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she said "you can ruin me."

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When Yun Jin's performance started, Beidou arrived a few seconds late but was lucky enough to be able to watch it all. The young performer was indeed talented, the crowd cheered and enjoyed every bit of the opera. 

Beidou was sitting on the chair beside Ningguang, it was the only available spot anyways, and poured herself a drink. She silently observed Ningguang whose focus was entirely on the stage. Beidou wasn't aware that Ningguang finds this kind of show amazing, another thing to remember about Ningguang.

When the performance came to an end, Yun Jin took a bow as the crowd applauded before heading to Ningguang and Beidou's table. 

"Great performance as ever, Miss Yun!" Beidou cheered. The young performer blushed and smiled.

"Thank you so much! And I am eternally grateful to Lady Ningguang for such an opportunity to perform in the newly built Jade Chamber." 

Ningguang nodded, "You're very much welcome, Miss Yun. I'll be looking forward to your other projects."

Yun Jin bowed her head lightly and expressed her gratitude again before excusing herself and going over Shen He and the traveler's table. 

Beidou tapped on the table, "Did you enjoy the show?"

Ningguang didn't look at her, instead, she drank her tea. "I did. It was indeed a beautiful performance."

Beidou hummed. "Well, I think you're more beautiful." Before she laughs. Ningguang looked far away to hide her blush.

"Ahem. This day has been a successful and also tiring day. I will retire for the night, if you'll excuse me, Captain." Ningguang cleared her throat and stood up. 

Beidou has noticed something since the time she arrived, there was something odd about Ningguang – her arm? Ningguang had her arms crossed below her chest for some reason, and she hasn't made any sudden movements either. Beidou tried to think of something but Ningguang stood up already.

In a flash, Beidou grabbed the Tianquan's left arm and Ningguang hissed in pain to which Beidou immediately let go. 

Beidou furrowed her brows. "What's that?" 

"It's nothing." 

"It's not ‘nothing’ when you're clearly hurt. Let me see." Beidou moved Ningguang's sash to reveal her arm and there she saw the bruised and reddened skin. "Where did you get this?" 

"It's nothing serious, Beidou-" 

"Let's get you inside." Beidou stood up and both of them entered the Jade Chamber. She called for Ningguang's secretaries to aid the woman's injury. Ningguang still would not tell her where she got it and she didn't want to pry. She just watched and listened to the nurse as Ningguang's arm got treated and bandaged properly and could only sigh until they were left alone in the spacious room. 

"I'll be leaving in a week." Beidou spoke. 

Ningguang didn't expect it to be so soon, she hasn't even had a time with Beidou. Disappointment crept up on her chest but instead of expressing it, she kept a stoic face. "Again? So soon?" 

"Yeah, well the sea is calmer now and demands for trades increased."

"I see…" 

"You're not going to miss me?" Beidou pouted. 

"Tch. If you're done here, you can go. I still have work to do." 

Beidou laughed and Ningguang was expecting Beidou to say 'I'm not going anywhere.' or 'I'll stay by your side' , but she didn't . Beidou got up, laughed, and left. The Tianquan could only sigh, maybe she should be more expressive the next time, she actually didn't want Beidou to leave but her voice didn't come out when Beidou walked out. Unto her works it is.

The night deepened, Ningguang wanted everyone in the Jade Chamber to take their leave, well, not that she'd get robbed or get attacked. No one would be able to get past the guards below unscathed before reaching the floating abode itself anyway. 

Baixiao bowed and bid Ningguang a nice evening before taking her leave. Now that she was all alone, she could feel the tiredness from all of today's work. Not to mention that it was a little hard to move for Ningguang, given that her arm is bandaged and the nurse from earlier forbade her from exerting force using her left arm to not cause any more pain to it. 

Reaching for scrolls on the top of the cabinet has never been this hard, she mentally cursed herself for not being more careful at the construction site, and then she heard the floor creak and felt a presence.

"Baixiao, did you forget something?"

"Working overtime?"

Of course , no one could make it unscathed to the Jade Chamber except her . Ningguang felt her heartbeat quickening just by hearing Beidou's voice.

"To what do I owe you the late visit?" 

"I'm here to help. Have you eaten?" Beidou answered shortly.

"No. I'm not particularly hungry." She answered shortly.

"Ah shame, but I cooked your favorite vegetable soup." 

