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Shattered Halos

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"He's such an arrogant, pompous, narcissistic idiot", Aziraphale Fell murmurs, taking a sip of his hot chocolate as he looks over to Anthony Crowley. The redhead has been at his university for about a month now, and every time Aziraphale sees him with his smug smile, he just wants to punch him in the face.

"Have you even talked to him yet, Zira? Maybe he's a real nice guy", his friend Newton replies, winking at the blond. "Plus, he's pretty much your type, isn't he?"

Aziraphale blushes slightly. "H-He's not my type... no, absolutely not. And no, I haven't talked to him yet, but I don't care - it's definitely not on my list of things to do. When it comes to this guy, it feels like you're looking at a pretty snake that will bite you as soon as you let your guard down."

"I think that's a bit exaggerated."

"No, it isn't. I don't trust him, Newt. He's only been here for a month, and has already got so many people wrapped around his finger... sometimes I think he just wants to flirt with people instead of actually studying."

Newton looks at him for a moment. "Well, then you can feel relieved that he isn't a literary student like you."

"Yeah, but the faculty of arts is right next to the building where I'm studying", Aziraphale sighs deeply, seeing Crowley just saying goodbye to the people he was talking to. Or rather the people has has flirted with...

"But as long as you have nothing to do with him, you don't have to worry, Zira."

"You're right, but...", the blond starts, interrupting himself as he feels that his phone vibrates.

Aziraphale, I have something important to discuss with you when you are at home. Please take the direct way back home when your lectures are over.

Aziraphale sighs deeply, putting his phone back in his pocket. What does he want to talk with me about now? Ever since the new mafia gang came to London, he doesn't even know how many times his father wanted to talk about 'something important'...

"Your father?"

"Yeah… he says I should come home. Sorry, Newt."

Newton shakes his head, smiling at him. "No problem, Zira. I know how your father… can be sometimes." 

Not really... if you only knew that he's the boss of a criminal organization, you would think that his current behaviour is absolutely normal. 

"All right, I'll see you tomorrow then", Aziraphale says as he waves goodbye to him, starting to walk home.

"See you tomorrow!"




"I'm really wondering what he wants now," Aziraphale murmurs to himself, looking on his phone. Usually, his father gives him a lot of freedom, but since the Daemons came to London, his life has been turned upside down so much that he would like to do nothing more than to spend the day in a library and come home at night.

He's probably just worried, Aziraphale thinks. The boss of the Daemons, Lucifer C. Morningstar, previously lived in Los Angeles with his only son and his gang members, and he was feared there for being one of the most ruthless gang leaders.

Why he has decided to live in London now, is still a mystery to me, bu…

Aziraphale squeals as he hits a body, letting his phone fall down on the ground. "O-Oh, I'm so sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going and.. you?!"

And I thought even my luck couldn't be that bad, Aziraphale thinks, still staring at the guy in front of him. There are living millions of people in this city and I have to bump into Anthony Crowley!

"You? Do I know you?", the redhead asks him, picking up his phone before he grins broadly at Aziraphale. "Oh, it's you! You're the guy who always watches me on campus."

H-He has noticed it?!, the blond thinks in shock and is not capable of getting out words.

"Okay, I know that I look stunning, but no one has ever been that speechless to see me. Actually, they would literally scream in happiness if they would bump into me."

Oh, I was right! He's really an arrogant idiot!

"I-I wasn't watching you, I just...", Aziraphale stammers, but he knows exactly that he's a terrible liar. Shit, shit, shitshitshit! What am I supposed to do now?!

Crowley chuckles in amusement. "Ah, ah, ah… don't even think about lying to me, sweetheart. I've always felt very flattered that such a pretty angel was watching me."

"A-An angel?", the blond asks in confusion, seeing how Crowley grins even more at him.

"Well, you kinda look like an angel, angel."

Of course he just cares about appearances…

"Do I call you 'Mr. Fire' just because your hair is red? No", Aziraphale replies defiantly and with every second that passes, he just wants to punch Anthony Crowley in the face.

"Mr. Fire would definitely suit me... after all, I'm as hot as fire. But no, I'm Crowley. Anthony Crowley."

Aziraphale just stays quiet, raising his eyebrows slightly without taking his eyes off Crowley.

The redhead slowly moves his tongue over his lips. "Aw, you're so rude, angel. Usually, you were supposed to introduce yourself now. Didn't your daddy teach you any manners? But it doesn't matter... I can also take care of that."

Aziraphale feels how he blushes slightly, looking outraged at Crowley. "And you're really wondering why I didn't tell you my name? I don't even know you and you're probably just a pervert. Just give me my phone and let me go."

