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Ava now loved nights. Nights used to be lonely. She was an agent at the time bureau and always had work. So the night was for finishing work and maybe a few hours of sleep.
Ever since she got with Sara, nights have become exciting. Finally, finally, she got to spend them with someone she loved and be who she was always meant to be. She could be the best version of herself. The version that loved and was loved. The person that was a leader but not alone in leadership. A person who was comfortable with her sexuality. It was lovely sharing a bed with another person.
"Hey, you babe, what's going on in that pretty head of yours?" Sara asks to lay next to Ava.
"Just thinking how lucky I am to be able to spend my nights with you. You are the best thing that happened to me. You accept me for who I am. All my neurotic ways and my way of leadership. I love my nights with you. They have become such a great part of my day," Ava said.
"How about I make your day better," Sara said suggestively.
Sara kissed Ava on the lips. The kiss was a soft one that turned more passionate. Their kisses were like rain and coming home. They were full of love and passion. Ava felt all of Sara's love in the kiss. The kiss grew heated, and Sara moved the kiss to Ava's neck and then to behind Ava's ear to the sensitive spot behind her ear.
"Oh," Ava let out a moan. That was one of her sweet spots.
Sara loved when she heard Ava let out how much she loved what she was doing. Sara loved making Ava happy.
Sara continued kissing Ava on her spot and moved down her neck. Sara moved Ava's nightie to the side, took one of her tits into her mouth and sucked on it. Sara loved Ava's boobs. They were perfect. They were perfect for sucking on and licking, and they were also great to get comfortable on them. They were the best pair of tits that she's ever seen. Sara continued licking and sucking, taking everything that she could from Ava.
"There there, Sara, that's the spot," Ava moaned, urging Sara to continue.
Sara took the other tit into her mouth and lavished it with the same amount of love as she did the other one. She loved doing this. After that, she kissed Ava's stomach down. Sara removed Ava's panties and went down on her. She went and licked down her and took her finger and played with Ava's clit. She took two fingers, placed them in Ava, and went down on her to continue to play with her. She continued to lick and finger her until Ava came.
Sara removed her clothes, took out their strap on, and Strapped on. Then, she took Ava, spread her legs, and thrust inside of her. She had set a nice pace and moved the way that brought joy to both of them.
While Sara was thrusting, Ava took hold of Sara's neck and kissed down the side of her neck in one of Sara's special zones bringing pleasure to Sara. Sara enjoyed it, and it led her to thrust harder into Ava.
Sara pulled out and flipped Ava onto her knees. She held onto her breasts as she thrust inside of her. She continued at the same pace and worked happily to finish them off. Sara continued thrusting, hearing Ava's moans of enjoyment. Sara was close and could feel that Ava was close too. She just needed to tweak a nipple like that, and finally, they both came simultaneously.
Sara pulled out and took the strap off.
Sara laid on top of Ava, laying her head against her breasts, giving it a soft kiss as she snuggled up into her.
The two of them caught their breaths as they lay there in the afterglow. Sex has always been particular between the two of them. It was intense and loving and was perfect. It was their bodies and souls connecting and becoming one.
"I love nights with you too. When I was in the league, I thought all I had and all I we were this assassin. But now I get to be a captain of this ship with you and spend the rest of my life with you. So I don't have to be afraid of who I am. I can spend my nights in bed with you and do what I do best. So take care of yourself and the rest of the team. Nights with you are my favourite part of my day," Sara said and softly kissed Ava on the lips.
"That's why we complement each other. You let me be more than this uptight bureaucrat and showed me that life was more than paperwork," Ava said.
"You showed me that life can be more than being the assassin. That life as a captain isn't lonely that I can truly be happy and let out my dorky self and let my guard down with you and with other people. I have never been as happy as I am when I am with you," Sara said.
The two kissed softly, showing each other how much they loved each other. Their kisses conveyed so much they conveyed their comfort and their love. The kisses were sweet. They were like sticky candy-sweet and addictive.
"I love you so much, Ava. You are my forever person. I will spend the rest of my life with you, and we will have many nights just you and me," Sara said.
"I love you, Sara, to my beautiful person who I will spend the rest of my life with," Ava said.
Sara kissed Ava one last time and rested her head on Ava's chest. Ava stroked Sara's arm and softly thought of how her life had changed for the better since she had met Sara Lance and her team. They may have been disasters but together, they fit perfectly, and at night they were like two puzzle pieces that were just perfect. They were excellent, and each other's forever person. Ava fell asleep with that thought.