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How Did That Happen?

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Olivia strolled down the hallway into organized crimes office. She had been there before and knew exactly where his desk was.

Liv scanned the room. Bell's office was dark, the other desks abandoned with scatters of paperwork across them. Elliot sat staring intensely at some photos in his hands. He hadn't even heard her come in.

A small smirk crossed her face. She had seen that look all to well. That was his "I'll be here all night until I see what I'm not seeing" look.

They were supposed to meet up, have a drink, and maybe go to his place tonight if Lucy had been able to watch Noah. Eli and Bernie were spending the weekend with Maureen and his grand kids at her house.

It had been almost five months since they had officially started dating. At first it was slow, he romanced her. He wanted to take his time, treat her in all the ways he'd always wanted to treat her.

And that was fitting for a connection that burned slowly for almost twenty-three years.

But they had to carve out their time here and there. And with Noah and Eli and Bernie, and their jobs they didn't have much of it left just to themselves.

The earth had moved, and the world shattered around them the first time they slept together. It was everything she expected and yet nothing at all like she imagined.

It was better. Insanely so.

And of course it would be. Their connection ran so deep and was so intricately woven into them, how could it not be raw and real and just… amazing. And every time after, felt new and exciting as they learned each other's bodies, solving decades worth of mystery.

She felt her breath catch as she looked at him.

Even though he had aged, her as well, he still looked good. Damn good. Achingly good. She swallowed, feeling that tingling in her stomach every time she was around him.

He had texted her letting her know he would be working late on a new case, and he didn't want to keep her up waiting so he asked for a rein check. Told her he'd make it up to her.

She had felt disappointed but understood. This was and is who they are. She had canceled or been very late to plans they had made so she understood. And just as he canceled, Lucy had texted her she would be able to watch Noah overnight. And that's when Liv decided to pay a little visit to organized crime.

Since the night had become free, she finished up some overdue paperwork before she left and headed over to surprise him.

She had swung by the store and picked up a bottle of wine and a few snacks. Why not she thought. They have had cheaper dates. Only a few weeks ago he had met her outside the courthouse and bought her a hot dog because the break between cases was the only time she had that week.

It was sweet and so… them. They sat on the steps and ate. His arm slipping around her waist, his voice whispering in her ear all the things he was going to do once they had time alone. Then he sent her back into court with a kiss and flushed cheeks.

It was one of the best dates she'd ever been on.

She wanted to return the favor.

"Need a break?" She said and his concentration was broken immediately by her voice.

He looked up and smiled, happy with this more than welcome surprise.

"Hey… this is a nice surprise." He said putting the photos he was just lost in, down on his desk.

"I brought reinforcements." She said with a smile and held up the wine. "Where is everyone? It feels like old times in here… just you and me burning the midnight oil."

Elliot chuckled as she made her way over to his desk. They had done that more times than he could remember. Always chasing justice. Like it was the two of them against the world.

He liked when Liv was nostalgic about them. It wasn't often she spoke about it, but more so in a look, silently communicating the past. But what he loved more than waxing over their past that got them where they are now, was actually being in this new chapter.

This new chapter that included things he'd only ever dreamed about. Things that put those dreams to shame because nothing prepared him for the real thing.

Nothing prepared him for the way her skin felt. The way her hands felt when she touched the areas of his body she had through his clothes for years, and then all the places her hands had never been. The feel of her surrounding him, the silky softness, and the burning white-hot heat of loving her.

Nothing could prepare him for the way she sounded. The way her voice changed when she was close, the way his name dripped like honey on her tongue when she came.

He took in a big breath and tried to reel his mind back, but he let his eyes wander over her. She looked good. She had always looked good… gorgeous… stunning… beautiful… and a million other words that never quite did her justice. And now knowing the skin under the black jeans she was wearing, the curves under that white blouse… how she felt in his hands… in his mouth… he couldn't stop himself from raking his eyes over her.

She put the wine down and the plastic bag with food and paper cups on the desk across from his, shed her coat and sat on the edge of his desk.

Elliot let his eyes roam over her again. He felt his arousal for her deep in his belly. No matter how many times he had been inside her it would never slake his need for her.

