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Samatoki and Ichiro had bumped into each other in public. To settle scores amongst each other, they were fighting with a rap battle. Each clamorous lyric sounded more angry than the last one that they continued to utter at each other. The younger man, Ichiro, had been getting stronger. He managed to knock Samatoki off his feet for a split second. His eyes looked crazed to defeat his former friend turned enemy.


The albino man was nowhere to be seen. He had vanished from Ichiro’s eyesight. Ichiro let out a curious hmm noise over what had happened. He looked down, checking if Samatoki had fallen.

No, he hadn’t fallen.

What Ichiro saw when he looked down was much different than that.

The most adorable boy with white haired boy with red eyes and oversized clothing was in front of him.

“Huh, Samatoki?”

“That’s Samatoki-sama to you!” The little boy said in a very cute voice. It was very boyish.

“So cute…” Ichiro withdrew his mic. He put it away in his pocket. He picked up the boy; giving him a loving hug.

“Why am I so small?” Samatoki asked. He begun bonking Ichiro on the head angrily, wanting to be put down. It wasn’t fun being able to be picked up by his enemy.

A little reluctantly, Ichiro put Samatoki down.

“Good question.” Ichiro thought about it. “Hmm, has this ever happened before?”

Even though he was teeny, it was still easy to tell a dumbfounded look laid upon Samatoki’s small face.

“Of course it fucking hasn’t!” Samatoki replied angrily.

“Language.” Ichiro crossed his arms at the little boy having a tantrum.

“Ugh… You know I’m a man, right?” Samatoki pouted. “Not a child.” He looked like he was about to burst into tears.

Ichiro’s motherly instincts had fully come out for this teeny Samatoki. He picked up the boy; tousling his soft white hair.

“Of course you are…” Ichiro smiled down at him. “Let’s go home.”

“Hell no.” Samatoki begun throwing a tantrum in Ichiro’s arms, kicking and punching while he walked back home with him in his arms. Used to this sort of behaviour from his siblings and other kids at the orphanage, he was easily able to ignore the white haired kid’s angry fit. The walk home was long. During his walk, Ichiro looked down to make sure small Samatoki was okay. He had settled down a lot. Turning him around to facing him, he could see the boy was fast asleep.

“Night, night, Samatoki-chan.” Ichiro said softly, bringing his warmth back into his arms.

At home, the only response Ichiro was met with was shock by his brothers, Jiro and Saburo. Why had he had brought back some kid who oddly resembled Samatoki?

“Shh. He’s sleeping.” Ichiro requested his brothers. In a quiet voice he replied, “He is Samatoki.”

“Ehhh???” Saburo and Jiro chimed at the white haired boy. Both had a shocked look glued to their faces at the information they had just been fed.

“Ssh!” Ichiro once again requested for silence from his brothers. He rocked the child like a parent would do.

“Nm? Where am I?” A tired Samatoki rubbed his big drowsy red eyes with his little hands. He let out a little yawn from just waking up.

“Good morning, Samatoki-chan.” Ichiro addressed the boy.

“It’s Samatoki-sama! It doesn’t matter if I’m tiny, I’m still your elder!” His hands bonking on poor Ichiro resumed.

“Oh shit, it really is Samatoki…” Jiro whispered to Saburo.

“Yes, this is weird…” Saburo couldn’t comprehend what the hell was going on. “Let’s leave this one to Ichi-nii.” He pulled on Jiro’s black shirt, directing him to go inside and that they should mind their own business.

“Uh, Yeah.” Jiro replied. “Good luck, aniki.” Jiro said to make Ichiro feel a little less concerned over how weird his brothers found whatever was going on.

An awkward atmosphere now that Ichiro and Samatoki were alone. Since he had taken him in like some random kid, Ichiro had to think about what to do with him now.

Ichiro quickly got some of his brothers old clothing he had kept back in case he or they ever had children. After dressing Samatoki in some more suitable clothes than his oversized clothing, he asked multiple questions, such as asking if Samatoki was hungry, if he wanted a drink, sleep, anything.

The only one he got an answer other than no to was the drink. Which only left him with an obvious no from Ichiro.

