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enough when i say enough

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Seulgi thinks this is her favorite sight.

Having Irene bent over the kitchen counter, bare and wet for her, her wails and moans filling the space around them, and just so good at taking her cock.

She is grabbing Irene by the shoulders, pulling her harder against her thrusts, Seulgi lets out a groan when the older woman clenches against her hardness.

It's almost too much, seeing Irene dumbed down from their fucking, from the way that Seulgi is taking her, and being such a good little slut, just whining like the mess she is and letting Seulgi ruin her any way she wants.

God, it's too much.

The first strike against Irene's ass elicits a sharp moan from her and Seulgi is fueled by the action to deliver another slap against her bare bottom, a red inprit forming.

"Please, please," Irene starts to blabber, too lost in pleasure, her hips try to push back against Seulgi's, searching for a harder touch, the action is not missed by the younger woman.

"You really are a little slut, aren't you?" She growls against Irene's ear, laying across her back and pinning the older woman to the counter, altogether stopping her thrusts "look at you, all desperate for cock"

When Irene just whines under her, Seulgi bunchs her hair into her fist, pulling her head backwards and making Irene look at her.

"I asked you a question, are you that dumb to answer?" Seulgi smirks hungrily at her when she feels Irene's walls clenching even harder on her cock, "Maybe I'm asking too much of you, is that it?"

Irene lets out another whine at the tug on her hair, her head falling back obediently against Seulgi's shoulder, "No, no, I-I just want-"

A hard spank interrupts her sentence, the end turning into a wantonly moan.

"Little sluts like you don't deserve to ask for anything, you just take whatever I want to give you, understood?" at Irene's frantic nods Seulgi finally resumes her thrusting, this time panting directly against the older woman's ear.

"God, you really are a slut for my cock," she growls, "nothing but a whole for me to fuck, so. tight. All. mine." Seulgi puntuactes every word with a sharp pound, making Irene sob out in pleasure.

"Yes, yes, yes" Irene gaps out, feeling her release quickly approaching and her walls tightening even more.

"Shit, you're choking me" Seulgi's movements turn frantic, pounding against her ass, also on the edge, she snakes a hand around Irene, her fingers finding her clit and rapidly stroking it.

Irene's hips buckle at the feeling, grinding down into the hand to get more friction, "I'm gonna come, Seulgi, Seulgi" she says right before her vision clouds with white, tensing as her release washes over her and a gush of wetness soaks the hardness still thrusting inside of her.

Seulgi grunts at the tightness of Irene's walls, only being able to make shallow and rapid thrusts, it takes her one, two, three more thrusts before she empties herself with a grunt inside of Irene.

The older woman whines at the feeling of warm cum painting her walls, the soreness from their fucking already making its presence known.

When Seulgi finally pulls out, she moans at the sight of a spent Irene laying on top of the counter, legs spread open and her cum leaking from her hole.

She feels her cock harden again, ready for another round. This time turning Irene and hosting her up the counter.

"Who said I was done with you?" Seulgi just chuckles darkly at the look of surprise the older woman gives her.