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joy always knew this day would come, ever since she presented as an omega, at the age of sixteen, she saw the way her parents lighted up with glee, being an omega meant one thing, she was going to end up with an alpha. and what better alpha than bae irene, daughter - an only child - and heiress of bae industry.

her parents and the bae family had been close friends for years, even before both their daughters were born, it became only natural for the adults to make sure that their daughters would have a good mate.

since then joy knew, that no matter whatever happened, bae irene would be her alpha.

she knew irene ever since they were kids, growing up together gave joy a good idea of how the alpha was; serious, always formal and sometimes faintly aloof, all of that never stopped her from being attracted to the older alpha.

still, actually being married to irene was more different than she thought. irene barely paid attention to her, even on their wedding night, the alpha had slept in a separate room, claiming that they weren't forced to mate that day.

it only made joy annoyed, there she was, one of the most wanted omegas in the city and irene just turned her back on her? she was aware that their marriage and bond was forced on them, but there was nothing they could do about it. so why was irene being like that?

joy decided that if the alpha wasn't going to give her the attention she wanted, she would force her to do it.

it started simple, joy subtly pumping pheromones every time she passed next to irene at the kitchen or the living room, but when the only reaction she got was a side glare or a scrunched up nose from the alpha, she decided to take things a step further.

sometimes she would forgo her clothes, walking out of her room clad in only a towel or her underwear, she would catch irene lounging on the couch or sometimes she would even stroll into the older alpha's studio without announcing herself.

the only thing she got out of that was irene working with a locked door.

joy was getting tired, is this really how the rest of her life is going to be? having a mate who doesn't even look at her? sure, irene was a great alpha, providing everything for joy: food, clothes, even the apartment they both lived in. but that wasn't enough, an alpha, a real alpha was supposed to take care of their omega in all levels, what would happen when sooyoung had her heat?

with all of her previous failed attempts, joy pulled out the only trick left on her book.

it was a saturday, meaning that joohyun would be working from home - and locking herself up in the studio. joy got up early, heading to the gym, working out extra hard that day, making sure that the alpha coach that was there helped her get in the right positions, even if she didn't need any help, joy wanted to make sure those alpha hands would get on her skin, leaving behind an scent.

and if joy got a little closer than usual to her coach, pumping a little pheromones to make his scent stronger, well, she made sure nobody noticed.


when she arrived home, irene was in the kitchen, cooking some lunch, joy knew that the alpha always had a meal ready for her whenever she came from working out.

so it was really easy for her to just stroll into the kitchen - body still sweaty and filled with all of the smells product of her busy morning- and just brush against irene. with the alpha facing the stove, joy went behind her, using the excuse of getting something from the aisle on top of irene to press herself onto the alpha.

there she felt it. a sharp intake of breath coming from irene, her grip on the frying pan faltering for a second and her body tensing. only when joy pulled apart from her was that she was able to see the state of irene.

the alpha still had her back turned to her, but was visibly shaking, an for a second joy got worried, afraid that she might've taken things too far. after all, her mother always taught her to not mess around with alphas.

however, none of her worries mattered anymore when irene finally turned to look at her, only giving her a second to react before the alpha had her pinned to the counter behind her.

joy felt irene burying her nose on her neck, harshly breathing her in, before the alpha let out a growl.

"what did you do, joy?" sooyoung wanted to whimper, never before hearing irene's voice like that. instead, she only arched her neck, offering more skin to the alpha.

but that didn't seem to calm irene, instead making her only more desperate. "god, you stink like some filthy alpha" irene growled the words into her sensitive skin, letting out her pheromones to scent her.

and god, she was scenting her. irene was scenting her.

"irene, alpha, i needed it, i needed someone" she breathed out, choosing to keep the act up, the smell of ink and lavender filling her nostrils, she felt almost intoxicated by irene.

irene gripped her hips, pulling her flush against her body, and even if the alpha was smaller than her, joy was able to feel the hard planes of her muscles, hidden underneath her clothes. and how badly she wanted to feel them.

"you really are no different than any other low-class sluty omega" she can see joohyun fuming, her body burning up against joy's.

"no, alpha-"

"don't call me that" irene barks against her face, holding joy's jaw tightly in one hand, forcing the omega to look at her, "i've been trying to be your alpha, joy, respecting you and giving you the place you deserved, but i guess you just wanted to be fucked like a bitch, right?"

joy tried to fight the moan leaving her mouth at those words, but it turns futile when irene tangles a hand in her hair, yanking her head back to scent her neck again.

"i'll give you what you want then"

in a surprising show of strenght irene carried her to her room, joy's mind reeling at the thought of irene's bed smelling like both of them.

joy was almost delirious from irene's scent, her mind hazy and filled only with alpha alpha alpha, she just wanted irene to be inside of her already. in her dazed state joy didn't even noticed irene stripping her from her clothes, until she felt irene leaving wet bites down her naked skin.

every touch of the alpha's lips felt like blazing fire, she didn't know it was possible to want someone this much, the liquid heat between her legs aching for irene's touch.

irene trailed down her body, raking her nails across joy's skin, leaving angry red marks behind. when she got between the omega's legs irene gripped the sides of her thighs harshly, growling as joy parts her legs.

