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The Difference Magic Makes

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“Get the isolation room ready, Nurse Potter.” Dr Pitt ordered as he grabbed some files.

“How many beds?” Harry is instantly alert. The isolation room is only used when there is a patient with a highly contagious disease.



“My thoughts exactly.” Pitt looked grim. “We don’t know what we are dealing with exactly yet. A mysterious white powder in the mail.”


“Your British is showing.” Pitt teased lightening the mood for a moment before he was serious again. “I have to go meet two of people who are possibly infected. One opened the letter and the other might just have a cold, but it is better safe than sorry.”

“I’ll get everything set up.” And Harry set out to do just that.

He sets up four beds, evenly and generously spaced and turns on the negative pressure for the room. He also casts a few cleaning spells to make sure that the room is completely sterile. Bethesda was a mixed hospital, it catered to both the magical and the muggle, even if half of the patients weren’t aware of that fact. With the room clean, he set up the UV laps to help kill of any bacteria that the patients could bring in with them. They had no idea what they were going to be dealing with it could be anything from anthrax to plague or hopefully something innocent like face powder. Merlin, he hoped it was something like face powder.

Now he just had to wait.


Half an hour later, Harry notices that the light in the outer room turned green before it opened submitting Dr Pitt and two others. One is a woman who seems too smug for the position that they were in and the other: a man that was unfairly attractive.

“I'd like you to meet Nurse Harry Potter, your duty nurse for tonight.”

“Hi, guys.” Harry tried not to make his voice too preppy when greeting them. If he was them, he would find it irritating. “How are you?” Why did he ask that?

“Nurse, these are Agents Caitlin Todd and Agent Anthony DiNozzo.” Pitt continued with the introductions.

“Kate, please.” Her voice was thick and nasally, she must be the one with a cold.

“Please, call me Tony.” The attractive man gave him a lazy smile. Harry had a feeling that if they were in a different situation that the man would have kiss his hand if Harry had offered it. “I love your accent.”

“A pleasure.” Harry couldn’t stop his answering smile. “And thank you.” Normally he got a little annoyed when someone commented on his accent, but this man was just charming enough not to.

“Ahem.” Pitt cleared his throat with an amused look. “As a precaution, I'm starting your prophylaxis with streptomycin.”

“Prophylaxis is a measure taken for the prevention of disease, Tony.” The woman, Kate’s voice was rather irritating.

“That's why I use them.” Tony said with a forced grin. Harry didn’t understand what he meant by that, but he had a feeling that it was a joke, so he laughed making Tony’s grin more natural looking.

“Oh, you don't want to encourage him,” Kate rolled her eyes.

“Right.” Harry frowned at her attitude but decided to ignore it for now. “Um... take any beds you want, you guys.”

“Thank you, Nurse Harry.” Tony winked before heading to the first bed he saw. Kate headed to the bed next to it and made herself comfortable and shot Tony a glare.

“But it's prudent to keep some separation in case one of you has been infected.” Pitt pointed out

“Thank you, Doctor!” She motioned for Tony to be the one that moves

“Brad. We're informal here.”


“Are these things sunlamps, Brad?”

“U.V. Kills the bacteria in the air,” Harry answered instead of Pitt. “Although I can arrange for a sunlamp if you wish.” He couldn’t help but be drawn to him.

“Oh, not for me. It's for Kate.” Tony smirked looking over at his colleague.

“What?” She looked confused.

“Yeah, a little nude sunbathing might get rid of those tan lines.” Okay that was funny. Harry laughed quietly but headed to the door.

“Doctor, could you put him to sleep, please?” Kate whined.

“Bye Nurse Harry Potter.” Tony waved as Harry and Pitt moved through the air pressure doors.

“Bye.” Harry waved back.


Harry and Pitt moved to the observation room to keep an eye on the patients.

“I see you and Agent DiNozzo seem to be getting along.” Pitt commented.

“He’s cute.” Harry shrugged nonchalantly.

“Maybe once this is over you could ask him on a date.”

“I just might.” Harry grinned behind his face mask.


“You know what this feels like?” Tony asked his isolation buddy while Harry kept an eye on them from the observation room.

“I'm afraid to ask.”

“Like I'm the king of cool.”


“Elvis was the king of rock and roll. Travolta is the king of cool.” Tony sounded so offended that it was funny. Harry couldn’t supress a chuckle.

