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Something Brand New

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The second they’re in the elevator, the pressure is back. Something about them being alone in small enclosed spaces, he thought. No room for air to circulate to dissipate some of the tension between them. He felt high. Too high. He needed to calm down and get some control over the situation because he had plans. Meticulously thought out, mapped out really, plans. She’s quiet and it would make him nervous but he’s quiet too and he knows it’s because they’re both realizing what’s going to happen when they get inside her apartment. It seemed to take longer than necessary to arrive at her floor. He can’t touch her yet. Can’t allow the electricity in her body to seep into his until they’re behind her locked door. It had been building for too long on the way from his place to hers. 

They stepped off the elevator in lockstep and it’s so silly that he’d missed just walking with her. Down a hallway to bang on a perp’s door. Down the streets of their city. Through the bullpen on the way to interrogation. He smiled at the thought and caught her eyes out of the corner of his. She mirrored his smile. He wondered if she was thinking the same thing. They did that sometimes. She fumbled with her keys at the door. His eyes widened. She was nervous. He bit his lip and reached out to run his hand from her shoulder down her arm. She blew out a breath and she pushed her door open. They both stepped in and he locked the door behind him. He tugged her arm so she turned around to face him. He couldn’t help the smile that spread across his face. 

“What do you want to drink? I have wine. And coffee.” He pulled her into his chest and her arms immediately wrapped around him. “And bourbon.” She whispered. He pressed his lips against her cheek. He just needed to touch her. He needed to calm both of their nerves. He moved his lips to her ear and her jaw and her neck with barely there kisses. He couldn’t stop. They stood there for whatever amount of time, he didn’t know or care. 

“Sit. I’ll get the wine.” His voice was raw. 

She fidgeted with her phone while he was in the kitchen and he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. He heard low hypnotic music flow through the apartment and it was driving him crazy. He put the wine down, forgetting all about it as soon as it left his hands. He stalked toward her, his eyes all over her body until he was standing directly in front of her. He backed her up to the couch until her ass met the arm of it. Their eyes were tethered together, unwilling to separate. He felt his pulse in his fingertips. The feral need to touch her was overwhelming his other senses and he couldn’t concentrate on the very little control he had left. 

“Take off your coat.” His voice left no room for anything other than obedience and her eyes widened. 

Her eyes were darker and more expressive than he had ever seen. He wanted to take so much from her. He wanted those looks, those eyes to belong to him. Suddenly, he thought this might be too much for her. He did have a list of things he needed to do, after all. He was self aware enough to know that he could be a little too intense but she knew that better than anyone. Although, he’d never wanted anyone as much as he wanted her and that had him worried he’d overstep. That he’d push her too far. But he had warned her what he was going to do and he’d seen the flash of fire in her eyes. 

She unbuttoned her coat, pulling on the belt halfway through. She stood there in a black and green lace bodysuit and high heels that would have gotten her lectured by her podiatrist. He could have come right then if he was in his right mind. But his need to take from her sat in the forefront of his jumbled, overstimulated mind. His eyes slowly traveled the length of her body and when they made their way back up to hers, he saw the self-satisfied smirk on her lips and his lips curled up. The realization that she’d shown up to his house at 10pm in nothing but this lingerie under her coat hit him in the dick. 

His hands reached out and trailed over her hips as he pushed her to sit on the arm of the couch. As much as he wanted her to stay in these heels, he wouldn’t let her ankle bother her any more than necessary. He bent down and ran his finger tips down her thighs to her ankles, removing both shoes. He could see the damp skin on her inner thighs and he needed to feel it. He kissed his way from her shins to her knees, alternating legs as he made his way up to what he wanted most in this world. He needed to feel her come apart around his fingers. He stood up and removed his t-shirt. His flat palm was on her chest, pushing her back onto the couch with a bounce. She gasped and giggled and scrambled back to give him room to follow her. Her teeth scraped her bottom lip and he felt the flush across his palm as it spread over her chest. 

