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Hold me close and just forget about everyone else

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‘come to my room’ 


That’s what was plastered on the note in front of her. He had dropped it in her lap before he stormed out of the room that the eternals were sharing a meal in.


“Druig always overreacts” Ikaris grumbled before returning to his dinner. Gil cooked a feast same as always. he was quite the chef.


Makkari stood up from her chair quietly and tried to sneak off to head to Druig’s room.


“Where are you going?” Kingo asked, grabbing her hand. This sent a thrill of adrenaline and anxiety through her. Makkari loved the adrenaline rush she got from almost being caught. holding his hand under the table, sneaking kisses at parties, following each other around like lost puppy’s all day.


“I’m gonna go check on Druig, make sure he’s not doing something stupid” Makkari signed quickly pulling her wrist from his grasp and speeding off in the direction of Druig’s room.


When she opened his door he was sitting at the edge of his bed looking down. Makkari could see the obvious frown that was framing his features. She shut the door and walked up to him, as she stood between his legs.


“I'm sorry” she signed, fist lingering on her chest. 


“What are you sorry for it’s not your fault Ikaris is an ass” Druig spoke looking up at her.


“I'm sorry that we can’t interfere with the humans, it would be so much easier if we could.” she signed and then moved her hand so she could brush his bangs out of his face.


“Yeah” his voice was raspy as he placed his hands on her waist. 


She pulled him close so that his forehead was pressed against her chest and her arms wrapped around his shoulders. He hugged her tight, nuzzling his face into her letting her presence calm him. She started to stroke through his hair, closing her eyes as he sighed against her. She loved that she was the only person who could make him feel like this. Calm. Safe. Loved.


After a while Makkari placed a kiss to the top of his head and he slowly but reluctantly pulled away from her.


“Thank you. You always know how to make me feel better” Druig signed and spoke.


“Of course,” Makkari replied with a soft smile.


Druig looked up into those warm brown and everything else faded away. It was just them. nothing else mattered. Makkari lifted his chin to press a deep kiss to his lips. Druig returned the kiss with just as much vigor. When they parted Makkari rested her forehead against his letting out a sigh.


“let’s go to bed okay?” Makkari signed, pulling her forehead away just a little so he could see her hands. He nodded and they climbed  onto the bed and under the sheets. Wrapping his arms around her waist he pressed a quick kiss to the back of her neck before holding her close. Eventually the vibrations of his relaxed breathing against her back lulled Makkari to sleep and Druig followed closely, whispering a quick ’i love you’ before falling asleep only mere minutes after her.