Crowley laughs out loud, slowly leaning forward to whisper in Aziraphale's ear. "If I were you, I would watch my mouth, little angel. You have no idea who I am or what I'm capable of."

Aziraphale feels a shiver running down his spine and he can't get rid of the feeling that Crowley's amber eyes are hypnotizing him. Why does this keep happening to me?!

"But this might be your lucky day, angel", Crowley continues, enjoying the blond's reaction. "I'm in a good mood today, so I'll give you your phone back for a… kiss."

What in heaven's name is wrong with this guy?!

"Fuck you", Aziraphale growls through clenched teeth. "Give me my phone or I'll... I'll kick you in the balls."

"My, my… who could have thought that such an innocent looking angel has such a dirty mouth", Crowley whispers seductively and before the blond even realizes what is happening, he feels how Crowley grabs his chin. "You know, I'm wondering what else can your pretty mouth do…"

Okay, that's it, Aziraphale thinks and steps the redhead on the foot, snatching his phone from his hand in a single movement.

"You little shit", Crowley growls, grabbing Aziraphale's wrist. "Who do you think you are?"

"Who do you think you are?! Let go of me right now, you stupid asshole."

Crowley grins mischievously at him. "Oh, my sweet little angel… I really admire your courage - but to think that you can mess with me and get away with it, is incredibly stupid of you. It seems to me that it's necessary to teach you some manners, you naughty..."

But Aziraphale doesn't even think about letting him finish his sentence, spitting the redhead right in the face. He can't help but grin as he hears Crowley cursing loudly, and before he gives him another chance to grab his wrist, Aziraphale runs away, showing the redhead his middle finger.

"You always meet twice, angel!", Aziraphale hears the redhead shouting at him and a dark foreboding tells him that Anthony Crowley will be right. 




"I'm back", Aziraphale says, seeing that his father is already waiting for him. Usually, Michael Fell doesn't see his son until dinner and Aziraphale doesn't know if he even wants to hear the reason why he should come home that early today.

"Aziraphale", Mr. Fell says in a firm voice and crossed his arms in front of his chest. "I've been waiting for you for a long time."

"Y-Yeah, I'm sorry, father", the blond stammers. "I, uh... kinda got held up." I better not tell him about Anthony Crowley... I don't want him thinking that I need a bodyguard or something like that.

"You got held up… well, but you're home now. Come with me, we have to talk about something, son."

Aziraphale nods slowly, following his father toward the living room.

"You must have heard of the Daemon gang, eh?", his father asks him.

"Yes… you have told me that is the new mafia gang that is messing around with us since a few weeks."

Mr. Fell nods. "They are a large criminal organization that came from Los Angeles five weeks ago - and since then, they've been causing us more and more trouble. The situation is... well, it's kind of bad now."

Why does he tell me that?, Aziraphale wonders, remembering that his father always says that he's still too young to be involved into his… business. So, why now?

"If we don't get the situation under control, this war will soon reach such proportions that the streets of London get bloody."

Aziraphale swallows hard, still wondering how he is supposed to do something against this problem. "And what can we do about the current situation, father?"

"I thought about it for a long time and came to the conclusion that there is only one way to stop this war without bloodshed."

"What is it?", Aziraphale asks and his voice is barely more than a whisper.

Mr. Fell looks at him for a long moment. "It can only be done by you. Do you agree?"

What?! How am I supposed to stop a war between two mafia gangs?!

"I... I think so", Aziraphale replies. He knows very well that his father would not put him in any real danger, but he can't get rid of his scepticism.

"I'm glad to hear so, son. I've talked with the other gang's boss, Lucifer C. Morningstar. He's also interested in avoiding war as much as possible but it's hard to convince the members of our gangs that peace is the best solution. So, we thought about… let's say a little trick."

A trick? What kind of trick?

"Morningstar has a son who is just a few years older than you, Aziraphale. You're going to pretend to be in a relationship with him."

"W-What...", Aziraphale whispers, noticing that didn't understand what his father just said. I must have heard it wrong… he won't… no…

"Calm down, son. You just have to pretend. When the members of our gangs think that both of you are a couple, they won't dare to start a real war."

"B-But I-I doesn't even know h-him and...", Aziraphale starts, interrupting himself when he hears an all too familiar voice coming from the living room.

"Dad, that's complete bullshit! Why do I have to pretend to be the fucking lover of the Angéli boss's son?!"

Oh no, oh nonononono! Fuck, I do know him!

Before the blond can say anything else, Mr. Fell opens the door to the living room and Aziraphale sees exactly what he has expected… or rather what he has feared: red hair, amber eyes and the arrogant expression on a handsome face. But Aziraphale has never thought that he would ever see surprise in Anthony Crowley's eyes.