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be good, behave

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There’s a soft thud as Xichen’s body hits the wall, the stone of the Unclean Realm unforgiving. It knocks the air from him, forces a grunt from deep in his chest, briefly stuns him. You want him stunned. It’s easier to take hold of his wrists and pin them up by his head. It’s easier to crowd him against the wall. It’s easier to drop his head and lavish kisses all over his throat.

That makes Xichen move again.

He starts to struggle, to squirm, to try and get away. He fails. There’s no way he can— well, that’s not entirely true. Xichen is a capable man. He could get away from you if he really wants to.

(And if he really wants this all to end, he just has to say one word. This is a favorite game for both of you. Xichen gets to be controlled and pushed around, and you get to lose your control in a safe way. There are few who can push Xichen around. It isn’t often safe when you lose control.)

Xichen’s head twists away from you, and when you chase, he twists the other way, trying to get away from your desperate mouth. You let him fight back for a little bit, but it isn’t long before you tire of chasing Xichen. You release one of his wrists and grab his chin in a bruising grip. It makes Xichen whimper.

You tell him he needs to be good, he needs to behave. He was the one who asked for this, after all. He was the one who looked at you from under his lashes and gave you secret little smiles. He was the one who came looking for you to have a “private chat.” You know what he wants.

He wants you, and you… you have always wanted him.

He still tries to fight you, his mouth pressed tightly shut in an attempt to keep you out. That won’t do. You put your lips close to his ear, whispering that it wouldn’t do for his uncle to find out what he’s been doing. It doesn’t matter that you’re the one pushing him. It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t really want it. His uncle would still be disappointed in him for not remaining nice and pure like the Lan Clan rules say. (That’s what you tell him, anyway.)

He whimpers again and you know you’ve got him.

A little squeeze of his jaw, and he opens his mouth. Good boy. You lick into his mouth, kissing him deeply, desperate to taste every little bit of him. Xichen shivers against you, his body taut. He doesn’t kiss back, but that’s okay. He’s being good. He’s being so—

A sharp sting makes you pull back. He bit you. Xichen bit you, your lip bleeding where he broke the skin. That won’t do.

You slap him hard, the crack of it ringing through your room. His cheek immediately begins to redden. His eyes fill with tears. That should be enough to tell him not to do that again. You kiss him roughly now, blood and all, a thrill rushing through your body when you finally feel him go loose and pliant. That’s what you want. That’s how you want him.

It will make what’s to come so much easier.

It’s nice to take your time, though. You kiss him for longer than you probably need to, but it feels nice, so you keep going. It feels good to tease him, to toy with him, to be so nice when you know you’re going to be so mean later. (Also because you know Xichen likes kissing. He loves to be kissed and doted on and loved. You also know he likes this, too, being dominated and forced.)

Your cock is throbbing by the time you’re done kissing him, hard and desperate against your trousers. It’s easier than it should be to push him to his knees, the sound of them meeting the stone floor loud. You fist your hand in his hair to hold his head in place. Your other hand starts working to pull aside your robes and trousers. Xichen seems to realize what you’re doing, and he starts to struggle again— pushing at your legs, grabbing for your hand, trying to pull himself away.

You tighten your hand in his hair, yanking hard, telling him to stop before things get worse for him. There are tears in his eyes. He looks angry.

He looks beautiful.

You finally pull your cock from your trousers. Xichen eyes it warily (though you can see some of his hunger bleeding through). You order him to open his mouth.

He refuses, but that’s fine. You like a challenge.

The hand not fisted in his hair grabs his jaw and forces his mouth open. For a while, you just hold it open, until his eyes water and spit drips down his chin. Only then do you put your cock in his mouth. You go deep right away, making him gag and splutter, and you don’t stop. You fuck his mouth, guiding his head back and forth over your cock. He still struggles, but not as much as before.

It’s probably hard for him to struggle with your dick in his throat.

(He’s usually so smug when he sucks you off, able to take you deep in his throat almost immediately. He’ll look up at you, his confidence clear in his eyes. Xichen has always liked sucking your dick, even letting you fuck his throat like you’re doing now. It’s always wonderful.)

You watch him gag and cry, his face turning red, and you’re certain he’s rarely looked more beautiful. Just the sight makes you cum all over his upturned face.


He always looks incredible with your cum all over his face, but he looks even better when he’s been crying— his red face makes the white stand out.

Xichen almost looks relieved now that you’ve cum, like maybe you’re all done with him now.

You’re far from done with him.

Your stamina is to be envied, your cock often still hard even once you’ve cum two or three times. (Xichen knows this about you, of course. He loves it.) There’s a lovely (pretend) horror in his eyes when your cock doesn’t go down even after you’ve spilled cum all over his face.

He’s not an easy man to throw around, even for you. Xichen is over six feet of muscle, and he’s surprisingly heavy for so elegant a man. But you can still throw him around, and you want him on the bed for the next… activity.

The order for him to take off his clothes is forceful— a demand and not a request. He still pauses, frozen, afraid. You slap him, even harder than before, the force of it making his head twist to the side. He cries out in pain. You half expect him to say the word that will end all of this. You’re prepared for it. You won’t be disappointed if he does. You’re being a lot rougher with him today than usual.

Instead, he reaches for his belt. Xichen is slow to undress, hesitant, but underneath the finery of his first two layers, you recognize his underlayers as clothing he doesn’t care about. That’s good. It means you can help him out of them. He gasps as you grab him, the sound of ripping fabric echoing through the room. He hasn’t taken his forehead ribbon off.

