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your body will haunt mine

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She starts with her neck. Always with her neck because she likes the way Deborah sighs, the way her fingers sort of trail lightly across Ava’s scalp, and down her nape as she arches her neck to give her more room to work with.


Ava likes to get a response. She gets off on it. The swift change as Deborah’s skin is coated in goose bumps, the way her breath hitches when Ava sucks a nipple into her mouth and rolls the other between her thumb and index finger, the way Deborah begins to pant as Ava kisses down her sternum and across from one end of her rib cage to the other. Her skin is so soft. It’s always so soft. 


It’s always when she reaches Deborah’s stomach, and lower, just below her bellybutton, that Deborah’s nails scratch her a little harder, hand fisting into Ava’s hair and then releasing as her legs spread wider to accommodate her. It’s also here where Ava can’t help but tease her a little by dropping chaste kisses along Deborah’s tummy and down the apex of her thigh, nipping and sucking here and there just for the soft little almost-whimpers she gets in return. There’s a particularly appealing patch of freckles on Deborah’s right hip that demands Ava’s attention before she moves on.


Gently parting her with her fingers, Ava relishes in the way Deborah exhales shakily, her own center throbbing at just the sight before her. Deborah glistens and Ava can’t deny herself the briefest of tastes, her tongue gliding upwards, just once, flicking Deborah’s clit in the end. Deborah groans, and Ava smiles before swiftly slipping her middle finger inside. Deborah is so wet already. Sometimes they have to rely on lube, but not tonight, and Ava can’t help but groan herself as she slips her finger in and out, slowly, a little deeper each time, Deborah’s sighs and grunts gradually increasing in volume. 


Ava ,” Ava hears Deborah moan above her, dangerously close to pleading. 


It’s in her, filling her, this need to have Deborah come, right now. It always feels this way, no matter how much she’d like to draw it out for longer. Ava can feel her desire in the ends of her hair. She scoots a little lower down the mattress, turns her lips to press a kiss to Deborah’s thigh before adding a second finger to the mix, simultaneously swirling her tongue around Deborah’s clit before sucking it gently, careful to keep a steady pace with her fingers. 


Deborah lets out a keening moan as she lifts her hips, wordlessly demanding more, and it’s almost comical how easily Ava could agree to just be a service top if it meant she could do this forever; if she could feel Deborah’s arousal practically drip down her wrist, her core pulsating around her fingers, signaling her approaching orgasm–Ava can do this until she dies, she’s sure of it.


Her eyes dart upward, watching Deborah’s chest rise and fall a little bit faster each time she flicks her clit with her tongue. The hypnotic way her tits bounce with every thrust of Ava’s hand that she meets in kind makes Ava clench and she moans. She moans with a mouthful of Deborah, the vibration of the act seemingly pushing Deborah over the edge, and it’s so good . It’s so good that Deborah is barely at the other end of it when Ava’s back on her, the length of her body draped over Deborah’s as she meets her in a kiss. It’s sloppy and desperate, and Ava groans when Deborah’s hands find her ass, pulling her closer.


Ava grinds her hips into Deborah as she licks into her mouth, letting her taste herself on her tongue before maneuvering herself to straddle Deborah’s thigh, and she’s gone. All Ava knows is she needs to stay close, needs Deborah’s voice in her ear–she’s worked up enough that it doesn’t take very long. Often, that’s the case, and it’s no different now. It’s only moments before she comes and is limp against Deborah.


Temporarily limp.


Ava exhales a content sigh against Deborah’s left breast and then kisses it as she idly runs her finger over the swell of the right one, smiling as she traces the pert nipple and Deborah shivers. 


“Haven’t you had enough?” Deborah says, voice hoarse. 


Smiling, Ava pushes her weight onto her elbow and leans in to press her lips to Deborah’s pulse point, fully intent on starting the whole thing all over again.


“Not even close, lady.”