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Cracking the producers code

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“Please give warm welcome to our first guest tonight. You may know her as a Grammy winning producer, DJ, and author, now she’s out with her very first solo album. Beca Mitchell everybody!” The host announced. The audience went wild, cheering and clapping as loud as possible when Americas badass producer walked onto the stage.

Baca walked out with her signature smirk planted firmly on her lips, as she waved to the audience.
“Thank you for having me, guys.” She sat gracefully in a chair across from the host.

As the clapping died down, the host started to speak.
“So Beca, your carrier has without a doubt skyrocketed after the release of your first ever solo album.” He smiled as he placed the front cover of her album on the table.

“I wouldn’t say that it has skyrocketed.” She smiled before continuing. “However, I do get a lot more bullshit from the paps.” She stated. “Sorry can I say that?” She smirked. The host just laughed along with the audience.

“Sure, why not? You always get a free card here. So, tell me more about this album, a little bird told me it is for someone special.”
Beca took a deep breath, she had been briefed about the interview taking this turn. She was fine before when she discussed it with the host, however sitting here, she could feel the anxiety building inside her.

“Well yeah, I guess. Isn’t every song ever made, made for someone or something special?” She tried to divert the question.
“True.” He nodded “But I’ve heard this album was dedicated to your parents? Let them rest in peace.” He said sincerely.
Beca gulped and let out a breath she didn’t know she was holding.

“That is very true, it is basically a contribute to them.” She answered politely after taking a sip from her water. Everyone in the audience was quiet, no one had ever heard Beca Mitchell talking about her parents. Sure, it wasn’t a secret that they pasted away when Beca was ten, however, she had never spoken about them to this extent to the public. The host opened his mouth to speak, but Beca beat him to it.

“They unfortunately pasted away when I was ten. After that, my aunt and uncle took custody of me, and I grew up with my cousin.” Beca couldn’t even believe herself, she was sitting here on national tv talking about them. Beca just prayed that her anxiety and sadness didn’t show on camera. Beca heard a few sniffles from the audience, she smiled and threw them a smirk.

After a short commercial break, they were back at the interview promoting her upcoming tour.

“So Beca,” The host said leaning forward. “You were just telling me backstage that you’ve signed Beyoncé to your label.” The audience went wild once more.
“Yes, which is so much more important than my album!” She squealed, earning her some laughter from the audience.

“I met her for the first time at the Grammys a few years back, and I totally had my fangirl moment, resulting in me nearly having a stroke.” Earning more giggles and laughter from the people watching her interview.
“And now she’s a signed artist at my label, totally crazy. She’s so sweet and amazing, a real pleasure to work with.” She finished as the crowd cheered her on.

After some light banter between Beca and the host, the interview ended and Beca left the stage.
She was about to leave the studio when she heard someone call her name. She turned around to see a technician guy jogging towards her, with a clipboard in hand. “Sorry to interrupt you Ms. Mitchell.” He was slightly panting from the jogging. Beca held up her hand in dismay and shook her head. “Please, Beca is just fine.” She smirked making the poor guys blushing. He nodded as he caught his breath.
“It’s just that my daughter is a huge fan of yours, and I was wondering if you would sign this.” He asked as he showed her a blank piece of paper.
“Of course.” She smiled. “What’s her name?” She lifted her knee to support the paper as she wrote a short message and signed it to his daughter, Kate.

To the public Beca Mitchell seemed tough, almost scary, with her boots, leatherjackets, and tight skinny jeans. She was in a league of her own. However, the reality behind the façade was different. She was humble, sweet, and kind. She never let the fame get to her like other celebrities. She had come to be known as Americas badass producer, due to the fact that she liked to party, and even owned a few clubs around the country. She was a wild partier and loved to flirt, earning her a reputation of being a bit of a womanizer.

She left the building and got into her car where her driver was waiting.
“Where to Ms. Mitchell?” He asked looking back at her.
“Luke, how many times do I have to say it? Call me Beca.” She sighed. She hated when people used her surname when it wasn’t for business purposes.
“Sorry Becky, I’m just messing with you.” He couldn’t hide his smile, earning him a slap from Beca.
“I hate you dude! Please just drop me off at the club and go home to your family. I Think I’m gonna visit Stacie later.”
Luke wasn’t happy with Beca going to her club at 10a m. Beca had over the years sorted to alcohol when things got difficult. Her team, especially her PR team, were just happy that it wasn’t in the eye of the public.