Ningguang turned around to see Beidou leaning against the wooden frame with a grin on her lips. 

"I've prepared the table already. It's not good to make the food wait." 

And so she followed the Captain to the dining area. She wanted to ask how long Beidou was there. Did she come back after cooking the food? Or did she really leave? But Ningguang really feels tired, she just accepts what is given to her.

Beidou fed her. Insisted on feeding her. 

Ningguang blushed whenever Beidou would blow the spoonful of hot soup before bringing it to her lips. All because Beidou said she shouldn't be tiring out herself. And when Beidou brushed the strands of hair that fell on her cheeks to the back of her ear all while she looked at her eyes before smiling. Ningguang died a little – a good reason. Beidou looked so beautiful.

"Alright. Time for bath."

"Pardon?" Ningguang blinked.

"Well, I figured you'd be having a hard time bathing, the nurse also said that you shouldn't let water get on your arm, right?"

Ningguang couldn't help but have a brief flashback of some things, she shook her head, it's probably not what Beidou was implying, right?

"Why are you so red? Are you… thinking of it?"  

Ningguang's face became more flustered as she looked away. 

"D-Do you hear yourself?! Who would want to?!"

"Haha, you obviously." 

"Shut up."

Beidou snorted before she put the dishes away and prepared a bath for both of them. When Ningguang came to the bathroom, she saw Beidou testing the waters, her broad shoulders and muscled thighs on sight. Ningguang couldn't help but want to be crushed by those. She gulped and shook her head in an attempt to shake her thoughts away.

"Do you need help with your clothes?" Beidou asked. 

To be honest, her arm hurts whenever she makes big movements but she didn't want to trouble more people in taking care of her. But being alone with Beidou and receiving her care, what's the need of trying to put up a strong front?

"Yes please."

Beidou smiled gently and nodded as she made her way to Ningguang. She undressed her slowly, as carefully as she could and Ningguang closed her eyes as she felt Beidou's strong arms and calloused hands being so gentle on her. 

Until the garments were all off and Beidou tied Ningguang's hair up to not let it get wet before ridding of her own clothes too. They got in the warm bath together.

Ningguang has her back on Beidou, she kept her guard up at a certain level, knowing that Beidou probably – certainly has tricks up her sleeves. She felt Beidou's hands on her back soon, softly massaging in a circular motion before she felt warm water trickling down her nape down her body and felt Beidou's fingertips running on the length of her spine. For some reason, her touch was warmer than the water itself but Ningguang shuddered, her face reddening and thought that it was a good thing Beidou couldn't see her, or else she might not live through the teasing. 

She felt Beidou's hands on her stomach, rising until it reached her breast. Ningguang gasped for air on the sudden contact.

"W-Where do you think you're touching?!" 

She then heard Beidou's voice close to her ear, her breath so warm and low that it shook Ningguang's entire being.

"Relax, I'm just washing you, okay?"

Ningguang nodded and Beidou worked on washing her again. Hands roaming all over her body, it actually felt really nice. It was like getting a massage. But Ningguang couldn't hide the fact that she was thinking of things that could happen, that she wants to happen rather. 

When Beidou suddenly pressed her front on Ningguang's back, Ningguang thought that it was that moment but then she felt a towel around her body. She blinked a few times and looked down. 'What was I thinking?!'

Beidou dressed her and changed her bandage before tucking her on the bed. Ningguang still couldn't believe that nothing happened. How come she felt more disappointed than grateful? 

Beidou kissed her forehead and patted her hair gently, "Good night. I'll be taking my leave."

"Wouldn't you like to stay?" Ningguang asked, swallowing the lump in her throat.

"Mhmm. Maybe some other day. Get well soon, 'kay?" She beamed a smile before leaving. 

Ningguang fell asleep soon, she was indeed tired from everything that had happened.

The next day, nothing new, it was still a busy day for Ningguang but she could only think of Beidou's arms and hands on her body and it made her unable to work efficiently. It was the Captain's fault anyway. But then again, Ningguang waited until it was nighttime. She was sure that Beidou would come back and help her again . She wasn't wrong. 

Beidou arrived the same time she did last night and offered to help Ningguang eat and bathe – this time, however, she let out a few low sounds, to maybe , send Beidou a message that she would want something other than the help she is receiving. 

Whenever Beidou would touch her hips, or when Beidou’s hands would run over her stomach up to her sides, Ningguang would let out a soft hum accompanied by a shaky breath. 

