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There's only one bed?! Vi×Caitlyn smut

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Vi and I make our way down the corridor to our room. I walk behind Vi and my eyes can't help but wonder on her backside, to the strong muscles on her back down at her swinging hips. The way she acts, the perfect balance between masculine and feminine, rough and soft, it's driving me out of my mind in the best way possible. Sometimes I wish I could run my hand over the muscles on her back. Would her skin be soft, scarred, hard? Would she like my hand exploring her body or would she prefer if it didn't? Would she let me kiss the scars and imperfections that covered her body?

Caught up in my thought, I almost bump into Vi as she stops in front of a door with the number matching the key we had been given. Vi opens the door, making her way inside but something she sees in the room stops her in her tracks.

"Um...Cupcake, there's only one bed-" She says hesitantly, turning her head to look at me.

“What do you mean there’s only one bed?” I ask, raising an eyebrow.

Not waiting for an answer, I push past Vi gently and look at the room, a single king-size bed stands against the wall in the middle of it.

“It’s fine Cait, I’ll take the floor-”
“No, you will not,” I say in disbelief. “We can share the bed- we’re grown adults, not that I want to, but I don’t mind; It’s quite big,” I have never shared a bed with someone and the thought of sleeping so close to Vi brings a rush of excitement through my body.

“Sure, I mean as long as you’re ok with me sleeping in the same bed as you,” she says shrugging.

“Why wouldn't I be ok with it?” I ask confused, meeting her eyes.

“I don’t know, we barely know each other, I’m a lesbian, I come from the undercity, I recently got out of prison- there are loads of reasons” Vi answers.
A slight blush covers my cheeks as my heart quickens, she's a lesbian.

“I don’t mind,” I repeat, because I really don't. When Vi looks at me again there's something in her eyes- she almost looks…grateful. “Just- don’t try to kill me in my sleep,” I add, and a small smile pulls the corners of my lips up.

“I’ll try my best Cupcake,” Vi answers with a smirk.

“Don’t call me that,” I mumble as my stomach flutters.


Vi is taking a shower in the hotel bathroom while I scroll mindlessly through the TV channels. I suddenly hear her calling me from the bathroom, snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Can you bring me a towel, I forgot to take one,” I hear her say through the door.

I get out of bed, turning off the tv.

“Sure, where are they?” I ask Vi, looking around.

“I don’t know, maybe search in the cupboard?” I do and I find two white towels, neatly folded. I take one out and walk to the bathroom. I open the door and a small gasp escapes me when I see Vi standing naked in the middle of the steamy bathroom. I look at her beautiful body, glistening with water and I freeze, closing my eyes tightly shut. My cheeks burn and I drop the towel so that I can cover my eyes with my hands.
“Oh my god, I am so sorry- ” I say, mortified by the fact that I just walked in on Vi naked, and that she definitely saw me look at her body. I hear her pick the towel up and laugh, all the blood flows to my face and it feels like my whole body is on fire.
“It’s okay cupcake. I don’t mind you standing there...but you’re kind of letting all the cold air in,” she says with a chuckle.
“Bloody hell-I- yes, I’m sorry, I’ll just leave now-” I quickly feel around for the door handle, my eyes still tightly shut. I stay frozen in front of the door once it is closed. I can hear Vi laughing to herself quietly through it. Once I finally open my eyes I head back over to the bed, silently groaning with embarrassment.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Why do things like this always happen to me? And why on earth didn't I knock on the door, and why did I stare at her? Trying to clear my mind, I undress quickly, leaving my short purple dress on as a pyjama, slipping under the bed covers.

Just as I pull the cover back over my bare legs, Vi walks out of the bathroom. She is wearing an oversized t-shirt that barely covers her tanned thighs. Her pink hair is darkened by the water soaking it and brushed back messily. She bends down, picking up something from the floor and a strand of hair curls down onto her forehead.

Vi starts drying her hair, ruffling the towel across it with her head slightly bent down. Her arm muscle flexes and I am grateful that she cannot see the deep blush settling on my skin as my imagination wanders, I want to know how those arms would feel wrapped around me.

I can see the swirls of ink on her neck, dipping down under the grey fabric of her t-shirt. My eyes drift to her chest, she isn’t wearing anything underneath. I look away quickly, but she already caught me staring.

“Enjoying the view?” she asks, and warmth floods to my cheeks as I clear my throat.

“Just get in bed already, I’m tired,” I answer in a small voice, looking down at my hands.
Vi finishes drying her hair and walks over to the bed, I can feel her eyes on me. She gets in bed in a quick motion, asking if she can turn the lights off. I nod and shuffle down so that I am lying on my back. I can hear Vi’s soft breaths and smell the shampoo that she used. I think back to her naked body surrounded by the steam of the hot shower, the way her full breasts perked up and her toned abs shone with water.

I shouldn’t be thinking about this.