When Beca exited the car Luke picked up his phone and called Beca’s manager.
“Jesse Swanson speaking.” Luke heard through the speakers of the car.
“Hey Jess, it’s Luke. I just dropped Becky off at the club.” He said as he drove away from the back of the nightclub. Jesse sighed.
“Thanks for keeping tabs on her Luke, but you know there’s nothing we can do.” He admitted, and he was right. Not even him, her manager and best friend couldn’t do anything. It hurt him.

Beca smashed the back door open, she could already smell the soothing fragrance of alcohol. She walked straight toward the DJ booth, to turn on some music. Not soon after, Beca found herself sitting at the bar drinking from a bottle of whiskey, with a lit cigarette between her lips. Her eyes drifted to the displayed bottles of liquor behind the bar. She stood up and swayed gracefully around to the other side of the bar. Her finger danced across the bottles, before she grabbed a new bottle of whiskey. Thirty minutes later and Beca was getting pretty wasted. She danced and sang along to the songs on the dancefloor as she continued to smoke.
This was the secret side of Beca Mitchell, not many knew what went on in Beca’s club when she was along.

Beca stumbled out of the club walking towards the car she had parked at the back of the building. Wasted, she almost couldn’t unlock the damn thing.
She got in and turned the key making the engine raw.

Stacie was hanging out at the park with her girlfriend, Aubrey, and her friend, Chloe. Stacie was in the middle of a conversation when she got a phone call from Jesse.
“Hey Stace, It’s Jesse. I need your help. It’s Beca.”

Stacie glanced at Aubrey before getting up from the bench. She was already on her way out of the park when she heard Aubrey speak.
“Where are you going? What happened?”
“Sorry, I just really need to be somewhere.”

Stacie had barely made it out of the park, when she saw a blue Mustang swaying its way into an empty parking spot. Stacie was now sprinting towards the car. She ripped the door open, revealing a hammered Beca.
“What are you doing here!” Stacie hissed grabbing Beca by the collar of her shirt pulling her out of the car, making her tumble to the ground.

“I just wanted to see you.” Beca smiled lacily as she tried to get up.
“How did you when know I was here?”
All Beca did was show Stacie her phone. Stacie rolled her eyes and roughly grabbed Beca’s arm, almost throwing her into the passenger seat.

“Ough! What the fuck dude!” Beca exclaimed rubbing her arm. Stacie ignored her and once she got behind the wheel she fled the scene, hoping no one saw the one and only Beca Mitchel rolling around drunk in a parking lot.

Little did Stacie know that Aubrey and Chloe watched the whole exchange from the bench. Neither of them recognised the car, nor the girl. Chloe noticed how Aubrey’s face fell when she drove away with a stranger.
“I’m sure it’s nothing.” Chloe reassured Aubrey.

“I’m killing you when we get back to your house!” Stacie yelled. Beca had never seen her this angry and to be honest, it kind of scared her. They drove home in silence. Beca knew she messed up. She knew it was wrong, she wanted to change, she really did, but it was tough when she didn’t have a lot of happiness in her life. Sure, she had Stacie, her aunt and uncle, but she always felt like she missed something.

She looked at Stacie and their eyes met. She could already feel the tears rolling down her cheeks.
Beca never thought she would drink and drive, it was something she repelled so much. She wouldn’t even get in the car if she knew the driver had a beer.

Stacie exhaled as she drove into Beca’s garage. She exited the vehicle and opened Beca’s door, pulling the small brunette out of the car. She tried to get her on her feet, but Beca couldn’t even stand.
“You’ve got to be kidding me! You are so lucky we’re related.” Stacie huffed. She picked up Beca bridal style and carried her upstairs into her bedroom. Once in the room Stacie threw Beca down onto the bed, causing her to let out a gasp.

“You have precisely five minutes to clean yourself up before I kill you.” Stacie exclaimed before she slammed the door shut.
“Fuck, I’m so dead.” Beca whispered to herself.
Beca didn’t even have time to turn in her bed before she passed out.

“Rebeca Mitchell, what did I say to you!” Stacie yelled as she entered Beca’s bedroom. She took a deep breathe when her eyes fell on her sleeping cousin.
“Come on, let us get you in something comfortable.” Stacie sighed as she pulled out some sweatpants and a t-shirt from Beca’s closet.