Her efforts were in vain when Beidou once again wrapped her in a towel, helped her get dressed, tucked her comfortably on the bed, and waited until she fell asleep before leaving.

It went on for a good four more days until Ningguang's arm fully healed. Four days of pure torture for Ningguang. She wanted Beidou to do something to her but Beidou did nothing, not even when Ningguang initiated a kiss when Beidou laid her down on the bed. She felt extremely pissed by the fact that she was the only one who wanted to engage in such activity. And tomorrow, Beidou would already leave for yet another expedition. 

Ningguang sighed in disappointment as she disregarded her thoughts and stretched her arms out, it felt good to be able to finally move her arm without pain and it was thanks to Beidou's care (that she didn't want to admit)

Nighttime came again and Ningguang thinks that if her arm hadn't healed yet, Beidou would have been in her office by now. How long would Beidou be at the sea again before they get private time together? Ningguang felt annoyance crept up on her, she couldn’t stop herself from having impure thoughts about Beidou, besides, it’s been so long since they have done it — there was a sudden knock on the wooden frame of the entrance. Speaking of the devil, Beidou stood grinning. Ningguang should be feeling happy but she was more confused. Her injury has healed, so what business does Beidou have with her this time? 

“Oya! How’s the arm?” 

“Better.” Ningguang answered shortly but the bitterness in her tone didn't go unnoticed. 

"Have you had dinner?"

Ningguang firmly closed the book she was reading, "I have. Why are you here?"

Beidou pouted and walked around the spacious office and towards the shelf on the side where Ningguang's porcelain antiques were displayed – the one that Beidou gave her to be specific. 

"What's with the cranky attitude?" 

Ningguang ignored the Captain's teasing. She doesn't understand herself either. She wants Beidou, in fact, she wants Beidou to take her there right now. But also, she's annoyed to see Beidou grinning and acting oblivious to her actions the past few days (she tried her best to seduce Beidou: didn't work).  

Ningguang heaved a sigh before standing up, "Fine then, I'll let you be. If there's nothing I could help you with, I can show you the way out."

"Gee. So cold. Let's take a bath together instead to cool off that hot head of yours." Beidou laughed, she grabbed Ningguang's hand and went to where the bathroom was. 

Well, to be fair, Ningguang had given up on thinking that something might happen. She just accepted the fact that maybe Beidou wasn't in the mood or she clearly doesn't feel like doing it. She let Beidou do so. 

Beidou helped her wash again, Ningguang couldn't deny that Beidou's hands were a little bit… playful in tonight's bath, but she chose to ignore it. She didn't think Beidou meant anything about the extra-touchy hands either. 

"Are you alright?" Beidou murmured behind her. Ningguang shifted her body a little bit so Beidou could wash her back.

"I am, Beidou. Thank you for taking care of me."

She heard Beidou hum and water soon trailed down her body. Ningguang closed her eyes for a bit until she felt Beidou's body firmly pressed behind her. She didn't want to get her hopes up but it was still there — not until Beidou wrapped her with a towel again before holding her hand and leading her back to the bedroom.

Ningguang didn't mind what Beidou was doing when they entered the room. She just dried her hair for a bit and chose clothes to wear, however, she didn't get a chance to wear them when Beidou pulled her by the waist and kissed her hard on the lips. Of course, she kissed back. She missed Beidou's lips on hers and all she could do was wrap her arms around the Captain's neck and let her hands undo the ties of their robes. Ningguang pulled away for a moment.


Beidou raised a brow, "What?" she repeated.

"What are we doing?"

"Doing something you've wanted since the past few nights?" 

Ningguang blushed but she did not falter, "And you failed to deliver each night that passed."

Something about the way Beidou grinned tells Ningguang that she's going to lose her sense of rational thinking tonight. Beidou bit her lower lip before tilting her head to the side.

"Bǎobèi, I had to restrain myself." She bit her lower lip before grinning and continuing her statement, "I wouldn't be able to fuck you with a bandage." 


Ningguang wasn't able to finish her words when Beidou carried her to the bed and gently laid her down before capturing her lips in a heated kiss. Oh, wasn't this what she wanted a few nights ago? Ningguang could feel heat pooling up in her abdomen as Beidou's hands roamed around her body. 