Deciding that Samatoki didn’t need anything, he brought the kid inside after locking the door to his house. It was too dangerous for Samatoki to run off being in this tiny form. He had way too many enemies for going outside alone to be safe for him.

Samatoki, being a little brainless when he was angry, immediately tried the door to no avail since it was locked. He begun running around the house, looking for a way to get out. Ichiro followed him, worried that he might try an unlocked window. He begun locking the windows frantically as the kid explored the whole house only to find out he was going to be stuck there for a while.

The place he stopped in his tracks was Ichiro’s room. He begun digging underneath the teenager’s bed for dirty magazines.

“Oi! That’s not a place for ki-“ Ichiro’s speech was paused. The little Samatoki begun showing him his dirty doujins.

“Oh, oh, what are these, Ichiro?” Samatoki asked. He had the most fake sounding innocent voice added into his tone of speech. He pulled out a certain one that Ichiro wished he hadn’t. “Oh, you’re a lolicon, huh?” The cover of the doujin had a young anime girl drawn on it in an erotic fashion.

“N-no!” Ichiro stuttered. Samatoki had a childishly smug look to his face.

“Are you a shotacon too?” He interrogated, his face was so evil for belonging to a kid at this point. “Don’t lie. I can tell by the way you look at me. That dirty face you make at my small body.”

“You-! You did this on purpose, right, Samatoki?!” Ichiro exclaimed.

“Heh, no.” Samatoki shook his head. “I was drugged and this is the side effect I guess.” He explained briefly.

“Drugged?!” Ichiro looked shocked. Was Samatoki really okay?!

After a short explanation from Samatoki about this new drug people were being spiked with that turned them into children, Ichiro sort of understood.

“There’s a detective anime like this, isn’t there?” Ichiro referred to that one anime.

Samatoki looked dumbfounded. He knew nothing about anime.

“Huh, is there?” Samatoki replied. “Not into that stuff. Flies over my head.” It felt 10x harsher to be told that by a kid for Ichiro.

“Ah, yeah, right.” Ichiro replied. To get back on topic, “But what do you mean ‘dirty face’, Samatoki-chan?” He crossed his arms.

Samatoki laughed at him with his little voice box, making it sound far less chaotic than usual.

“It’s written all over your face.” Samatoki smirked. “You’re having dirty thoughts about me. Even right now.” He confronted.

“Ugh…” Ichiro’s face became flustered. This was awkward. The only reason he was having these thoughts was because the boy in front of him was Samatoki. He had already been romantically attracted to him prior to this incident. It made him have those awful thoughts about bad-touching the kid in front of him. As cute as Samatoki looked, Ichiro needed to resist. He didn’t want to lose to him.

But it was too late for Ichiro to win this battle as soon as he sat down. Samatoki crawled up Ichiro’s leg, bringing himself onto the large muscular thighs of his lap. The boy unzipped the tight-looking in-between of his pants.

“Does that feel better, Ichi~ro~sen~pai~” The little Samatoki mocked him.

“It does but this isn’t right, Samatoki-chan…” Ichiro sighed. He was quickly losing this battle. “You’re going to get me into loads of trouble.” He said guiltily.

“I’m an adult in every other way though.” Samatoki looked smug.

“That just makes it sound worse…” Ichiro laid his hands upon his face, rubbing at his eyes because he was getting stressed out.

Samatoki pulled the red underwear down a little with his small hands. He could barely wrap dick around his little opening of a mouth. Instead he licked and sucked it very lightly. He gave the dick gentle kisses every-time he tried to suck off Ichiro. This was making Ichiro feeling more guiltily horny.

Unable to take the pressure of his underwear only being partially down anymore, Ichiro pulled them off his dick. He jerked off as Samatoki messed his small mouth on the tip.

“Knew you were into this~” Samatoki teased. He was being an adorable yet bratty kid. Just how Ichiro had imagined him to be, only a bit more erotic.

The small Samatoki’s cheeks had become flushed with a rose colour. His ears were airbrushed. His body had become hot, coated in a blood-rushed colour. His pants had a small cock protruding from them. There was a wet mark on his crotch from the precum. Panting noises repeatedly vibrated on to Ichiro’s dick from his small vocal chords.