“Fuck me.” Beca mumbled when she woke up. She turned her head, and everything was spinning, she looked at the clock 7:39 pm. A small smiled creeped onto her face when she noticed a glass of water alongside two pills. She quickly took the pills and gulped her water down. Beca just wanted to hide forever, however she knew she had to face consequences at some point.
She slowly but surely made her way down the stairs. She stopped when she heard Stacie’s voice coming from the living room.

“I know what it looked like babe, and I’m sorry. I only want you. It was just a friend.” Beca could hear how Stacie was trying to calm down her girlfriend. Beca let out a soft cough, letting her cousin know she was present. Stacie looked over her shoulder holding up one finger, indicating that she needed a minute.
As Stacie continued her conversation with Aubrey, Beca made her way to the kitchen opening the fridge to pour herself another glass of water. While she was drinking, Stacie entered the kitchen. She marched straight to Beca, hitting her on the arm.
“You are never doing that again!” She hissed angrily. Beca looked down and rubbed her arm while Stacie continued to scold her.
“What were you thinking?” She asked in a stern voice. Beca ran her fingers through her hair.
“I guess I wasn’t thinking.” She admitted. It was true, she wasn’t thinking clearly in the moment of utter stupidity. Beca walked out on the porch in the back of her house. She let out a shaky exhale before the lit a cigarette. Beca noticed that Stacie had followed her out onto the porch, she turned around to face her cousin.

“You haven’t told her?” Beca concluded, stepping close to Stacie.
“Who?” Stacie replied confused. Beca rolled her eyes.
“Aubrey, you dummy. You haven’t told her about me.” She looked down taking a drag from her cigarette. In that very moment, Stacie knew that she had somewhat hurt Beca, however, she just didn’t want her friends and girlfriend to be with her because she was closely related to the big Beca Mitchell.
“You know you can always take them to the club, right?” Beca asked. Stacie nodded as she thought about for a second, they had been together for more than a year now and she would have to tell her about Beca at some point.

Beca took a few days off work to get back on her feet. She was sitting on her couch eating a chicken salad when she got a call from Jesse.
“Hey Bec, don’t forget that Katy will be coming in today.”
“I know, I was finishing my salad and I’ll be on my way, see you in sixty.”

Beca stood in front of the big mirror in the hallway, fully kitted for a motorcycle ride. She smirked to herself. She was Beca Effin Mitchell for God sake. She bounced up and down a few times, hyping herself up before leaving the house.
Her smirked disappeared has she slipped on her helmet and mounted the motorcycle in her garage.

Beca had made it a habit to walk in through the front doors of her record label. As soon as she made her way around the corner to the front door, she was surrounded by paparazzi and fans. Some screaming for photos, others asking questions.

“Ms. Mitchell a photo over here!”
“Over here Ms. Mitchell!”
“Oh my god! It’s her!” Beca just smirked her way through.

“Beca any new love interest we should know about?” A paparazzi asked as she was signing some autographs. She looked at the man and then at the camera he was holding.
“Nope” She replied, popping the p.
“You look great today Ms Mitchell.” A man yelled.
“Don’t I always.” She smirked before winking to the cameras. When she got closer to building four security guards surrounded Beca, leading her into the building.
“Thanks guys.” She smiled to the security guards.
It was still all surreal to her, the cameras, the fans and the paparazzi. She just wanted to produce and make music. Soon news of the boss being in the building spread to Jesse. He jogged around the whole label trying to find the brunette. When he finally found her, she was spinning around in her office chair.

“Hey Becs, how are you holding up?” He asked stepping closer to her.
She stopped her chair from spinning when her eyes landed on a picture of her parents.
“It’s tough you know,” She stated. “I thought it would be easier to talk about.” She sighed heavily.

“I know.”

Stacie unlocked her front door. She let out a shaky breath as she walked through the door. She knew she hurt Aubrey, and she knew that she needed to tell her about Beca. It had been so hard to keep it a secret for friends and especially for her girlfriend.
When Stacie entered the apartment, she heard voices arguing in the kitchen. Not only from her roommates but also from the rest of the Bellas. Stacie remembered the first day at college like it happened yesterday. She quickly met Chloe and Aubrey, and before she knew it, they had convinced her to join their acapella group. She wished she could have experience college with her best friend and cousin, Beca Mitchell. However, she knew Beca never wanted to attend college, and she respected that choice.
Now they were all adults, with jobs and bills to pay. However, they were still a tightly knitted group of friends.

