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Hyejin and Dusik wasted no time in stripping each other's clothes the minute they reached Dusik's house after the weekly neighbourhood cleanup. Dusik had to make it up to Hyejin for not feeding the rest of her breakfast, for not joining her in bed after taking her cue, and for ushering them outside when the rest of their neighbours had already filled in their roles assuming their absence. Their smiles never left their faces that morning as the others joined in to celebrate their happy news, and when it was time for all of them to leave Cheonjae's cafe after having their coffees, Dusik quickly took the opportunity to whisk her away by announcing to everyone that he would be taking the day off and won't be available to run any errands.

The previous night introduced a new dimension to their relationship. They both knew they were pining for each other in secret but were either always interrupted or too reticent to make a move. It could also be the fact it had been a while since they slept with anybody in general and it added to the pressure since this time it was going to be with someone this special. Both of them expected a bit of initial awkwardness, but their impulses were too overpowering for them to shy away from anything. It didn't come as a surprise to Hyejin that Dusik was a giver even in bed but it made her competitive to go the extra mile just like he always does, to please him. The both of them quickly adapted to a rhythm, where they were equal parts tender and equal parts passionate.

They progressed to the shower first to clean themselves up while sneaking in multiple sloppy kisses and naughty bites, where they continued to arouse each other by rubbing their soapy bodies against one another. They later transferred to the bedroom where they continued to devour each other for a good two hours before lying with their bodies pressed, panting and reeling in all of the pleasure.

"I forgive you for this morning," Hyejin said to him, to which he responded with a relieved sigh and a chuckle. She snuggled closer to him and rested her head on his chest. He wrapped his arms around her body. "What an upgrade from touching myself all alone in a hotel room in Seoul just three days ago."

Dusik's head popped up with a surprised look on her comment and he used his finger to lift her chin so that he could meet her face. "You touched yourself?" He asked, his mind going haywire as he visualised an image of her in that situation. She smirked at him while nodding.

"What did you think of when you did it? Or did you watch something?" He desperately wanted her to tell him that she thought of him in that intimate moment.

"I read a bit of Erotism," she confessed, earning a cheeky grin from Dusik. "I also thought of Seonghyeon sunbae," she teased as a childish frown formed on Dusik's face.

"That's a terrible joke to make," Dusik pouted at her before continuing, "Especially when you're lying butt-naked next to me and I can make you pay for it."

"Of course I thought of you, dummy," she laughed and kissed the shy dimple which slowly appeared on his left cheek. "I love your big hands," she said before taking it in her hand and placing it on her butt. Dusik spanked it in response, earning giggles from her. "I also really love your lips, it's the first thing I usually think of, and god, your neck muscles and jawline drive me crazy," she leaned forward to give him a heated kiss. “I love seeing you in your surfing wetsuit, too. Your ass looks magnificent in it." She snaked her hand around his back and pinched his butt cheek and Dusik yelped before chuckling. She opened her mouth again to continue talking but stopped herself, a sudden shyness creeping in her which Dusik noticed.

“What is it? What else did you think of?” Dusik probed and continued to speak, “Come on, we both farted during sex last night, there's no need to shy away now.”

Hyejin giggled at the memory. She tensed up owing to her past experiences with her exes who would have made her feel awkward on such an occurrence, but Dusik gave no opportunity for her to dwell on it. It was also relieving when he farted 2 minutes after her. "I think we've both marked our territories now," Dusik said, attempting to ease the tension and they both burst into laughter.

“Remember our first day of dating, when you tried to use the mixer on the whipping cream for my coffee and it got all over your face?” she asked.

“Of course, my ears still ring sometimes. That was a solid slap,” he teased her, “Continue, I see where this is going and I think I will like it.”

“Yah! Shut up,” she chided him while giggling and slapped his arm. “Tell meee!” Dusik playfully whined.