Jesus, Olivia. You are the sexiest fucking woman I’ve ever seen.” He moved his free hand up to her bottom lip to trace his thumb over it and pull it out of the hold of her teeth. He knelt between her thighs and hovered over her. Her hands roamed his chest and stomach and forearms and he was about to lose his goddamn mind. He grabbed her forearms and slowly pushed them above her head, settling some of his weight onto her body. His lips were inches from hers and he felt her breathy pants against them. “You’re going to tell me if you need me to stop.” She smirked again and raised her eyebrow. He smiled. “You’re not going to touch me unless I give you permission.” He leaned down and ran his tongue along the top lip of her open mouth, dipping in to taste her tongue. “And you’re going to follow my directions, Captain.” He couldn’t help it and rolled his hips against her, making her moan and squirm under him. “Think you can handle my rules?” 

She stared into his eyes and nodded. “Yes.” She whispered and it was barely audible. He wondered how far gone she already was. He ran his hands roughly from her arms down her sides and pushed off of her slightly so he could unfasten the bottom of her bodysuit. He dragged his finger up and down the lace covering her pussy and watched her eyes roll back, her hips lifting off the couch to chase his too light touch. He slowly unfastened the clasp on the lace and pushed it up to bunch around her stomach. She lifted herself on her elbows to watch him and their eyes locked again as he dipped his fingers into her dripping, white-hot heat. Fuck he’d never felt anything like this. It was all consuming and he was fixated on the feel of her. He held his finger at her opening and let her body pull him in. The feather light touch of his thumb rubbing circles around her clit made her eyes roll back again and he’d never get tired of seeing that. He leaned in to hover over her again and ran his tongue up the column of her neck to her lips.

He pulled his finger out and added a second, curling them both to hook against her front wall. She gasped out a fuck and he pushed on her clit a little harder. She was still up on her elbows and he tangled his free hand in her hair, pulling her head back so he could shove his tongue in her mouth. His kiss was quick and he lingered above her lips. He tapped against her g-spot before pushing his fingers deeper and harder, thrusting in and all the way out. He felt her walls flutter around him already and he was so torn between wanting her to come right the fuck now and never wanting this feeling to end. She was panting and moaning and he felt her stomach tighten. 

“Do you want to come, Olivia?” He moved his left foot to the ground to give him more leverage. His hand was still wrapped around her hair and she nodded quickly. “Ask for it.” He slowed his movements, the wetness of her arousal almost pooled in his palm. 

“Please.” She breathed out. “Please, El.” Her voice grew more and more whiny. She licked her lips and looked into the depths of his eyes. “Please make me come.” 

He smiled and wondered who was really in control here. She knew what she was doing when she lowered her voice but she’d done what he asked. “Good girl.” He pushed into her harder and her hips lifted off the couch again. He curled his fingers as they pushed in and out of her, her hips moving on their own against him. “Come for me.” It’s all he had to say and her head fell back as he kissed up and down her neck, feeling the vibrations of her moans against his lips. They were guttural and raspy and the hottest fucking thing he’d ever heard in his life. How he’d gone two decades without this, he’d never understand. Her walls tightened around his fingers and pulled him in deeper rendering him unable to move. He pushed on her clit and rolled his thumb across it, making her hips freeze in the air and all of the breath in her body rush out with a wail of his name. He stilled his thumb and waited for her to relax against the couch and come back to him. 

He continued to kiss her neck and chest as he slowly removed his fingers from the clench of her walls. He wanted to pick her up and take her to the bedroom, lay her on the bed and peel off the rest of the lingerie. Fuck it. He did it without another thought. She was like jelly in his arms and he couldn’t help but be proud of himself that she needed a minute to recover. As he lay her down and her hair fanned around her pillow, he felt like the luckiest son of a bitch to ever walk this earth. And when she opened her eyes and reached for him, he knew he’d never deny her anything ever again. He crawled into bed beside her and she turned on her side. She hesitated before she touched him and he smiled wider, giving her a nod. She brought her hand to his neck and ran it down his shoulder, trailing down to his fingers that were inside of her. She moved his hand up to her mouth and locked into his eyes before sucking his fingers into her lips. Her tongue on his fingers made him even more painfully hard for her. He inhaled sharply and pulled her on top of him so she straddled his waist. Her heavy breasts were held against his chest by his hand on her back.

