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Pregnancy At Its Finest

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“Okay, little one. Let’s do something else tonight!”

Wei Wuxian gave a short laugh when he felt a gentle kick in turn. Ah, how sweet. His little Lan was being surprisingly cooperative today. Placing his hand over his rather huge stomach, he started stroking it gently and hummed a melody that his heart knew all too well. A quilt was hanging over his shoulders and his back was supported by a mountain of soft light-colored pillows, courtesy of his nephew who insisted that it would provide him much comfort. True to his words, the pillows were such a wonderful supporters of his aching back.

Speaking of his pregnancy, it was considered as a miracle thing.

Although Mo Xuanyu was born as an omega, it was widely known the fact that he was not treated kindly by his own blood and was thoroughly humiliated during his time at LanlingJin Sect. Thus, his body decided to shut itself down - a self-defense of sorts against the mistreatment, the healer had told him. It disrupted his scent, his senses and his natural ability to conceive because his body was greatly affected by the abuse and it refused to go through another one. It was already a miracle that Mo Xuanyu did not drop after he went through such suffering. However, his body had chosen to close off most of its function.

The fact that it was mostly out of force angered Wei Wuxian because the boy didn’t deserve it.

After settling in the Cloud Recesses with his husband, Wei Wuxian promised to himself and to Mo Xuanyu that he would help nurture this body again. He would give this body the love and care it deserve. He would treat this body kindly. Admittedly, he was not kind to his old body. With this second chance and knowing that Mo Xuanyu’s body had gone through something almost similar to his past experiences, he swore then that he would be kind to himself this time. Of course, it involved the process of strengthening his golden core along the way. He had to admit that it was quite a journey for it took a lot of patience and determination, but it was all good and worth it in the end.

Wei Wuxian’s musing was interrupted when he received another gentle kick and he interpreted it this time as his unborn child being worried about him. He laughed at the thought and cooed at his bulging stomach, “There, there. A-Niang is fine, baobei. Now, let’s go back to our plans! What do you think, should we pretend to sleep and find out what your A-Die will do? Hmmm, do you like that?”

There was another kick. Wei Wuxian smiled broadly and said, “Oh, you like that! Alright, alright. Let me just move a bit. Be good for me, baobei.”

Wei Wuxian let out a soft groan when he settled himself comfortably on the bed. He kept the quilt on him and adjusted the pillows to his liking, feeling relieved that his unborn child was behaving. His husband would not take too long to supervise the juniors on the night hunt, but he missed him terribly already. Of course he didn’t blame Lan Wangji for leaving him in the safety of their home, after all he was the one who insisted for his husband to accompany the children despite knowing the fact that they were more than capable to be on their own. It was just that ever since he got pregnant, his emotions were all over the place. He had no control over them - he’d worry a lot, he’d stressed over the smallest things, he’d cry and laugh at the strangest events happening around him. He was told it was normal, so he just let himself be. Finally comfortable in his new position, he gave a pleasant sigh and closed his eyes, telling himself inwardly to pretend only.

Pretending... did not happen.

Wei Wuxian ended up falling asleep, but he wasn’t too deep into it yet. He could hear some shuffles, a soft thud in the distance and several taps before it went quiet again. He was mentally awake now and forced his eyes to remain close because he knew his husband was finally home. He felt a hammering in his chest, feeling grateful that he woke up on time. He forced himself to stay still and pretended to sleep, this time. ‘No more sleeping,’ he scolded himself inwardly but he felt himself getting drowsy again. No, no, not yet. He silently prayed to last even a just a bit to find out what his husband would do.

‘Come on, come on,’ Wei Wuxian begged silently. ‘Just do something already, Lan Zhan!’

It didn’t take long for his prayers to get answered. Wei Wuxian felt a hand on his stomach, tenderly stroking it, accompanied by a few murmurs.

“I’m home, baobei.”

Wei Wuxian forced himself not to smile, but his eyebrows furrowed in his attempt to do so.

“It was an eventful night,” murmured his husband. “A-Yuan and Jingyi promised to come visit here tomorrow.” There was a shuffle and then, “I miss you and Wei Ying.”

Wei Wuxian felt the heat of his husband beside him and almost broke down just by that.

“I apologize for leaving you and your A-Niang,” said Lan Wangji. “But I am here now.”

Not being able to take it any longer, Wei Wuxian’s eyes snapped open and he began sobbing. Beside him, his husband was startled and it immediately turned into worry.

“Wei Ying...?!”

“We—We miss you too,” Wei Wuxian began. “And I love you–! I really love you, Lan Zhan!” he hiccuped and felt his husband’s arms wrapped around him. “You—You don’t get to say those things while I’m sleeping!”


“I—I mean–! Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan, I was only pretending to sleep!” Wei Wuxian confessed in between his sobs and laughter. “But ah, Lan Er-Gege, my heart can’t still take it!”

“Will always take care of Wei Ying’s heart,” said Lan Wangji with utmost sincerity and fondness laced in his tone.

“You always do,” Wei Wuxian’s sobs quieted down. “I miss you too, Lan Zhan. We both do! Promise to stay with us tomorrow?”

“I promise.”

Wei Wuxian was about to say something in turn but he suddenly received a gentle kick, and he knew his husband felt it as well.

“Oh, you know what that means!” Wei Wuxian laughed softly in Lan Wangji arms. And then he whispered the words to his ear, “Welcome home.”