"Hmmm, you smell so nice." Beidou smiled against her lips. She started to trail down kisses on Ningguang's jaw to her neck and she did not waste any more time as she made her way to Ningguang's chest. 

"You're so soft." Beidou bit the side of Ningguang's breast that made her wince. It didn't hurt, in fact, Ningguang felt more turned on than earlier. 

Ningguang groaned in frustration as Beidou slid her leg in between Ningguang's. Beidou's knee made contact on the other woman's crotch and it made her raise a brow. 

"Oh?" She moved her knee a bit and it earned her a generous reaction from Ningguang. "Haven't done much, you're this excited already?"

Ningguang looked away and Beidou waited for a response or a bite back. She knows Ningguang wouldn't just yield to a teasing.

"J-just get it done already." 


Ningguang's face was redder and Beidou was stunned for a moment before deciding to tease Ningguang more. "Hehe, you want me that bad, Ning?"


Beidou blinked again. Ningguang's answers sent her mouth hanging open for a few seconds. Ningguang shifted beneath her and looked shyly in her sole eye.

"Can you please take me already?" She asked with a low voice.

This is a rare occurrence. Ningguang isn't this easy to back down from bickering. Beidou slowly lowered herself and kissed her lover's shoulder before going over her chest and giving it the attention it needed. 

As she took one of the stiffened buds in her lips, Ningguang whimpered at the contact. Beidou moved her leg so her thigh would rub on Ningguang's already wet cunt and it earned her a moan. She's getting so worked up already . Beidou thought as she continued her ministrations. 

It wasn't long before Beidou could feel Ningguang grinding against her thigh desperately . She decided to tease her lover a little more and so she removed her thigh and heard Ningguang whine at the loss of contact.

A look to check on her reaction, Ningguang was glaring. Beidou smirked, she likes to see Ningguang's annoyed face from time to time. 

"Beidou…" She wrapped her arms around Beidou's neck and pulled her closer. “Please. I want you in me already.”

Beidou bit her tongue, she had never seen or heard Ningguang like this — practically begging to be fucked. Her ears reddened as she slowly caressed her lover’s cheek while her other hand made its way below the growing wetness between Ningguang's legs.

“My, my, so eager aren't we?”

Ningguang pulled Beidou closer, her nails digging on Beidou's skin as she desperately grinds her crotch on Beidou's hand. 

"Just fuck me, please. I think eight months and five days was already enough to make me wait, Captain." 

Beidou bit on her lips before deciding that Ningguang has a point, besides, she's waited long enough too. 

Her fingers easily slid in Ningguang's already wet cunt. Beidou shut her eyes close as Ningguang moaned into her ear, soft and breathy and when she pumped her fingers in and out at a slow pace, Ningguang's moans became more frequent.

“Hnnn…. Haaa…. Ahmmm.”

Beidou licked the length of Ningguang's neck and nibbled on her earlobe as she pressed her thumb on Ningguang's clit and put pressure all while sliding her fingers in and out.

“B-Bei ahhmmm…. F-faster hnggggg…”

And who was she to not follow her woman's words, right ?

She did what she was asked and started to catch up her pace and Ningguang's hips began moving to meet every thrust Beidou made. The squelching sound of their love-making along with Ningguang's frantic moans echoed in the room. Beidou caught her lover's lips and their tongues danced around in a fiery battle. Ningguang was more than happy to be dominated though, she let Beidou infiltrate the cavern of her mouth. 

When Beidou started to curl the tip of her fingers, Ningguang could feel that Beidou could hit her spot just right there and couldn't suppress the moan that bubbled from her throat.

“Don't stop! Ahhhhh…. Haaaaa… Y-yes bǎobèi!”

Beidou moaned and let her face rest on the crook of Ningguang's neck and bite down on her shoulder. She could feel Ningguang clenching hard around her fingers as she decided to add another one that made her lover's moans grow louder. She felt Ningguang nails clawing on her back as she thrust deeper and with a few more pumps, Ningguang climaxed. Her hand covered in orgasm, Beidou breathed for a second before bringing her hand to show it to Ningguang. 

What she didn't expect was for Ningguang to grab her wrist and put the fingers in her lips. She sucked on it clean all while looking at Beidou's face. Beidou felt her heart racing at the scene, she groaned as she took Ningguang's lips aggressively this time. 

"F-Fuck." Beidou managed to whisper in between their kisses.

