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The count down

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Five days till the tragedy. Only if they knew what was coming to them on the final day. The day Castiel opened purgatory and released the darkness that was locked away by God himself.
Day one before the mistake. Dean noticed Castiel´s absences but never did anything since Castiel had an excuse each time. First was fighting a war,finding weapons,ording angels excetary and once he even sent Dean someone else to take his place till he wasn´t busy but that backfired she ended up trying to kill Dean and his brother along with castiel. Dean should have noticed this and checked up on him.
Day two before the mistake. Dean prays to Castiel and he actually answers ¨Cas I been praying to you for two weeks! But you come now? What's more important than stopping the apocalypse Feathers?!¨ Dean hissed. Castiel stared and stood his ground trying to think of an answer that wouldn´t cause an argument .¨Dean, I was busy wi-¨ Castiel was interrupted by Dean ¨Don´t tell me! With heaven's big war?¨ The angel nodded which annoyed Dean. Dean turned away ¨fine then go back to your precious heaven¨” Dean grumbled while he heard the sound of angel wings making a whoosh noise meaning he left.
Day three before the mistake. Dean laid back on his 1967 impala hood staring up at the skies. His thoughts filled with the angel wondering what he was actually going through. He sighed and got off the hood of the car. He climbed inside and drove back to bobby´s. When he finally arrived at Bobby's he was pulled into the house ¨Kid we got to talk¨ Dean stared at the man he saw as a father. The man was slightly round and had a bushy beard. His clothes were dirty from sweat and oil and ontop of his head was a dirty old baseball cap. Afer snapping out of his thoughts he opened his mouth to speak.
¨Bobby what's this about?¨” Dean looked around and noticed his brother Sam. Sam was like a moose, Tall,strong and dark brown hair. Sam is the youngest even though he's 6´4 and Dean was 6´1 tall but not as tall. Sam´s voice brought him back to reality ¨Dean! Hey you okay? I been calling for you for a few minutes now…¨ Dean glared ¨I´m fine…now what´s going on here?¨ Bobby sighed ¨I think your angel friend is hiding something…¨ Sam agreed with Bobby which annoyed Dean ¨Guys it´s Cas! He's our friend!¨ Bobby looked to the side ¨Dean I think we have a superman gone dark…¨ Dean stared in disbelief.
Day four before the betrayal. Castiel stayed invisible to everyone as he listened to Bobby and Sam. He sighed realizing they were becoming suspicious of him but Dean wasn´t? Castiel felt a weird pain in his chest knowing he´s betraying his best friends trust the man who barely trusted anyone but for some reason trusted Castiel of all people an angel with his trust… Castiel would probably never understand why Dean trusted him since Dean did say all non-humans should be killed since he was a hunter but not him. He started to question what's right.
Castiel followed Dean to a park and saw him sit on a bench. The angel sat next to him and sighed ¨Would you ever forgive me…if I do this?¨ He whispered knowing Dean doesn`t even know he's here. Castiel stood up and left for heaven. Dean felt a presence and looked next to himself and questioned what just happened. Dean stood up and went back to Bobby´s for the plan. The plan the hunter decided to do to prove his Best friend's innocence.
The three men set up the trap for castiel. They poured a bottle of holy oil around in a circle and then in the last part they had Dean stand in the middle knowing Castiel would always show up for him. Bobby held a match waiting for the tme to lght it while Sam stood back and watched waiting for the Dean to pray. Dean closed his eyes ¨Castiel get your feathers down here we need to talk…¨ They all heard the sound of wings and looked at the angel.
¨Dean what do you need? I´m in the middle of a war. ¨ Castiel said in his normal sotic tone ¨These two think you`re working behind our backs but i know you`re not right Cas?¨ Castiel nodded slowly ¨Of course Dean…It's not like superman gone dark side¨ Castiel gave a fake smile. Dean stared before backing out of the circle ¨Do it Bobby…¨ Bobby lit the match and threw it on the circle Causing a ring of fire to appear around the angel.