When his eyes finally made it back to her face, she was smugly smirking at him. Busted he thought. But then he remembered he could do this now. Be unbridled in his ogling. He had never been one for public displays of affection, but with her, he just couldn't help himself. He grinned and his eyes drifted down to her lips.

His mind flashed the memory of when she went grocery shopping with him because again, it was the only time they could carve out for each other. He had never had sex in a public place before, but watching her smell an orange, she looked like an angel. When she caught him staring at her, he saw the hint of desire in her eyes, and he found himself temporarily abandoning his cart and dragging her into the bathroom, pushing her up against the door because he couldn't wait.

He wasn't sure if she was going to stop him or not, but when she locked the door and pulled at his belt loops… he almost lost his mind.

Then they spent the next half hour after just giggling like love struck teenagers while they finished shopping. Now he can't eat an orange without thinking about Olivia.

He stood, leaning into her space, close enough to smell her perfume and cause a little hitch in her breathing, but not as close as he knew they both wanted to be.

"Not exactly like old times…" he said his voice low, his eyes still locked on her lips. He could feel her breath on his skin, and he leaned in farther, capturing her lips with his. Even though nothing but their lips were touching, he could feel the hum of electricity building between them. It had always been there, but now that they could acknowledge it, do something about it, it felt stronger, dangerously strong.

Strong enough that he might forget where they were and maul her. They had been caught tangled in her office by Rollins once. He had gone to kiss her goodbye, and it had started to evolve into something heated. It was hard to control himself around her. Harder than it had been when he was married. He just… wanted her all the time. Now that he could want her freely, it unlocked something inside him. She unlocked something inside him. Rollins knocks now and waits before she enters Liv's office, and it makes him grin a little every time she is around.

He loved kissing her. Her lips molded to his, soft, sweet… and in an instant they could become demanding and take what was rightfully theirs. This kiss was slow and searing, building with every second, cementing the ownership to each other. When he slowly pulled back her cheeks were a little pink and her eyes starry.

"It's better…" he said.

She blinked and swallowed catching her breath before a slow smile crossed her face. He loved how much being together affected both of them. Even just a simple kiss.

This was better than the old times she thought. Infinitely better.

"So… just us here?" She asked clearing her throat, not needing to look around because she knew they were the only ones.

"Yea…" he smiled. "Bell left…" he paused checking his watch and his eyes widened at what time it was, "almost three hours ago… the rest of em' maybe two… one and a half." He said. He moved his hands softly over her knee and up, squeezing her thigh.

Her tongue darted out and smoothed over the corner of her mouth, her eyes holding a hint of deviance. She had always been the one to be professional at work when they were partners because it was the only lane, but it didn't stop her mind from fantasizing about her partner bending her over the table in interrogation or slipping off to the cribs and locking the door and just… fucking it out decades ago.

She was a Captain now so there would be no way they could ever do anything like that in her squad, especially after Amanda caught them deep in a goodbye kiss… but here, this late at night, no one around… maybe if she could convince him, they could have a little forbidden fun. If she had her way tonight, more than just his rein check would be satisfied.

She needed to play this carefully. She wasn't sure how much of this he'd go for here in his place of work, but after finally and officially starting this with him, she had learned he really couldn't tell her no. He was such a simp for her, and it was adorable really. In reality, he had always struggled to tell her no. But now that he knew her more intimately than she'd ever let anyone know her, that thin line holding his will power had vanished. She would never use this power over him in a terrible way, maybe only to get the last egg roll or the choice of movie they fell asleep to on the couch.

If she was being totally honest, she was a simp for him too. It took all of a few hours of his return into her life and she had already given in to him, letting him into that interrogation room. They were partners for twelve years… how could she tell him no. And yet she would have never agreed to have sex in a grocery store bathroom before him. All he did was look at her with those eyes of his, eyes that told her everything she'd ever wanted to hear without a word and the next thing she knew he had her on the sink panting and making her come.

Her partner of twelve years…

And now they were partners in life, he is and had always been the love of her life, and it made her feel alive again.

He made her feel alive.

So, what was a little harmless fun between two consenting adults?

This time she was going to play dirty. They had great sex. The best sex of her life because it was him. She knew it would be amazing, earth shattering, cataclysmic. He had also made love to her. Given her his soul to keep. They had connected on every level, and she knew what it was to be fully loved by him, to be whole and bonded forever.

