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you want the best

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joy thinks irene must be a goddess, the older woman on top of her wearing nothing more than her underwear, lace with a clear wet patch at the center serving as the evidence of her arousal, the black fabric clinging to her center.

"mommy, let me take care of you" joy says, breathless, feeling a wave of arousal as irene moans out loud at her words, "i want to be good for you"

irene groans and her thighs slightly tremble, she brings her center closer to the younger woman's face. she makes eye contact with joy, eyes hooded and pupils blown black. when irene tangles a hand into her hair, joy doesn't need to be told twice and noses at her center through the wet fabric, breathing irene in and whimpering at her smell.

"go ahead then, baby, make mommy feel good" irene rasps out, rough and needy. she pulls the lace to the side, not even bothering to take the item off, too desperate for joy's touch.

joy takes a look at her center, her mommy looks perfect, pink and flushed and so wet, and she can't help the burn on her lower stomach at the realization that irene is this wet because of her. she has to grip the tights around her head to control her dizziness.

again she is reminded of how irene must be a goddess. joy wants nothing more than make her feel good, so she leans in, not wanting to make her mommy wait.

joy licks a long stripe through the wet folds, whimpering when the hand on her hair tightens. she starts softly laping, before circling her tongue on the other woman's clit.

"yes, like that, baby" irene moans out, loud and making joy's head fuzzy with want. the younger woman dives in again, this time wrapping her lips around irene's clit and sucking, she feels like she has so much to prove, already dying for irene's praise.

irene pulls at a fist of her hair, pulling joy's mouth closer to her center. the younger woman can feel irene's wetness dripping down her chin and it makes her drunk on her taste, her eyes rolling back into her skull when irene starts to rock against her.

joy screws her eyes shut to focus on the movement of her tongue, she starts lapping throught irene's folds again, this time circling her entrance and slightly dipping her tongue into her wetness, she feels irene tremble above her and untangle the hand in her hair in exchange for grabing the headboard with that hand.

irene grinds down onto joy's face and moans, and this right here, is the praise that joy loves the most to hear from her mommy, hearing her fall apart because of her, the room filling with the sound of their fucking, irene's wetness and moans booming around the room - joy is in heaven.

she opens her eyes when she feels irene's pulling her hair, when joy looks up the older woman is already looking at her, eyes full of desire and that wickedness that makes joy's gut churn.

"god you should see yourself baby, you look so good, fuck," irene is panting, grinding down into joy's face, "so fucking good for me" all of this while looking straight into joy's eyes.

joy groans directly into her center, making irene whine from above her. her mommy's eyes always drive her crazy and she holds her gaze as she enters her tongue into her core, tasting the warmth and the tightness as she fucks her.

irene moans, the movements of her hips faster and erratic, squeezing her tights around joy's head, "you like that baby? tasting how wet mommy is for you?"

sooyoung whimpers feeling more of irene's wetness coating her face with each rock of her hips. irene smirks down at her through haf-lidded eyes.

"you're mommy's good girl, aren't you? taking me so well—" another moan cuts her off, and irene falls forward, pulling all of her force into the hand tangling in joy's hair, pulling her closer and joy is delirious on her.

a sharp buck of her hips and a high-pitch moan is what lets her know irene is close to the edge. despite the thights pressing around her she hears irene cries of baby, baby and so good, so fucking good making her desperate for the older woman's release.

she sucks irene's clit again, feeling her tights tremble around her and hips grinding erraticaly into her mouth before she comes, turning rigid for a second and then realxing on top of her.

joy licks her softly, lapping at her wetness with just the tip of her tongue, bringing her down from her high and trying to prolong the state the woman is in.

she feels irene remove herself from her and lie next to her, when joy turns to face her the older woman is stil panting, her chest quickly rising and falling and her cheeks flushed in that shade of red that has become joy's personal favorite.

irene smiles at her when their eyes meet and pulls her in for a kiss, joy feels the pleased sound the woman makes when she tastes herself on joy's lips.

irene pulls apart an inch, just enough to whisper into her lips, "you really are mommy's good girl"