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except when we went from friends to this

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The lights went out completely, leaving her in the dark.

She knew, of course, that it was going to rain before she decided to go to the cabin that her parents had in the woods, so that part wasn't exactly a surprise. However, this wasn't rain, this was a thunderstorm, and she was not prepared for that kind of thing, because not only the lights went out the second the first lighting appeared in the sky, but she realized quickly after that if she didn’t have any power, she also didn’t have Wi-Fi, and the cellphone signal was weaker than her will to live.
Great. Just, great.

Hermione was forced to turn off her laptop to save some battery, since she had absolutely no idea when the power was going to came back and at least needed to pretend like she was working in the meantime, and used the flashlight on her phone to look for some candles in the kitchen.

It didn't took her that long to find them, thankfully, because her family was always thinking one step ahead of everything, so in the same drawer under the sink were the candles were, she also found some kind of carepackage for a blackout, with cans of food and some matches. And a bottle of wine. She appreciated deeply that one, even if she had her own alcohol for the trip, that was way better than the cheap one that she got from the local supermarket the day she got to town just to drown her sorrows.
It was kind of pathetic at that point, but she was trying really hard not to judge herself once in her life.

She quickly decided the best spots to place the candles to illuminate the entire house, which wasn’t that hard to do, since it was pretty small. She adored that house, though. It had a kitchen connected with the living room in a way that the fireplace warmed up the entire house, one bedroom with a big bed that she always liked growing up, a bathroom, and the one that was her room when she was little it was now a studio. She was supposed to be writing there, of course, but she was incapable of leaving something unfinish, and now she was half-chapter in and wanted to cook dinner at the same time.

But now she couldn’t do any of those things.

Thankfully, she had some wood ready to burn in the fireplace, so it was the next step to take, while trying to catch her breath. It was summer, it wasn’t supposed to be this cold, even in the woods, even in England, but sometimes the weather just seemed to decide to follow her whatever she went and try to make her life harder.

She could scape London, sure. But she couldn’t escape the rain.

Hermione was about to go to her room to change for a more suitable outfit, since it was obvious that the matching red shorts and tank top that she used as a pajama were going to give her hypothermia as the temperature quickly dropped as the thunders broke the sky, when she heard an unexpected knock in the front door.
She was hallucinating, of course. Life was nonexistent behind that door. She was kilometers away from any neighbor and she was clear with her friends that she didn’t want company in those three weeks that she was away. It was probably a tree, or an animal.

Or a serial killer. That was also a possibility, sure.

But the knock on the door didn’t stop, and it didn’t seem random either. It was insistent, with a purpose. It was clear that whoever was behind that door really wanted to be heard, like, desperately.

She made a decision in a second, then, with her heart beating in her ears. Quickly she went to the fireplace and grabbed a piece of wood before walking slowly towards the door, and opened it with the key that’s still there, waiting for her to gather the courage to make a choice in the spare of the moment for a change.

And she did.

The person there was soaking wet, so much so that his whole body was dripping with water, but she recognized him almost instantly, despite the darkness of the night and the fact that he was paler than marble from the cold. It was him.

Her whole body shook from head to toe, because, what was he supposed to be doing there?

Before she could say a word, he did:

"Will you invite me in or what, Granger?"

Although his tone wasn't angry, he made her feel uncomfortable with herself, almost small.

She left the piece of wood on the floor and grabbed his jacket, hard, pulling him inside, locking the front door a second later. And she wasn’t surprised at all when she turned around and saw him looking at her with that damn intensity that always made her weak in the knees.

"Were you planning on hit me with that?" he asked, pointing at the wood.

"Yeah, that was my plan all along", she signed. "Why are you here, Malfoy?", she finally asked, trying to sound serious.

"Oh, so we are back to 'Malfoy', are we?"

She rolled her eyes, already tired of that bullshit.

"Draco", she corrected herself, wishing that her voice was firmer this time, "Why are you here?"

"Because I wanted to see you, Granger. Or I can no longer see my sister-in-law?" he asked, with a hint of bitterness in his laugh. Her muscles tensed almost instantly, as expected.

"Theo is not really your brother just because you grew up together, Draco. And we broke up months ago, we were not engaged, for God's sake. I was never your sister-in-law", she corrected him, swallowing hard. She liked Theo, of course. He was attractive, kind and seemed to adore her as well, but the first year of university was crazy for everyone, but specially for someone that Hermione Granger, were her romantic life never stood a chance with her studies, and that’s why they only dated for like four months before she called it quits.

"But I like to call you that, because you hate it," he said, dragging his words. He took a few steps closer to her, making the scent of rain and men's cologne fill her nostrils even more. "Although, if you reject the title…", he raised his right hand slowly, aiming for her cheek.

She immediately placed one of hers on top of his, and pushed him away.

