure flowed into Emma like the tides and Regina pulling her hips, gently, softly added to it. Emma did not think a rut could be like this. It was supposed to be rough, harsh, and feral. This was so good. Emma moaned, hunched over, as she matched Regina’s pace.

“Yes, my love. Do that,” Regina said and she leaned down, floating kisses across Emma’s shoulders. 

Emma did just that and Regina rewarded her with a hand on her breast, kneading it as she moved inside of Emma. Regina sped up, just right yet again, as she clutched Emma’s breast perfectly, flicking her nipple. Regina dragged her teeth down Emma’s spine, sending electricity through her body. Her blood was on fire yet again.

There was a shift on the bed and then Regina was plunging into her with vigor. Emma clenched the sheets, falling forward. As ecstasy took over, her body was like jelly and she could not keep herself up. This only drove Regina harder and Emma screamed into the mattress as her orgasm came out of nowhere, yanking her into a sea of pleasure.

Just as she realized what was happening, Regina’s knot pressed against her and then was inside of her, filling her perfectly. Regina did not stop moving. Emma sighed, somehow feeling relief as the knot moved inside of her. She sobbed, feeling an insane amount of delight, softness, and fulfillment. Regina caressed her sides, stomach, and breasts.

“You want to carry my pups, don’t you, dearest?” Regina whispered.

Emma whimpered. “You know I do.”

“And my mark, right?” Regina’s hands drifted all of her torso, sending gentle waves through her, making her so content.

They had not even talked about marks. “Yes…” She would love to have Regina mark her.

Regina leaned down on her, nipping her shoulder. “You’d look so pretty with my mark.”

Emma trembled down to her soul. “I’d wear it with pride, just like I’d carry your pups.”

Regina purred and there were kisses along her shoulders again. It felt so good. Emma eased her body down and Regina followed her, resting on top of her while they were locked together due to Regina’s knot. The kisses and caressing continued and Regina’s knot was still there, giving her that wonderfully full feeling. This was heaven. It had to be.

“This is nice, like it’s for me,” Emma said. How did Regina’s rut turn into something for her? Because you didn’t prepare properly!

Regina chuckled. “If you let me, I just want to please you, dearest. Make you come. Give you pups.”

Emma hummed. “Really?” They had not talked about more kids either. It seemed like they had several things to talk about… when Regina was not in her mating phase.

“Of course. Love you.” More kisses, each one sweeter than the last.

Emma reached back, touching some part of Regina. “Love you, too.” She really did, which was why she wanted this rut to go so well.


The moment her knot went down, Regina pulled out of Emma, earning a disappointed mew. That did not last for long, as she put her mouth back on Emma, tasting them together. It was so good, like the holiest nectar. They were so good. She needed so much more.

Regina used her hands to direct Emma to flip over and Emma followed direction without word, ending up on her back. Perfect. Regina went back to work, licking between Emma’s legs like she was a delicious dessert. It would be such a shame when Emma got too sensitive to her to do this, as she could spend her entire rut eating Emma. Emma moaned, spreading wider for Regina.

Regina made herself comfortable, drinking from Emma. She moved her tongue inside of Emma before going back to sucking on her clit, and then once again going back inside. She caressed Emma’s thighs and stomach, feeling Emma tremble. Emma’s skin was so wonderful, smooth, and she enjoyed having it under fingertips, especially when Emma quivered with pleasure. Emma’s moans fueled her and she just wanted more and more. She just wanted to sate her mate. Mate? You’ve got rut-brain.

“Oh, god, Regina, I’m coming!” Emma gripped Regina’s head, trying to pull her closer. If Regina could have gotten closer, she would have.

Regina rode the wave with Emma until Emma’s body relaxed. She kissed Emma’s wet thighs until Emma caressed her neck and shoulder, prompting her to look up. Emma met her gaze with hooded eyes and a weak smile. Her face was flushed, but she looked so beautiful.

“Come up here,” Emma said.

Regina smiled and did just that, meeting Emma for a kiss. Emma wrapped her arms around Regina and pressed their bodies together as they kissed, slowly, deeply. Regina never wanted it to end. She just wanted to be able to feel Emma all the time.

“You feel so good against me,” Emma said.

“I was just thinking that,” Regina replied.

“Is this rut going good for you?” Emma asked.

Regina kissed her, a gentle peck. “It’s going perfect.” She had not lost control over herself and harmed Emma in any way and they were enjoying each other. She could not ask for more. But, putting a pup in Emma would be nice. She shook that thought away. That was something they needed to talk about. For now, this was more than enough.

They kissed and Emma arched into Regina, soft skin against Regina’s hardness. Regina pumped her hips, gliding through Emma’s warm, silky slit. Emma purred and dug her nails into Regina’s shoulders. Regina sat up just enough to break the kiss and look at Emma.

“Can I?” Regina asked.

“Anytime,” Emma replied. “And I mean that, now and forever.”

Regina kissed her and reached between them to line herself up. She nudged into Emma, making sure to go slow, take her time, and let them both savor the moment. She sighed into Emma’s mouth while Emma clutched her tighter, so she moved. Thrusting deep, but still going slow. Emma spread her legs even wider, grew wetter, and warmer, and Regina groaned as she went in as far as she could.

Emma’s body hugged her so sweetly, lovingly. Making love to Emma was always like being welcomed home, like this was where she belonged. This was where Regina wanted to belong. She loved Emma so much.

