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An Unusual Man and a Weird Situation

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"Aren't you that Fatui man that destroyed the harbor." Xingqiu said holding his book as he side glances Childe, who was hiding behind the door.

"….No, what makes you think that." Childe said smiling trying to hide something as Xingqiu stares at him. He points at the gingers clothing and his hair, "No one looks like that in Liyue."

Childe sighs in defeat as he slumps on the door. "Look, yes I am that man, but kid let me hide here theres someone after me." Childe says panicked as he points at the door.

Xingqiu glances by the window and sees Fei Hong roaming around the abandoned house where they were.
"Oh, you got yourself in trouble huh, I can understand." he says going back to his book.

"I could've made Zhi Song do this for me out of all things." Fei Hong grumbled as she tightened the grip on her bow. "That Fatui man is dead to me" She said as she wanders more.

"Hey, later of that book and more helping me to hide!!" Childe says from the door as Xingqiu sighs as he hides the book away.

"You know, Fei Hong is really strong, I bet you'll lose to her in a duel." He says, while covering the Fatui.

"I'll duel with her some other time just help me hide!—" Childe said as he felt an arrow just dodged him from the window.

"Found you."

"Ah," Xingqiu giggled. "Looks like your plan is foiled, Mr. Fatui."

Childe rushed away from his spot and ran away to somewhere else, jumping from the stone walls and to the roofs of Liyue, as Fei Hong chases the man as fast as she could as well as commanding several other officers to chase after him.

The ginger bastard found a decent place to hide, he snuck into a small hole that luckily fits someone the size of him.

Fei Hong and her soldiers searched everywhere in the square in hopes to find him, but he was not there. They then proceed to the other district, looking over at every nook and cranny to see if the fatui boy is hiding somewhere there, but alas to no avail he is not there either.

Of course, as the strong and intelligent woman as she is, she kept searching. She did not give up, and will never give up.

"Men, it's time to go higher."

Xingqiu elegantly climbs to the roofs and laughs when he sees the fatui’s hiding spot

“Oh hey there Mr. Fatui” he smirks

“Are you kiddin— ok look kid—“ He pauses as he looks around

“What about I get you the new part of that book series and you let me go yeah?”

Xingqiu blinks at him, "Oh, I already have it. I have all of the volumes packed at home." He said.

"HUH??" Childe raises a brow at him, how would he negotiate with this child?

Xingqiu giggles, "Well since you're funny I'll let you goㅡ BUT! Promise me you'll hang out with my gang this week?" Xingqiu offers. He thought out a new prank for Chongyun after all.
Childe had no time to think and just agreed,

"Right! Sure okay okay-" Childe then runs out to safety as Xingqiu watches him, entertained at the sight.