“Well thanks for the clarification.”

“And do you know why I feel like Travolta?”

“I feel a movie coming on.”

“The Boy in the Plastic Bubble. Travolta plays this boy born with an immune deficiency. This is before AIDS. He lives in this giant plastic bubble.”

“Tony. Tony, please.” Kate begged. “We're stuck here together. Can we just make a pact? Until we're out... I won't make fun of all the stupid things you say, and you won't tell me any more film scenarios. Deal?”

“Deal.” Harry was suspicious about how easily Tony gave in.

“Thank you.” Kate sighed with relief.

“Harry.” Yep, he knew it.

Harry turned on the mic to reply. “Yes?”

“You may find this of interest. You look pretty without the mask, by the way.” Tony rambled. Harry was pleased by the compliment and was happy that he couldn’t see him otherwise he would have seen the blush on his face. “Ralph Bellamy plays the doctor. Ralph Bellomy was this ...Great old-time actor. He was in "His Girl Friday" with Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell.”

Harry listened to him ramble with a fond smile on his face. He really hoped that he came out of this all right.

The evening passed with Tony rambling on and off and driving his colleague insane. Harry found himself grinning more often than not until a very serious looking Pitt walked in and turned the mic off.

“All the blood cultures came back negative except for Special Agent DiNozzo's.” Pitt looked grim. “He's infected with Y. pestis.”



Masked up, they entered the isolation room and started to set up an IV.

“Bedtime snack, Brad?” Tony quipped.

“Oh, IV drip increases the efficacy of streptomycin.” He explained

“They teach you efficacy at Harvard Medical?”


“Can't be. It's too weird.” Harry kept half an ear on that conversation while he moved to Kate to tell her that she was in the clear.

“What, are you a Wolverine, too?”


“Wait, you're that DiNozzo?”


“Ninety-two. Columbus!”

“We kissed our sisters.” Harry was officially lost; he had no idea what they were talking about, but they seemed happy, so he focused on Kate instead.

“Thirteen-thirteen tie. You broke your leg in the fourth quarter.”

“You broke my leg in the fourth quarter.”

“Oh, god. They're going to start bonging beers next.” Kate groaned as the two men continued to catch up. It really was a small world.

“I don't think so.” Harry shook his head remembering the test results. It looked like he wouldn’t be asking Tony out on that date any time soon.

“Oh, you don't know Tony.” She disagreed. “He epitomizes sophomoric.”

“His blood test came back positive.” Harry told her. He was breaking protocol by telling her first, but he wanted her to stop taking jabs at Tony.

“Positive?” Her voice shook at the news.

“You're okay.” He was quick to reassure her. “He's the only one infected.”

Harry honed back into the conversation happening on the side of the room when Tony asked:

“So, tell me, Doc. What have I got?”

“Pneumonic plague.” Pitt didn’t beat around the bush.

“Plague?” He paused and then repeated sceptically. “Plague?”

“Yeah, Tony.” Kate scrambled up from her plague and stormed over to Tony’s bed. “Plague! Because only you would go off and get a disease from the Dark Ages!”

“I didn't put plague in the letter.” Tony protested

“You opened it!” She yelled

“Yeah, so I opened it.” Tony was getting more agitated. “What are you so upset about? It's not like you're lying…” He froze and a look of horror spread over his face.

“Hey, calm down.” Harry got in between them. “She’s fine.”

He had a feeling that Kate was about to lie and say that she did, but they didn’t have the means to ‘take care’ of her while looking after Tony. Tony was the priority and the fact that she also had a cold meant that she posed a danger to him. That and so long as she was in the room, Harry couldn’t use his magic to help. He would be able to get a back dated sign off on showing Tony magic because of the emergency but it would be harder to get one for Kate.

“She is?” Tony was still a little too wide eyed for Harry’s liking, so he continued. Pitt seemed content to let Harry take the reins in calming him down.

“Yeah,” He stepped closer to the bed. Already he could hear the slight wheezing of the man’s chest. “It’s just you I’m afraid.”

“Oh, you know I think I’m starting to remember some movies about the plague…” Tony’s eyes glazed as he tried to distance himself from the situation, he was in.

“Achoo.” Kate sneezed startling him.

“If you give me your cold, I am going to kill you.” Tony snarked.

