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Dos Oruguitas

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Elliot Stabler walked into the 1-6 with two coffees and a smile on his face. 

It was early, 6:30am early, and no one was in the squad but The Captain. 

The bullpen was dark, the only light was coming from her office and the morning sun streaming through the various windows. 

He could see that her head was down and her focus was on her work, but that she was wearing glasses and a brightly colored shirt under her heavy blazer. 

His footsteps from the elevator to her office filled the area and brought attention to his presence, causing her to look up with a warm smile.

Stopping at her office door, he took a moment to take her in. 


“Morning,” she smiled small sitting back in her chair. 

 Two oruguitas

 In love and yearning

He approached her with her coffee, trying not to gawk at her beauty, and sat on the corner of her desk. 

“Thank you… it’s early,” she commented. 

“Yeah well… I don’t sleep and had a feeling you weren’t either.”

“Your feeling was spot on.” 

“Like usual,” he winked and she chuckled. 

“Feels like the old days. Early mornings and bringing each other coffee.” 

“Late nights and bringing each other coffee, too,” he added and they both chuckled. 

 Spend every evening

 And morning learning

As they watched each other, they suddenly weren’t in their 50s and in her Captains office, they were in their 30s in the old 1-6. 

They were young and more innocent- not yet hardened by the job and life experiences.

They were best friends, embarking in a forbidden, emotional dance that would stretch 12 years together and 10 apart. 

They were leaning over each other’s desks, getting too close and chatting about cases and life and his kids. 

They were fighting and bickering and going to bat for each other to their Captain. 

They were cracking cases and getting injured and almost killed. 

They were falling in love and trying to avoid it so they didn’t hurt the people who loved them more. 

 To hold each other

 Their hunger burning

“I’m so proud of you. The boss… it’s the coolest.”

She smiled bigger than she realized at his words. “Things have changed. I empathize with Cragen’s plight.”

“Eh we had fun.”

She laughed, looking up at him.

 To navigate a world

 That turns, and never stops turning

They were quiet a moment and she swore he could hear her heart thumping. 

Squinting his eyes at her, he gave a sly smile and bit his tongue, gently nudging her leg with his own.

“What are you doing tonight?” She asked the question on an exhale of her breath. It was soft and nervous and made him smile. 

“Hmmm I’m busy,” he said with a playful smirk and roll of his neck that made the smile on her face stretch even wider. 

 Together in this world

 That turns, and never stops turning

“Yeah? Doing what?” She asked playfully. 

“Teaching my partner how the real Italians make pizza.”

“And hopefully drinking some delicious wine in the process?”

“Anything my partner wants,” he nodded. 

She bit her lip and smiled, taking her turn to nudge his leg next. 

“See ya tonight partner,” he smiled, nudging her back. 

"Thanks for the coffee," she called, and he winked. 


Two oruguitas

 Against the weather


Shots rang through the precinct. 

It was over before it began and a 16 year old girl lay dead on the floor. 

Elliot was shaking. Physically shaking as tears welled in his eyes and began to drop down his face. 

It was a blur as Fin approached and unarmed him, securing his weapon while unis attended to the victims and Liv to him. 

The wind grows colder

But they're together

“El… El…” she asked softly, rubbing his arm and aiding him in standing as his world came back into focus. 

“Come on… come on…” she said, putting her hands on his arms and leading him to the closest office. 

He sank to his knees once the door shut, losing it completely when she sank with him and pulled him close. 

His arms wrapped around her waist and he sobbed into her chest. 

 They hold each other

 No way of knowing

“You’re okay El… I got you…”

“I just… I just killed….” 

“Elliot you saved people you…”

“I killed a kid I…” 

 They're all they have for shelter

 And something inside them is growing

“Do you want me to call Kathy?” 

“No, no… I… you, I need you…” 

“Okay... okay, you have me…” 

He nodded, gasping desperately for air. 

 They long to stay together

 But something inside them is growing

“El… I need you to breath…” she whispered, holding his face and drawing it up towards her’s.

“Breathe… in and out I’m here… I’m here.” 

He pressed his forehead against her cheek, trying to match her breathing, eventually getting his under control. 

She could feel his heart racing and took note that her's was beating equally as fast. 

Pulling back simultaneously, their eyes met, and as he began to inch closer she pulled back and pressed her lips to his forehead. 

 Ay, oruguitas

 Don't you hold on too tight

“Go home… to Kathy… the kids… you have a baby boy at home who needs you. Before IAB shows up. Take time for you and your family."

His lip quivered and he nodded, looking back up to her. 

“Go… I’ll always be here for you. When you’re ready to come back… I’m here for you.” 

 Both of you know

 It's your time to grow

 To fall apart, to reunite

And she was. 

