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Timeless: A Retelling Of Time

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Not all characters will be added to this list. Mostly the ones i feel like are most often going to be on page or are important to the storyline more than usual side characters.

Lucy Preston

Wyatt Logan

Rufus Carlin

Jiya Marri

Garcia Flynn

Denise Christopher

Connor Mason

Jessica Logan

Amy Preston

Carol Preston

Anthony Bruhl


P.s) For all the haters and non-believers of the ship: Timeless: Side timeline

Hope you enjoy this fanfic! Chapter 1 part 1 will be out by February 28th.. or later.. sadly writing takes a long time and will take a lot of time duo to personal time, school and the writing in it self. Sadly the photo´s does not open on pc but they should open on the phone by holding in the name till the menu gives you your options on saving image, copy image, open image ect.^^ All chapter´s will be split into two parts and sometimes three depending on the word count.