“Okay, so, I sometimes imagine licking the cream off of your face. And then dragging you to the bathroom there and taking your shirt off. Then lick more cream off as I apply them on your body,” Hyejin blurted as her cheeks flushed red. Dusik’s mouth was wide open in amusement. “That’s so fucking hot,” he said and pulled down the blanket from Hyejin’s face, under which she tried to hide herself, "Seriously, I want you to do that to me." He buried his face on her breasts and sucked at her collarbones and neck while his hands roamed from her back to the heated centre of her core.

"You're so dirty, Yoon Hyejin, I love it," he whispered in her ear before slipping his fingers inside her, Hyejin instantly writhing from his touch. She put her hand on his, urging him to stop.

"Wait, I have a better idea," she gave him a sly smile before getting up to position her butt to meet his mouth, and for hers to meet his already erect penis. Dusik's eyes beamed with excitement. "Sixty nine? Oh, my sweet, sweet girl," he said before helping her adjust himself on top of him and smothering her vagina with his tongue while using his hands to squeeze and stretch her butt. Hyejin, on the other end, used her hands to massage his cock and spat on it before swallowing him whole. Their cries of pleasure from the over stimulation echoed through the house as they continued to generously and greedily gorge on each other.

"Baby, I'm so close," Dusik shrieked as he rewarded her further by inserting his fingers to assist his licking and spanking her butt from time to time.

"Come for me," Hyejin struggled to speak, too distracted by her own climax which was fast approaching. A few seconds later, she emptied Dusik's load in her mouth and continued to massage his cock by placing it in between her breasts.

Dusik stopped and pulled her body up. "Turn around. Sit on my face." Hyejin got up and turned her body to meet him from the front, while Dusik hungrily grabbed her by the waist and placed her core on his mouth again. He loved to see her face and hear her screams as she reached her orgasm. He revelled at the sight of it. It added to his ego that he would be the only one who would get to love her like this. "Mine, mine, mine," he said, while torturing her with his tongue.

"Hong Dusik! Fuck!" Hyejin cried while placing her hands on top of Dusik's which massaged her breasts as he licked her clean before pulling her down to help her lay on top of him. He held her frame until her breath returned to a normal pace, before turning to help her land on her back on the mattress. "That was incredible," he said to her and kissed her forehead.

"How are you this good in bed? How have you already figured out all of my sensitive spots and love me exactly the way I like it?" Hyejin cupped Dusik's face and brought it closer to hers till their noses touched. Dusik felt shy about being flattered and his cheeks turned red. "No, seriously, how is it possible for someone to be naturally good at everything they do?"

"That's not true, I'm terrible at dancing," Dusik rested his face on the crook of her neck as he let out a laugh. "It just helps to have a partner who's incredibly sexy and knows how to love me too."

"You're being kind," Hyejin replied, trying to hide that she was internally gushing like a teenager at the fact that Dusik called her sexy.

"Fuck off with the modesty. You know you have me wrapped around your fingers, and it doesn't help that you're so daring and confident with your body around me. I’ve fantasised about being with you like this so many times, it’s not even a joke,” Dusik confessed and Hyejin struggled to hide her glee at his candidness.

"What did you think about?" Hyejin wanted him to be more specific.

"My whipping cream version has ice cream instead. You're always so clumsy whenever we eat them together. Sometimes I've wondered if you were doing it on purpose," Dusik said and Hyejin gave him a sly smile while squinting her eyes.

"And how did I live up to the dream? Is this the most you've enjoyed yourself in bed?" Hyejin was greedy and fished for more praise. It turned her on when Dusik used profanity, especially when it came as a result of her pleasuring him.

"No, I had more fun with my girlfriend at YK," Dusik got his payback for her sunbae joke, and he laughed as Hyejin punched his chest before playfully turning her back on him and distancing herself. “Hey, come here,” Dusik grabbed her by the waist and pinned her back against the mattress as his upper body hovered over hers. “I’ve never felt this kind of rush like I have in the past 24 hours before. I’ve never felt this alive,” he said and kissed her on the nose.

“So yes? I’m the best sex you’ve ever had?” Hyejin taunted him more with a brazen smile.

“Yes, pabo. You’re the best sex I’ve ever had,” Dusik leaned down to drop a kiss on both of her dimples. “What about me? Am I better than your asshole ex?" He was needy for compliments too.