She sighed as she made her way to the kitchen, crossing her arms over her chest as she leaned against the doorframe.

“What’s going on in here?” She asked raising a brow. Amy was the first to respond.

“Well, your wonderful girlfriend just missed out on tickets to Beca Mitchell’s extra concert next month.” The other girls just stood there nodding. Aubrey let out a sigh.
“Girls I did my best I couldn’t know that they sold out in only 3 minutes.” She defended herself. Stacie stood there with a grin on her face, none of the girls knew that she could get them into that concert at any moment. Stacie didn’t know how it happened, but suddenly, the girls were arguing again.

“So, none of you are interested in going to club BM tonight?” Stacie mumbled. The girls stopped fighting as quickly as they started.
“What!” They said in unison. Stacie walked into the kitchen standing next to Chloe.
“How did you manage to get us into her club?” Chloe asked beaming in excitement.
“Well.” She said drawing out the word. She looked at the Bellas. The girls were waiting in confusion, waiting for Stacie to tell them how she managed to get them into one of the most exclusive clubs in LA.
“My cousin works there.” She said bluntly, not sure how else to answer the question.
“Well let’s get ready bitches!” Amy squealed, making the rest of the Bella scream in excitement while jumping around the kitchen.
“We got neighbours!” Aubrey hissed making them stop in their tracks.

“One more time Katy, hit that high note.” Beca let go of the button to the microphone. She leaned back into her chair again, bobbing her head to the beat of the song while Katy Perry sang in the recording booth in front of her.
She started pressing different buttons and turning knobs. She had been in the studio with Katy for a couple of hours, finishing the vocals to her new song. Even though Beca had released an album, she was still a producer and needed to take care of her artists. This was the part that Beca loved most about her work. The fame and money weren’t why she wanted to become a producer. She just wanted to make music, her whole life revolved around music. She could make a beat with any noise or sound.

“That’s the note we need.” Beca smirked. Katy gave her the thumps up and walked out of the recording booth.
“Great work Katy, that’s all we need for today.” Beca smiled looking at Katy.
They said their goodbyes and went their separate ways.

The girls were waiting in a long line to get into Beca’s club. Some of the girls were starting to lose their patience, including Stacie. They had been waiting for more than an hour and had barely even moved.
“This is bullshit.” Amy exclaimed.
“Just like that time in Australia where I had to wrestle a kangaroo, which turned out to be a man in a costume.” She continued, receiving a few giggles and chuckles from the girl.
“Don’t be such a buzz kill.” Chloe chuckled, making her bright blue eyes sparkle even more.
“No, Amy is right this is bullshit. Follow me girls” Stacie ordered, leaving the line. The girls quickly followed Stacie like little ducklings following their mom.
They went around to the back of the club. Aubrey grabbing her arm stopped Stacie in her tracks.
“Babe we are never gonna get in, there’s security guards in front of the door.” She explained pointing at the two guys in suits.
Stacie rolled her eyes and continued her march towards the guys. The rest of the Bellas stood their ground, not daring to get any closer to the security guards.
The men stopped talking as the noticed someone coming their way. They shared a smile when the saw it was the one and only Stacie Conrad who had made an appearance.
“Hey girl, long time no see.” One of the guys said pulling her straight into a hug.
“Hey Mike.” She smiled as she hugged him back.
“And Steve of course.” She grinned before pulling him into a tight hug.
“Damn girl you look good tonight.” He smiled looking at Stacie’s outfit. She only smirked before letting them know she had brought some friends with her. She looked over her shoulder and noticed every Bella had dropped their jaw. The all stood in amazement watching Stacie interact with the guys. The waved the girls over, signalling them to move their butts.
Mike opened the door for the girls before saying. “Have a good night girls.”

