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Trouble Seems To Follow

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There was something about kissing Ty that scared Kit. It was unlike kissing Holly, even when she had been the one nipping at his earlobes and down his neck, leaving hickeys and Kit had briefly wondered about bites and how werewolf transference actually worked. 

No, it was different with Ty. It was everything Kit wanted… but it felt somehow darker, where they were both still keeping walls up, a spark of dormant conflict and uneasiness existing, despite boundaries becoming tangled between them. 

He was aware of Ty’s body covering his in a possessive stance, pressing against him in a way that in other situations would have set off his fight or flight instinct. His hands were around Kit’s waist, firm pressure and unmoving, in contrast to their usual beautiful fluttering movements. But Ty kept his kisses lighter and undemanding even as Kit curled  fingers into his dark hair, urging him him down, closer. Wanting to close the distance of years apart. 

After countless times agonising over lost and potential what-if scenarios in his head-  touching Ty, kissing him- initiated by Ty was the sweetest relief. But it also provoked new waves of anxiety. What if he was doing it wrong? What if this was his one chance and he was messing it up? Shut up, Kit tried to tell his spiralling thoughts.  

He placed his other hand at the edge of Ty’s borrowed shirt, slipping it underneath. He hesitated until he heard an impatient in-breath, and a slight movement of Ty moving even closer and only then did he allow himself to touch Ty’s skin, feeling goosebumps and the hard planes of muscle as they moved with Ty’s breath, as their lips touched and lifted. Ty left butterfly kisses around Kit’s mouth, and along his neck, sending thrills down Kit’s nerves, setting them alight. Kit traced along Ty’s shoulder bones, feeling the curve of Ty’s lips shape into a smile as he did so. 

Sometime later, Kit leaned his head back to catch a breath, dropping his hands from their explorations. 

Ty also drew back, his gaze set at a point in the wall. He kept his hands where they were, almost as if to keep Kit in place- from fleeing again. 

Kit studied him, trying to read into the set of his jaw, the squint around Ty’s eyes or the subtle tension he held in his lips for clues as to what they did next. Where they went after this bridge had been crossed - no, thoroughly destroyed - when it came to their friendship. 

Rather than address that thorny issue, his eyes were drawn to the slight raise underneath the fabric of Ty’s shirt. Kit traced a finger over one of the delicate chains, hooking a finger over it, to pull out the Herondale necklace. 

Ty let out an involuntary shiver. 

“You shouldn’t wear this anymore,” Kit said, his voice cracking loudly. Ty’s eyes flew back to his face, settling on his lips, as Kit winced. “It was supposed to keep you safe. But things have changed and wearing it now will only put you in danger.”  

“I’m not in danger from the necklace,” Ty said, his voice steady. Finally releasing Kit’s waist, he took several small steps back. Watching Ty distance himself again, Kit felt a sudden surge of apprehension.  

“Kit. I have to tell you something,” Ty said. “I was going to wait until Livvy came back but I- can’t wait.” He looked nervous - possibly for the first time since they had reunited - rubbing his hands up and down along the side of his jeans. 

Kit’s stomach was churning with uneasiness. He leaned back against the wall, crossing his arms. “Okay?” he replied, trying to remain casual.     

“I know you’re the descendant of the First Heir.” Ty met Kit’s eyes as he dropped his bombshell, his eyes now dark and fathomless in the rapidly-darkening training room.  

Kit straightened up at Ty’s confession. Whatever he expected Ty to say, it wasn’t that. But then again, it wasn’t exactly surprising Ty had put two and two together, he reasoned. The monster attacking Ty had addressed Kit as the heir. And combined with the past twenty four hours and seeing Kit’s powers in action… “Right,” he said, neutrally, noting that Ty was waiting for a reaction before continuing.  

“We- the Centurions, we know the Seelie Queen and her court have been trying to track down this heir - and it’s… you,” Ty said, rubbing the back of his neck, ducking his head. He looked distraught. “I’ve realised it’s you.”

“Yeah, no shit- that’s been my life these last three years, them trying to find me.” Kit said bitterly. “What of it? I didn’t exactly expect the Centurions to protect me, if that’s what you’re saying.” 

“No- but. You probably didn’t expect the Centurions would be helping the Seelie Court track you down.”

