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Truths behind her past

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Although she was concerned about that one demigod’s condition, she found herself walking back to her dorm. She felt rude not being able to refer to him by name, but she wasn’t told and didn’t ask. Was that really the truth, or was that knowledge only able to be unlocked by experiencing another nightmare-like situation? However, nothing felt familiar at all about him. Perhaps it was safe to say that Ferin didn’t know him before the exploration quest.

Cold water ran onto her hands, which splashed it underneath her nose. Her fingers rubbed off the dried evidence of her experience in the quest. She felt soft, fluffy fabric patting against her skin. Once her face was dry, her legs carried her back to her unconventionally illuminated room and onto her bed.

She sat cross-legged, holding a pillow tight against herself. Her gaze wandered, landing on a jellyfish with a yellow glow. However, her thoughts resumed wandering. What were the things that she thought were familiar? First, there was her initial memory of being surrounded in darkness. Next, the discomfort she felt when seeing the pool deepen and have waves due to the controls. Lastly, the feeling of drowning in the vision. That wasn't enough. What else?

Something about deep water concerned her, as she also felt the need to stay along the edge. That was partially from being shaken up by that vision, though. In combination with the pool, it did seem like another hint. She also brought up squids and toothed whales when theorizing what other beings lived in the area they explored. Those creatures were definitely things she was familiar with in her past life. But what were those creatures? All she remembered about those two creatures was that squids had tentacles, toothed whales were large, and squids and toothed whales fought.

She had to have died drowning. That had to be it. Those things had to have been pointing towards that truth. But where did she drown? It had to be where squids, whales, and the creatures that lit up her room lived. Where did they live? It couldn't have been on this its current state, at least. She wasn't a demigod before, so who was she before this? Where was she before this? Why was being surrounded in darkness a memory?

Her body leaned back, making impact with the mattress. She rolled to her side, curling her body around the pillow she was still holding. Her eyes closed and her face buried itself. As she drifted off to sleep, she clung onto hope that maybe her dreams would lead her closer to more truths about her past.