Ichiro was also starting to look like a horny mess with blushing cheeks at the small Samatoki getting him off. His big dick throbbed every few moments. It was getting more desperate to go inside of the child’s small body.

“Can I fuck you, Samatoki-chan?” Ichiro requested. Samatoki looked a bit scared at the request. He was tiny in comparison to Ichiro in this form.

“If it fits without breaking me, Ichiro-senpai.” Samatoki weakly replied. All the arousal had begun to exhaust him.

Picking up the small Samatoki, Ichiro begun planting a finger into the small anal orifice. Every new finger made Samatoki let out a noise more pleasant than the last. Ichiro explored the inside of him with his fingers, thrusting in and out. He could feel the walls slowly widening as he kept up messing about with the insides of the kid.

“Does that feel good?” Ichiro brought his body down to Samatoki’s cutely sized ear.

Samatoki let out a few loud moans before responding.

“Very.” Samatoki was panting loudly while moaning. “I’m going to cum, Ichiro…” He admitted.

“Wait until I get my dick into you, okay, Samatoki-chan?” Ichiro nipped at the ear he had been talking into with his teeth.

“I’ll try, Ichiro.”

Ichiro smirked.

“Good boy.”

After Ichiro thrust his fingers in a few more times, he removed the fluid covered fingers from the small hole to insert his dick. He was hard as hell. Samatoki was shocked by how much of it he could feel from being in this small form. He was scared Ichiro would break him.

“Go gentle on me, Ichiro-senpai.” Samatoki turned around and requested with a blush to match his eye colour. Fuck, Ichiro had to hold back coming before he had even thrust into the small orifice. That erotic image was going to be stuck in his head for a while.

“I will, Samatoki-chan.”

Ichiro thrust into the compact hole gently. He was received with beautiful noises from small Samatoki. He could feel all of the walls inside Samatoki surrounding his dick. He didn’t dare thrust in too far, scared he would crush the boys organs if he did. Gently thrusting his penis in was enough anyways, the noises were turning him on more than enough.

To help get even more of a racket out of Samatoki, he put his hand down Samatoki’s pants, rubbing at the tiny member that was barely developed. Every rub made him almost scream with pleasure. His miniature body wasn’t made to be taking this much pleasure, but that only made the situation more erotic for both him and Ichiro.

Ichiro was soon met by a load of sticky ejaculate on his hands. Keeping one hand on Samatoki’s stomach to keep him secure, he licked at the fluid, wondering what the yakuza’s cum would taste like. It had an awfully bitter flavour to it. Guess even in kid form, it didn’t change that his diet had been awfully full of alcohol and coffee as an adult. It should have been awful, but Ichiro couldn’t keep licking at it as he thrust into Samatoki. Before he even realised, he was letting out bucketloads of cum into the orifice. Ichiro had been too caught up in curiosity to realise he had just orgasmed.

“Sticky…” Samatoki complained.

Ichiro sighed, taking the little boy off his penis and putting him down.

“Good job, Samatoki-chan…”

“Sleepy…” Samatoki fell asleep on the floor. Ichiro picked him up and moved on to the couch. He sleepily closed his eyes when he sat down with the boy.

When Ichiro woke up, there was a man fast asleep next to him. Ichiro sniffed at the air. Other than the smell of tobacco that always loomed from Samatoki, there was also the smell of male pheromones coming from the man. Ichiro took in that what had just happened wasn’t a dream.

Kneeling himself on top of Samatoki’s lap, Ichiro faced the asleep yakuza. “Samatoki…” Ichiro laid a few kisses on the albino’s face. Then moved to his lips and kissed him once again.

Samatoki’s silver eyelashes fluttered open.

“Ichiro…” Samatoki thought about everything that had happened. “You’re something else.” He laughed evilly. Except this time with his adult voice box. Ugh, what a grating laugh.

“Let’s just pretend it never happened, okay?” Ichiro said shyly.

Samatoki grabbed hold of Ichiro’s hoodie collar, bringing his whole body in closer, making Ichiro’s obvious boner rub against his upper half.

