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Sunny likes giving Moondrop gifts.

This isn’t really that much of a surprise to the moon animatronic, if he’s being completely honest. Sunny is a very loving and affectionate person by default, and now that they’ve been dating for a few months—which has been an endless stream of pet names and long, gushing talks about anything and everything Sunny adores about him and soft, warm feelings filtered through their shared link in their headspace, which Moondrop admittedly will never get tired of, even if he is embarrassed by how every little word and thought and feeling makes his circuits heat up and his faceplate glow—it only makes sense that Sunny’s loving, affectionate nature would be cranked up to an eleven, including his need to shower those he loves (which includes just about anyone who he’s known for more than a day, though Moondrop definitely ranks high on his list) with gifts.

And oh boy, Moondrop’s received a lot of gifts since they started dating.

A handmade necklace, a plush doll stitched with eager and steady hands, a bundle of flowers laid on top of fresh paints, drawings and love letters and little notes of encouragement and praise—it doesn’t seem to matter what day it is or how busy they’ve been, Moondrop can always count on finding something waiting for him when the lights go out and Sunny’s presence fades into a gentle buzz in the back of their mind.

If it were anybody else, they might’ve been overwhelmed.

In Moondrop’s case, he’s just a little flustered over the fact that the room they share above the daycare is getting rather cluttered with letters and notes written in Sunny’s hand, all musing about all the things about Moondrop that gets the sun animatronic fired up.

Which is not only makes Moondrop envious of the fact that they can’t kiss but also reaffirms the fact that Moondrop finds Sunny to be very, very hot.

…And makes him aware of the fact that he hasn’t actually gotten anything for Sunny yet.

Something that he needs to rectify right now.

What are you doing, starlight?

Moondrop nearly disconnects himself from his cable when he hears Sunny’s thoughts, nearly dropping his knitting needle as several curses cross his mind in quick succession. How long have you been watching? he asks, blatantly ignoring the other’s question.

Emotions bleed through the wall of static in their mind, amusement and adoration filling him up until he’s comfortably warm.

A while, Sunny admits. You were thinking about me. I got curious and decided to check in on you.

Moondrop’s face glows. He rolls his eyes fondly, going back to his knitting. Hope your curiosity’s sated, he thinks, his tone genuine. And you don’t have to check in on me. I’m fine.

Oh, I knew that, already, silly, Sunny says. I wasn’t worried. I just wanted to see what you were doing, that’s all. Then, tone conversational, he adds, what are you making, by the way?

Moondrop’s hands still. His head twitches, swivels, turning very, very slowly.

Another flicker of emotion, confusion-concern.

…Moondrop? Sunny asks quietly. Are you okay? Was I not supposed to ask?

Moondrop holds the knitted sweater close to his chest, hiding the sun design on its front. He watches as a warning pops up in his vision, warning him of high stress levels. Um.

I’m sorry, Sunny’s words come through immediately, panicked and rushed, I thought maybe you just didn’t hear me ask before, is all, I—I didn’t realize I wasn’t supposed to ask, you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, I can go so you can go back to whatever you’re doing—

Sunshine, Moondrop interrupts gently, it’s fine. Really. I just thought I’d have a bit more time before telling you, that’s all.

A pause.

Tell me…what?

Moondrop sighs. Slowly, he holds the sweater up, barely reacting when he feels Sunny’s presence push closer to front besides a small twitch of their head.

It was supposed to be a surprise, he admits. A thank you, too, I suppose. For all the gifts you’ve left me.

Sunny is silent for a long time. Or maybe it isn’t long at all, nothing more than a few seconds, but it just feels like a long time, for Moondrop. It might as well be a long time, considering how close Moondrop is to shutting down from the sheer weight of his anxiety.

Eventually, he hears the other speak, soft and quiet and awestruck.

You made this? For me?

Moondrop snorts. Yeah, he replies, for you.

Another pause. Their fingers move with Moondrop’s input, running along the rough fabric with slow, careful strokes.

He expects loud shrieking. A tirade of love and praise, knowing Sunny.

Instead, all he gets is an overwhelming sense of love blooming in his chest and a very quiet I love you.

Moondrop twitches, their arms carefully wrapping around his middle in a way that is undeniably Sunny’s doing.

I love you, too, he responds, tightening his hold around themselves for emphasis.

I am going to make you so many sweaters, Sunny tells him suddenly, and hats. I know you like hats—do you want a hat? I can make it match your current one if you want.

Moondrop hesitates. You don’t have to do that, he reminds gently. This isn’t an exchange, Sunny. You don’t have to make me something just because I wanted to make you something.

Oh, I know. I’m just letting you know so that you’re prepared. Because I am going to make you all the hats you could ever want and there is nothing you can do to stop me.

Ah. That sounds like Sunny.

Moondrop rolls his eyes and chuckles, kicking his legs a little and swinging gently on his cable.

You know what? he thinks. Sure. Make me a hat—and make it as obnoxious as possible. Some of the staff are getting too comfortable insulting us and I want to make a point.

Please be nice to the staff.

I will not be nice to the staff and that is entirely their fault.

A flicker of exasperation-resignation, followed by the warm feeling in their chest growing hotter, their fans kicking on to combat the heat building in their system.

What am I going to do with you? Sunny thinks, his tone light and exaggerated.

Moondrop hums, leaning back as he soaks in the heat. Love and spoil me, obviously, he thinks cheekily.

Oh, starlight, Sunny giggles, the whirring of their fans growing louder.

I already do.