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Shower Time

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They had just finished a case after 37 hours straight on call. Elliot was getting irritated and Olivia was just plain exhausted.

“Okay, take the next few days and get some sleep. Be back here at 9 am Tuesday.” Cragen said as he walked back towards his office.

“I don’t know about you guys but I’m out of here.” Fin stated as he grabbed his things out of his drawer.

“Me too! I’m getting too old for these long hours.” Replies Munch.

“You are old you old man! See you guys Tuesday.” Said Elliot and that got a laugh out of Olivia. Something he had seen in he doesn’t know how long.

“I’m going to work out a little bit before I leave-“ he said standing up. “Are you heading out?”

“I’m going to finish up this paperwork then take a shower and then I’m gonna head out.” She looked up at him with those big brown eyes and they made his heart flutter.

“Alright well if you're still here when I get done I’ll take you home.” He said walking towards the gym.

She nodded and went back to the paperwork.

About 30 minutes went by and she finally finished her last DD5. Leaning back and stretching at far as she can she realized that there was nobody around.

She stood up and walked towards the cribs while she unbuttoned her shirt. She opens the door and said Elliot’s name wondering if he had left yet and didn’t hear anything. She quickly undressed, wrapped her towel around herself, and walked towards the shower.

With the water as hot as she could stand it she stepped inside and let it roll down her body. Nothing like a hot shower after a long stressful week of work.

Elliot changed the song on his MP3 player and put down the weights. He walked over to his locker, grabbed his towel, and made his way to the shower.

The volume was up to loud to hear anyone or anything around him and before he knew it he was opening the shower curtain on his partner.

“Elliot what the fuck!” She said grabbing for her towel.

Ripping the headphones out of his ears and turning his back to her he immediately apologized, “shit Liv I’m so sorry I didn’t know anyone else was in here! My music was too loud and I just opened the first curtain.

Olivia kinda laughed to herself and hung her towel back up. She could see the sweat down the back of his neck and back and his arms looked amazing.

The first time she has seen him completely naked she couldn’t believe her eyes at how beautiful he was. But almost 7 years later he hasn’t changed a bit.

He has been divorced for about 8 months and she was surprised it has taken this long for something like this to happen between either of them.

Feeling brave she walks forward and leans her body against his back.


“Come join me.” She whispered into his neck and she pulled him back towards the water.

Quickly dropping his thing he turns around and walks into the shower fully clothed.

“It’s been a while are you sure?” Elliot asked.

Olivia reaches and grabs the top of his shorts and pulls them down so they fall on the ground.

“I’m very sure.” She responded then leaned down to kiss him.

It had been quite some time since the one night they let things go too far and they slept together. That day was never spoken of nor thought about until tonight.

Elliot pulled away for just enough time to pull the shirt over his head and then melt back into her.

Wrapping her hands around his waist she pulled him into her feeling his hardness on her lower stomach. They continued their heated make-out session for a few minutes but then Elliot’s hands began to roam her body and she was loving it.

Reaching between them, he snakes a hand between her legs and felt her wetness.

“God I missed you!” He whispered into her neck.

She let out a small moan but was unable to form words. Next thing she knew Elliot was on his knees pulling her legs over her shoulders.

“Fuck!” She moaned as she felt his tongue collide with her lady parts. Grabbing ahold of his head she moved her hips so she was grinding against his face.

Elliot was lapping up all of her juices as he had never before. He knew she was getting closer by the way her hips moved faster. She was moaning his name and it was like music to his ears. Suddenly he pulled away and dropped her feet to the ground.

“Noo!” She pleaded.

“I don’t want you to cum that way.” He responded as he pulled them into the now lukewarm water.

Olivia grabbed ahold of him and fisted him a few times before she propped her leg on the wall and gave him permission to enter her.

They both moan as soon as he enters her. The feeling of him stretching her was like no other man. It was her favorite and she never wanted to give it up.

“hard baby.” She begged.

Her wish was granted he thrust into her causing her to curse.

“You sure?” He asked wrapping a hand around her leg and the other around her shoulder.

“Yes, baby give it to me.” She begged again.

Elliot moves as hard as he could alternating between slow and fast speeds.

The groans and grunts coming out of his mouth turned Olivia on so much more than she already was.

“El!” She warned as she reached down and rubbed her clit bringing her closer to the edge.

“I know babe, me too! Come on I’m right behind you!” He whispered in her ear.

Feeling her tighten around him and her legs begin to shake he grabbed ahold of her waist pulling the other leg around him and her chest to his. He feels himself release and he gently bites her shoulder.

They both come crashing down from their highs and he drops her to the ground.

They both finish their shower and head back to her place to spend the next few days together because they come back to hell.