Ningguang bit Beidou's lower lip before licking it. 

"Do anything you want to me."

Beidou's eyes widened and she shot a look to Ningguang.

"Beidou, ruin me tonight as much as you like."  

Beidou gulped. She almost froze at the image of Ningguang giving herself fully. 

Well, fuck.  

Beidou kissed her and shifted their legs so they would be connected before she sat up and positioned herself directly above Ningguang's hips. She put her leg over Ningguang's and held Ningguang's other leg close to her chest. With Beidou in a kneeling position with one of her legs over Ningguang's, their bodies were aligned perfectly. Beidou placed her palm flat on Ningguang's lower abdomen before lowering herself to let their wet sexes meet, Ningguang threw her head back and moaned. 

Ningguang grabbed a handful of sheets and her knuckles turned white from how hard she was trying to twist the sheets. Beidou rolled her hips slowly as their body made erotic sounds of wetness overflowing. Ningguang opened her eyes to look at Beidou and as soon as their gazes locked, Beidou moved faster.

"You're so wet, it feels so good." Beidou moaned breathlessly.

Ningguang could feel her mind slipping from her. Both of them are so wet they are practically sliding perfectly against each other. It felt damn good. Ningguang could feel herself coming close again. 

“Hmmmfff… Hmmmm… Ahhhhhh!”

Beidou kissed her thigh and bent her body to reach Ningguang for a kiss. Ningguang met her halfway by propping her elbow and anchoring her other arm on Beidou's neck.

"I'm close bǎobèi." Beidou murmured.

"Let's come together." Ningguang kissed Beidou and their hips moved on their own accord.


Shaking hips and trembling bodies, Beidou held Ningguang's waist as they came down from their high. Beidou observed as Ningguang panted for air and started to pepper her body with soft kisses. 

"I love you." She kissed her abdomen. "I love you." She murmured again as she kissed Ningguang's neck "I love you." She kissed her on the lips. 

Ningguang smiled, "Beidou."


"I want more."

Beidou blinked and felt Ningguang grind her crotch on her thigh. 

"Please?" She murmured.

"Let's use that one you brought from one of your expeditions?" She added this time. 

Beidou couldn't believe what she was hearing. Ningguang. Begging? She brought her hand to her lover's forehead.

"Are you sick? Are you okay?"

Ningguang's cheeks were tinted red as she looked away.

"Y-youre going away tomorrow. Who knows how long I am going to wait again for this…" 

Beidou's lips almost formed into an 'Oh' as she realized that Ningguang had really kept it in all those months.

"Don't you… don't you take care of yourself when I'm away?" 

She heard Ningguang sigh and on top of that, she was pouting. Since when did she become this… cute? Beidou was quite shocked at the reactions she was getting from Ningguang which is new. 

“I do… It’s just different when you’re with me.” Ningguang answered shortly before sucking in a breath. “I- I’m sorry, I didn’t even ask if you still want to continue, you must be tired–” 

“Oh no, I’m– Ning… Of course, I want to.” Beidou brushed off the strands of hair that were on Ningguang’s face and cupped her cheek with her hand before smiling. Ningguang leaned into her touch. “It just feels a little different that you’re being honest tonight.” 

Ningguang tried to hide her blush but still managed to answer, “I have some days like this.” 

“Not that I mind.” Beidou chuckled before kissing Ningguang on her lips. It was slow at first, both of them savoring the warmth and softness of each other. Legs tangled and bodies pressed together as close as it allowed them to be, Beidou could feel things heating up again. 

Ningguang was still sensitive, each touch earned Beidou a moan or a low yelp. She could feel Ningguang’s body trembling as her hands roamed the curves of her heavenly body. She licked Ningguang’s lips before stopping her ministrations for a moment and stood to get something Ningguang requested. 

Beidou took the strapless dildo from the nightstand beside the bed along with a bottle of lubricant before sitting beside Ningguang again and she saw how her lover bit her lower lip at the sight of the toy. 

Beidou couldn't help the little smile that formed on her lips – it wasn’t a smirk or a grin, it was a genuine smile. She’s just happy to see Ningguang excited over this. Beidou found this wonderful toy on her expeditions in Snezhnaya, a dangerous place but somehow she found something fun in her travels. 

“Let me help you with that,” Ningguang said before kissing Beidou and letting her hand travel down between Beidou’s thighs. 