But tonight, she wanted something different. Something that used to send a shiver up her spine when they argued over cases, the heat, the passion, the intense inferno that was uniquely Elliot. Something they had touched the surface of in that grocery store but hadn't really had the time or privacy to fully explore that. There was always someone around. Someone sleeping. But tonight… it was just them.

She was already aching for him, but she could tell he was aching for her too. She wanted to get him worked up, past the point of making good decisions because she wanted him on the verge.

She wanted the animal in him.

And she knew just what to do.

"How's the case going?" She asked and scanned over the photos on his desk pretending his hand wasn't working heat into her. She leaned forward a little and over his desk bringing her face closer to him, the V in her blouse exposing a little cleavage which absolutely caught his attention.

She heard him suck in a deep breath. A little smirk crossed her face.

"Ah… well…" he stumbled trying to remember what she had just asked him, but his brain was fighting for his blood supply that was currently traveling south.

He tore his eyes from her and looked at the scattering of photos on his desk.

"It's not…" he laughed. "Maybe another pair of eyes would help?" He suggested knowing she was always up for working with him. They worked well together… in every way.

Olivia smiled, keeping her eyes on his desk, but feeling his roaming again across her skin.

She swiped her hair from her neck, exposing her skin, and she bit her lip to keep herself from laughing when she heard him swallow.

She turned to look at him. "Two is always better than one…" Her voice was soft, but her eyes had a sharp heated spark to them.


Another hour had past, and they had worked some angles on this new case. He forgot how good they worked together, and it felt like no time had passed between them. Actually, if he was being honest, she was the one who had cracked open some possible new leads on this case of his, because he was too distracted.

Distracted by her scent. Distracted by her long hair, and the thought of running his hands through it. Distracted by her lips, and the way she pulled at the bottom one when she was thinking. He did his best to stifle a moan when she pulled her glasses from her coat pocket to read over a few statements, but the sly smile that slid across her face told him she heard it.

She was killing him, and he was starting to think that was her plan. She had touched him lightly in a few ways as they ran things over together, making sure there wasn't any detail not gone over. His knee, his bicep, his shoulder. It was working him into a slow-moving, adrenaline-fueled frenzy.

When she moved to open the wine she brought for him, and pulled out two paper cups he just sat there. Watching… maybe drooling a little. He wasn't sure because he felt like a moth to a flame at the moment, and he only had one thing on his mind.


She handed him a cup and poured some for them both. They sipped, never breaking eye contact.

"Hungry?" she asked innocently, but he knew there was nothing innocent about her right now.

"Starving…" he answered. His voice was low and raspy. She knew the next thing she did to push him over the edge might just be the last straw. She could tell he was worked up, the way his voice was dripping with lust, and she knew he was hungry, but not for food. He was starving for her, and it felt wickedly good.

She opened the bag she brough and tossed him his favorite chips and felt a pull in her stomach when he grinned at her.

He popped the bag open and scooped out a few chips, chewing loudly, grinning at her.

"You want some?" he asked trying to feign the same innocence she had in her voice a minute ago. But his arousal was clear. He liked this little game she was playing, but coy wasn't his strong suit. It was taking every fiber in his being to rein himself in, and it was hard… and getting harder.

"Hmm… I do… but…" she said eyeing the plastic bag, and Elliot was intrigued.

"I think I'm in the mood for something… different." She said.

Olivia reached into the bag and pulled out an orange, bringing it to her nose and smelled it. She could feel the air between them become thick the second she pulled out that orange. She knew it would remind him of the store and how fast and hot it had been. She wanted the same thing tonight, but more of it. All of it… she wanted all of him and everything he had to give her.

She could take it. And he was the only man who would ever be able to give it to her the way she had always wanted it. He was the only man she trusted to give it to her.

She dug her nails into the top, working on peeling it. She did her best to not look in his direction because if she turned and looked before she was ready, and his eyes were dark and intense, his muscles tight… her will power would cease to exist.

Her arousal to have him take her hard was reaching a sharp edge, and the tingle between her legs was turning into an increasingly aching throb. All this circling around each other was hotter than she thought it would be. It had been… intense when they were partners. But always left her feeling empty because there was no outlet. There was no other option other than to bury it deep down in her soul and lock it away.

