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(we are all) fools in love

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Hua Cheng is a prominent CEO who is known widely for his deep sense of professionalism. He invokes the feeling of both fear and respect in his employees with how demanding he is with his expectations and how good he is at running his company. He also only meets people if they book an appointment. Even his own family is not exempt from that.

So Yin Yu is pretty damn sure, the man standing in front of him does not have an appointment with the CEO.

He had waltzed in through the double doors, looking so out of place among all the suits and pencil skirts with that a muddy paw print on his shirt? 

"Hello, I'm Xie Lian. I'm here to meet, um, Hua Cheng," he had said softly, calling their CEO by his name, as if they know each other personally. 

Yin Yu stares at the man with a polite smile on his face, ready to send him away as kindly as possible. "Do you have an appointment?"

The man frowns as if the thought had never crossed his mind. "No."

Yin Yu nods patiently as if he's been through this before because this wouldn't be the first time someone attempted something like this. "Then I'm afraid that you need an appointment to meet with the CEO."

Xie Lian looks at him as if Yin Yu had just told him his pet dog had died. "B-but he told me—"

He stops talking when he sees everyone running about like chickens with their head cut off. He looks at them in confusion and amusement and turns back to the assistant when he mutters something under his breath. 

"Um, listen. I think it's best for you if you leave before the CEO sees you. He doesn't take kindly to outsiders causing trouble. If you do really want to meet him then please—"

He cuts himself off when he sees their CEO come out of his office, looking stoic. He curses, ready to bear the wrath for letting someone with such a messy appearance inside their office. Hua Cheng hates untidiness.

Oh God, I'm gonna be fired. Shit, he's coming right to my desk. Holy fuck, this is it. This is whe-

"San Lang!" He hears a squeal before a blur pass by his desk and into the arms of Hua Cheng. And Hua Cheng doesn't push him away and glare at him. He pulls him even closer and smiles softly at the man.

What. the. fuck.

"Gege," Hua Cheng calls. "Did I keep you waiting for too long? The meeting ran a little longer than I expected it to."

Xie Lian just hums and snuggles into his chest. 

"It's ok, San Lang. I just came. Besides, I had your lovely assistant to keep me company!" He pulls away and points excitedly to Yin Yu.

Hua Cheng turns his gaze (quite regretfully) from Xie Lian to his assistant, all softness gone from his face. Yin Yu gulps at the eye contact but sighs in relief when Hua Cheng just gave him a nod and went back to paying attention to the man in his arms. 

Truly, what the fuck.

"Did gege eat?" Hua Cheng asks. "We can go grab something to eat right now—"

"Um," Yin Yu cuts in, hoping he wouldn't be murdered by his boss. "I'm really sorry to interrupt but sir you have to attend the next meeting in 25 minutes."

Hua Cheng levels him with a glare, and Yin Yu suppresses the urge to bolt out of there.

"It's okay, gege. I'll just reschedule this meeting. It's no big—"

Yin Yu nervously chuckles, interrupting again. "Sir, this is a very important meeting since it'll be a huge loss for us if we lose this deal."

Yin Yu yelps and is ready to run away—fuck, I think my life flashed before my eyes—when Hua Cheng almost growls at him and walks towards him with his 'I am going to end you' face.

But thank lord for Xie Lian, who holds his lover back from almost causing a crime scene. Yin Yu looks at Xie Lian as if he's some miracle and hopes his eyes could convey how grateful he was for preventing his death.

"San Lang!" He huffs, pulling Hua Cheng away from there, towards his office. "It's fine. We can just grab a sandwich or something from the cafeteria. And, I don't want you slacking off because of me."

And then Yin Yu hears Hua Cheng whine. His boss, his CEO who was called cold and ruthless and all the related words, was actually whining like a kicked-down puppy. 

"But gege, you deserve much better food than the crusty shit they serve us here."

Yin Yu makes an indignant voice of disagreement at the back of his throat. Crusty shit? The cafeteria food is made and brought from a renowned hotel chain owned by your friend, He Xuan. That's crusty shit for you? Man, I hate rich people.

He sees Xie Lian slap his bicep slightly and scold him, with the CEO looking at him with a pout, kissing his face, mumbling sorry until the smaller giggles and squeals. 

And Yin Yu realizes that no, it's not Hua Cheng he should fear, but Xie Lian, who holds such power over the "most scariest CEO", turning him into such a soft mess for him.


Huh. What a day. What a fucking day.