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Neverending Summer Breeze

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"Was this really the smartest move?" 

Ty didn't even glance up, as his twin sister's ghost glided down beside him. Usually, he'd have felt her presence before she announced herself and it irritated him that he hadn't realized her appearance this time.
How much did she know?
Had she followed him since after dinner?
He had been too focused on finding his boyfriend to tell.  His boyfriend.  Ty had liked the sound of that word even though it had taken him some time to get used to. However, now it had somewhat of an irritating ring to it. 


Earlier, when Kit didn't return until dinner was over - and even then there was no sight of him - Ty had decided to start searching for him in his old room.
Back then, Ty had spent many nights in front of that room, waiting for the blond one to stop sulking and to finally agree to become his Watson. Sleeping on the floor had been a rather uncomfortable price he had to pay, and his sister had whined about sleeping in their shared room all by herself but he had been on a mission. Now he was on another mission: Find Watson. Go back to the beach.
He opened the door to Kit's old room without knocking but instead of the blond shadowhunter, a brunette girl was standing in front of the window.
As soon as she heard him enter, she whirled around in a fury and her gaze was steadfast and angry. But as soon as she recognized Ty, her gaze softened. 
"Oh. It's you." 

Instead of taking notice of her, his gaze wandered through the room. Kit wasn't here. But he could still feel the girl's eyes on him. Just as he was turning around to leave, she opened her mouth again.
"I'm sorry about before."
Ty stopped in his movement and slowly turned around again. For the first time that he had met the girl, he looked at her. Actually looked at her. He noticed her wild brown curls that reminded him of his younger sisters. What was her name again? He was sure that she had introduced herself.
Something with an H. Was it Holly? 
He noticed that her eyes were reddened and so was her nose. An indicator that she had cried before he had entered the room. She looked sad, he realized.
"Are you sad?"
For some reason that made her laugh but it didn't sound happy. Maybe he had said something funny.
"That's a weird question when you see someone who just cried you know."

Ty didn't reply. Personally, he didn't think it was a weird question at all - People cried about all sorts of things after all. Some people cried when they were happy or when they were surprised. But he was used to people thinking he was weird - and since he didn't know Kit's friend very well he didn't particularly care. 
Kit. He wanted to go find him. But the girl wasn't done yet.
"I just…hate fighting with Kit."
Ty nodded. That was something he could understand. Having been in a fight with Kit before, he knew what that felt like.
Sighing, she turned away.
"Maybe I just hadn't expected that…I'm still in love with him."

It was that moment, Ty felt like someone had slapped him across the face. Startled, he stumbled backwards, but she didn't seem to notice. 
"The two of you were…together?" 
Again, that joyless laugh. He decided that he hated the sound of it. Something in his chest turned. 
"I'm not surprised he kept that to himself."
He didn't know how to respond. There was this strange feeling inside him. His stomach hurt and his chest felt like it had been pierced by something sharp. His heart was racing. Hannah looked like she was about to say something else. He turned and left.


He wasn't exactly sure why he felt like this, but he knew that Livvy was right - he wasn't acting smart. He could've told Kit about this encounter but when he had opened his mouth to address it a weird feeling of anxiety overwhelmed him.

Why hadn't Kit told him anything about dating this girl? And why did he bring her here?

He wanted to be smart about this. Ignoring Livvy's intense gaze, he again walked over to his desk and started writing.

        1. They hadn't seen each other in two years and those two years he was dating someone else.

Wasn't it reasonable to date someone else when they hadn't seen each other for so long? Probably. 

        2. Kit was hiding the fact that he used to date someone else.

But why hide it? He wouldn't hide it if it was just a fling. And the girl had said that he was still in love with him so maybe…

He shook his head. No, he decided. Concentrate on the list.

          3.Kit had brought her to the institute

He stared at his list in contemplation, biting his lip. Why did he bring her to the institute?
Was he still in love with her? 
Slowly, Ty raised his gaze. The ink began to run on the list, but he did not even notice. 

What if he was still in love with her? Wouldnt that make sense?
She was pretty. Ty hadn't cared about that before but now that he played it through in his head he could definitely see it. And she wasn't just pretty - she seemed friendly. Uncomplicated.

Surely, no one would think of her as weird.

His gaze returned to his list, trying to ignore the black puddle of ink, but that worked just as well as not thinking about Kit's girlfriend. He crumbled the list in his right hand before getting up again, frustrated.

How long did they even date?

And how far did they go? Further than....?

Ty felt the heat rush into his cheeks as his thoughts wandered back to when Kit discovered the dagger under his pillow 6 months ago.


He grits his teeth.
He was still embarrassed about the way he had acted that day, maybe Kit thought it was embarrassing as well. Maybe he was so embarrassed for Ty that he decided to date him out of responsibility. Would Kit think that it would be the decent thing to do? Was he just some kind of second choice and hadn't even realized it until now?
Worse, had Kit just realized it and now he wanted to get back together with her?

"By the angel, just go and talk to him!" 

He looked up at Livvy, who had been watching him this whole time. 
It wasn't as if she could read his mind but she was his twin sister and knew him like no one else - besides, apparently she had watched them for a while now. "What am I supposed to tell him?", he said shaking his head.

"Well, what are you thinking?"

Ty hesitated. "I'm tired."

He walked up to his bed again. 

Livvy rolled her eyes. "You're not thinking that."

She was right, of course. He was thinking about searching for Kit's room. In his head, he walked through the corridors. But when he imagined his face in front of him, his stomach seemed to turn. 

Tomorrow, Ty promised himself. Tomorrow I'll talk to him.