But knowing what it was to be with him and love him, it made it exponentially harder to circle each other knowing the fire that burned when they were together. And she wanted to go up in flames with him.

When she finally got a piece of orange out, she brought it to her mouth and sucked in the edge, tasting the sweet tangy juice, and she pulled at the fruit with her teeth, biting into the pith surrounding the flesh and tore a bite off. She licked her lips as she chewed chasing all the flavor with her tongue.

"Mmmm…" she softly moaned. The taste and smell were a good distraction. Enough to calm herself down to look over at him.

Elliot was sitting on the edge of his chair, his mouth slightly a gape. She could see his breath filling his lungs with the small lift and drop of his shoulders. His eyes were dark, and she could see the tension in his bare forearms. If she hadn't been chewing, she might have heard his heart trying to beat out of his chest and his pulse ripping through his veins. She noticed the slight hint of redness creeping up his neck.

Oh yea… she was going to get everything she wanted tonight.

She eyed him, still trying to play this game, and arched her eyebrows up and asked "You want a taste?" as she held the orange out towards him.

Did he want a taste? He wanted the whole damn orchard.

It took all of a second and he was grabbing the orange, throwing it somewhere, and his lips were on her. He could taste the citrus on her lips, and he slid his tongue across them, begging for entrance and she let him in.

He dived into her mouth, tasting the mixture of her and the orange, the sharp smell mixed with her perfume was doing things to him he couldn't understand. He gripped her waist, then slid his hands up her torso, over her neck and jaw, then into her hair. He gripped the back of her head and turned her, pushing her up against his desk, covering her with his broad body.

She gasped in his mouth feeling his erection pushed up against her as he devoured her mouth. Oh God she wanted him.

He tore his mouth from hers, but kept his lips attached to her skin as he kissed and sucked his way over her jaw, and to the soft spot of skin under her ear. She moaned low and deep, her hands flying to grip his waist, and moved up his back as she moved to sit on his desk, wrapping her legs around him.

She needed friction before it killed her. She was panting and grabbed at his hips pulling him into her, trying to grind herself against him. They switched their arm positions sliding over each other as she wrapped her arms around his neck, and his went to her ass, gripping and pulling, giving her what she wanted as he roughly was sucking a welt on her neck.

She didn't even care he was going to leave a hickey. He could leave them all over her body if he wanted to, as long as he kept doing what he was doing, her skin was his to mark.

She moaned again louder, when he rocked his hips harder into her.

He pulled his lips from her skin as his hands made their way to the button on her jeans.

"Do you have any idea how fucking sexy you are…" he asked, moving to look into her smokey eyes. She was all sex and desire and love and perfection rolled into one. He sometimes found it hard to breathe around her. How he didn't stray many moons ago, he'd never know now, because he was hooked. She was his drug of choice, and she was euphoric.

"Hmmm… only for you…" she mewled as his hands found the skin at her hip, and then slipped around to her ass. He moaned long and low when his hand found nothing but skin as they slid inside her jeans and around her ass. She wasn't wearing anything underneath.

"You're not wearing any underwear…" he huffed out. It was more of a statement, he said it out loud for himself because his brain couldn't wrap around the fact Olivia Benson was going commando and had been this whole time.

She chuckled at his obviously melting resolve. "Also… only for you…" she murmured in his ear, touching her bottom lip to the edge of his earlobe, feeling his skin goosebump as she panted on his neck. "There's a lot of things I'd only do for you… and only let you do." She whispered.

Well those words hit him square in the groin, and he jerked, pulling her by her ass into his burdened erection as his head dropped to her shoulder. He took a deep breath in as she smoothed her hands over the nape of his neck before he pulled his head up to look at her.

"Oh yea?" he said, straining for brainpower. Putting words together into full sentences was like trying to move the Rock of Gibraltar at the moment. "Like what?" he rasped out.

She squeezed him with her legs, slowly rocking her hips into him, trying to continue the slow build of heat between them while she answered him.

"Like… not wearing any underwear… or letting you fuck me in a grocery store bathroom… or…" she trailed off, looking at his lips, and moving in closer so they were inches from each other. She wanted to make sure he heard this part.