“What.” Kit felt cold. “Why?” Suddenly his heart was pounding too loudly in his chest and he could feel his gaze drawn past Ty to the door to the rest of the house. His power itched in his veins, telling him to leave, escape, flee

“Why? Kit, I’ve just seen what you can do. And according to prophecies we’ve read, you’ll be ten times more powerful once you’ve learned to harness it properly.” 

Ty’s voice was back to that same, flat tone. His Centurion voice, Kit decided. “Plus, you have claims to both the Unseelie and Seelie thrones which- if they go to war, it could spill over to the wider Shadow World-” Ty was shaking his head, almost disagreeing as he listed all the reasons that Tessa had laid out to Kit, all those years ago, when she invited him to live with her and Jem at Cirenworth. 

“Yeah, yeah- fine, I’m a ticking time bomb,” Kit interrupted, pushing himself off the wall. His power was building again, gaining energy from his growing anger and fear. 

Fighting against his instinct to flee, Kit walked up to Ty instead, forcing him to back up several more steps. Kit narrowed his eyes. “So, I guess- for the good of the Shadow World, what are you gonna do? Arrest me? Hand me over to the Seelie Court?” 

Ty’s jaw moved imperceptibly, his eyes darting back and forth past Kit. 

“Whoa, things seem to have escalated here,” Livvy’s voice was loud behind them, as she materialised in the gloom. 

“Not a good time, Livvy,” Kit told her, watching as Ty pivoted to greet his sister, as Livvy drifted up to his shoulder. The twins held a rapid hushed conversation between them, before Livvy turned to Kit. 

“Well, you better make up in the next thirty seconds ‘cause you need to leave Cirenworth now. Ty’s machine has gotten very good at giving the Seelie Court’s hunters a heads up to your location… and Anush has just spun it up to try and locate you again.” 

“Ty’s machine?” Kit knew his voice was strained at this new blow and revelation of Ty’s betrayal. Ty grimaced and looked away. 

Livvy’s mouth went into a round ‘o’ and she blinked rapidly. “Yeah- his and Anush’s adapted Sensor- did he not tell you-” she said, looking confused. “I just- you were talking about the Seelie Court, so I assumed you knew he’s been running the Centurion side of the operation to find the heir… like, before he knew it was you .”

“We were getting there,” Kit said, gritting his teeth. “I assume.”  

He looked over- only to find Ty had slipped behind the nearest workbenches, gathering up throwing knives. “You need to pick a weapon,” he called out to Kit. “Quickly, before we go.” 

“What do you mean ‘before we go?’” Kit tried to sort through his rapidly blossoming thoughts, which were threatening to overwhelm him. Automatically, he moved towards the nearest plinth, and grabbed tiny knives and their corresponding sheaths. 

Ty stopped in front of him. “We’ll need to teleport away from Cirenworth for the fight,” he said. His voice was calm, even as he tapped a rapid rhythm on the ground with the massive pike he had grabbed from the wall. He held out several larger knives to Kit. 

Kit threw a glance to Livvy, who nodded. “We need to go.” 

“What do you mean we ?” Kit repeated, even as he accepted the knives. Ty couldn’t mean- 

“Kit, I know you almost drained your power earlier but- you need to take both of us to a location away from Cirenworth. Otherwise your family won’t be safe,” Ty told him, his voice barely above a whisper, deadly serious.     

“I - seriously? You’ve been sending Seelie hunters after me, and now you want me to take you to an ambush with them?” Kit pointed out. He clenched his fists, feeling the ornamental hilts of the knives becoming slippery in his sweaty hands. Why was he wasting time? He should’ve been left as soon as he had heard Livvy’s warning.  

Ty screwed up his face in consternation and his eyes kept slipping to Livvy before being drawn back to Kit. “I understand why you don’t trust me but you need me there for the fight,” he said fiercely. 

“I- can’t,” Kit said.

Ty’s hands spasmed around the pike. “Please- I want to help. Let me help you. So you don’t have to keep running - you told me you don’t want to keep running.” Livvy was hovering behind Ty, an anxious expression on her face. 

It’s an impossible dream,  Kit thought dully. Particularly with the bombshell Ty had just dropped - that the Centurions were helping track him down - it didn’t bode well for his future freedom or chance of a normal life. He tried to focus on buckling the knife sheaths around his forearms.

“Kit, please.” Ty’s voice was almost a whisper and Kit’s survival instinct kicked in. It didn’t have to be today that he was finally caught, he thought. This time around, he could have a well-trained, insider Centurion help him slip the rapidly-tightening net. 