"Draco, no". She wished her voice had sounded more convincing than that. "I can´t, we can't".

"Why not?" He asked, somewhat annoyed. She swallowed hard, and tried to avoid the look in his eyes, because she didn't think she could stand it.

"I dated your best friend in the whole world", he said, as if it was the most obvious thing in that conversation. "Do you understand? This is not okay. It was a mistake, and it won't happen again".

She wanted to bite her tongue as she spoke, but she couldn't even do that.

What a bad liar.

"It was a kiss, not a mistake", he frowned, confused, but quickly went back to his other personality, the one that she wanted to kick out of him since they were in school together. "And you have to admit that you loved it", he commented, arrogantly.

She rolled her eyes and walked away, exhausted already.

"You have to go; this is nonsense and I don’t have time for it. I have a book to finish before we go back to class and you know it", she said, turning around to see him for an instant. "I don't care what made you come here. I don't want you here."

She wanted to be strong, but her confidence was nowhere to be found.

"Will you let me drive with that storm outside? You're not like that, Granger", he said, smiling as he thought about it before. He was right. No matter how mad she was at him, they were friends, and she just couldn't let him get hurt in the miserable weather outside.

"You're insufferable, Malfoy," she said, rolling her eyes.

She went to the only room in the cabin and took some blankets from the closet, and then returned to the living room. Draco had removed his jacket, tossing it over the back of a chair. Now he was just wearing a black shirt that clung to his body like a second skin. She felt like she was running out of air, and hated herself for being so damn easy.

"You'll sleep here," she announced, throwing the blankets over the wide three-seat sofa that was in front of the fireplace.

"I figured so," he said, with a little laugh. "Although you know I'd rather sleep with you."

"Don't start," she warned. "Now go take a shower, you´re freezing. I think there must be some of Harry's clothes around here from when he stayed over. The towels are in the bathroom."

"You want me to wear Potter´s clothing?"

"Do you have a better alternative?"

She regretted that question as soon as she said it for the look in his eyes, and sighed.

"Wouldn't you prefer if we talk first?" he suggested, changing the subject, almost sounding serious for once in his life.

"No. You´re soaking wet, you could get sick. Come on, listen to me for once, please?" She pointed to the door next to her room, with a serious expression.

Draco nodded and without another word walked towards it.

She went back to the kitchen and tried to think, even though she knew she wouldn't be able to focus knowing that that one of the most handsome men in England was naked just a few meters away from her. That thought only already made her sound like a stupid brat with raging hormones, but it wasn't. She knew the kind of boy Draco was, and so she avoided him.

But her brain left her for a moment there. Kissing him was… unbelievable. She couldn't regret that even if she wanted to, because she had liked kissing him, she had liked being in his arms. That could have led to more, but she stopped it. They we were in the front seat of his car and she wasn’t going to have sex with him in a place like that. Or in any place, for that matter.

She rubbed her hands over her face.

Stupid. She was stupid. She wanted to be with Draco, she really did, but her friend's group was the most important thing in her life, she treasured it knowing how long it took for everyone to actually became friends. At first Harry, Ginny and herself hated Draco, Theo, Pansy and Blaise, they really did, and it was completely mutual. They went to high school together and were only able to see eye to eye when they moved to university and some cruel destiny's joke made her roommates with Pansy Parkinson. They almost killed each other the first couple of months. It took forever for everyone to decide to be friends, and she didn’t want to brake that.

Yes, Harry and Ginny broke up after being middle school sweethearts, and it was the other's fault, in a way, but now he was with Pansy and she was on and off with Blaise, and everyone was somehow happy. And Hermione loved them all.

She was not ready to give that up.

She hard the bathroom door open and fought the urge to look there, but failed when he called her, in that deep manly voice of his.


As soon as she said it, she regretted it.


Draco was only wearing a towel from the waist down, his chest bare. God, his abs were to die for, and she wanted to climb him like a damn three. She tried not to look away from his eyes, although that didn't go well with her either: his hair was still wet, soft drops falling down his body, making him look even better.

"I don't know where you left Potter's things," he admitted, as if nothing had happened. "I think it was a trick to get me naked,” he joked.

She smiled.

"I already had that chance," she laughed, and Draco did too.

She got up quickly and went into the bedroom, with her following her. She rummaged through the drawers until she pulled out Harry´s blue t-shirt with some gray joggers, and turned around to handle them to him, blushing a little.

Draco noticed, and he couldn't help but laugh. He kissed her forehead before opening the door to let her out. She thanked him with a look and once she was outside, she tried to figure it out how this was going to work, alone in a cabin in the woods with no power and with sodding Draco Malfoy.

This can't be happening to me, she thought.

She walked over to the sofa carrying a pillow, sitting cross-legged like she used to when she was little and nervous about something.