"Like letting you go down on me on your desk so every time you sit here you think of me coming on your face…" she said.

The growl that came out of him startled her, and she loved it. He yanked her over from the side of his desk to the front, pushing his chair out of the way, knocking things off his desk. She tightened her grip on him as he lifted her, sliding her jeans down a bit, and then moving his hands to her blouse and ripping the buttons off as he pulled it open.

She felt heat spike up her spine, and her clit was throbbing. She already felt a thin sheen of sweat on her skin. She couldn't believe he ripped her shirt open, and was about to protest, but the second his lips found her collar bone, and moved down over the swell of her right breast as his hands gripped her by her ribcage all her objections flew to the floor with her lost buttons.

He pulled a nipple out and lavished it with his tongue as he teased her other one over her bra with his thumb. She placed her hands behind her so she could arch into his mouth, her high breathy moans encouraging him. She could feel herself sliding a bit on his desk, her arousal dripping out of her. God she was so wet and aching for him. Her fingertips felt cold, and her lips were tingling. All the blood in her body was moving south, pulsing between her legs.

Elliot sucked hard on the top of her breast, more than likely causing another welt, and Olivia bit her lip as another deep moan escaped her throat.

Elliot grinned as he moved to look at his handy work. A red mark was already forming, and he couldn't wait to leave more on other areas of her body. He looked up at her, lips parted, cheeks flushed, eyes dark and smokey. He could barely stifle his need to just fuck her into oblivion, but first he wanted to taste her… he wanted her coming all over his desk… all over his face.

"I can't wait to see how wet you are for me baby…" he said, placing his hands by her sides on his desk, still taking in the beautiful sight of his love, hot and bothered sitting on his desk, her eyes and body begging for him, her heart and soul already his.

She whimpered at his words and clenched her thighs in reaction. "Only for you…" she said again, reminding him what she had asked for.

He moved to pull her jeans off, and stopped to kneel pulling at her boots, and finally she was free. He didn't look up at what would be eye level with him, and instead kissed the top of her foot, rubbing it, before he pulled at his tie, as he continued to kiss over her ankle. He removed his tie, and undid his buttons on his shirt, pulling it off quickly so he could get his hands back on her skin.

He pulled his undershirt off over his head and placed both of his big warm hands on each one of her feet. He kissed his way up to her calf, leaving hot delicate little kisses and sucked on her skin. Olivia was already on the edge, and his slow assault was making her skin shake.

He switched legs when he got to her knee, not glancing between her legs, because he wanted taste how wet she was for him. He trailed his tongue up inside her thigh, and Olivia gasped. He heard a few things clatter to the ground from his desk as Olivia looked for something to hang on to.

He sucked hard on the inside of her thigh, needing to leave his mark there as well. Olivia moaned and squirmed on his desk, moving her free foot to his shoulder, looking for anything to cement her, keep her from floating off into this blissful fog he was dragging her into.

Elliot chuckled at her impatience, and he heard her growl at his smugness. He moved his lips closer to her center and took a deep breath in, reveling in the scent of her arousal. It was saturating his senses. El smoothed his hands up to her hips, pulling her to the edge of his desk, and swiped his mouth over her clit.

Olivia yelped at the sensation, and before she had a chance to adjust to the erotic electricity he was causing her, his lips and tongue found her center, and pulled her in and sucked, then he swirled his tongue around her, flicking her clit before he moved down to her opening and slid his tongue inside her.

She yelped, her hands flying to the back of his head, her hips rocking in time with his tongue as she rode his face.

"FUCK!" She yelled, her voice echoing in the dark empty office. Her ears were burning, her pulse was racing. Every flick of his tongue was sending her, and when he moved his hand over her thigh, and down across her clit, it send a volt of electricity through her.

He circled her clit, working with the perfect amount pressure, his tongue flattened across the outside of her, before he dove back in. The rhythm he was setting was creating the pressure she needed, and she could feel her orgasm start to ripple.

"Fuck… I'm gonna…" she breathed out, "I'm gonna come El… Fuck… I'm gonna…" she huffed out, and then she felt him moan with his mouth full of her and it was all she needed.

