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Emotions Epilogue

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They were notified first. Jyuto demanded to know who filed the report. Samatoki couldn’t be dead, that’s absurd. He was a reckless idiot that was homecial at times sure, but never showed any signs of being suicidal! It had to have been at the fault of Nurude, the last man that saw Samatoki alive. Old partners, he knew that. But what was he missing? Jyuto knew for a fact Samatoki would never jump off a building for the sake of him or Riou, Samatoki would never do that for anyone. Nurude must have done it, forced him off the edge, pulled him down with him against his will. Samatoki would never abandon his team. He needed to know exactly what happened. The officials  refused to show him a body, or two. He yelled and screamed, he would be lying if he said he was free of tears, Riou was silent but ended up physically holding Jyuto back, keeping him from attacking the officials. He held Jyuto down as he completely freaked out over the loss of their teammate, leader, and friend.



Rosho cried. There was no excuse for it, no denying it. He cried over the loss of his old partner, new partner?? The man he cared about more than anyone, the man who was always smiling and laughing, who lived to make others laugh…. Suicide? With an old partner even… were they lovers? He didn’t know. He didn’t know anything at all, and it only made the pain worse. He cried for so long he lost track of where he was and who was with him. He knew he was emotional, and brought to tears easily, but how could someone not cry over the loss over someone so joyous? Rei showed visible concern as well, he was actually sad. It was a rare sight, but Rosho couldn’t care less, he was devastated that Sasara was gone forever, that he was dead. He continued to cry.



 The news came after the final battle. Ichiro was shell shocked, completely frozen. The team leader of Dotsuitare Hompo, and an old teammate of his own, Sasara Nurude, had offed himself? Not only that, but Samatoki had gone with him!? It was never clear whether those two were together, but he did know they used to be in love. But- Samatoki was also dead? It couldn’t be true! Though it wasn’t necessarily a good thing, Samatoki was super impactful on Ichiro’s life, and to think of him being gone is just insane. Samatoki was one of the largest figures in his life, not that he would admit it. He looked up to Samatoki, back then and even now honestly. His loyalty to his comrades and his overwhelming talent was breathtaking. He didn’t even realize the tears running down his face. Old friends… gone. Jiro and Saburo were completely silent, shocked at their brother’s weakness.



He loved that old group. Mad Comic Dialogue was the highlight of his life. He didn’t yell, he didn’t cry. “The world is afflicted by death and decay. But the wise do not grieve, having realized the nature of the world.” He closed his eyes and prayed for peace for the two souls. Jyushi freaked out over two people dying in Choukuu, and the ghost stories that would arise, kuukou couldn’t blame him, Jushi didn’t know about their past chemistry. He had stayed in contact with Sasara, now he would never see the rest of his old team again. Leaving Ichiro as he did, and now the other two…are dead. Hitoya asked if there was anything he could help with, which there wasn’t. They were gone, crying wouldn’t help them in the next life.



What a tragedy, Samatoki was a good person, and while he never met Sasara personally, he was sure he was as well. Any death was greatly saddening, but having two people like that out of this world would be detrimental to many. Doppo broke down, apparently he had watched Nurude’s comedy shows at times, and they were some of the few television programs that could make him laugh. He had loved meeting the great comedian, but now he was dead. Hifumi mourned as well, trying to console Doppo that in no way was it his fault. The whole group sat in a dreary tone after that, not knowing what was to come next. 



No one really has connections to either of them… or that’s what Ramuda went along with. Dice met Samatoki once, Gentaro mentioned stumbling upon Sasara once, but that was it… Ramuda tried to push them along and not drag down the mood. They won! Two deaths couldn’t be that bad! People die everyday! It was all an excuse to keep Ramuda from blaming himself for it all. He was the one that split them up in the first place. Sasara and Samatoki weren’t supposed to meet again! At least… not like this. Ramuda didn’t have anything personal against Samatoki, but his death didn’t benefit him at all. That beast of a woman would be livid… Gentaro and Dice were both down, being empathetic must be tiring. He tried to bring up their spirits for the rest of the day. 



No amount of Hypnosis could stop Nemu from reacting to the death of her older brother. She sobbed and screamed. She left her brother against her will, leaving him alone. She had come back to her senses too late. Crumpled on the ground, still in her uniform, hands over her face, tears streaming, soaking her gloves, he and Sasara were now dead. Now she was alone… she knew her brother though, he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if Sasara was dead, they were family, and she had never seen Samatoki as happy as he was when Sasara was with him. She continued to cry, she was too late to be there for the both of them.