"You're miles ahead of all of them and I don't think it can get any better than this," Hyejin replied straight-forwardly, knowing that Dusik would thrive on such validation.

"Good thing you're stuck with me forever then," Dusik grinned, his dimples as deep as they can be.

"This is how you play with me. One moment you're cute and soft like an innocent puppy with your dimples showing which makes me giddy and the next you're biting your lips and stroking your hair while eyeing me with lust," Hyejin said before continuing, "Guess you can say that I'm whipped for you."

"My god, Hyejin-ah," Dusik replied and laughed at her silly pun, "How did we hold out for so long when we're both this horny? I should have put a ring on you sooner," Dusik remarked as he tucked a strand of Hyejin's hair behind her ear before leaning in to kiss her on the lips. She kissed him back with equal fervour and he broke contact to begin sucking at her sensitive spot below her ear before biting her lobe. Her breath hitched and she was moaning with contentment.

They stayed tangled like that for a few minutes before he got up to stand in front of his closet, from where he pulled out his khaki pants to wear. "I'm going to sort out some lunch. We could both use some food before the next round," he said and Hyejin nodded in approval.

She laid on the bed on her bare back and as she stared around at the things in the room, realising that it would be the first and last thing she would see everyday for the rest of her life, if the universe allowed her. She spotted their towels from the morning lying on the floor which they had tossed before pouncing on the mattress, while lazily smoothening the creases on the bed sheets which formed as a result of passionate lovemaking, before her eyes wandered to the calendar on Dusik's desk, where she saw that the previous day's date was marked and decorated with stickers. "What a cutie," she thought to herself while chuckling.

She stood in front of his closet, rummaging through his t-shirts before settling for a pink one and pulled it over her head. She was greeted with the familiar scent of his soap, which to her now smelled like home, and it felt like she was getting a hug from his spirit as the large fabric hung from her body. She walked out of the room to join a shirtless Dusik, who was busy frying eggs to add to the leftover rice on the stove.

She embraced him from the back and proceeded to leave kisses all over his frame, tip-toeing slightly to reach his neck while receiving satisfactory hums and groans from him. “I love you,” she whispered in his ear. Dusik turned off the flame on the stove before turning around to take Hyejin in his arms. He was running his mouth over her naked body just a while ago, but something about her dressed in his t-shirt while her engagement necklace dangled from her neck made his heart do somersaults. He loved that it came to her naturally to wear something of his, that they were already becoming one unit. He suddenly wanted to see her wear every other shirt and t-shirt he owned, he wanted her to leave a trace of her behind in all of his possessions.

"Nice outfit," he said as he eyed her from top to toe before leaning in to drop a chaste kiss on her lips.

"We have to get more stickers," she said to him and he responded by raising his eyebrows in confusion. "For the desk calendar," she clarified before continuing, "We will never run out of days to commemorate."

This is a constant pattern with Hyejin. Dusik found it fascinating how often she would spontaneously utter the most meaningful and heartwarming words and how it was so effortless for her to tug at his heartstrings. He swore that he could spend a lifetime and still not find words that could accurately and eloquently signify what she and her love meant to him.

What he doesn't realise is how articulate and expressive he himself had become over the course of their relationship. In the past week when she was away in Seoul for her conference, he would either be consumed by daydreams of her or would spend much of his time sketching away an amateur expansion plan of his house to accomodate Hyejin and their children. When he was at Hyejin's house to help her pack for her trip, he sneakily took a mental note of all of her belongings and started to empty space in the shelves around his house by discarding things he no longer required to make more room for her.

Hyejin shared with Dusik about how she had never been a fan of being photographed for the longest time. It reminded her of her ailing mother who had developed a sense of aversion for them as she grew more self-conscious of her image, proportional to the deterioration of her health. It later reminded her of her mother's absence from the pictures taken during the important events in her life. It reminded her of her awkward teenage and college years where much of her time was eaten away by her academic commitments and her struggles to afford her tuition fee, leaving barely any room for vanity. The beauty standards boggled her head, and the people she associated with weren't any less superficial than the rest of the world.