Emma moaned, sending wonderful shivers down Regina’s spine. She picked up speed as they shared a sloppy kiss. Everything about Emma was so amazing, even their off-beat kiss that was too much teeth, but it was great. Regina only wanted more. Mark her. Give her pups. Regina shook those thoughts away. They would happen in due time, but now she just wanted to relish this moment.

Regina sat up a little, going faster. She put her hands on Emma’s thighs and Emma threw her legs back, knees by her ears. The sight made Regina groan and she pushed herself even more. She eased a hand between Emma’s legs, thumb stroking Emma’s clit. Luxury was being able to touch such a treasure, to bring Emma such delight that she cried out. She needed to taste Emma, if only for a moment.

Regina pulled out and Emma sounded rather outraged. “Regina!” she snarled.

Regina did not answer, just latching onto Emma’s gem and giving it all of the attention her mouth could. She moaned into Emma’s flesh and Emma caressed the top of her head. That was enough for now. Regina came back up and aligned herself with Emma, pushing back inside. Emma keened and threw her head back.

Regina’s body burned from Emma’s reaction. She wanted to get Emma to make such noise all the time. Regina attached her lips to Emma’s exposed neck, earning even more pleased sounds. I want to mark her. I want her to be mine forever. Now was not the time, though.

Emma rippled around Regina and drew Regina in, but she held off. Growling, Regina sped up once again, needing Emma to climax once more before she knotted her again. She held off speaking, not wanting to make any verbal demands on Emma just yet, even though it was normal in their sex life. Right now, though, it was important to show she had complete control over herself during this rut.

Emma moaned, eyes rolling up into the back of her head, and she gripped Regina with throbbing wetness, exploding around her. It was more than enough for Regina to blow and she could not hold back. It was like she combusted, falling apart in the best of ways. She could not keep it together with Emma embracing her, nor did she want to. Her body jerked as she poured herself into Emma, pushing her knot in. Emma cried out and Regina did the same.

She collapsed onto Emma, breathing into her neck. Emma was covered in a savory layer of sweat, making her smell like tantalizing honey. Regina could not resist tasting the salty skin so close to her lips. Emma rubbed her back as she peppered Emma’s throat with kisses. Emma’s legs came down, trapping Regina where she was, not that she could move much with her knot inside of Emma. She jerked her hips a little, just to move her knot around and continue to please Emma.

“You good so far?” Emma asked, wrapping her legs around Regina’s.

“I want to mate you,” Regina replied, her voice a silly slur. How did that happen?

Emma squeaked. “You do? Is that just the rut talking?”

“No, love you so much.” Regina nuzzled Emma’s warm neck. Her hips jumped on their own and Emma moaned, but clutched her legs a little tighter as if to stop Regina.

“Don’t do that. Makes it hard to focus. I love you, too. How’s the rut going?”

“Love it.” She moved her hips again and Emma rippled around her knot. She gushed even more. “Can’t wait to knot you again.”

Emma chuckled and it vibrated into Regina’s cheek. Regina looked up into Emma’s eyes, seeing the secrets of life there, secrets that had escaped her for so long. This was the best rut ever. She got to be herself, got to enjoy Emma, and got to allow Emma to enjoy herself. She just wanted to have a good time with Emma, be close to Emma, love Emma.

“All I want for this rut is to be with you and for you to enjoy it with me,” Regina said. Emma smiled at her and she could not help punctuating the statement with a loving kiss.


Emma twirled Regina’s hair around her finger as Regina rested against her, like normal. Her rut had not changed her like Emma expected. Even Regina trying to direct her and take control of the situation was not what she expected. She thought Regina would be more aggressive, as that was how people made ruts seem. Regina was aggressive in the sense that she wanted to do everything, wanted to focus on Emma, wanted to worship Emma. Mate with Emma. She blew out a breath.

Just when she thought she would get over feeling overwhelmed, Regina hit her with mating. It was something she dreamed about, first in a general sense when she was a child and recently being with Regina. She loved Regina and wanted to spend her life with her, but a step like this felt like something she might mess up. It was how she felt about things with the rut, too, though. Maybe I need to step out of my head.

Regina moved against her, causing her to look down. Regina’s eyes fluttered open. Emma flushed when they locked eyes, seeing the same smoldering heat, even though she could smell that Regina’s rut had passed. Regina just wanted her that much.

“Are you okay?” Regina asked.

“Sore as hell, but a good sore,” Emma replied with a smile. “You?”

“I feel good. Very good. Thank you for this.”

Emma snickered. “It was literally my pleasure. I worried over what you’d want for your rut and never thought you’d just want me.”

Regina stretched against her. “I only want you.”

Emma smiled. “Enough to mate me? Or was that just rut-brain?”

“It was a poor time to bring it up, but yes, I would love to mark you and be mated. Is that something you want?”

Emma nodded. “I would, but I don’t want to mess this up. I don’t want to mess us up.”

“I don’t know how you would mess anything up. Our relationship has to evolve or it will go stale. I think we’ve both been cautious, but taking this step shows me we’re ready for more. We don’t have to do it now, but we should at least talk about it,” Regina replied.

“You’re right. We talked about your rut and you told me not to worry and I worried anyway. But, I want to stay with you. I want to be with you. So, yes, I would love to talk about exchanging marks.”

Regina smiled. “Good. Are you hungry?”

“You gonna make something? You have the energy to make something?”

Regina chuckled. “No, my dear. I’m going to take a page out of your book and call for takeout.”

Emma laughed and pulled Regina even closer, kissing her forehead. She definitely loved this woman. She could not wait to experience her heat with Regina and eventually exchanging a mating mark with her. This was good and what they wanted. They could be what they wanted.


The end.