Assuming Ty wasn’t double-crossing him and wasn’t just planning to deliver him over to the Seelie Queen. But that didn’t seem Ty’s style; so, did Kit trust him? 

Kit made his calculations rapidly. He stashed the knives in his arm braces and moved within Ty’s orbit. “Where to?” 

Ty didn’t hesitate, shifting so Kit could comfortably fit his arms around him, in a tight embrace. “Someplace with high cover, maybe a few miles from here. So we don’t have to hike half a day back again,” Ty said, his voice close to Kit’s ear. 

“I’ll follow,” Livvy promised.   

In the distance, Kit could hear Jem calling him and Ty for dinner, as the scene in front of them melted away in a blur. 

Kit felt like he was going to be physically sick. The trip to the steep, hilly Dartmoor viewpoint where he and Jem had started hikes had taken most of his power reserves, and he fought off dizziness, clutching at the nearest tree trunk. Had he jumped quickly enough that Ty’s adapted Sensor was tracking him to this new location, or were the Seelies going to show up at Cirenworth? 

“Let me-,” Ty took his arm, turning it upwards and and efficiently sketched fresh strength and perseverance runes before letting go of Kit, watching him closely for a minute before turning away. Dizziness fading, Kit was reminded once again of the usefulness of runes but decided he may have to talk to Ty about his obsession with drawing them on him. 

Livvy popped into view and with unspoken agreement, all three of them turned their attention to their immediate surroundings, looking down from the craggy, tree-filled outcrop of rock, and the empty parking lot and fields below. Luckily, there didn’t seem to be any mundane hikers around.  

It was so quiet in the still countryside evening that the sudden pop and appearance of the Faerie contingent made Kit jump.  

“Oh shit.” Kit had never heard Ty swear using mundane terms before. 

While Kit’s previous brushes had involved one or two at most Fae warriors or beasts, this was a full contingent, counting at least fifteen fully-armed faeries and two very large wolf-like creatures pacing back and forth below them. Standing as an odd man out, there was also a Centurion, his dark hair and skin and black uniform in stark contrast to the bone-armoured Seelies. 

No matter how well-trained Ty was - and whatever help Kit could provide - there was no way that they could take them. Even if Ty was inclined to fight his fellow Centurion. 

Kit looked over at Ty’s pale face and Livvy’s terrified look and a wave of despair washed over him. 

What do we do? ” he could see Livvy mouth and Kit shook his head. Maybe it was best that this was where he surrendered, keeping his family safe and far away, he thought, even as every part of him rebelled against that suggestion. 

“It’s not possible to fight that many…” Ty murmured, as an intense look of concentration crossed his face. 

Several long seconds passed and Kit grew antsy, attempting to split his attention between the danger below and Ty. 

“Well, Sherlock?” he asked. 

Ty smiled at the nickname, despite Kit’s sarcastic edge to it. He dropped his pike and fished out a couple more items from his pockets, and dropped them carelessly underneath the nearest tree. “I have a plan,” he said, his eyes gleaming. “Pass me a knife, Watson.”

Kit handed it over and then bit down on a yelp as Ty pulled it out of the sheaf, and with a swift motion dragged it high across his collarbone, and then across his left cheekbone. The cuts bled a sluggish red as Ty addressed Livvy. “Can you shield Kit with your ghost cloaking ability, Livvy? For a few minutes at least?”

“I- I think so. I don’t know if Seelie magic can cut through it but I can try,” Livvy nodded and Ty looked reassured. 

“Ty- don’t be, what the fuck are you even doing?” Kit hissed, torn between wanting to get an explanation or better yet- drained power be damned- grabbing Ty and teleporting them both someplace far away from the deadly squad below. 

“Buying us enough time so I can get back to London and disable the Sensor,” Ty replied, as he added a few more shallow knife cuts to his arms, and then smeared the blood around. 

Kit and Livvy looked on in horrified silence. “But I need to do it now before they find us!” Ty said, more urgently. “Climb that tree and just wait here,” he told them, pointing. Without waiting for an answer, he started to walk towards the narrow path down to the empty parking lot and towards the Faeries, who had gathered their bearings and were beginning to spread out. 

Feeling incredulous but unable to think of anything better to do, Kit hiked himself into the nearest suitable tree. Livvy floated up beside him. “Stay still - it’s cold but it won’t hurt you,” she whispered. An invisible blanket of cool air fell across him, and the world suddenly went foggy at the edges, as if they were in a glass filled with condensation. “When did you learn that?” Kit asked, his voice low enough he wasn’t sure she heard him. 