Gaining financial independence allowed Hyejin to finally take a breather and have a peek of what she had missed over the years, but there was a sense of hollowness that came with the liberty. She felt deceived when she was still not content in life after gaining social capital and a successful career, something she believed would be the key to lead a happy life. When she was packing to move to Gongjin, she realised that the only picture that truly struck a chord with her was her family portrait. It was an unsettling feeling to acknowledge that she had very few moments in her life which she truly cherished.

Leaving Seoul and falling in love with Dusik allowed Hyejin to experience life in a way that was foreign to her. It amused her how the presence of people could change her life's narrative from being lonely with no special memories to finding joy in the smallest of things, the mundane. Worldly pleasures, she realised, simply weren't as delightful when they aren't shared with your loved ones. She took pictures and posed for them now like never before.

Hyejin wanted Dusik to vow to her that her biggest concern wouldn't be not having enough pictures to adorn their living room, it would instead be having to run out of space on the wall from having way too many of them. The roll in all the cameras he owned containing pictures yet to be printed already proved to be a testament to him keeping his promise. She was his favourite muse.

Dusik leaned in again for a longer kiss. Their lips moved in perfect unison as Hyejin slipped her tongue in his mouth to deepen the kiss. They stood like that for a few minutes before they were interrupted by the sound of Dusik's stomach growling. They broke away, both of them swinging their heads back in laughter. "We have got all day to continue. Let's eat first," he said.

He proceeded to set out the dishes, plates and cutlery on the dining table with Hyejin assisting him on the side. Before she could take a seat herself, he pulls out the chair from the table for her and kisses her forehead before taking his seat.

"You know, everyday chores are going to get a lot harder to do in this house if we're both just going to walk around looking like this all the time," Hyejin said before stuffing her mouth with rice while eyeing Dusik's bare chest, her brain immediately reminding her of how smooth it felt against her own and how the previous night ended with her listening to his heartbeat as he drifted off to sleep. "It feels weird even now when I don't have your body pressed against mine."

"Chores? Getting out of the bedroom alone would take every ounce of my willpower," Dusik remarked. "Eat up fast. This meal is just for the energy boost."

"We really need to wash the sheets often. There's going to be cum stains all over them," Hyejin said.

"We? If I remember right you decided to take over doing laundry," Dusik taunted her.

"Okay, no problem for me then," Hyejin said, the sarcasm deep in her tone. "I just thought, since the last time we did laundry you were so desperate to spend time with me as quote-unquote friends, that you made me join you and wash at least 10 of halmeoni's sheets. Guess you're active only when it comes to cleaning the neighbourhood."

"Fine fine, I will help you," Dusik raised his hands in defeat. "You're really going to milk the neighbourhood cleanup as much as you can, aren't you?"

"Yes," Hyejin admitted. "I've never really thought that physical touch would be one of my more dominant love languages. Quality time used to come first."

"Lucky for you, because I frankly cannot think of a better use of my time than having sex with you," Dusik said with a smirk to which he received a friendly slap on his hand from Hyejin. "No, I'm serious," he continued, "It should be on our agreement. Sex everyday. At least oral. I don't think I can function otherwise. Write it down." He pointed out to the piece of paper Hyejin was previously using to divide the chores amongst them which was now pinned on the fridge.

“Oh god, I just realised we have to plan the wedding,” Hyejin let out a small chuckle, suddenly realising again that they were engaged.

“Whatever you want. We can go to Seoul next week too, to look for locations and meet caterers, and the organisers. Maybe even have a cute date in the middle," Dusik suggested.

"What about you? Do you want to do anything specific for the wedding? I don't want it to just suit my taste," Hyejin urged Dusik to list his preferences.

“I don’t know, not anything specific. I’ve kind of already married you in my head, to be honest,” he shrugged, “I think my mind is more preoccupied with you moving in here with all your stuff and us becoming family. I can plan the honeymoon, if you’d like,” Dusik gave her a mischievous smile.

Hyejin slapped his hand. “The wedding. That comes first!”

