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The Ultimate Detective and The Ultimate Hope Gaiden: Hajime's First Love!

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“I’ll be outside if you need me.”  Makoto told his sister and brother-in-law as he closed the door to the cemetery behind him.

The husband and his expectant wife shared a melancholy smile before Komaru suggested “Well, let’s get going, shall we?”

Hajime nodded and turned, pointing his hand into the distance.  “I think it’s this way…”

“Chiaki…”  Hajime muttered as he knelt in front of her tombstone, caressing its surface forlornly as if he were caressing the deceased gamer’s head.

“Nanami-chan…”  Komaru looked to her husband in concern as his lip quivered and his eyes watered.  “Hajime…are you going to be okay…?  We can come back another time if it helps…”

Hajime smiled appreciatively and shook his head.  “Time won’t make this any easier.  I appreciate the sensitivity, but…I need to be here right now.  We both need to be here.”

Komaru nodded as she bit her lip nervously and caressed her baby bump.  When Hajime brought up the idea of the two of them going to the Hope’s Peak Cemetery to pay respects to Chiaki, it reminded her that her beloved husband’s heart once belonged to another girl.  Nevertheless, she suspected that this was the final step of closure Hajime needed, so she agreed to go out of a desire to support him.  So there they stood, Hajime dressed in a black suit and tie and Komaru dressed in a black, conservative dress.

After a moment of silent mourning for the girl he let die as Izuru Kamukura, Hajime wiped his eyes and spoke softly.  “Hey, Chiaki.  I hope they’ve got a lot of video games up there for you to play.  I…I came to tell you something.  I…I’ve moved on and forgiven myself for what I did back then.  I’m free to live my own life; I’ve created the future that I wanted, and I never would have been able to do it if I didn’t have your support.  So…thank you, Chiaki.”

Hajime turned his head towards Komaru and gestured for her to come over.  Nodding, she silently approached and knelt next to her husband.

“I’ve even found a girl who loves me as much as you did, and who I’ve grown to love in turn.  This is Komaru; we got married not too long ago and we’re expecting a baby.”

Komaru sniffled as she laid her hand on Chiaki’s grave.  “Hi, Nanami-chan…I promise, I’m gonna take good care of Hajime.”

Hajime smiled at his wife before turning his attention back to Chiaki’s grave.  “I’m glad I got to talk to you again, Chiaki.  I’m sorry I haven’t been around much.  But I promise, we’ll have a lot of happy stories to share once my time comes.  And when that happens, I can’t wait for you to properly meet Komaru.”

A soft smile tugged at Komaru’s lips as she agreed.  “Same here; I’m looking forward to meeting you one day.  I’m sure we’ll be the best of friends.  And…make sure to bring you’re a-game when we play something; I don’t intend to lose easily!”

Hajime chuckled in amusement as he pressed one hand on Komaru’s back and one against her baby bump.  With his support, Komaru gradually stood up with her husband before he gave one last farewell to his high school crush.

“Well…I’ll see you around, Chiaki.  Say hi to Miss Yukizome for me.”

“Sayounara, Nanami-chan.”  Komaru whispered before they turned around walked away.

“Well, that was really sweet.”  The orange-haired teacher mused as her former pupil smiled softly, tearing up in her seat in the Afterlife Theatre.

“Yeah…it was…I’m…really happy for Hajime.”

Chisa bit her lip, frowning in guilt.  “I…can’t help but feel a little responsible.  If I hadn’t done what I did…you’d be the one Hajime was with, with a ring on your finger, carrying his baby in your belly…I…I robbed you of that future…”

“Miss Yukizome, don’t.”  Chiaki smiled at her former teacher.  “I’ve let go of that grudge I had when you entered the afterlife.  I’ll admit…I’m a little jealous of Komaru…but I’m still happy for them.  I hope they live a happy life together and raise a peaceful family together.  And when I finally do meet them on this side…I’ll welcome them with open arms…and Smash Bros.”  Chisa giggled as Chiaki stood up.  “What do you say we leave them alone?  We could find a way to prank Junko…I think…”

Chisa giggled as they left the Afterlife Theatre, guiltily excited about pranking the mastermind who stole their futures from them.