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Neverending Summer Breeze

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Kit was standing in the hallway, walking back and forth in front of the wall Tessa would usually use for portals. It was summer vacations and Kit was excited to spend the entire summer at the LA Institute. Since the last time he'd seen Ty they had been texting non-stop, and he couldn't wait to see him again. Luckily neither Tessa nor Jem were suspicious of his request to spend summer in LA. On the opposite, not only were they happy that Kit and Ty were talking to each other again, they were excited for Mina to spend some time with the Blackthorns too. Kit couldn't agree more. Tessa and Jem deserved some time for themselves and there wasn't any better babysitter in the world than Julian Blackthorn.

There was just one teeny, tiny problem and that problem was a pretty brunette called Hannah.

Kit sighed.

No, that wasn't fair. Hannah wasn't a problem. He actually quite liked her!

It's been almost a year ago, that he had been dating her for a little while and for some reason Tessa thought it would be a nice surprise for him if she'd tag along. He couldn't blame her - after all Hannah was still a great friend to him and because of that he'd never found the need to clarify their relationship to Tessa. And he hadn't told her about Ty either, so how could she possibly know that the real reason why Kit had been acting rather different was because he just missed his boyfriend like crazy.

Just the thought of that word made Kit grin like a lovesick idiot. And to be fair, this was exactly what he was.

And it wasn't just Tessa - and Jem - who didn't know about their relationship. He hadn't have the chance to tell Hannah about Ty either.
Kit wasn't uncomfortable in his sexuality. He knew he was bisexual since he was 15. It was just that he got used to not talk about Ty. After all, they were still fighting when he left.  
Everything it took was to someone mention the blackthorn boy, and Kit would shut down. So he never got around to tell them:"Hey? Remember how no one was allowed to even mention Ty around me? Well, we didn't just make up we also made out!"
So there he was,waiting for Hannah to arrive, both almost bursting with excitement to see Ty again yet worried about how to tell everyone about their relationship.


As soon as Kits feet touched the ground of the LA Institute his eyes met Ty's who was sitting at the stairs. Seeing Kit, he jumped up immediately.
He ran towards him and pulled him into a hug.  For a moment he forgot about Hannah and his family.  With Ty in his arms, all he could think of was him and only him.
"Sorry!", he said when he finally let go of his boyfriend.  "I didn't mean to startle you."
Ty chuckled.  "It's fine."
Kit smiled.   He   wanted  to  reach  for  Tys   face  and brush his  fingers  over his  face.  But just when  he  was about to give in to this  temptation,   he   felt  a  hand  on his  shoulder  and  Hannahs   face  showed up next to his.
"Hi!  I'm Hannah! ", she introduced herself cheerily.
"Oh. Hello."

Now  Ty was startled.
He realised that he had been too excited to see Kit again that he hadn't paid attention to his environment like he usually he did.  Therefore, he hadn't noticed the brunette girl standing next to Kit.
But now that he did he couldn't help but noticethat she was standing a little bit too close to Kit. He gave his boyfriend a questioning look.
"Oh.  Hannah, thats Ty. Ty, Hannah my friend from school. "
Ty cocked his head slightly.  Something felt off but he couldn't point a finger on it.
It must be because she surprised me
Finally, he gave her a slight nod.
"Nice to meet you."

"No way! Is that Christopher Herondale?!"
Kit almost sighed in relieve when another familiar face showed up on top of the stairs.
"Can this be true?"
"Dru!", he waived his hands.  She grinned and slid down the railing.
"Good to see you agai-ough"

While laughing, she practically jumped into his arms.

"Good to see you again? Thats everything I get?
I've missed you stupid! You're like - the worst texter!"

He chuckled and patted her on the back.

She let go of him and finally her gaze shifted to his company. "Oh, hi!"
"Hey!  Nice shirt.  I got the exact same one. ", Hannah pointed at Dru's shirt.  A plain white shirt except for the letters 'werewolf lives matter' that were written across her chest.
"I know!" ,Dru said happily.  "Kit mentioned it!  Oh, I'm Dru by the way. "
"Really?" ,Hannah raised her eyebrows in surprise.  Her gaze shifted to Kit — who obviously tried to avoid it — and back to Dru.
" Huh." ,she cocked her head slightly.  "That's weird.  He never mentioned this to me. "

"Um, well.  I should probably show you your room! ", Kit tried to change the topic.
"I'll see you later.",he gave Ty a long look hoping no one else would notice it before grabbing Hannahs arm and puling her after him. "C’mon lets go!"

Kit walked her to the room Tessa had told him to bring her to before their department. She put her bags down and walked up to the window from where you could see directly over the sea.  Hannah gasped in excitement.  "It's beautiful!" ,she sounded thrilled.
"Isn't it?  It's really easy to miss the view. "
She smiled.  "I believe that."
She gave him a long look before turning away from the window.
She walked up to her bags again and started to unpack.  Kit leaned against the window.
"Sooo…." ,she began.  "Dru seems nice!"
"Yeah, she's great.  You're gonna love her. "
Hannah raised an eyebrow but said nothing.
"Um, actually.  There is something I wanted to talk to you about. "
Finally, Hannah thought.
This was the moment she had been waiting for.  Finally, Kit would be honest with her.  She turned around and sat down on the bed, waiting for Kit to continue.