“You need to go.” Harry turned to Kate.


“He’s right.” Pitt finally stepped in. “Your blood is clean, and we would like to keep it that way.” He gently pushed the woman towards the doors. “Come on, I’ll show you where you can wait.”

That left Harry alone with Tony.



“What do you know about magic?”

“My mum was a squib.” Tony told him to his relief.

“So you know that it exists at least?”

“Yeah, that's about it.”

“Well, you’re about to learn a lot more.” Harry smiled wryly.

Magic could do a lot of things but it couldn’t kill the plague. In the end, Harry mainly focused on keeping Tony’s lungs clear. He was frustrated by how little he could do for him. He couldn’t give the agent a strengthening potion as that might strengthen the bloody disease that he was trying to help the man fight off.

“Can’t you just…” Tony struggled for breath. “Magic it away?”

“If you weren’t a muggle then yeah.” Harry rubbed his back in soothing circles. “Witches and Wizards tend to deal with muggle diseases much better than muggles.”

“Does it help that I-” He wheezed. “That I’m probably classed as a hedge wizard?” He coughed. “Not enough to go to wizard school,” He coughed again. “But I can light a candle and brew a half decent potion.”

“You are?” Harry sat up as his mind raced. “If I give you…” Would a pepper-up potion help or make things worse? “Let me get Dr Pitt back in here, I need to speak to my supervisor.”

“Are you really a nurse?” Tony asked breathlessly.

“I’m a Healer in the magical world but I’m a nurse in the muggle.” Harry smoothed Tony’s hair away from his face. “Stay strong, I’ll be back shortly.” He shot him another lung clearing spell.

“Yessir.” He mocked saluted as his chest relaxed slightly.

Harry smiled fondly at him before hurrying out of the isolation room. He hurried over to the waiting room where Pitt was sat with Kate who looked as if she had been crying.

“Pitt, I need you to stay with Tony.”

“Of course.” The man leapt to his feet and hurried from the room.

“What’s wrong? Is Tony…”

“Not now.” He shook her off when she tried to grab his arm to stop him.

Kate tried to follow him but the door shut and electronically locked behind him.

As soon as he was in his office he slid to his knees in front of the fire and threw in some floo powder.

“Stevenstone!” Harry called through the fire.

“Potter?” A dark face came into view. His brown eyes locked onto the fire with concern, after all it wasn’t often that Harry needed to floo the Head Healer.

“We got anything to cure the pneumonic plague on hedgewitch?” He demanded not bothering to explain.

“The plague-? You know what? I don’t want to know.” The man sighed. “Yeah give me a sec.” He moved out of view and Harry was left waiting for ten uncomfortable minutes. His knees hurt from where he was kneeling on the hard floor but he ignored the pain with practise ease.

Stevenstone came back into view with a brown box. “I’ll send this through your floo.” He shoved the box into the fire and it popped out on Harry’s side slightly singed but in one piece. “The red vial he needs to take immediately. His cough will get a lot worse for a few moments but hit him with a lung clearing spell and he’ll be good. He needs to eat something and then take the blue vial. A hour later he’ll need to take another red vial followed by the green vial. After that he should be fine.”

“Thanks, Stevenstone!”

“You tell me the story later and we’ll call us even.”

“Deal.” Harry cancelled the call and ran.


Unfortunately Kate was waiting at the doors for him to come back through.

“What is going on?” She demanded to know.

“I need to get back to my patient.” Harry told her sternly and tried to get past her. She stepped in his way again.

“You’re just the nurse, surely you can take a minute to explain things to me.” She fluttered her eyelashes at him.


“Please call me Kate.” She placed a hand on his arm.

“Agent Todd remove your hand from my person before I remove it for you.” Harry seethed. He needed to get these potions to Tony and this woman was slowing him down. “I am busy.”

When she all she did was pout, he brushed her hand off and walked away.

“Wait!” She called after him but he didn’t stop. Thankfully she didn’t follow him this time and he made it back to the isolation room uninterrupted.


Tony had gotten worse in the fifteen minutes he was gone.

He was wheezing more and struggling to breathe. Every breath seemed to sap more and more energy from him.

Harry announced that he was back by shooting Tony with another lung clearing spell.

“Harry.” He breathlessly greeted the nurse, his mouth pulled into a tired smile.

