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feast your eyes and then your heart

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All of them. Not a single one meet Sukuna’s standards. Honestly, he goes through all this effort just to eat a single good meal and it’s absolute garbage. Almost every famous chef in Japan is summoned before him, and all of them seem meet their deaths afterwards.

He sighs, cleaving the shaking cook with just the swipe of his fingers. Blood splatters on the floor.

Sukuna stands summoning Uraume to clean the mess, heading outside for a much-needed walk.

His steps vibrate the ground, alerting everything in its wake. Sukuna kills everything that moves just to blow off some steam. Perhaps he should just give up. After all, he's gone through so many he's starting to lose hope.

Ha, he scoffs. Hope

As if such thing has meaning in this world.

Bright rays of light beam in through the windows. The covers of a futon shift as a soft head of pink hair arises. Yuuji yawns, blinking blearily. He rubs his eyes as he recalls his plans for the day. Yuuji stretches and lifts his hands up. "Alright, time to work!"

He rolls up his futon and prepares breakfast. Cooking a simple dish with salmon, rice, miso soup, and-

Yuuji lifts his head. What's that sound?

He quickly gets up, fumbling on his slippers as he hurries to the door. He opens it and sees an absolutely huge man with four arms?? A smaller white-haired person with a read streak follows. Yuuji sees the man walk down the path, confidence and power radiating in the air around him. (What he couldn't see, were the bodies and blood scatter throughout the village, screams faintly in the distance but just out of reach.) The four-armed man stops right in front of Yuuji. He stares at him for a few seconds before lifting his hand and-

"Hello," Yuuji says.

The man stops, looking briefly confused before replying, "Hello."

"Would you like to come in?" Yuuji asks, opening the door slightly more. The man pauses for a few moments before tentatively stepping inside, he nods to the smaller person, who nods back. Briefly glancing at Yuuji before they vanish.  Yuuji stares in awe for a second, before remembering what he was doing and stepping aside to let the stranger in. Said stranger ducks his head to fit under the door frame.

They enter Yuuji's abode, small and cozy but comfortable. "May I ask what your name is?" Yuuji asks, turning back to look at the man. "Sukuna," he says and gives no other comment than that. Yuuji nods, "I'm Yuuji."

He guides Sukuna to sit down, who sits cross-legged with his hands on his knees. Yuuji then goes back to finish cooking breakfast. Minutes pass and Yuuji sets down the dishes and sits on the opposite side of the table. Sukuna picks up the bowl of miso soup and takes a sip.

His eyes widen, he looks almost shocked but delighted, nonetheless. Sukuna takes another sip and then he asks, "Did you make this?"

A question with a very obvious answer, as Sukuna literally sat there and watched him make it. But still, Yuuji responds, "Yes, I did." Sukuna picks up the chopsticks and makes a sound of acknowledgement. He eats the salmon and vegetables with surprised delight. Even the damn rice was amazing.

Sukuna finishes his meal, eyes far away like he's thinking about something. Yuuji shifts slightly, opting to study the man while he waits.

Tattoos cover his body, lines of dark ink in almost every corner. He had pale blue eyes contrasting his almost pink hair like Yuuji's. Oh, and his face was handsome. Yuuji blushes at that. But most of all, he's big. He easily towers over Yuuji, and his hands were broad and thick. 

Sukuna clears his throat and Yuuji gazes into his eyes again.

He props his chin on his fist, a small smile forming on his face as Sukuna asks, "Your name was Yuuji, was it not?"

Yuuji nods his head. Sukuna smiles widens a tad more. "Well, Yuuji, how would you like to come work for me, personally? Yuuji lifts his hand and places it on his chin. He was planning on getting a job sooner or later. And it's not like he'd miss this place either. (He knows the people here for sure won't miss him.)  He looks back up at Sukuna, whose eye gleam with something Yuuji can't put a finger on. "When would I start?"

Sukuna outright grins.