“Oh wait,” He stood up to walk back to the bedroom to fetch a notebook from the drawer of his desk. He returned to the dining table and placed it before Hyejin. “Consider this my early wedding gift.”

“What is this?” Hyejin excitedly opened it to flip through pages of neatly drawn, elaborate sketches of furniture and floor plans with interior design. “What is this for?”

“These are the floor plans for two new rooms,” he pointed to the page, “To build over there, we need an extra bathroom too,” he pointed to the end of the hallway by the bedroom. “This is general furniture and interior design ideas for renovating the house to reflect both of our tastes when you move in. The whole thing shouldn’t take too long. A matter of a few months and we’ll be all set.”

“Oh my god,” Hyejin started to get teary-eyed. “Dusik, what the hell?”

“What happened? Is it terrible? Do you hate it?” Dusik asked with a concerned face.

“No, silly, I-,I’m overwhelmed. This is beautiful. I love it,” she stood up from her chair and walked over to sit on his lap. She left small kisses all over his face. He wiped away the tears forming on the corner of her eyes. “How long have you been curating this?”

“Not too long. I started a month ago. These floor plans were done just this last week, when you were in Seoul,” he replied.

“And you teased me for already making the agreement yesterday. You’re much further ahead of me,” Hyejin called him out, and he simply kissed her on the cheek. "I just remembered, I have something for you too."

Dusik's eyes lit up with curiosity and excitement. Hyejin went to fetch her bag which was lying on the sofa and pulled out a book from it, "This might not be as good as yours, but it's definitely something you should see," she said while handing it over to him.

"What, have you been making floor plans as well? You're actually much better at drawing than I am," Dusik joked, before seeing the title and flipping through the pages of what seemed like a kids' drawing activity book. "Omo! Is this yours from school?"

"Yes, turn to page 10," Hyejin insisted, as she took a seat on his lap again. Dusik was bowled over by seeing Hyejin's drawing of her family portrait by the Gongjin beach, which included him and his grandfather. "Hyejin-ah, I'm going to cry," Dusik looked up from the book, "I actually think I have goosebumps," he said as he looked at his hands and then at her face, "This is all so surreal to me. I don't know what to say."

Dusik cupped her face with his hands, "I was thinking about how I don't have anybody to introduce as family to your parents. At least as blood relatives, since everyone in Gongjin is an acquired family to me," Dusik spoke with a hint of sadness. "It would have been lovely to have them all meet and take pictures of both of our families together. But we do have this drawing of us now. I'm going to frame it."

Hyejin smiled at him, "I was only looking forward to meeting again on the beach, but the sea prince is now going to be my family, too." Dusik looked at her writing below the drawing and laughed, "You surely have been obsessed with me from the very beginning," he said and kissed her on the lips. "I'm so happy, Hyejin-ah. I can't contain it."

Hyejin realised that her most favourite thing to hear from Dusik is him telling her that he is happy. It took precedence over him expressing his feelings for her or any other words of affirmation. She knew then that this is what being in love with someone truly feels like.

"Don't contain it. Happiness looks wonderful on you," Hyejin said, with a gleaming smile. Dusik kissed her cheek before taking her bowl in his hand and feeding her some of the remainder of her lunch.

Hyejin walked over to the fridge to grab a bottle of water that she had filled previously, and found that Dusik had made an entry of his own on their marriage agreement. "Number of Children: 2" was written below Hyejin's last entry.

"I think we should wait for more time before having kids," Hyejin said as she turned back to look at him.

"What do you mean?" He asked her, trying to read the expression on her face.

"No, I mean, I do want to have kids, but we have to be practical. We can't have them before we are ready. I earn enough money now to live a comfortable life where I also get to splurge when I feel like it. It's not enough to provide for two children, though. And we need to spend a lot first to build this, bring this beautiful plan of yours to life," she said to him and he nodded. “I want our kids to have everything, I don't want them to settle for anything less or worry about not having the best of what life has to offer."