She came hard, shaking, her legs around his head. He continued all the way through, lapping her up, not wanting to waste a drop. She sank back a little, her body becoming a little lax, her breath heavy.

She looked down at him under heavy eye lids, and he licked his lips, pressing a small kiss on the inside of her thigh.

This orgasm had only taken the edge off. It was earth shaking and amazing because it was him, but she wanted more. She wanted more of him… all of him. Everything he had to give.

Looking down at him between her legs, herself still over his chin, his lips, it sparked the heat in her again, and she pulled him up by the back of his neck and crushed her lips to his. She wanted to taste herself on him. She wanted to taste the mix of them on his tongue.

And it was sexy as hell.

Her hands flew to his belt buckle. She needed to feel him, hot and hard for her in her hand. Her lips and tongue took what they wanted, sliding and biting and sucking until they were both breathless. She broke apart from him, locking her eyes on his as she opened his pants and slipped her hand inside.

She loved watching his face when she touched him for the first time. His eyes rolled back into his head, and a low deep moan escaped his lips. He was hard as steel, hot and ready for her. She moved her hand over him, sliding up and down, circling her thumb over his tip, spreading the moisture there already.

Elliot huffed out a breath, gripped her bicep, slowing her movements enough so he could think again.

"Liv… tell me what you want…" he said, barely able to get the words out. His body was tuned in, on high. He was on the edge of his control. She had worked him up to his limit. All of this… her sultry words, and uninhibited actions of letting him go down on her on his desk, tasting herself on his tongue… it was all so unbelievably sexy as fuck, and his restraint with what he wanted to do to her in this moment was dwindling… fast.

He needed her to tell him what she wanted. He needed to hear it from her lips. He knew what she wanted. He knew the second she pulled that orange out of that bag. She had come here to be with him, and he wanted to satisfy her. He always wanted to satisfy her… her every need. All the time.

He just needed to hear her ask for it. He never wanted to do something she didn't want, he loved her too much to risk causing her any more pain than he already had. He knew her triggers, and after that long conversation about what happened to her... when he wasn't there… he never wanted to be the reason to bring her back there. But she promised him she'd tell him… promised she would always be honest with him, with them, and he made the same promise.

So he needed confirmation, because once she told him, there would be no turning back. He wouldn't be able to stop himself. She was too enticing… too intoxicating… to delicious, and as long as this was what she wanted, he would give it to her. He would give her anything… do anything… for her… for her only.

She moved her hand from him, and trailed her hands up around his neck, pulling him close to her.

"I want you to fuck me…" and he trembled in her arms. The sheer raw want ripping through his veins. "I want you to fuck me like an animal…" she whispered.

And that was all he needed.

He crushed his body to hers, hauling her up against him and swung them around walking her over to the half wall below Jet's desk. There was a railing there, and she was going to need something to hang on to.

He pushed her against the wall, their lower halves connecting, and he thrust his hips hard into her as he took her lips, sucking and pulling hard. His body caged hers, and she felt all the hard planes of his muscles pushing the breath out of her body. His erection slid against her sex, and she moaned in his mouth.  He pulled her blouse off her, letting it fall to the ground.

He turned her around, and opened his pants more, letting himself spill out. He stroked himself a few times as his other hand roamed over her stomach.

"Put your hands on the bars baby… you're gonna need something to hang on to…" he said, his voice low and throaty. It sent a shiver down her spine. She gripped the bar in front of her, and she felt him put his cock between her cheeks, and he gripped her hips, sliding himself along her. She moaned at the feeling, already wet for him again.

He moved his right hand to line himself up at her entrance, teasing her a bit with his tip. She whimpered her protest, and then he was pushing himself inside her. It was slow at first. He was giving her time to adjust, and time for his mind to adjust. It was something he always needed. Every time he entered her for the first time, he needed a minute. A minute to grapple with the overwhelming sweep of raw emotion that overtook him every time.

And then he started to move. His first thrust was shallow, and his second was deeper. He finally pulled almost all the way out of her, and slammed himself back in. He felt her legs shake, and they both moaned from deep within. He was ready to let go, become unhinged and out of control, but he still wanted to make sure she was ok. He held himself buried deep inside her hot, wet tight walls, and he rubbed his thumb over her hip, the action asking if she was ok.