I turn around so that my back is to her. I hear Vi shifting as well, suddenly I can feel her hand on my waist; I guasp softly.


"Tell me if I'm doing anything you don't want me to be doing okay Cupcake?" She whispers in my ear, her hot breath on my neck. I nod, my heart thundering.

"Use your words, Caitlyn." She says, still waiting for an answer from me, and I can almost hear the smile in her voice, it's quiet above the loud beating of my heart.

"Yes, Vi." I answer and she gently pulls me closer. I let out a sigh pressing myself against her even more, unable to resist the pull of her body. It's almost like a magnet, my hands always itching to reach for it or my body leaning towards hers.

I can feel the soft pressure of Vi's lips on my neck and for a moment I fear she will feel how fast my heart is beating. But let her, let her feel how deeply she affects me. Her teeth graze my skin, sending a shiver down my whole body. Between kisses Vi whispers,

"I saw the way you looked at me." The vibration of her words resonate against my neck. Of course, she would have noticed.
My heart is racing as I ask back,

"Was it that obvious?" Did you like it? I almost ask.

"Yeah, it was obvious, but I liked it." She whispers in a low voice, my mouth parts, wondering if she read my mind, I immediately forget the thought when I feel Vi drag her fingers lightly down my hip and to my thigh, I automatically spread my legs open for her. A whimper escapes me when I feel her lips press against my neck again at the same time that her hand drifts higher between my thighs.

"Vi, please..." I breathe. She leaves kisses on my shoulders and back, her hand stroking the inside of my thigh, each time inching higher and higher.

"Please what, baby?"

"Touch me, fuck me- anything, please." I beg once more, desperate for her touch. This time Vi listens, raising her fingers to the heat between my legs. I am not wearing anything under the short purple dress and when Vi's hand makes contact with the sensitive skin a wave of pleasure hits me. We moan in unison, and there's no going back now, I'm addicted to her touch, addicted to her voice, words and the way she kisses my skin.

"Fuck, Cupcake- you're so wet," Vi groans against my neck, as she drags her finger along my clit, kissing my shoulder. Another wave of pleasure hits me and I rock my hips against her hand, wanting her closer, wanting more and more of this new sensation.

"More..." I tell her softly, my heart is beating so fast and heat floods to my lower stomach as Vi slides her fingers inside of me. My back arches and a strangled moan comes out of my throat. She bites my neck, circling the bite with a swirl of her tongue as she curls her fingers inside me.

"You're so beautiful-" she whispers in my ear, her breathing heavy. Vi pushes her fingers harder inside me at my answering moans.

"Don't stop please- this, this feels so good," I tell her between heavy breaths and moans as she slides her fingers in and out of me, curling them so that they hit my inner walls, her thumb rubbing against my clit. I whimper moving my hips to follow Vi's motion, I can feel the build-up of tension in my lower stomach. My chest rising and falling with each fiery breath.

"Harder, Vi- I'm so close" I arch my back as Vi thrusts her fingers harder and deeper inside of me. My eyes close and all I can think about is Vi. Vi- and the heat between my legs, and the way her hand makes sparks appear all over my body.

"I know you are, angel." She whispers in my ear, sending a wave of tingles down my whole body. I rock my hips harder losing focus on everything but the fast building sensation between my legs and in my lower stomach. Vi moans in my ear and I wish I could see her; simply the sound coming out of her almost has me undone. I reach behind me, my hand meeting the scarred skin of her bicep, and I slide my hand up to the side of her neck. I want to feel her, make sure that she's really behind me because this moment almost seems unreal.

"I'm- oh my god...Vi...Vi!!" I whimper on the edge.

“You're doing so good, Cupcake.” Vi groans softly as she moves her thumb over my clit and thrusts her fingers hard inside of me, flashing tingles of pleasure flood through my body and send me flying over the edge, her name on my lips. My body trembles and I let out whimpers, my head rolling back. Vi slowly moves her fingers out of me, her breath heavy against my neck. We stay in this position for a while; Vi pressed against my back, leaving soft kisses along my jaw and neck.

"That was- I've never felt this...good before," I say when I finally catch my breath.

"And I have never heard sounds this pretty coming out of someone before, you are incredibly hot cupcake. Next time I want to see you when you come all over my fingers, though." She whispers in my ear. I smile and butterflies flutter in my stomach.

"Next time?" I whisper.

"Only if you want to darling." Vi answers.
I shuffle in bed so that I'm facing her, and even in the dark I can see her flushed cheeks and dilated pupils.

"I would like that," I say, blushing slightly.
She smiles and I tuck my head under her chin.

"Goodnight...oh, and Caitlyn?"

"Mh-hmm," I answer, my voice muffled against her neck.

"Thank you." She says, and I close my eyes, giving in to the exhaustion creeping over me.

"For what? I should be the one thanking you for sending me to heaven and back." I whisper with a soft laugh.

"Thank you for letting me do this." She answers and places a kiss on the top of my head.