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“Oh for fuck’s sake man, just breath in silence for the love of god!”


Said man looked so taken aback he couldn’t even form words, so of course I took that as a sign to keep my rant going. “I mean I get it, we are all waiting for our order to be ready, but quit being such a whiny bitch about it”


People around the coffee shop were snickering, others were unfazed, some even were annoyed. But who took the golden star for best reaction? My friend, right next to me. He was looking at me like I kicked his sister right in the face.


“I’m so sorry, she definitely isn’t always like this” He said to the man, next grabbing our orders and getting out of the place.


“What the hell man?” I asked annoyed as he dragged me across the sidewalk by my wrist. Our coffees on one hand and all. Talk about multitasking.


“I should be asking that! C’mon, how many times did we talk about this Lex? You can’t snap at people just because” He scolded me like a teenager as I rolled my eyes.


“It wasn’t just because. He was breathing too hard, the poor barista almost spit on his drink because of how annoying he was being” I replied, freeing my hand and rubbing my wrist.


“Again, you can’t just tell people to breath in silence Lex” He handed me my drink and I took a sip smirking.


“You are right” I said and he raised his arms in victory.


“Than-” he tried to say.


“Next time I’m making him do it” 


When I say this man literally stopped in the middle of the sidewalk to look at me, like I just said newborn babies should be killed along with puppies, is an understatement. 


Oh how I love to put his panties in a twist. 


“No. You can’t just make people do what you want. You can’t take their will by using your powers. That is just so morally wrong on many levels. Don't even get me started on their rights, as human beings”


“Okay, don’t go all Captain America on my ass Sam. I was just messing with you, you know? I’m not going to make anyone do as I want just because I’m annoyed” He was starting to go back to his senses. “I would do it for boredom too” 


He raised his arms in surrender, opened and closed his mouth like a fish for several seconds while I laughed. All of this while walking in the direction of the park. 


“Oh how I’ve missed you” I said, bumping his shoulder sideways with mine. After a while he just exhaled and put his arm around my shoulders.


“You are just like the little sister that’s a pain in the ass for everyone in the house” He said smiling.


“You say that, but I know you love me”


“Unfortunately” he said under his breath but the motherfucker was right next to me, of course I heard it.


“Okay, take that back Wilson”


“Never, Alexandra”


“Oh fuck off Sam, you know I hate being called that” I said pushing him off of me while he laughed at me.


“I know, but I had to get you back for being a little brat back then”


“I guess it’s only fair” I mutter pretending to be annoyed.


For a while we just walked in silence around the park. Just looking at everything, the kids playing in the far distance, the group of teenagers gossiping about some boys nearby, the cult of mothers and their sacred babies. All fairly ordinary for a wednesday morning in New York.


It’s been a couple of months since the last time we’ve seen each other. He was off doing some superhero shit and I couldn’t help but be proud of my friend. He took the name to the heart, helping the troubled souls of everyone he could reach. 


This morning I was surprised to see his name popping on my phone, calling me to catch up. But how could I say no? After all we’ve been through, he is one the closest friends I have. The other is...well around five feet under. But hey, let’s not bring back bad memories.


“How have you been Lex? I haven’t heard anything from you in a few days. We always stay in touch, that’s one of our rules. I was starting to get worried until you finally picked up”


He was not lying. I did try to avoid him all this time. Just having a lot in my mind and hey, what’s the best way to deal with problems? You avoid them the best you can. But unfortunately, not with Sam. Even though I was the witch, he could read me like a book.


“A few days ago there was an earthquake” I simply stated and he nodded pushing me to go on. “You know I can feel the energy behind these things, it was not something good”


“What do you mean? Are you saying that it was more than that?” He turned to look at me all serious in his Captain America face.


“I’m just saying that I know where this energy is coming from, or from when actually. It goes back thousands of years." I take a pause."You know I’ve been around earth more time than I would like to admit. This kind of energy it’s not new. It’s ancient, like older than fucking God and his bedtime stories of resurrection”


“Shit Lexi. Make me understand, are we over our heads again?” He asked, rubbing his neck already stressed.


“No...Not really. There’s a group of…individuals, if you want to call them that, who’ll take care of this kind of problem”


Sam looked at me, really looked at me, head tilt and everything. Shoulders stiff, jaw clenched and my expression beyond annoyed. “You are not worried about this problem, aren't you? You are pissed off. Why are you pissed off about this if this isn't any of your concern?”


“Because I know he’ll be involved” I said, puffing out air.


“Who are you talking about?”


“An eternal, calls himself Druig”