When he came back she was there for him, and eventually, he for her. 

It just took 10 years longer than either expected. 

But, he'd always held a piece of her heart. 

When she became Sergeant, Lieutenant, and then Captain. 

When Lewis happened. 

When she became a mother. 

When Tucker died and when Brian screwed her. 

His ghost was there. 

 Wonders await you

 Just on the other side

Ever present and waiting to fully come home to her. 

And then he did. 

 Trust they'll be there

 And start to prepare

 The way for tomorrow


Her eyes shot open from her memories when his firm knock on the door rang through the apartment. 

Sucking in a deep breath, she was unable to hide her smile as she approached the door to open it, holding two glasses of red wine. 

Ay, oruguitas

 Don't you hold on too tight

“Thought I was bringing some?” He asked with a cocky grin, motioning to the glasses. 

“You did, but figured we should get started,” she smiled, letting him in with his bags of groceries. 

“Well I promise you mine is gonna be better than whatever Trader Joe’s crap you’re serving us…”

 Both of you know

 It's your time to grow

Her head tossed back in laughter and he joined her. “I’ll have you know I got this at Total Wine. Try it!”

She laughed as he took a sip and made a “hm” face. “Not bad.”

“Told you,” she giggled and smiled huge. 

“I missed that…”


“That giggle.” 

Biting her lip, she waved him off. “So. Pizza?”


 To fall apart, to reunite

 Wonders await you

They got to work, laughing and talking; cutting vegetables and organizing other toppings. 

He laughed, hard, when she started to try to knead the dough. 

"What??" She cried laughing at his pained expression he was trying to play off as playful. 

"You're doing it wrong!"

"Nuh uh!" 

He laughed harder. "Yes! You very much are! Let me show you." 

  Just on the other side

 Trust they'll be there

He moved behind her, pressing himself against her and, cupping her hands with his, beginning to help her work the dough. 

Her smile couldn't be contained and she leaned her head against the side of his cheek, her cheap wine giving her confidence to melt into his embrace. 

"Like this," he whispered into her ear, sending a chill down her body. 

Their hands moved in synchronization, like their minds and hearts had for the past 23 years. 

 Start to prepare

 The way for tomorrow

When the dough was done, he unwillingly pulled away from her and smiled small. "Perfect..." 

Biting her lip, she nodded and smiled, looking up at him. "Yeah... yeah it is perfect." 



He set their plates on the coffee table and lounged back on the couch, pulling her into his chest.

She sat up briefly to grab a blanket that she wrapped snuggly around them, and smiled when he grasped her hand underneath it. 

Giving it a gentle squeeze, they nuzzled together for a rom com that had them both belly laughing. 

 Two oruguitas

 Cocooned and waiting

The movie ended, but they still remained close, him playing with her hair and her with his fingers. 

Not wanting to leave but knowing they had to. 

Each in their own world

"It's too soon," she though to herself. 

"Is it too soon?" he thought to his. 


Adjusting his angle to look at her, he nodded slowly. "I should..."

She nodded slowly and smiled sadly. "Yeah... yeah sure." 

They stood and walked slowly to the door, her arms crossed as she watched him put his shoes on, only to drop again once his hands were free. 

What happens after

“Bye,” he whispered, smiling small. 

“Bye… tonight was fun I… I didn’t realize how much I missed it.” 

Their eye contact was searing and he smiled small. “Me too…” he said, grasping her hand gently. 

“Okay… go back to Eli and your Mama…” 

“And you enjoy your alone time.” 

 The rearranging?

They smiled at each other's sentiments, and she squeezed his hand lightly, keeping hold of it as he opened the door and stepped through the threshold. 

“Bye,” he whispered again, longingly. 

“Bye,” she smiled small. 

 And so afraid of change

 In a world that never stops changing

Their eye contact remained as their hands dropped. 

“Bye…” she said again with a sad smile. 

“Bye,” he said again, whispering 

“Bye,” she bit her lip, shutting the door and laughing softly when he yelled another “bye” through it. 

 So let the walls come down

She exhaled and leaned her head against her front door. 

Taking a few steadying breathes, she closed her eyes and bit her lip. 

 The world will never stop changing

On the other side of the door, Elliot was doing the same, his heart beating a mile a minute. 

To knock or not to knock? 

 (Never stop changing)

 (Never stop changing)

 (Never stop changing)

She pulled open her door to find him mid knock, and with no hesitation or questioning, they crashed into one another in a passionate and intense kiss that had them stumbling back into her apartment. 

Ay, mariposas

Don't you hold on too tight

As If reading one another’s mind, he kicked the door shut with his foot and they walked backwards into her room, collapsing on her bed in a fit of moans and limbs tangling. 