“What were your plans tonight, Olivia? You wore this…” He removed his fingers from her mouth. “And nothing else.” He fingered the straps on her bodysuit. “All the way to my apartment.” He raised his eyebrow at her smirk. "Were you going to fuck me?" 

“I told you I wanted to remind you of what you could have.” Her voice was pure sex. Low and raspy and hitting him in places he didn’t know existed. 

He laughed at that. “What I could have.” He repeated with a chuckle. He looked at her for a second before continuing. “You’ve always been mine to have though, right?” He knew he was pushing her but he wanted to see if she’d get caught up in her thoughts about what he was about to make her say. “Say it.” She moaned and rolled her hips against his dick, hard and still restrained in his jeans. He didn’t know why he needed to hear her say that she’d always been his but the need was staggering

She was breathing loud and erratically and she wasn’t going to give it up. He smiled and bit his lip. God he couldn’t wait to make her. He reached down and unbuttoned his jeans, his knuckles rubbing against her clit in the process. He held her down so she couldn’t sit up to give him room to maneuver his hands. Instead he ran his knuckle from her clit all the way back as he unzipped. “Say it , Olivia.” She tightened and bit her lip to keep the words from tumbling out. He smiled wider and pushed his jeans and underwear past his thighs. Her eyes flew open at the feel of his dick against her. “Tell me how you’ve always been mine.” He gripped her hips a little too roughly to still her and rolled his hips into her. He shouldn’t be pushing her and he knew he’d likely regret it after the haze of all of this finally settled. But he wanted her to admit that she was just as tormented by him as he was by her all those years ago. 

He flipped her over without losing any of the contact they were so desperately chasing. He pushed himself up to his knees and got rid of his jeans, tossing them to the floor. Her hair was fanned out against the pillows again and her wide brown eyes locked in on his. It would always be like this. This deep connection neither of them understood fully and were too afraid to question. The physical aspect of it all felt natural in a way that was unsettling. It had never felt natural before, with anyone else. It was always… work. Effort. Racing to the finish line. But this. With her. Jesus, he could do this forever. His palms grazed her stomach and traveled up to her perfectly round tits. He pulled the cups of her bodysuit down and pinched and pulled on her hard nipples, his hips grinding into her at the same slow tempo.

"Is this the part where you fuck me or make love to me?" His eyes widen with surprise at her question and he lets out a small laugh. He tugs on her nipples harder to make her moan again. She doesn't disappoint. 

“That depends on if you’re going to give me what I want.” He leaned down into her space, face millimeters from hers. His hand moved up to her neck and he couldn't help but squeeze it lightly, the raging need to make her fall apart again growing by the second. She dug the back of her skull into the pillow and breathed out a fuck, El again and he closed his eyes, concentrating on not coming all over her. He moved to position himself so he could push into her easily and too slowly. Her feet squirmed by his calves as she fought to thrust her hips up into his. His hand spread over her stomach and held her to the bed so she couldn’t. She was getting more and more frustrated and he loved every single second of it. She felt so good around him like smooth, hot velvet. “Open your eyes.” He could barely keep his own open but he wanted to look into those rich, chocolate pools as he slid further inside of her. “Are you going to give me what I want, Olivia?” She let out a tiny little whimper as he moved in another inch and stopped again. She bit her lip and shook her head slightly. He was hoping that would be the answer because she was about to pay for it. 

He kept up the agonizing pace until he hooked her knees in his forearms and bottomed out. Her back arched and he sank in deeper, making both of them moan loudly. She squeezed her walls tightly around him and he groaned again, licking his lips. He pulled all the way out and gently pushed back in, feeling all of the ridges and tightness around him. She felt so fucking good. She was getting wetter by the second and it was making his mouth water. He dipped his face down to hers and swallowed the moans with his lips and tongue. He repeated his actions, pulling all the way out each time as her moans got breathier and more raspy and he felt her legs start to shake. It wasn’t enough to make her come but he’d hold her right on the edge until she begged him for it. He could do this to her all fucking night. 