“I guess you really do know this place.” Aubrey kissed her cheek, feeling proud regarding her girlfriend’s connections. They walked through the back of the club. Stacie said hello to a few bartenders and other security members.
“Let’s go to the lounge, drinks on me all night!” She squealed in excitement. They went up some stairs to get to the lounge. Once Stacie opened the doors the girls practically ran in looking at everything. Stacie smiled at the sight, she loved to treat the girls. They were almost like family to her.
The VIP lounge overlooked the dance floor and stage. It was the perfect place for the Bellas to party, and they could always make their way to the dance floor if they wanted.
Soon a bartender interrupted their excitements.
“Good evening, ladies. I will be your bartender for the night. My name is James, you know where to find me.” He informed before the girls said hi to him in unison.
“Tabs on Beca tonight.” Stacie whispered to him as he walked by.
“I figured as much since you were here.” He winked before making his way to the bar.
“Who’s ready to party?” Stacie yelled popping champagne. The girls screamed, as the music got louder. None of them could believe the fact that they were not only in Mitchell’s club, but in her VIP lounge.

The girls had a great time, partying and dance all around the lounge. They would call James every time they wanted a new drink, and James would provide it.

“I can’t believe that we are actually in Beca Mitchell’s club, it’s like a dream come true.” Chloe squealed and hugged Stacie tightly.
Stacie knew Chloe was a huge fan of Beca, but then again, who wasn’t. She was Beca Mitchell.
Suddenly Aubrey’s voice filled the lounge.
“Bellas meeting everyone.” She smiled as she sat down in on the floor. The other girls quickly gathered around.
“Tonight’s been amazing, and it’s all thanks to Stacie so let’s make a toast for our leggy brunette.” Aubrey raised her glass and so did the other Bella. They all went back to partying. However, Aubrey and Stacie had found a couch in a corner of the room.
“Thanks for Tonight, it has been amazing.” Aubrey rested her head on Stacie’s shoulder. Stacie kissed the top of her head and pulled her closer, humming in approval.

A few more hours went by and most of the Bellas had left the party, leaving Chloe, Aubrey, and Stacie alone in the lounge.
Aubrey and Chloe were dancing when Stacie wrapped her arms around Aubrey from behind.
“Wanna go to the dance floor?” She whispered in her ear and kissed her cheek. Aubrey turned around, landing a kiss on her girlfriend’s lips before nodding. Stacie grabbed her hand and started leading her to the dance floor down below, leaving Chloe alone with James in the lounge.

“James what have I said about taking your girls to my club just to impress them.” Beca laughed. Chloe recognized the voice and almost spit out her drink. She didn’t dare move. It couldn’t be true.
“Sorry Ms. Mitchell, but this is one of Stacie’s friends.” He explained. Beca smiled as she made her way to the bar where Chloe sat. She pulled out a pack of cigarettes offering Chloe one. She was pulled out of her trance when she noticed the pack.
“Sorry, I don’t smoke.” She almost whispered, not daring to look at Beca Effin Mitchell.
“No need to be sorry, sweetie.” Beca said as she lit her cigarette. Beca went behind the bar and grabbed a bottle of water. Chloe for the first time looked up from her drink to see that it was in fact Beca Mitchell, and she was even hotter in real life.
When Beca turned around, she noticed Chloe’s bright blue eyes. Both girls stared into each other’s eyes for a couple of seconds before Beca shook her head, and sending Chloe her signature smirk, before grabbing a vodka, making a drink for Chloe.

“On the house.” Beca smirked sliding the drink towards the Chloe. She recognized Chloe from Stacie’s pictures and tales of her friends. Chloe just smiled as she took a sip from her drink, not trusting her own voice.

“So, what brings you to my lounge?” Beca smiled, still standing in front of Chloe with only a bar between them. James couldn’t help but shake his head as he was wiping a table.
“Hmm… Ohh.” Chloe cleared her throat. “Stacie Conrad brought us.” She stuttered.
“Conrad, Conrad, Conrad.” Beca tapped her lips with a finger, as if she was thinking.
“Ahh yes, her cousin works here. Well, I better get going, have fun.” Beca downed her water before exiting the lounge.

When Beca made it outside she heard someone call her name. It was the beautiful redhead from her lounge. Beca hadn’t notice how beautiful Chloe was, her magnificent red hair and piercing blue eyes.

“What’s up Red?” She smirked. Beca saw Mike and Steve stepping in closer. Beca let out a soft laugh, she loved how her security crew could be so overprotective.

“Give us a minute guys.” She smiled and gestured them to leave.
Chloe tried to say something, but it only came out as stutters and mumbles. Beca let out a low chuckle making Chloe’s knees weak in the process.

“Let me tell you what, go find that Conrad girl and enjoy your night.” She smirked as she put on her motorcycle helmet.

Before Chloe could say anything, Beca was gone.