“Let’s not.” He smirked, showing off his sharp canines that looked sexy to be bitten by. “I want you to fuck me more, Ichiro.” He continued, “Fuck me until I completely lose my mind.”

“You haven’t already?”

“Not yet.”

Samatoki manoeuvred closer to Ichiro, bringing his tongue to touch the other man’s lips. He licked around the lips. Teased the teeth, requesting access to explore all of Ichiro’s mouth. Ichiro opened his mouth, bringing his tongue to meet with Samatoki’s as if the two were greeting each other for another round of sex. Wanting to delve further into the albino’s mouth, Ichiro wrapped his arms around Samatoki’s shoulders, joining them together near to the back of his neck. He moved one hand into Samatoki’s hair as he kept exploring his tongue. Samatoki also his moved his hands to meet with Ichiro’s body. He put one hand on his lower back, circling a finger on his lower spine. The other hand was gripped lightly on Ichiro’s shoulder. Every action from Samatoki was only showing that he was getting more sexually impatient with Ichiro. He begun to nip harshly at both of Ichiro’s lips with his teeth. Ichiro got a clue from Samatoki’s behaviour.

After getting fully undressed, the two men changed position. Ichiro was now sat on the couch. Samatoki was on top of his lap. From seeing how small his dick was in child form, Ichiro was surprised by how giant it really was. It was less girthy but slightly bigger than his own. Apparently, he needed to make sure to fuck Samatoki in a quality that would ‘drive him insane’. Ichiro wondered if he too would also be driven insane by how sexy Samatoki looked. He had such a pretty face. He was toned. His physique was extremely hot. His dick was so alluring. Once he had finished checking out Samatoki, Ichiro thrust his dick into the readily sticky hole. Right, he had already fucked Samatoki once.

Samatoki’s insides felt much different from before. It was a developed hole he could thrust more of his dick into. Every thrust made loud lewd sounds from the cum already inside of the albino’s ass.

Ichiro moved his hands to Samatoki’s ass, squeezing at the soft yet firm cheeks as Samatoki thrust on top of him and he thrust back to give them more of a rhythmic traction.

While Ichiro made love with Samatoki’s heated insides, their tongues had yet another encounter with each other. Only this time much more intense. They sloppily made out, desperately wanting each other. Their saliva moistened their lips. Ichiro drew away, leaving a saliva trail between the two. It dropped on to their bodies when Ichiro opened his mouth to speak. He moved his head closer to Samatoki’s ear.

“Shit, I love you so much, Samatoki-san.” He whispered erotically.

“Fuck…” Samatoki responded, feeling something inside him pang. His heart was racing. “I…” He moaned out louder at every thrust, his dick budging every so often, whining for more attention. “…Love you too, Ichiro.”

To award him for his affection, Ichiro begun playing around with Samatoki’s nipples with his left hand and jerking off his dick with his right hand. His hands moved swiftly on the skinny length, hitting the tip with his thumb every-time he came back up. His rose-red nipples had become extremely sensitive from the arousal. They were making him let out the most beautiful noise Ichiro had ever heard from Samatoki.

“Crap, I’m gonna cum!” Samatoki begun heavily panting and moaning. As he made a racket, the cum spurted out of his penis.

“Damn, that’s hot.” Ichiro said with a smug look on his face. He let out a load more cum into Samatoki.

“Holy fuck.” Samatoki sighed as he felt a lot of cum enter his ass. “How many buckets of cum do you have in those balls?” He commented. “You musta been pent-up as hell.”

Ichiro laughed at Samatoki cutely.

“Yeah, and it’s your fault.”

“Damn you, Ichiro…”

Once the two Divison Leaders had cleaned up, Ichiro guessed it was back to the usual now. Though his guess had not been completely right.

One part of his guess was right. The drug issue had been cleared up. The injected drug used to age down people had been reported to the police. It would no longer be in circulation after the small amount of illegal materials required to make it were all confiscated by Chuohku and the police department. Unless Chuohku decided to use it, no regular person could anymore.

Another part of his guess was wrong. It would only be back to ‘normal’ when he made Samatoki lose his mind. That meant regular sex sessions from then on…