He pushed a little harder just to give her a taste. “ Elliot .” She panted out his name and he wanted to hear it again. He pulled all the way out and rubbed the tip of his dick up and down, pressing against her clit. He had to get control of his breathing. He slowed down and breathed in deeply before exhaling. She caught his eyes and smirked. “You know you want to fuck me. Hard. Fast.” He rolled his eyes. That’s exactly what he wanted but she was going to give in to him before that happened. 

“All you have to do is say it.” He pushed back into her and her eyes rolled back in her head. He went even slower this time, adding the pressure of his thumb to her clit. She was right on the edge and he heard the desperation in her moans now. He watched as her eyes screwed shut tight and he could feel her walls flutter around him. She pulled him further into her and he felt the wetness pool at the tip of his dick. He didn’t speed up and he was glad to know she actually could come like this, albeit silently. Which he did not prefer. He couldn’t keep his eyes off his wet dick sliding in and out of her now. There was no way he was stopping and her whiny panting spurred him on further. As she got louder, he smiled. 

Please, El. ” She breathed out with her eyes still closed tightly. He sped up his thrusts and she let out a low, grating moan. He spread her thighs wider and put some of his weight on them to keep them spread. Her eyes flew open and she scrambled to grab onto something, settling on bunching the sheets in her white-knuckled fists. “ Fuuuccckkk. ” His mind was reeling and he could only concentrate on the feel of her, willing himself not to give in and fuck her senseless until she said the words he needed to hear. And then she did. “I’m yours. Always been yours.” She panted. “ Please. ” He stopped, pulled all the way out and flipped her over onto her stomach. She gasped and let out a filthy little laugh. 

He repositioned her so her ass was in the air and her cheek was flat against the mattress. The curve of her spine under the bunched up lingerie did things to him that he didn’t expect and he found himself impaling her without much warning. She screeched out his name in a higher pitch than he’d ever heard her voice and his hands continued to pull her hips back into his faster and harder. “Is this what you wanted, Olivia?” He was surprised he could still talk with all of the sensations running through him but he couldn’t shut the fuck up. 

God yes. ” She moaned out with a smile on her pretty, disheveled face. There were beads of sweat along her hairline and down the back of her neck that he couldn’t stop staring at. He wasn’t going to last much longer and he needed to feel her come again. He reached around her thigh to rub tight little circles on her clit and she pushed up on to her arms, slamming back into him with the same force he pushed into her. 

“Come for me, baby. I need to feel you come.” He panted out and ran his hand along her spine pushing hard on her lower back so she’d fall back down to the mattress. This time her orgasm was loud and intense and as her walls squeezed too tightly around him, he spilled into her. He rolled his hips against her and rode out their waves of pleasure together. In sync in every way. 

After they’d caught their breaths, they each used the bathroom and he once again carried her back to her bed. “You know, I can walk El.” She smirked at him as she lay her head on his shoulder. 

“Your swollen ankle says otherwise.” He laughed when she hit him in the chest. He sat her down on the bed, pulled the bodysuit off finally and waited for her to say something clever but it never came. She pulled the covers back and cozied herself under them, patting the space beside her. They lay on their sides facing each other, eyelids heavy and soft smiles permanent. “Are you okay?” He whispered. He needed to check in with her. This was huge and brand new and not at the same time. There was no going back now. No more friends, for now. No more pushing each other away. 

“Yeah, I’m good.” Her smile deepened. “Are you okay?” 

He nodded. “Friends?” He held out his hand to shake her on it. She slapped it away with a laugh. 

“I love you.” She whispered. It seemed like an accident and suddenly both of their eyes widened comically. She rolled her eyes at his surprise. “Like you didn’t know.” Her smile was so beautiful. Radiant, even. He leaned forward and kissed her thoroughly. “But don’t ever tell me not to touch you without permission ever again.” 

He laughed at that and nodded. “I love you so fucking much.” He kissed her again. "Now go to sleep because I'm waking you up early and I'm going to taste every inch of your body."