Both of you know

It's your time to go

He was straddling her legs with his own and knelt up, pulling up his shirt as she worked his belt, button, and zipper. 

Frantically, his moved to the waistband of her leggings, accidentally knocking her hands and making them both stop and laugh. 

Rolling off of her, he pulled her flush to his body as they lay on their sides. 

“Before we do this… you know how much I love you right? That this isn't just sex?"

“It never could be, El," she smiled warmly and pecked his lips again. “Now...Make love to me…”

To fly apart, to reunite

He grinned and rolled back on top of her after they'd discarded the rest of their clothes. 

Wonders surround you

Just let the walls come down

“I don’t wanna rush this... I wanna take my time with you, Benson," he whispered, pressing kisses to her neck as her arms stretched above her head. 

“I don’t want you to rush this,” she moaned softly, arching into him. 

Kissing further down her body, he looked up at her between her heaving breasts and smile. 

“Don’t have to ask my twice,” he whispered before kissing further and further down her body, his hard cock nudging her leg as he moved to settle between her legs. 

Don't look behind you

 Fly till you find

 Your way toward tomorrow

“Fuck Olivia you're so sexy... so gorgeous," he said, his gravely tone igniting a new fire in her belly as her hips rolled up to him. 

He took his time exploring her; worshipping her. Every inch of her core was smothered by his tongue and fingers that brought her to two earth-shattering orgasms. 

His name spilled from her lips as her body was set on fire by his, and when she was too sensitive for him to continue, she pulled him up and back to her. 

 Ay, mariposas

 Don't you hold on too tight

"Tell me what you want," he whispered against her breathless and open lips. 

"You... I want you," she moaned softly, reaching down for him and spreading her still shaking legs further as he smiled against her mouth. 

"I want you too."

His lips connected to her's again as he slid himself through her slick and wanting folds. 

Both of you know

 It's your time to go

Her back arched into him and she let out a happy moan that accompanied the smile on her spread lips, which he quickly captured again with his own. 

"Yes," she gasped into his mouth as he pumped at a steady but firm pace. 

He tangled their tongues and they moved together in a steady rhythm that made her toes curl as she battled to hold in another orgasm just a bit longer. 

Feeling her flutter he pulled apart long enough to instruct her to cum, which she did with a quiet scream against his lips. 

To fly apart, to reunite

 Wonders surround you

His hips were out of control now, moving on their own accord as he fought her clamping walls to stay deep inside of her. 

"I... I..." he grunted out, furrowing his brows at the sight of her cumming beneath him. 

"In... In me," she gasped as his eyes rolled back and he emptied himself deep inside of her. 

Just let the walls come down

"Elliot... Elliot," she gasped, squeezing around him.

He kissed down her face to her neck, exploiting an erogenous point he'd found there earlier and continuing to rock his hips as he pushed another orgasm from her, much to her surprise and happy moans. 

Finally slipping from her, his hands cupped her cheeks and he repeatedly pecked her swollen lips, rolling them to the side and holding onto her for dear life as they settled into happy and euphoric silence and drifted off. 

Don't look behind you

 Fly till you find

 Your way toward tomorrow



Neither woke until early the next morning, and she smiled into her pillow when she felt his manhood press against her ass, his grip around her tighten around her waist, and his stubble scratch her neck. 

Ay, mariposas

Don't you hold on too tight

 "Morning," she whispered, voice laced with sleep and arousal. 

"Morning," he said into her neck, pushing on her belly and forcing her to her back so she could look up at him. 

Both of you know

 It's your time to go

 She squinted up at him and moved a hand to her mouth. "I can taste my bad breath," she giggled, moving to stand. 

"I've been waiting 23 years to wake up to your bad breath," he teased, pulling her back into his arms and attacking her face, mouth, and neck with kisses that made her squeal. 

To fly apart, to reunite

 Wonders surround you

His heart flipped and his cock twitched as he rolled to his back, pulling her to his lap and looking up at her. 

Her hair was wild and the remnants of the light make up she had put on the night before for his benefit was rubbed off and smudged. 

In the early morning light, he finally was able to take her body in, but was more focused on the smile that plastered her face and the fact that her mouth was opening to speak. 

Just let the walls come down

He raised a brow for her to go on, trying to suppress the stupid smirk that was forming on his face. 

"I love you, too," she said, confidently, in response to his months-ago confession. 

His reply was a happy laugh, accompanied by his arms shooting up in the air in celebration as he sat up effortlessly, pressing their bodies flush and kissing her passionately. 

Don't look behind you

 Fly till you find

She giggled into his mouth, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him back until he pulled away just enough to look into her watering eyes. 

"I love you more." 

Your way toward tomorrow