"you've been driving me crazy for weeks, omega, you smell so fucking good" joy could feel every breath irene let out against her center, she tried to jerk her hips up to get some contact on her slickness but irene only gripped her thighs harder. joy was sure that it would leave a mark. and god, how badly she wanted her alpha to mark her up.

"please, alpha, please" she sounded breathless and wrecked, and irene was in no better state, being that close to joy's wetness and having her citrus scent filling her lungs made her burn inside.

it just made her want to take. so she did just that.

without giving joy a warning irene dived into her folds, the omega feeling the long, raw drag of her tongue against her clit and she tilted her head back in pleasure. one of the hands holding her down coming up to her breast, irene pulling at her sensitive nub.

"alpha, god" joy moaned, burying her face into the pillow, letting out another whine when the smell of irene's shampoo hit her. her ankles locked together, trying to pull irene closer, but the alpha just grunted, once again pushing her legs apart.

the way irene was licking into her was driving her crazy, slow but not soft, pressing onto her slick skin and refusing to push into her. joy was grabbing handful of the sheets, bucking into the alpha's face.

"you wanted this, didn't you?"

joy tried to speak, but only a moan came out of her mouth. she tossed her head to the opposite side of the pillow as irene lightly grazed her teeth against her clit.

"use words, omega"

"yes-so much-alpha, i want you so much"

joy could feel the rumble of irene, her inner alpha pleased with her response. she let out more slick at the thought of finally pleasing the older alpha.

a pair of fingers pressed at her entrance and joy jerked down against them, groaning at the stretch when irene doesn't hesitate to enter her. the fingers pushed and curled inside of her and joy whined, mumbling nonsense. she closed her eyes to focus on the delicious drag of irene's fingers, feeling embarrassed when she is able to hear the squelching sound.

irene started to speed her movements, adding force to the thrusts of her fingers, making joy grind up her hips, meeting irene's thrusts.

"fuck" joy breathed. she felt the muscles in her thighs spam and she pulled at the sheets, groaning. "alpha, so good, you fuck me so good"

irene growled in response, coming up to joy's face, fingers still fucking into the omega.

"that's right, only i can fuck you like this, only i get to see you like this, my omega" the alpha bit into her neck, right where her shoulder meets her neck and god, joy knew it wasn't a mating mark but it could be, irene could just bite her harder, rip her skin and then they would be mated.

joy whined up at the ceiling, head dizzy with the thoughts of the alpha claiming her and the fullness of having irene's fingers on her. it's hard to breathe when she had the older woman so close to her, nipping at her neck and nosing at her gland, she wrapped her arms around irene pulling her flush against her.

joy knew she was about to fucking lose it, right when irene grazed at her spot and curled her fingers at the right tempo.

"irene-unnie-fuck, don't stop, i'm coming-"

"come for me, princess" it's the last thing she heard before snapping, her legs tangled around irene's middle, forcing her into her. her back bent into the alpha, before she's forced down. irene pinned her hips, trying to stop joy from tossing around.

joy whined, irene was licking her neck, her fingers still thrusting softly into her before completely pulling out.

the alpha hovered over her, eyes searching across her face. joy saw that all the alpha aggressiveness was long gone, only irene - calm, soft and sometimes aloof, irene - but the alpha took her face into her hands, softly cradling it, and joy knew, that this was not the same irene.

"what did you do, joy-ah?" irene muttered, her eyebrows furrowed.


"don't, joy. talk to me like your wife, not your alpha"

joy felt lost for a minute, never in the almost month of their marriage had irene refered to herself as her wife. she felt regret for a moment, having used the alpha's insticts to get what she wanted.

"i just wanted you to want me, unnie, just as much as i want you" she mumbled, turning her head to look in any other direction but irene.

she felt the soft exhale of breath the older alpha let out, "joy, i want you, i've always wanted you"

"what?" she scoffed, this time looking at irene in the eyes, "you've been avoiding me this whole time and even when i tried to seduce you, you pulled away!"

irene huffed, "joy, i really wanted to respect you. i wanted to be a good alpha for you" when joy only rolled her eyes, she continued this time she layed next to the omega.

"listen, i was raised into a conservative family and i was taught how to treat omegas properly. of course when you just started strolling around almost naked i had no idea how to react. it never crossed my mind that you wanted to get a reaction out of me, i just thought that you'd want to be comfortable at your house and that i was being an animal for thinking about you like that" irene shook her head, clearly embarrassed if the blush dusting her cheeks was any indicator.

"unnie, i think we both were being irrational" joy chuckled, snuggling closer to irene, seeking the alpha's warmth. knowing that irene wanted her as much as joy wanted the alpha made her want to be all over her.

"i think so, too, joy-ah"