She turned her head back to him, her eyes black and filled with desire. "Pull my hair Elliot…" she demanded in that low husky voice that drove him mad.

He groaned hearing her tell him, not ask him, to pull her hair while he fucked her. This woman was going to be the death of him, and he was ok with that. He slid his hand up her spine, grasping under her neck, and pulling her long hair up into his fist, and he bent over her slightly and left a little trail of soft kisses along her backbone.

She felt her heart squeeze at the tenderness he still seemed to lace into this, even though they were both past the point of control.

His other hand gripped her hip, and then he started to fuck her like an animal. He pounded himself into her over and over and over again. Unrelenting. He gripped her hair in his hand, and the sound of their skin slapping, and their heavy breathing and moaning filled the office. The creaking of the metal railing echoed in his ears protesting at the push and pull from Olivia as he railed her against it from behind.

"Fuck…" he rasped. Sweat was sliding over his skin, his muscles were tensing, and he could feel himself on the edge of release. But he needed her to come again. Even though he could easily lose himself at this pace with her in the next thrust, nothing made him come harder than when they came together.

"I'm close Liv… are you gonna come for me again baby…" he said feeling his balls tighten. He could feel her gripping him, as his cock slipped between her folds ruthlessly.

"Unhook my bra…" she huffed out in-between his thrusts.

He let go of her hair and unhooked it. He stopped his thrusts, leaving himself inside her, and she stood up letting her bra slip off her shoulders and to the floor. She brough her back up to his chest, and he pushed her up against the wall, and she moved her upper body between the wide slats, the floor feeling cool on her hard nipples. She rested herself on her elbows and adjusted her feet for a better stance.

Elliot gripped the bottom of the rail and moved his other hand around her waist and up to her breast cupping her, gripping her perfection in his hand. She moaned at the feeling of his hands on her breast, and he started to drive into her again.

Her moaning increased, and her voice changed. He knew she was close, and he was glad because he wasn't going to last much longer.

"Oh yes El… right there… don't stop… don't stop…" she yelped.

"I'm gonna come Liv…" he said, warning her, but keeping his restless pace.

"Oh yes… come for me El… I love when you come inside me baby…" she choked out, her orgasm starting to crash over her.

He felt her clamp down on him, and he knew. Between that and hearing her call him baby… asking him to come inside her sent him rocketing to the moon. He came hard and long, his thrust becoming less rhythmic, and with pauses inside her. He felt her legs shaking around him, and his name falling like a chant out of her mouth.

He stood there, still buried deep inside her, breathing ragged, unsure how he was still standing, or even where he was for a second. He smoothed his hands softly over her hips and pulled out. He didn't really want to just yet, but there was no way she was comfortable how she was, and he wanted to pull her close to him, hold her, kiss her tenderly. Make sure she was just as glowy as he felt.

He helped her move from between the rail and pulled her close to him. He held her, moving her hair that was stuck to her skin from her neck, and places soft kisses along her neck.

She hummed softly, her arms hanging on him the best they could. He moved his hands to her face, looked at her and smiled seeing the dewy glow, and the shimmering in her eyes he always saw after they had sex.

He would never tire of that look.

"You're amazing… you know that right?" he said.

"That's what I hear…" she said with a lopsided grin. "You're pretty amazing yourself detective."

His smile widened. "Only with you… only because of you…" he said and then brought his lips to hers and kissed her slowly. They stood there for a few minutes like that, listening to each other breathe, feeling each other's hearts beat against their skin.

"You ready to go home?" he said softly into her neck.

"Only with you…" she said, a soft loving smile breaking across her face.


The next day he strolled into the office with energy. He was the last one in, but it was ok. He had been the last one out last night, and that's all anyone else needed to know. He scanned the room now that it was daytime, and all the lights were on.

He and Liv had tried to be meticulous when they cleaned up, not wanting to leave any evidence behind of what they did there, other than their own memories. It looked like they had gotten everything. But he was a little preoccupied with getting her home to his bed so he could hold her close while they slept and make love to her in the morning.

"Morning…" he said to everyone. They all responded and looked at him a little strange. Wondering no doubt where his chipper demeanor was coming from.

