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Time is eternal, we are not

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She asked Makkari, "Where are we going?" But of course, she couldn't answer because she was too excited about something and wasn't even looking at her.

While Sprite's way too bulky cloak kept making her trip, the older woman appeared more energetic than usual as she refused to explain where they were going. The uneven ground further made things more difficult.

The moment Sprite was about to faceplant to the ground - only saved by Makkari's quick reflexes - she wrenched her hand from Makkari's grip.

“You could just carry me there you know? It’ll be much faster.”

Makkari signed. “Ajak said not to draw attention to ourselves.”

Sprite remembered their leader-turned-mother hen's speech all too well. “I’m pretty sure she told us not to wander off as well.”

“No, She told you not to wander off.”

“Well, I’m wandering off.”

“No, you’re helping me with something important.”

“And you still haven’t told me what that is!” Sprite threw her hands up.

Makkari held out her hand again. Sprite took it.

They passed through the castle gates easily enough since the guards had seen them enter with the other Eternals. Or ‘royalty’ as the humans like to call them. If only they knew Sersi could make them more riches than conquering any land will ever give them. Maybe then they’ll actually evolve from their barbaric ways.

Bad thoughts Sprite. Bad.

Makkari led her down to the village side. They were greeted by some and avoided by most. But they didn’t linger long as Makkari kept tugging at her wrist until they reached some kind of stable. Sprite didn’t have time to figure out if the old creaky structure was indeed a stable or more like a barn as Makkari have seemed to have forgotten her and went inside. The smell of manure led her to lean more into the ‘stable’ idea.

“Makkari what- oh. Really?”

Makkari was standing next to a large dark-greyish mare. With its snout, it was adoringly sniffing her hair.

Sprite kept her distance because seriously the thing was taller than Makkari!

“A horse? Again, Really?? It’s bad enough Sersi brings home strays. Not you too.”

Makkari shrugged her shoulders and told her that the horse was one of the most unusual she had ever seen. True, it had a lovely contrast between its light-colored mane and dark fur.

“Great! You’ve seen it. Can we go back now??”

In her attempt to get Sprite to come to her side, Makkari waved her over. The ginger refused. Makkari asked again and received the same response. Turned out there was no use arguing with your speedster older sister since she would just snatch you up and place you on the back of the horse you’re slightly frightened of.

Sprite yelped, and even the unwary horse was startled by the unexpected weight on its back.

“Makkari get me down!” She held on tightly to the mare’s mane as there was nothing but reins attached to the mare. She really should’ve chosen to grip the reins. She realized her mistake as the large creature quickly rose up to its hind legs, dropped, and then bolted out the door.

“Makkari!” Sprite’s voice was drowned out by the wind.

It was only when she received a tap on her shoulder that she realized there was somebody behind her.

“Well?! Get me down! This thing is crazy!!” Instead of bringing them both down, as Sprite had wanted, Makkari took over the reins and manoeuvred the horse so it wasn't just running around aimlessly. But it was still moving quickly. Way too fast for Sprite’s liking.


To sign, the woman released her grip on the reins. Their ride veered to the right.

“Hands on the reins! Keep your hands on the reins!!!”

Sprite’s heart settled down when they were no longer going wildly. Makkari seemed to finally gain control over their steed. Or maybe she was just fooling Sprite and enjoyed seeing her panic.

As they continued on, Sprite didn’t mind as much that they were several feet above the ground and riding a potential wild beast. She started enjoying the scenery and the thrill of zooming past. She even held the reins for a while, even though she explicitly told Makkari she didn’t want to.

The sun was setting, and their poor steed was no longer as energized and quick as when they began this unplanned journey. So Sprite suggested they go back to where the others were. As they were probably noticing right about now that the two of them had disappeared.

When they arrived at the stable, Makkari jumped off to lead the horse to a stack of hay.

Sprite quickly grasped Makkari's wrist. She raised an eyebrow as the woman questioned the tight grip on her wrist.

“What? This thing might runoff again.”

Makkari looked amused and shook her head as if telling her ‘no it won't’

Sprite didn’t let go of her hand As a result, Makkari led the horse with one hand while the other remained within the grasp of Sprite. Although, she needed both her hands if she was to make sure the mare didn’t go anywhere and so she tugged at her trapped hand. She showed Sprite the rein and pointed to the pole near them. She let go, an uneasy look on her face.

The speedster turned around and tied the rein with a knot. She felt a small vibration as something hit the ground. When she looked back, the mare was bareback and sprite was gone. There was a slight second of panic when she saw the ginger on the ground, but it disappeared when Sprite got up and brushed the dirt off her cloak.

She was clearly alright as there was no sign of pain on her face...

“It smacked me with its tail!”

…Maybe slight embarrassment.

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