“Potter?” Pitt asked him a silent question. Whether it was alright for him to show off magic so easily and whether he was prepared for all of the paperwork after wards.

“Its fine, he’s one of mine.” Harry beamed, “Which means…”

“Which means you can treat him your way!” Pitt lit up. “You can cure him?”

“Yes.” Harry placed the box on the medical tray next to the bed.

“You can?” Tony croaked in disbelief.

“I can.” Harry ran a soothing hand through the man’s sweaty hair. “The potions are going to be gross though.”

“Worth it.”

“Indeed.” Harry opened the box and pulled out a red vial. “Okay take this one.”

Pitt helped Harry, sit Tony up. Harry kept the vial steady as Tony’s hands shook too much. Tony took the potion.

“Your cough will seem worse for a moment but then it will clear.” Harry informed him, shifting so that he was practically sat behind Tony, keeping him up. “Then you’ll need to eat something and have another potion-” Harry was cut off by the coughing fit he had just warned about. He kept calm and tried to keep Tony calm who was looking rather wild eyed at the harsh coughing.

It took two more lung clearing spells for Tony to stop coughing. When he tried to speak Harry shushed him and fed him ice chips.

“You’ll have hurt your throat coughing that hard. Eat these ice chips and then I’ll give you a potion for your throat. Then you need to eat something so I can give you the rest of your potions.” He paused as Tony allowed him to hand feed him the ice. “Can you nod if you understand.”

Tony nodded.

Harry turned to Pitt. “Don’t let anyone else in here until I say so.”

“Want me to send a tray of food up?” Pitt asked as he walked towards the door.

“No, I’ll call a house elf.”

“Alright.” Then Pitt grimaced. “You do realise that I will have to fend off all of the agents that will be demanding answers, right?”

“Have fun with that.” Harry gave him a cheeky grin before turning back to his patient. “The worse is over now.”

“Yeah?” He rasped leaning heavily into Harry.

“I promise.”


Harry kept his promise. Tony got better and better with each potion and soon Harry was going to allow visitors.

“Hey,” Tony caught Harry’s sleeve as he stood to let people know that they could now visit Tony. He no longer had the plague but was instead healing from the damage it left behind.


“Is there a rule about against dating patients?” Tony’s voice was still a little raspy as Harry had been afraid to give him the full throat healing potion out of fear that it would interfere with the other potions he needed to take.

“Not if you’re discharged when you ask me out.” Harry blushed and couldn’t meet his eye.

“Noted.” Tony let go of his sleeve and relaxed back in the bed. “Let’s get me healed as fast as Wolverine so I can take you out for dinner.”

“It’s a date.”




Harry couldn’t believe that Tony had almost gotten himself blown up on his first day back at work. He shook his head in disbelief as the lift up to the bullpen where his boyfriend worked reached the correct floor. The doors opened and he heard:

“Where's DiNozzo?” Agent Todd asked a man that Harry didn’t recognise.

“Uh... I think he's laying down somewhere.”

“Oh, good. He needs it.”

“You care a lot about him, don't you, Kate?” Harry’s eyebrow raised in surprise at that question and decided to walk slower.

“Well, he's my teammate. What do you think?”

“I don't know. Sometimes I think it might be more than that.” The other man wheedled.

“I certainly hope not.” Harry couldn’t help but comment as he approached. Kate and the other man turned to face him in surprise.

“Nurse Potter?”

“Who are you?”

“Harry?!” That was Tony’s voice.

“Tony? Are you lying on the floor?” Harry peaked around the desk to see his boyfriend on the floor.

“Boss told me to lie down.”

“Not here.” Speak of the Devil. Gibbs walked into the ballpen and noticed Harry. “Take him home.”

“Yes, sir.” Harry crouched down next to Tony and offered his hand. “Come on babe, I’ll make you your favourite.”

“Babe?” Kate exclaimed in shock.

“You’re gay?” The other man said not so quietly.

“Bi, actually.” Tony drawled as he accepted Harry’s hand. “And only if you add extra marshmallows.”

“Of course, it’s not hot chocolate otherwise.”

“He came back too early.” Gibbs commented. “I’ve cleared him for another two weeks of medical leave. Tie him to the bed if you have to but keep him out of the office!”

“Boss!” Tony sqwarked.

Harry threw his head back and laughed.