Jet was walking back to her desk with a cup of coffee in her hand, and all he could do was try to keep the smirk from his face as he sat down at his desk and looked over to the railing by her desk.

Jet eyed him curiously and went to lean on the railing, but it shifted, creaking and groaning, and she fell a little forward, spilling her coffee.

"What the?" she said, pissed at the coffee now on her and the floor.

Elliot bit his lip, trying not to laugh. Bell came out of her office at the racket.

"What is going on?" She asked looking at Jet.

"I don't know… the railing is… broken." She said looking at it. She put her hand on the top and pulled a little, and it moved back to where it was. She pushed and pulled it back and forth, and it wobbled creaking and groaning.

Jet just looked up at Bell. "Well call maintenance and they will come fix it." She said and walked back into her office.

Jet looked at Elliot who was sitting at his desk, looking like he knew something, a smug grin on his face.

She just looked at him with that stare of hers.

"I wonder how that happened?" he said, turning away as the smile on his face grew wider. He pulled out the file from yesterday and started to flip through the notes he and Liv made while Jet huffed and went to get a mop.

But he knew

He sat there, with a pretty big ego boost while he replayed what they had done last night and he ran his fingers across the edge of his desk and he shivered at the sound and sight permanently etched in his mind of Olivia coming right here.

Jet cleared her throat loudly, and Elliot realized she was standing right next to his desk with a mop and a bucket in her hand.

He eyed her for a second, not sure why she had stopped at his desk and then she lifted her eyebrows at him.

He pursed his lips together not sure what to say to her, or really what was wrong with her.  Then she leaned in and quietly said, "Listen... I know what you did... clearly you forget there are cameras everywhere.  If you mop up my coffee, and fix the railing I will make sure there's a "glitch" in the system for that time frame..."

Elliot sat there stunned.  How could he forget about the cameras.  Olivia would kill him is she knew.  She would kill him if she knew Jet knew.  He quickly got up, grabbed the mop and said, "Here Jet, I'll do it... and I think I can fix the railing... no need to call maintenance." he said, finishing with a sheepish smile, and a deep breath.

Jet tilted her head in thanks, and made her way back to her desk.  She sat pulling her knee up turning in her chair, watching Elliot mop up her coffee.

He looked up at her.

"So... how much did you see?" he asked quietly, because he really needed to know just how long he needed to kiss up to her.

Jet smirked dropping her eyes, and a little blush creeped up into her cheeks.

Elliot brought his hand over his face and dragged it down to his jaw.  Oh boy... he thought.  She must have seen all of it.  He felt his own blush threatening, and he looked up at Jet when he heard her chuckle.

"You are one lucky man Stabler... Benson is hot." she said quietly.

Elliot pulled back a little, shocked at what she just said, and then a little smug smile started to creep across his face.  He wasn't sure what exactly was happening, but he she was right.  Olivia is hot... and he knew he was lucky.

"Oh you have no idea..." he said off hand, as he focused on ringing out the mop in the bucket.  Then he stopped and looked back up at Jet.  "Well, I guess you do..." he said a little cocky.

Jet rolled her eyes at him, and started typing on her computer.

"Hey... you wouldn't be able to... I dunno..." he said trailing off, wondering just how far he could joke around with Jet before she threatened to report him to Bell, "...maybe send me a copy of the tape?" 

Jet immediately stopped and turned to him, her eyes wide, but then she rolled them again at Stabler when she saw the grin he had.  He was teasing her.  How in the world could she have something like this on him, and he was the one teasing her.

"It's already deleted.  And next time just... go home." she huffed out trying to ignore the chuckling of Elliot as he smirked up at her.

"Can't blame a guy for trying... I'm gonna go get some tools... I'll be back." he said turning to walk way.

"Oh, hey..." he said turning back to Jet, who looked annoyed with him now.

"Thanks..." he said, smiling sincerely now because he knew she didn't have to cover for him, but she did.  And he did appreciate it.

"Don't mention it..." Jet said in her usual tone, and turned back to her work.  She eyed him as he walked away with all that swagger of his.  Now she knew what he had to back that walk up, and she just sighed and shook her head, a little smile crossing her face.  She just hoped he'd take her advice next time.