But she did. “At the Scholomance - I discovered I could hide from other ghosts, and Ty and I experimented where we discovered I could also cloak him from ghosts- and also from his fellow students. For a time, at least. ” In the ghost bubble, Livvy’s eyes were fathomless and her voice was as harsh as the winter wind. 

Kit tried not to recoil. Then he leaned forward, as Ty broke from the tree cover towards the now-fanned out Faeries. His heart in his throat, he heard a shout from the nearest one, aiming their crossbows at Ty’s heart, before Ty was ushered into the centre of the group.   

Several long agonising minutes passed as Kit strained to see Ty’s every move and gesture, watching as Ty pointed to his self-inflicted cuts, and wondering if he was able to pull it off whatever mad plan he had come up with. He didn’t seem to have been immediately taken prisoner by the Seelies, which Kit figured was a good sign. 

A few moments later, Ty’s debrief finished, the Faeries continued their scouting of the area. A small group of them, including Ty, headed towards the outcrop where Kit and Livvy were hiding.  

In the distance, Kit could see Ty and the other Centurion - he wondered if it was Anush - in a deep conversation, with a large piece of paper held in his hand and Ty pointing to several spots on it. The wind blew snatches of words towards them but Kit couldn’t make out a legible conversation. He gradually relaxed as Ty’s stance remained ramrod straight but untroubled while hiking upwards with the other Centurion. But then Kit’s attention turned to the Seelie wolfhound attached to the group, which growled and rushed ahead to the clearing where they were hiding. 

Kit tensed, rustling branches. Livvy glared at him and he shrugged apologetically. As the Faeries prowled underneath and around them, he tried to refrain from even breathing. In that sense, he thought, Livvy had the easier job.

“Dhosvy has found a scent,” said the imperious Seelie knight holding the lead. “The Heir must be close.” The wolfhound started circling around the tree Kit and Livvy were hiding in. Kit closed his eyes briefly, wishing he believed in God, Raziel… any deity, so he could pray to them. 

But Ty shook his head. “Perhaps-” he said, looking perfectly at ease despite being only a few metres and moments away from his whole ruse falling apart. “Or-” he tilted his head and went to grab his abandoned weapons, under the tree, picking up a small box. “He might be picking up this artifact that belongs to the Heir,” he said, flashing the small wooden box he had shown to Tessa, Jem and Kit, hours earlier. 

“It’s something I found while searching in the area,” he told the Fae, who were looking disgruntled, as the wolfhound sniffed eagerly at the box being held out and growled at it. “It’s associated with the Heir and I dropped it in my brief skirmish with him.” Ty said calmly gesturing to his wounds. He smiled, at ease, reaching out to let the wolfhound sniff his own upturned palm, which was brave, Kit thought, considering the size of the creature. 

The two Fae looked disappointed and they spoke amongst themselves in a language Kit couldn’t understand but assumed was High Fae. They circled around the clearing a few more times with their hound, while Ty and the other Centurion just watched in silence. But Livvy’s cloaking held and Ty’s deception seemed to have convinced them. After a few more tense minutes, the duo left, their soft, sibilant High Fae words sounding angry. 

Ty and the Centurion lingered, as Ty picked up his pike and other spilled weapons. “So… I assume you’ll tell me the full story of how you arrived here, in the nick of time, when we’re back in London and out of Fae earshot,” the other man said, softly. Despite his accusatory words, he sounded almost cheerful and from Kit’s position in the tree, it looked like he was almost grinning at Ty. 

Ty nodded slowly. “Yes, I definitely have a story to tell,” he said neutrally. “But I have to head back to the Carstairs’ place first- their library has some texts on Fae legends I think will be useful to unravel the next stage of finding the Heir.”

“Hey. We’ve already found him- it’s just too bad he got the jump on you this time and escaped,” said Anush. “You should’ve brought along Kit Herondale on your hike- I know some of the London Institute aren’t too keen on him - but he’s a Herondale, so I’m sure that’s got to count for something. And you mentioned in your message he was helpful last night- which by the way, I am still hurt you chose to bring him instead of me for your jaunt down to Devon to investigate your newest lead.” 

Ty just shrugged in response. But Anush didn’t seem to take it personally and continued chattering on as they made their way back down the hill. 

