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"Freddy!" Gregory jolted out from his seat, the big bear rushed towards the boy as he leaned towards to his height. The animatronic raised a curious brow at him as Gregory shows him a photo on his phone to him.

"What is this superstar?" Freddy asked, as he observed the photo of a bear that looked somewhat like him. Gregory took back the phone and scrolled downwards reading a block of text.

"Turns out there's a different Freddy," he remarked. "But he isn't as glamorous as you though. And he has this friend named Bonnie..."

The bear was astonished in hearing that name. Bonnie was an old friend of his that he hasn't seen in years, maybe this is a sign they'll reunite again?
"That's interesting Gregory!" Glamrock Freddy exclaimed as he gives him a cheeful (kind of robotic smile)

"I think you are going to like meeting them! They seem like your older relatives at some sort." Gregory says. He grabs his phone from the animatronic as he points towards a direction.

"Apparently they are nearby ! Let's check them out " Gregory says with excitement as Glamrock Freddy opens his chest and lets him in
They finally reach their destination and sees two old animatronics


said animatronics turn towards the noise and are delighted to see their old friend

“Hey, I want you to meet someone”
Glamrock Freddy opens his chest and the two stares in surprise. A child was in him? Uh...

Well anyway, Gregory stepped out of Glamrock Freddy and looked up from the two animatronics. They looked old.. REALLY old compared to the Freddy he knew.

"Hey there little buddy!" Bonnie said as he crouches down. The two did look a bit unapproachable but they look like they have the same attitude as Glamrock Freddy.
Gregory smiled and waved at them, "Hello!!" he greeted back.
"Hey there kid, nice to meet ya, are you ready for some fazbear pizza?" Freddy said as Bonnie nudged him from the shoulder cap. "Didn't the staff say we ran out of dough for a while. That's why we're out of pizzas?" Bonnie said as Freddy made an 'oh' robotic sound. He turns to Gregory again.

"Sorry Kid, looks like we're out of pizzas. How about a drink instead?" Freddy offered as Gregory shook his head. "No, Im fine for now! I'll tell you if i need one though!" Freddy nods as his attention went to Glamrock Freddy.

"Hello, Old friend" Glamrock Freddy said as both Freddy and Bonnie greeted each other. "You know, you're lucky that you still have.. your Bonnie here." "In my area. Our Bonnie kinda.. got broken down and.. wasn't able to perform anymore."

"..I miss him. so seeing you guys still performing makes me happy." Glamrock Freddy said "Hey man, no problem. you can always stop by you know?" Bonnie said as Freddy nodded. "Yeah! Anytime man!"

Gregory smiled from the side, seeing how nostalgic and happy Glamrock Freddy is.