"Granger", he called, sitting down next to her, just moments later. "Does it really bother you that much that I'm here?"

"If you don't tell me why, yes," she admitted, sitting sideways to talk to him.

Draco sighed.

"I wanted to see you, is it so difficult to understand? One night we were kissing in my car and the next you were going to the other end of the country with no explanation, shutting everyone out", he said, almost exasperated.

"You didn't call or anything, and it's been a week already" she said, almost spitting out the bitterness in her words.

"I didn't want to distract you either. I know how important is this book for you".

"And why are you here? You know you're distracting me,” she muttered under her breath.

"Because I really wanted to see you, before it was your birthday and everyone else was there, since it's the only day you told us that we could visit, apparently". For some reason, she knew that "everyone" included Theo, and that didn't seem to thrill him. "I don't understand why you dwell on it so much, Granger. I want you…, and I thought you wanted the same".

"Don't lie to me, Draco, please" she said, feeling that known pressure in her chest. "You want what your best friend had because you're a child. You can't understand how a girl dated him and not you. But you're in the wrong place, darling. I didn't sleep with him,” she confessed, understanding his thoughts.

He cupped her face in his hands, making her shudder.

"Do you think I would even turn to see you if you had slept with him? That would be breaking the code between brothers" he said, laughing slightly. "I know you didn't. And that's not why I want to fuck you", he admitted, abruptly. "I see you. You are beautiful and fragile; you have thousands of guys who want to sleep with you. All idiots, of course. And you are going to give up along the way, because you hate being behind the rest of us in anything, but also hate to make a big deal out of sleeping with someone. And I want the first person to be with you to truly love you, one way or another…"

"And that person should be you? Are you protecting me?", she laughed. "That's rich, Draco. You were the one who made my life miserable since I was a child. You never cared about my protection before."

She knew she wasn’t being fair. They left behind those days long ago and she forgiven him already, but she just wanted another explanation, she just wanted more.

"And I already apologized for being an idiot back then. I wasn’t thinking".

Having his face so close to her was too much; his minty breath literally making her shiver.

"And what do you think now, then?" she murmured, trying to look away from his lips.

He paused, looking at her.

"I just have one thought now."

"What is it, Draco?"

"Can I kiss you, Granger?"

She stayed silent for a whole minute.

And nodded.

And without further ado, he fulfilled his purpose.

His kiss was the same as the one in the car, only more intense, and with her participating more. It was an explosion. It was something so big and so intense that could create another Big Bang, and with that the birth of another universe all together.
They moved backwards so that she was lying on the sofa with Draco's body pressing against hers. His hands clung to her hips, and hers to his neck, feeling their tongues entangle like she had never experienced with anyone before. She raised her legs by instinct, wanting to feel him closer, closer, closer, wrapping them around his hips, making her feel the bulge in his crotch perfectly.

She smiled to herself, kissing him. He pulled away, only to start soft kisses down her neck. She moaned. She doesn't think she's ever done that before with a partner, specially not with just kisses. She tugged at his hair unconsciously, and heard him groan in pleasure at that. He stroked her sides with his hands, moving them up to lift her top, but stopped. She saw doubt in his eyes.

In response, she helped him take it off and kissed him hard, taking control this time.

She wasn't ashamed of being just a bra, since she understood that it was the same as wearing a bikini, and he had seen her like this hundreds of times. She wasn't really nervous, at least not yet, she was suffocated, and wanted to dispel the fog of my thoughts as soon as possible.
Hermione moaned loudly when Draco bit down on a specific part of her neck, which made her think that she liked him like that, so she slipped her hands under his shirt, pulling it off with his help, feeling his warm muscular chest crash against her flat stomach. His mouth returned to her lips, and she almost didn't care if it felt so stupidly comfortable with his company like that, as if it was natural for them. His hands slowly descended towards her pants, giving her a chance to stop him. But she didn’t. She didn't want to stop.
Removing it didn't cost him anything, because it had elastic and it was tremendously easy to so. She returned her hands to his joggers, although she had to release his hip to do so and laughed when she noticed it. Draco smiled when he heard her, looking at his eyes like he couldn’t believe what was happening.

She couldn't, either.


Her phone rang, it was a call. She put on an annoyed face and looked at Draco, expecting him to tell her not to move, that it could wait, but he just smiled sweetly and kissed her lightly on the lips, letting her know that he wasn't going to mind if she did. It was dark, there was a storm outside and she barely had phone signal, so ignoring that call seemed wrong in every way possible, since it should be important to be able to ring against every obstacle imaginable.

He made room for her, and she stood in her underwear, as he was, angry at whoever interrupted them, so angry that didn't even check the name on the screen of her phone.
"What?", she answered, after clearing her throat, knowing that it did not show the desire of before.


She almost fell when she heard that voice.