Kit let out the breath he had been holding. 

Slowly, the Faeries drifted back from their reconnaissance of the area, and despite the distance, Kit thought he could see the looks of frustration on their faces. After another short huddle and consultation, one of the more grandly-dressed Faeries held up his arm, and as suddenly as they had appeared, they blinked out of existence, leaving Ty alone again. 

Kit slumped back against the tree’s spindly trunk with relief. 

Ty made his way back to them almost half an hour later, which Kit assumed was in case anyone had tried to follow him. His lips were tight and white-rimmed, and he kept running his hands through his hair, almost compulsively, as he entered the clearing where Kit and Livvy were waiting. 

“You can come out,” he said. Kit cautiously made his way out of the tree, and watched Livvy rush over to her twin and fuss, as Ty slumped onto a flat rock.

Kit approached, watching Ty scrub at his face, and he could see the sweat beading Ty’s forehead, despite the rapidly-cooling night air.

“That was a bold plan,” he said, as the silence stretched out between them. “I didn’t realise you had become so good at deception,” he said. 

Ty’s face shuttered at Kit’s words. “It’s a skill like any other Centurion one- like any good detective should have,” he said defensively. “Anyway- you’ve been good at it for years,” he said, lifting his chin. 

Ty’s words stung more than Kit would have liked. “Yeah well- we’re both excellent liars now, hooray for us,” he replied. 

Livvy sighed loudly and both of them turned to look at her. “Oh please- do NOT start this again,” she said, throwing her hands up in the air. “Can’t you both acknowledge that you’ve both kept secrets from each other and move past it?”

Kit ignored her plea. “Oh, I don’t know- maybe. But then again, maybe the fact you’ve been in charge of hunting me down for the past few months could’ve come up earlier?” he said, directing his sarcasm towards Ty. 

Ty stiffened. “I didn’t know it was you- plus you also haven’t been forthcoming about where your power came from. Or why you’ve been in hiding.”

“You didn’t ask,” Kit shot back. Then he realised how weird that was in hindsight- Ty not asking those questions, and his curiosity made him forget his anger briefly. “When did you figure it out?”

Ty had started angrily tracing patterns in the dust of the rock he was sitting on. “I didn’t know it was you,” he repeated, unwilling to look up. “But I started to have suspicions almost from the beginning when we met up again.”

“Then why didn’t you say something?” Kit asked, desperate. 

Ty stopped his finger drawings, and slowly stood. “Because I didn’t want it to be true,” he said, an undertone of anger colouring his voice. “Because I don’t want us to be on opposite sides of the war that is coming.”

Kit felt cold apprehension at his words. “Wait- what do you mean by that?” He looked to Livvy but didn’t find any clues on her pale, immobile face. 

Ty shook his head, looking frustrated. “I- I don’t have time to explain it all. Not right now,” he said, starting to pace around the clearing. 

Kit could’ve throttled him there and then. “Why not?”

“Because I have to head back to the London Institute. I need to disable or adjust the Sensor so the Seelie Court doesn’t immediately come after you again!” Ty pointed out, and he looked close to losing his patience with Kit. He ran his fingers through his hair again, letting it stand on end.  

In the fast-paced scenes of the previous hour, Kit had forgotten about that. He nodded reluctantly. “Okay fair.” He watched as Ty re-arranged his weapons, shifting the small box that had saved his skin, into his front jeans.  

“What is that, really?” he asked Ty, nodding at the Faerie artifact. 

Ty ignored the question, pulling out his stele to draw an iratze on his arm instead. Kit pushed down his irritation. He paused. “Thank you for risking your career to pull one over on the Seelie Court for me.” Despite his hurt over discovering Ty’s role in the whole mess, he owed him that much, at least.  

“You’re welcome-  today’s situation is only the start though, to avoid them catching on,” Ty said thoughtfully, stowing his stele and tapping his fingers on the pike again.   

Kit thought about the monumental task Ty seemed to have just agreed to - keeping Kit out of the Seelie Court’s way and presumably also out of the hands of his fellow Centurions. How long could he keep up a double agent life? And why was he agreeing to it? Ty had wanted to be a Centurion for a long time and was surely risking not only his career but also potentially his status as a Shadowhunter just to help Kit. 

Kit felt conflicted - it all felt like too much to ask of Ty- and therefore, he didn’t trust it.