"Did someone call for a Herondale reunion?"
blond head appeared in the doorway.
"By the angel!" , Hannah jumped off the bed in excitement.  "You're Jace herondale!"
"The one and only", jace grinned. " Sorry Kiddo, I didn't know you had this lovely lady over. "
He winked at Hannah, and Kit could swear that she started blushing.  He rolled his eyes.  This was Jace Herondale for you.
"Hey I wanted a hug, but I guess you're out of that age now?"
"I'm practically not a teenager anymore.  If anything I'm exactly in that age again. "
Jace just laughed.  Kit walked up to him and hugged him.  He hadn't realized how much he had missed the older one.
Maybe this was a Herondale thing.  That Herondales would always need other Herondales.
"I didn't know you'd be here."
"Yeah, me either." ,Jace said.  "The sorry miss, I'm afraid I'll have kidnap that one for a second. Would that be alright with you?"
Hannah giggled.  "As long as you return him in one piece!"
"No promises."
Kit looked at Hannah to see if she was really okay with that but she merely nodded.
"Go. We'll talk later."

The two of them had decided to leave the institute and take a walk at the beach. It was a hot and sunny day - Kit definitely missed those. As if Jace could read his mind, he suddenly looked at Kit.
"Not a lot like these days in Devon, huh?"
Kit just shrugged.
"You get used to it.",he looked up and grinned. "But then again - you don't really."
Jace grinned. Then he suddenly got serious.
"I was surprised to hear that Tessa would bring you here."
Kit just nodded. He bit the inside of his cheek and thought about it. He knew it wasn't exactly safe for him there but then again was it anywhere?
"I know what you're thinking.",he finally said. "But it's not the first time I've been back here and nothing happened. Besides, they can find me at Devon just as well as in the Institute. It's not as if I'd attend any shadowhunters business."
"Not yet at least."
Kit raised an eyebrow. "What are you talking about?"
Jace sighed.
"Listen. I probably shouldn't say this but you're almost 18 and someone has to have that talk with you."
"That talk? I hope you're not referring to…"
"By the angel, no!",Jace shook his head in horror.
"I'm talking about your future. Y'know - Tessa and Brother Zachariah mean well but they can't hide you forever. And both of them don't really know what it means to be a shadowhunter anymore
Listen, I think it's great that you have people that show you that being a shadowhunter isn't the only thing you can be. And that we're flawed - I didn't have that luck. I grew up thinking being a shadowhunter is the best thing you could be. I know now that that's wrong - but personally I still think being a shadowhunter is darn great."
He gave Kit one of his Herondale grins and Kit tried not to roll his eyes.
"What I'm trying to say is - you don't have to be a shadowhunter. But you can be one if thats what you want."
"Tessa and Jem just want me to be safe."
"I know. They're good people but they can't protect you forever."
Kit nodded.
"Hey, you don't have to decide now."
He knew Jace was right. He had tried not to think about it. The truth was while he liked how normal his life had been — except at home — he was a bit sad that he couldn't go to school like a shadowhunter. Like he had planned a long time ago, together with Ty. And Livvy.

They walked for a while in silence when Kit could make out another silhouette in the distance. A smile appeared on his lips. He would recognize that guy from miles away.
"Sooo…was that everything?"
Jace followed his gaze to the blackthorn boy and a grin formed on his lips. He clapped Kits back.
"Go. Have fun.",he said.
"But Kit, you should really talk to that girl in your room."
With these words he turned around and left Kit on his own.

Kit would probably have had a harder time worrying about Jaces words but as soon as he saw his boyfriend standing in front of the Sea, his black curls getting messed up by the wind, he seemed to forget about everything else.
He picked up his pace but just before he arrived he slowed down again. He didn't want to startle Ty knowing he'd probably hate this. But Ty must have heard him coming anyway because he turned around before Kit could even reach him.
They smiled at each other coyly. Kit scratched the back of his head nervously. "What are you doing?"
Ty stepped forward and took Kits hand in his own. Kit felt something cold and heavy in his palm and when Ty stepped back there was a big black Seashell in his hand.
"I'm searching for these seashells", he said. "They're known for glowing in the dark, and I think I might be able to create a kind of paint that works almost like a witchlight."
"So you could paint a whole wall if you need lightning instead of using one rock!"
Ty smiled at him and nodded. "I knew you'd understand."
Kit looked at Tys smiling face and sighed. "By the angel, Ty. I've missed you like crazy."
"I know. I've missed you too.", he stepped up and gave Kit a quick kiss on the lips.
"Now help me collect these shells."

Still startled he watched as Ty turned around and started searching for more shells. He had yet to get used to this bold side of Ty. He watched him reach into the sand with his long fingers, carefully searching the ground. The wind whipped through Ty's hair, yet he didn't seem to notice it. Kit, if he were an artist like Julian, would paint this scene. A grin appeared on his lips and just when Ty stood up again, he threw his arms around him and they stumbled into the sand. 

They tumbled over on the sand, tangled together until Kit ended up on top of him. He laughed.

"Not funny!",Ty complained. "I lost my seashells."
"Sorry, sorry." ,he was still laughing. "I'll help you find new ones."
"No.  My shirt is full of sand now. It's itchy. "
Kit smirked.  With one hand he wandered over Tys chest and tucked on his shirt.
"Maybe you should get rid of it then."

Ty felt the heat crawl up his face as he turned red.
With one push he threw his boyfriend off of him.
"What are you talking about?" ,he turned his face away as he sat up.
Kit still laughed while watching his boyfriend getting all flustered.  He was adorable.
"Okay, okay!  How about we go inside so you can clean up and then we'll come back once it's dark.  That way we'll be able to find the seashells that glow the strongest. "
"Don't think I don't know you're just trying to talk yourself out of accountability." ,Ty said.  "But... that's actually a good idea. "
He got up and tucked on his shirt.  The sand rubbing on his skin made him feel itchy and uncomfortable.  He really needed a shower.
Then he turned and offered Kit his hand.
"Lets go inside."