Ningguang slowly slid her fingers on Beidou's wet folds and began rubbing small circles on Beidou’s clit. Beidou’s breathing started to grow heavier with each second that passed and Ningguang found herself enjoying the short breaths Beidou was letting out. She was wet already but a little more lube feels nice. Ningguang rubbed the lubricant on the bold tip of the toy and looked Beidou in the eyes. Beidou nodded and let Ningguang do the honor of inserting the other end of the sex toy in her. 

Their gazes locked, Ningguang slowly thrust the bulbous tip inside Beidou until it was completely in place, Beidou could only moan at the intrusion. Now the length of the toy stood erect, it was a very flexible material indeed and the part that was inside Beidou already hit her spot and the pad just below it rubs against her clit whenever she tries to move. She could imagine how great it would feel when she puts the other end on Ningguang. 

Beidou was about to reach for the lubricant but Ningguang stopped her midway and lowered herself onto Beidou’s waist. Her hair fell on her face and Beidou helped by holding a fistful behind Ningguang’s head as she started to lick the tip of the cock. Her tongue circled on the tip before licking it down to the hilt and giving it a nice pump with her hand that made Beidou groan, she could feel the movement Ningguang was making. 

Ningguang started to envelop her mouth on the length and started to pump her hand up and down and made sure to moan to make Beidou feel an extra vibration on the toy. The pad that was directly on Beidou’s clit started to rub against her faster as Ningguang’s hand started to go faster too. Her free hand roamed on Beidou’s hard abdominal muscles, letting her fingertips trace the scars and the hard and sharp curvature of her body. Beidou let go of Ningguang’s hair and started to hold her head and move her hips to match the rhythm. Ningguang gagged for a little bit when Beidou started to thrust. Beidou couldn’t bring herself to stop, not when Ningguang’s hands were on the side of her thighs urging her to move more. Beidou felt herself becoming wetter just by watching Ningguang taking the toy in her mouth. Beidou moaned as she came by a little, it felt good, but she wants Ningguang to enjoy this as much as she does.

She pulled Ningguang for a kiss before instructing her to get on all four. When Ningguang got in position, Beidou kneeled behind her and let the length rub on her wet folds as Beidou adjusted her place. She gently pushed Ningguang’s shoulders down until her face was on the pillow. 

Ningguang could hear her blood rushing and her heart was pounding hard against her chest. This was new . Beidou hadn’t done her in this position — yet. Her rear was up, face down and her arms were firmly held behind her. Beidou’s lips started to trail kisses along Ningguang’s shoulder as she pressed her front on Ningguang’s backside.

"Tell me if it hurts and we will stop, okay?" Beidou whispered gently before going back to nibbling her skin.

Ningguang could feel the length of the toy rubbing against her clit, the tip poking her stomach and she started to rock her hips for more friction. Beidou’s lips soon traveled down her back to her buttcheek and gave it a bite that was hard enough to leave a mark but not enough to cause any pain. Ningguang moaned and was about to whine about how Beidou is taking too long, but the words in her mind were wiped when Beidou slid inside her without any signal.

It didn’t hurt. It felt really good. Ningguang cried out Beidou’s name as she took in the length from its tip to the base in just one go. Her legs shook at the sudden intrusion, and then she felt Beidou start to move at a steady pace. Pulling it out slowly little by little and then slowly thrusting it back in. Ningguang got used to the rythm and she started to move to meet every thrust Beidou made. However, the pace changes when Beidou slowly pulls out and puts it back at a godly speed. Ningguang almost screamed, her eyes went wide, and instead of a loud voice, her voice broke into a hic.

“B-Beidou–! Haa—!” 

Again, and again, and again, Beidou’s pace was changing, every thrust surprised Ningguang and she could not even make a single thought anymore. She wheezed for air as Beidou let go of her arms, her hands landed on the sheets gripping tightly. While Beidou's hands made their way to the side of Ningguang's hips, holding her firmly in place as she started thrusting faster.

“Hnn! Hng! Haa!”

She felt Beidou’s fingers digging on her skin. Their position gave Beidou the angle of thrusting into her cunt deeper. With the way Ningguang was moaning right now, just tell Beidou how she’s enjoying it. Her panting grew heavier and Ningguang gripped the sheets harder as Beidou picked up her pace and went faster than earlier, the sound of their skins slapping against one another added to the growing heat Ningguang was feeling on her lower abdomen. 