Noticing Livvy’s mournful gaze towards Ty, Kit also considered her position - watching from the sidelines as her twin moved through life, her own autonomy shuttered and tied to Ty. 

And how his own life- which was barely kept under control- was spiralling into an even larger problem. Particularly as his cover as a barely-competent Shadowhunter was crumbling around him. He- and Tessa and Jem- were going to have to come up with a new plan. Or maybe it was time to drop the subterfuge and show the Shadowhunters who he really was. 

The dying rays of the sunset lit Ty’s hair, catching red highlights, and with his unhealed scars, he looked every part of the dangerous, dark presence Kit had originally seen when he first properly met Ty again, deep in the depths of Dartmoor.    

It had been only a little while ago they had snatched a brief moment to be just Kit and Ty. As they had been in L.A. Friends- or maybe it had always been something more, Kit thought, remembering their kiss. Part of him wanted to kiss Ty again, and part of him wanted to shake him until he gave up every remaining secret hidden behind those flinty grey eyes. 

But their roles as Centurion and First Heir were overshadowing everything else. And any clarifying questions Kit might have proposed were stuck in his throat.  

“So… what are we going to do, long term?” he finally asked, wondering if any of the sadness he was feeling came through in his voice. 

Ty’s face softened. “I don’t know yet,” he admitted. He stepped closer to Kit tentatively. “But we’ll come up with a plan,” he promised. 

He held out a hand and Kit took it, accepting the truce. Digging deep within his power, he returned them to Cirenworth without another word. 

Ty, alongside Livvy, disappeared through the Portal, and Kit felt a hollow ache in his chest expand, as the flashing swirl of blue lights closed. 

“As soon as I can, I’ll come back and we can talk more freely next time,” he had promised Kit just ahead of Tessa opening up the Portal. 

Kit had crossed his arms, holding himself back from touching Ty. “You better,” he said baldly. “No secrets next time- all revealed, promise?” 

Ty’s smile had been brief but dazzling, and he reached out to briefly embrace Kit. “I can do that,” he said. “We’ll find the time.” 

And Kit had felt just the tiniest bit guilty.

“You’ll see him again soon, darling,” Tessa said, returning Kit to the present. She clasped him by the shoulders. “And the visit to Jem’s family is only temporary while we chat with Alec about what kind of protection you can get if you go back to another Institute.” 

“Yeah,” Kit said, allowing a quick hug before stepping back. He hadn’t yet told Tessa and Jem about Ty’s reveal that the Centurions were working with the Seelie court to hunt him down- or that Ty was in charge of it, instead making up an excuse that he and Ty had lost track of time. He suspected if he hadn’t, Tessa might not have been so willing to send Ty back on his urgent mission to London.  

“But… I don’t know if he’s gonna be super happy to see me next time…” 

Tessa frowned. “Why?”

Kit dug into the pocket of his hoodie and produced the small, ornate box. “Because I pickpocketed that Faerie artifact from him.” 

He felt bad about stealing from Ty. But he also needed to do what was necessary if he was going to stay one step ahead of the Seelie Court- and now the Centurions, even if Ty did manage to muddle the Sensor so it wasn’t able to find him. The box and the pendant within were clearly important to the Centurions’ mission around the First Heir, and he needed to find out why, even if - especially if - Ty was unwilling to tell him more about it. 

Beside them, Jem swore softly and Mina, in his arms, giggled. “Kit…” Jem said. 

Tessa shook her head but Kit thought he saw a proud look in her eye. “Do you want me to take a closer look at it, before you head off to Shanghai?” she asked. 

Kit pulled off the lid and peered inside. In contrast to its fancy exterior design, the pendant inside was plain, a hollow circle, edged in gold, with two gems- a sapphire and ruby at either end. 

He reached out to touch the sapphire- and immediately felt a pulling sensation, almost as if his powers were being activated unwillingly. He saw Tessa’s eyes widen and she threw out a hand, attempting to snatch the box away. 

But it was too late; he felt the air compress around him and the warmth of Cirenworth’s garden turn into a damp, closed space. The scene in front of him twisted and reformed into a dark cave, lit by flickering candles with black flames. “What the-” Kit pivoted to find a blond boy - of similar age to him in front of him, practising sword drills. 

His green eyes narrowed, noticing the pendant but didn’t seem to be surprised at Kit’s appearance and he let out a short, cynical laugh. “You’re early, First Heir,” he drawled. “But I guess we can start training now.”