It made more sense to Dusik about why she brought up the suggestion of him applying to be the councillor then. Dusik had the liberty during the years of his solitude to choose for himself when it came to how he handled his finances, but he did not mind the sense of responsibility that came with the thought of having to provide for potentially 3 more people. It, in fact, made life seem all the more worth living and the fruits of labour more satisfying.

"I'm promising this to you now, I will be a councillor one day. Tongjang first. I'm going to spoil and pamper you three like it's nobody's business," Dusik said to her and he was rewarded with a wide, dimpled grin from Hyejin, which he considered was equivalent to earning a gold medal.

"Besides, I do want to have as much sex as we can while my herniated disc can still handle it," she said, to which he responds with a high-pitched laugh. "Pregnancy comes with abstinence and I don't think we would take it well with how charged up our sex drive is now."

"Do you think you would be interested in adoption?" Dusik suggested, "I'm not just saying it to have more sex, although that would be an obvious bonus," he winked before continuing, "I think I would love to adopt a child who has been abandoned or has lost their parents. I was fortunate to have my grandfather and Gamri-ssi take care of me after my parents died. I would love for us to take in a kid like that who doesn't have the same luck as me."

Hyejin's heart swelled at how Dusik was always so thoughtful of everything. It was so in character for him to be generous even when he can afford to be selfish and prioritise his wishes. She was already taken aback and overjoyed when Dusik mentioned the idea of having kids with her that morning. She did feel the need to prioritise his mental health and healing process before suggesting any life-altering ideas but she was overwhelmed with pride for him for actively taking efforts to be more open and dedicated to their relationship.

"I love the idea," Hyejin admitted, "But I have to confess, helping Yun-gyeong deliver her baby did make me very emotional and get more fascinated by pregnancy. I think I do want to go through that process too."

"One through pregnancy and one through adoption then? Do we have a deal?" He asked and Hyejin nodded in agreement.

They continued to eat in comfortable silence. Once they were done, Hyejin stood up to clear their plates and washed them by the sink while Dusik wiped the table and kitchen counter clean. She turned to face him once she was done.

"You know, I think you'd have a really hard time not being able to play with my boobs during and after pregnancy, with me nursing and everything," Hyejin said, to which he responded with an amused look.

"You do have other body parts," He replied and shrugged with a smirk.

"Come on, you're such a boob guy," Hyejin remarked. "What is that supposed to mean?" He responded, genuinely curious.

"I've always caught you ogling at them like you wanted to eat them," she said to which he responded with a sheepish, knowing smile. "Even before we slept together. And now that we have, you really do like to play with them a lot. At least more than with my ass."

"Okay, not true, it's just that your boobs happen to be on the same side of the body as your face, and get more, uh, screen time," he clarified. "I check out your ass and will eat it every opportunity I get too."

Hyejin laughed at him before continuing, "So what are you in your opinion? Are you a boob kinda guy or an ass kinda guy?"

"Whatever you want me to be. I'm mostly a Yoon Hyejin kinda guy," he responded with a smug smile, too proud of his corny remark. Hyejin rolled her eyes but could not control the smile slowly creeping its way on the corner of her lips. Silly dimple goof.

"I'm marrying a dork," she said while wrapping her hands around his neck. "I'll let it slide because I love your mouth. You use it well."

"Thank you, my dentist takes great care of it," Dusik smirked at her. Hyejin closed the gap between them by pulling him forward to leave multiple pecks on his lips before proceeding to sucking and tracing the skin on his collar bones, which elicited content moans from him.

"I know this just proves your point but," he said, panting, while breaking their contact, "Fuck, your nipples are so hard against that t-shirt and I want to bite them right now."

Hyejin's laughs reverberated through the house as she raised her hands before Dusik impatiently removed the t-shirt over her head, taking one of her breasts in his mouth. His hands snaked his way to her bare bottom which he squeezed before he gave a slight slap. Hyejin yelped in pleasure at this action and he lifted her while she quickly wrapped her legs around his waist.

"I love you," Dusik said in between licking and sucking her breasts, and he continued to do so while walking towards the bedroom carrying her, both of them aware of the fact that the next time they would come out would be during their dinner break.