You don’t strip all the way down. Your outer robe comes off,  but that’s all. He begins to struggle again. You grab him by the hair again— not avoiding his ribbon, which you’re delighted he has left on— then by the back of his neck to pin him to the bed. It’s difficult for any man to struggle when you’re pinning him by his neck, even Xichen. You do use some oil. Only a little. Only enough to easily get your fingers into his hole. That’s all that’s really needed anyway. You don’t intend to fully prepare him, but it won’t be pleasurable for either of you if your big cock goes into his tight hole completely dry. 

He starts begging when he can’t struggle, a litany of Stop and Please and No please Mingjue spilling from his mouth, muffled in the bedclothes. His body clenches and tightens around your fingers— two at once, of course— and just makes it harder for himself. You slap his ass this time, watching as the muscle wobbles and skin turns pink, smirking as he cries out beneath you.

Just be good is all you tell him, your lips close to his ear as you finger fuck him.

You make sure to find his prostate, pressing against it, listening with delight as he gives a sobbing moan— his pain and humiliation and pleasure all mixing together. It’s so nice to break him like this, to watch the elegant and composed First Jade of Lan sob and moan and struggle and beg.

Your cock is still out, still hard, and Xichen starts his weak resistance anew as you press the head against his hole. The angle is difficult, though, so for now you just rub the tip of your cock over his hole, making sure he knows how big it is. (You both know he is intimately acquainted with the size of your dick.) You let him squirm for a while, let the fear and humiliation set in.

Be a good boy… Be a good boy so I can turn you over and look at your pretty face, A-Huan. He sobs again, but his struggles do stop. You murmur good boy and that’s my sweet A-Huan as you flip him onto his back.

His face is still red and wet with tears and scrunched with pain and fear. One more quiet please, Mingjue, no but it just makes you kiss him with mock softness.

You take his thighs— powerful, beautiful— in your hands, fingers pressing into the flesh so hard you’re sure they’ll leave bruises. (Xichen can always make them disappear if he wants to. He never wants to.) Then you push, push until Xichen is bent in half, push until his knees are up by his ears and his asshole is on full display. Hungrily, you dive in. He protests that it’s dirty, that he doesn’t want it, that he wants you to stop.

You don’t stop.

You eat his ass like it’s a fine meal— licking, slurping, spitting— and he cries through it, unable to struggle because he promised he’d be good, unable to reconcile the pleasure he feels with the humiliation. But you don’t stop. This is all the slick he’s going to get.

There’s more begging when you press your cock against his hole this time. You like it. He shouts when the head of your cock breaches him, gasping and crying, his fingers scrabbling against your chest. You love that. You want him to mark you up, to claw at your skin, to leave proof of this moment.

You press in, slower than you normally would, wanting Xichen to feel every inch of your cock filling him. His body is tight around you— so tight and so hot and so so fucking good. You let him scratch at your chest, pull at your hair, wail, scream, all of it. Your hands remain firmly on his thighs. Your eyes remain affixed to his beautiful face.

Pulling out, he gasps again, your cock dragging over his insides before you push back in. The first few strokes are like that— slow, almost tender, a mockery of gentleness. Each one makes him sob and groan, each sound he makes more lovely than the last.

But this isn’t quite what you want yet.

You want to see him squirm and fight, want to hear him howl and scream, want to witness the beautiful and proper First Jade of Lan break.

You start fucking him hard, hips slamming into his, the slapping sound of flesh on flesh filling the room, his cries increasing in volume.

Xichen claws at your chest, beats at you with his fists, tries to pull your hair, bite you, anything he can feasibly do in his position. Only then do you remove one of your hands from his thighs and slap him, ordering him to stop before you have to tie him down. You tell him to hold the headboard and keep his hands there or you’ll do it for him.

He obeys. He cries, but he obeys.

You keep fucking him hard like that, noting happily that he’s starting to get hard. Filth pours from your lips— yes, A-Huan, such a good little slut, getting hard while I fuck you like this, fuck you like you were meant to be fucked — and it only makes him sob harder, his face red and screwed up and covered in tears and snot and spit and cum.

It doesn’t take you long at all to cum again, spilling inside him with a few hard thrusts, but true to form, you’re still hard and good for one more round.

He’s back to begging— Mingjue, Mingjue, it hurts, stop, please no more, it hurts! — his knuckles white where he’s gripping the headboard. Other than the begging, Xichen has gone largely pliant, just sobbing and writhing.

He looks perfect.

It’s much nicer to fuck him now with all your cum easing the way, and the sound of it is wet and filthy and so good. You release his thighs and lean over to kiss him, nipping at his lips and licking into his mouth. He opens for you obediently, even kisses back a little between sobs. In the midst of it, you reach down and wrap a hand around his dick, stroking him even as he bucks against your touch.

You want to make him cum.

He should get something nice from this, after all. It’s really the least you can do for him.

He cums relatively quickly, even if his orgasm looks far from enjoyable to him (though you know he’s loving it just like he enjoys all your little bedroom games). You are not done yet. You fuck him through his orgasm, all the way into oversensitivity, until he’s writhing and squirming and begging and screaming.

That pushes you over the edge.

You pull out and spill onto his chest, your cum mingling with his, white coating his belly and spraying up to his chest.

Finally, you’re finished. Xichen curls himself up into a ball, as if he could hide from you, and you just curl up behind him— A-Huan, A-Huan, you were so good for me, such a good little slut letting me fuck you like that and fill you up, I can’t wait to do this again with you — and wrap your arms around him.

After a moment, you press your lips softly to the back of his neck and murmur, “A-Huan… A-Huan, are you with me?”

You wait patiently for his answer, knowing it may take some time. It usually takes him a while to come back to you after you do something like this with him.

“Mn… I’m here,” Xichen eventually replies, his voice soft and tired, a little raspy from screaming.

“How was it? Was it what you wanted?”

Xichen wriggles in your arms until he can turn to face you, a smile on his sweaty, tear-stained face.

“It was perfect, da-ge.”