Wetness trailed down Ningguang's legs as Beidou continued to fuck her deep and hard, she thought it couldn’t be any better but Beidou’s hand made its way to her clit and started to rub in a circular motion that made her half-closed eyelids turn wide open. She gasped for air real hard as her body trembled, too much. She’s feeling too much and it was too good that she forgets to breathe. 

“D-Don’t stop! Ahh! Hnn! Hnngg!” 

Tears formed on the side of her eyes and she wasn’t sure anymore whose moans were echoing in the room. Beidou’s fast pace gradually slowed down and Ningguang let out a whine. Beidou started to pull it all out and Ningguang was confused as to why she suddenly stopped.

“Beidou, what are you— HAACK!”

She put it right back in. 

And she did it again — pulling up to its tip before thrusting it back inside. Ningguang cried. The pressure started to build up so fast and every time Beidou slid the length inside her, it hit her spot and she started to clench hard and she’s sure Beidou knows that she’s so close again. 

Beidou continued her pace. Ningguang’s cries mixed with moans and pants started to get louder and heavier. Tears fell from her eyes but she’s not hurt, she’s just feeling so good that her mind could not comprehend anymore other than the fact that she's getting fucked deep. Her toes curled and her hips began to tremble as she called out Beidou’s name from the top of her lungs. One last thrust and her mind went white, her mouth wide open as she let out a soundless moan.

Ningguang doesn’t usually pray but she whispered ever so sincerely to the God of Thunder and Lightning that she hoped for rain tomorrow — before her consciousness went out.

Beidou came at the same time Ningguang did, her whole body shook at the impact as waves of pleasure hit her body. She has never heard Ningguang cry out that loud all their time together and she mentally gave herself a thumbs up this time. 

She slowly rolled her hips to help them both ride out their orgasm until she felt that Ningguang… Ningguang fainted . Beidou pulled out from Ningguang's cunt and detached the toy from herself too, only to see how much they both came. It was really a great experience, considering that her lover fainted, she chuckled to herself as she gave her time to catch her breath and let Ningguang lie down more comfortably. 

She didn’t sleep yet, she took towels and wiped their bodies before dressing Ningguang in a nightgown first before finally lying down beside her and starting to drift to sleep as she held her lover close. 

The next morning came and there was suddenly a storm brewing outside. Ningguang felt Beidou standing up and caught her arm to stop her from leaving.

“Won't you stay?” Ningguang murmured. 

“I’m sorry, love. I have to go.”

“But the storm is brewing outside. Surely, your crew doesn’t have any problem when a storm like this comes because the Alcor is safely docked in the Harbor?” Ningguang explained. “Please, I just want a day more with you.” She added.

Beidou sighed, she did miss Ningguang and she was right (when was she not right?) . The storm outside right now is a sign that she should stay for more. “Right.” She smiled, “Sorry, how are you? Does anything hurt?” 

“I’m aching all over, Beidou.” 

Beidou gave her a sheepish smile, “I’m sorry.” 

“It’s fine. It felt really good.” 

“Mhmm. Do you want a massage?” 

“Yes please.” 

Beidou obliged and softly massaged Ningguang’s sore legs and thigh, but then Ningguang seemed like she had not had enough last night, she grabbed Beidou by her wrist and guided it between her thighs. Beidou raised her brows when she felt Ningguang’s growing wetness. 

“I thought you were feeling sore?” 

“I am.” Ningguang put her arms around Beidou’s neck, “So do it gently.” 

And she did .

[Inazuma at the dead of the night]

“Ei, why are you awake?” 

“Ah, Miko, did I wake you?” 

“No, Sara told me you went out. She’s now preparing some warm milk for you.” 

The Archon smiled as she stared far away on the horizon, “I heard a prayer.” 

The Guuji hummed as she waited for the other woman to continue.

“People always ask for the storm to go away, but this time, they asked for it to arrive.” 

Yae Miko smiled gently, “And why does this trouble you?” 

“Should I do it? They said they would make a huge donation to the shrines if it rains tomorrow.” 

“Oh? You definitely should. I could use some amount for repairs” The Guuji chimed mischievously.

The Archon nodded towards The Shrine Maiden and closed her eyes for a bit as she channeled a storm to arrive tomorrow on the Liyue Harbor. 

The next day after that, the Grand Narukami Shrine received huge anonymous donations.