The angel looked stunned ¨Dean, What`s the meaning of this!¨ Dean looked at Castiel with a light angry face ¨Superman gone darkside? Cas…¨ Castiel´s face drained color slightly realizing the error ¨Dean let me explain!¨ Bobby shook his head at the sight ¨Don´t listen to him Dean he's probably lying to you!¨ Dean sighed ¨Let him explain even though it wouldn´t make a difference…¨ Castiel looked at Dean ¨Dean I'm doing this for you! I…I'm working with Crowley for you I'm trying to save us… Raphael will kill us all if I don´t do this…¨ Dean sighed ¨Cas I was here to help you should have said something not do this…¨
Castiel looked down and before he could open his mouth the windows broke and everything around them was soaked from rain blowing in ¨Dean run! Raphael is here!¨ Dean stared at Castiel and went to let him out till Bobby and Sam grabbed him and dragged him out the window. Dean stared at Castiel who stood in the ring of fire with his same old stern face. Castiel watched the fire go out slowly and made his escape back to Crowley´s…
…Dean walked with Sam and Bobby to an abandoned warehouse they assumed was where Crowley hid. As they walked Dean felt his chest hurting knowing he may see Castiel. He felt his heart hurt when Castiel told him he was working with that demon and lied about it to his face. Dean shook it off and made his way into the abandoned warehouse.
Dean saw them and listened to their conversion ¨Alright castiel you have the final ingredient correct?¨ Castiel nodded ¨Yes,I do¨ Crowley nodded ¨Well bloody pour it angel!¨ Crowley yelled. Dean ran in ¨Castiel dont!¨ Castiel looked at Dean and poured it. Crowley grinned and said the spell. When nothing happened he looked at Castiel and then at the blood. ¨So you think I wouldn´t notice it's the wrong blood?¨ Crowley smirked and tasted it ¨Dogs blood clever castiel…¨ Castiel walked arounf the table and held out the right blood.
The angel looked at Crowley ¨You may be a demon but I to can trick you¨ Castiel poured the right blood and started to say the spell ¨Cas no!¨ Castiel held his arms up as purgatory opened and thousands or more souls entered him. Dean covered his eyes along with Sam and Bobby due to the bright light. When it finally stopped Dean wa the first to look up ¨Cas…?¨ Castiel smirked when Raphael showed up ¨You are no match for me anymore…¨ Raphael snapped but nothing happened which shocked everyone in the room. Castiel walked forward and snapped. Raphael the archangel exploded just from a snap.
Castiel looked at Dean and his friends ¨Bow down to your new god…me¨ Dean stared in shock ¨Your joking right…¨ Castiel tilted his head ¨Do as your told or suffer the punishment.¨ Dean slowly kneeled before Castiel or his new god. Castiel disappeared which made Dean stare while his brother Sam tried to comfort him.
Dean has seen Castiel for weeks but when he did it was the final day. They had a trap all set for him since Dean remembered the first trap didn´t work. They sent Death after him but Castiel wasn´t affected. But seeing Castiel and his vessel buring was painful. Dean still cared for the angel even despite the problems he´s causing. But this trap wasn´t really a trap since Castiel came to him in pain ¨Dean…please help me…¨ Dean of course never said no to him no matter how much he should have. Dean followed the steps to send the souls back while Castiel laid on the floor slowly closing his eyes.
Dean was focused on thought till Castiel said something. ¨Dean…I may not make it…so I wanted to say…um…¨”Dean interrupted him. ¨Stop…Cas don´t¨ Castiel was quiet and looked down. Dean leaned down and helped the angel up and to the wall. ``Alright Cas…what's next¨ Castiel sighed ¨got over there and let me do the spell…¨ Dean listend and slowly let go of Castiel. Castiel started to say the spell and a bright light started to shine as the souls were being ripped from his body. Dean shut his eyes tight.
When the light finally stopped Castiel collapsed. Dean ran to Castiels side ¨Cas! Please wake up…¨ Dean didn´t cry he only let heavy breaths out till the angel woke up ¨Ugh Dean…?¨ Dean held him tight ¨Cas…you're okay!¨ Dean let him up and smiled. Castiel was confused and gripped his stomach ¨Dean run! They're coming!!¨ Dean stared in confusion that slowly turned to fear when Castiel had black ink leaking from his eyes and mouth ¨The leviathan!!¨ Dean stepped back at the sighed till Castiel gripped his shirt collar ¨Castiel is hehe gone…we run the show now¨ Dean stared in fear as Castiel shoved him back and groaned. His vessel wasn´t holding right due to having many leviathans in the body.
Castiel's body walked out limping as blood and black goo leaked from his mouth and eyes. He limpped to the town's water and broke the chained fence and walked in. Dean chased after him and watched his friend sink into the middle of the water and soon bubbles formed above where he sank and the water was turning black and an old trench coat floated to the surface. Dean picked it up and held it to his chest despite the wet cold trench coat pressing against him he held it tight as he was about to cry. But of course he held it back when Sam and Bobby ran behind him and looked into the water.
The water had black goo going through the pipes and the three men knew they had another issue to handle but this time without Castiel. Dean was alone without his best friend and the man he had some weird feelings for. They had to handle this alone.